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My new clan the 6/13 Home gaurd regiment is ready for applications.Events will be held on most weekends.To Join you will need the following mods:I44,CBA,FDF*.

Your commanding officers

Kenralli:6/13Kenralli Leppala






If you want to apply shoot me an email

Remember. We are looking for good team members :)

New mods may be needed

Or join our Daily rectruting/Training sessions/Send me a PM

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New News! We will be hosting a recrutment session on Saturday. 5/12/12 fromm 11AM Eastern Standard time (10 Central,9 Mountian, 8 Pacific) to 4PM*EST

We will be doing Flight,Armor,Arty,and basic infantry manuvers training. Note mods needed are

Inko Disposable:



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