Buldozer copy protection error !!

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WTF !! ..... went to do some modeling again and O2 gave an error, but it was actually a Buldozer error as O2 tried to run it.

Error loading Library ~df394b.tmp the specified module could not be found.

But it was working yesterday for crying out loud !!!!! banghead.gif

The only things I changed today

- Uninstalled Norton IS ... it was peeing me off, even if I had paid for the bloody thing

- Installed Panda platnum AV

- cleaned a few things out of msconfig and the registry ..... no, nothing even remotely close to Flashpoint or O2 or Buldozer

- The during this XP decided it need the be "Activated" again "due to changes" ffs crazy_o.gif which worked ok.

- No, my flashpoint CD has not moved from the CD drive at any time during this.

Flashpoint works fine, well v1.96 does (no CD check ?)

So whats with Buldozer and how do I fix it without messing up my O2 etc setup?

I dont see how "installing" buldozer will change anything, its just an exe file in a zip file from BIS.

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Panda AV is a little like a real panda, slow as hell. I had Panda installed before I installed McAfee, Panda said there were no virusses on my pc. Then I ran McAfee and it came up with 15 (all pretty harmless but still... confused_o.gif ).

And all Norton has to pursuade people to buy it is just a ''pretty'', resource draining, interface. On average companies prefer McAfee (at least that is my experience as someone who has some experience in IT).

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Try Kaspersky Anti-Virus. wink_o.gif

Exactly what I'm trying now smile_o.gif

Company I work for (large global) uses Norton, but then again the IT guys arent so worried about the laptop FPS and administer their own antiviral updates.

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