ArmA 2 BattlEye GUID Whitelist tool

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ArmA 2 BattlEye GUID Whitelist Tool

This console tool is connecting to ArmA 2 server using BattlEye v2 protocol and checking every player's GUID if it is whitelisted.

You can choose one of three actions, and setup messages.


- 3 type of actions to not whitelisted players:

-- warn in global chat

-- kick

-- ban

--- ban for X minutes

--- ban permanent

- all GUIDs are stored in separate guids.txt file

- connection info, messages and misc stored in settings.txt

- console commands for adding/removing GUIDS, refreshing whitelist from the file.

Download from

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Good idea! I'll try it out later today, I've been having problems with hackers and a password just isn't enough.

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Could you try changing the way your configuration files are done? XML maybe? All the configs are just separated by line breaks, it looks messy and confusing, and I would expect it to cause problems somewhere when it encounters an unexpected value.

Settings.txt // Server IP address
2302 // Server port
myBERconPassword // Server password
1 // Action to not whitelisted players (0 - global chat warn message, 1 - kick, 2 - ban)
You are not whitelisted! // BattlEye chat warning message
You are not whitelisted! // BattlEye kick message
You are not whitelisted! // BattlEye ban message
5 // BattlEye Ban Time in minutes (0 for permanent)


a1b2c3d4e5f6g7h8i9j0k1l2m3n4o5p6 // Add guids here
zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba098765 // one per each line

Can we white-list players for a certain duration (same way you can issue temp bans)?

Need more info in the readme. After a few guesses I found that "?" brings up a list of commands.

I can't find a way to add a name or description to a white-listed GUID unless I manually edit the guids.txt, and I don't even know if that will break it.

So far, it's good working concept, but Whitelister (from guy who made DaRT) already does all this, and supports mySQL too. Both programs may even be made obsolete if B.E.C adds this same functionality and is better than having yet another .exe running 24x7 as most already run BEC.

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