Binding "detected by" to a specific detecting unit, please help

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I know I'm a newbie here, but please heed my call.

I have researched this on the forums, in other tutorials but I can't find anything helpful.

I have a unit (let's call it "heli"), tied to a trigger, and that trigger fires when it is "detected by BLUFOR".

Now, tying this trigger to the unit ("heli") makes the trigger fire only "when "heli" is detected.

But how do I make it so only a specific unit can be accepted as the one to detect this?

In simple terms, how do I make if 'heli' spotted by 'player' then ....

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In the condition, try:

player knowsAbout heli > 1

Adjust the number to suit your requirements.

All units in a group share the same knowledge of the world (ie, all have the same knowsAbout value for any object)


For reference, a detected by trigger is the same as checking for knowsAbout > 0.

In OFP, there were various knowsAbout values at which the AI can tell which side the target was on, what type of unit it is etc. But from memory these values were different for different types of unit/vehicle. It was quite clever though, for example the AI hard a hard time correctly identifying the side of a vehicle crewed by enemy if the type of vehicle was normally friendly to them (eg a west soldier in a stolen T72).

Assuming the target is an enemy, another universal check you could use is the findNearestEnemy command, to see if the player has identified the target as a enemy.

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The problem with this is that the actual meaning of the knowsAbout value is vague, and worse - it differs based on which addons you're using.

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