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blue edgelight object

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#1 shezan74


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Posted 04 July 2010 - 12:52 PM

[I've post this request on "ARMA1 O2 modelling forum. Moved there since the problem is with ArmA2 objects]

i'm actually trying to repaint default ca\buildings\misc\runway_edgelight to make a new blue version of the object.

I've successfully made texture re-path using mikero tools, and blue painted the top of the light.
Now i'm facing to troubles while placing the blue light on top of the object.

The original object has this section (that i rewrote to adapt to my path):

class HouseBase;
 class House: HouseBase
  class DestructionEffects;


 class Land_runway_bluelight: House
  scope = 1;
  displayName = "";
  model = "\shez\rnwy\runway_bluelight";
  armor = 20;
  class MarkerLights
   class RedStill
    name = "zluty pozicni";
    color[] = {0.99,0.69,0.17,1.0};
    ambient[] = {0.099,0.069,0.017,1.0};
    brightness = 0.01;
    blinking = 0;

The object was the original runway_edgelight renamed, all config parameters are the same, but when placed on map the object is... off.

thank you for suggestions and hints on this issue.

#2 Synide


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Posted 07 July 2010 - 02:15 AM

mmm, sorry to ask the obvious, but did you change the 'time-of-day' to night time?
MarkerLights only come on from dusk 'till dawn.

Also, you mentioned using Mike's re-pathing tool. In this particular case you have access to the source for this model from the A1 mlods.
You could use that instead. Additionally adding a selection for a 'hiddenSelection' so it was one light capable of being different colors.
Hibernating (indefinitely/permanently/intermittently)... may respond to email, possibly.

#3 shezan74


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Posted 07 July 2010 - 01:04 PM

Yes i've changed to night time.
All "original" runway_edgelight works flawlessy near my modified light.

A small hint that is buzzing around me...
the original light, when fired, will drop to the ground (becomes flat) and turn off. The new light will disappear completely from the scene. I think this issue is related to the configuration file. It seems it's not be taken into account by the model, but it's my opinion...

I will install old ArmA1 to retrieve the object as suggested and i will try to understand how O2 works.

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