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Island buildings are just nice exterior??

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Posted 25 April 2012 - 19:21 #1

Hi Beta Guys and BIS devs

As an old ARMA & OFP Player i enjoy that game so far. The idea for that remake is really great!

The biggest point i miss is a bit more interaction with my islands. The landing ports and factorys are designed really nice but i cant use them except the rearming/repairing the walros.

There could be much more strategic gameplay if could choose where to build defense structures or build defense vehicles of my decision. Like the "CTI" Mode in Arma/OFP. I understand that the build places are given but some free decisions would be very nice for example to concentrate defensive power on one special point or to choose sharing the defense power on more spots.

its ok when i cant control the defensive units but i think its nice when u can choose from which branch they are and where they stationed.

For the moment the islands it seems they "only" producing/constructing in the background for a bonus or something like that. In my experience 1 construction islands is enough so i try to build mining facilitys on the other islands.

But like i knew BIS the basic gameplay wont change anymore so i hope on really nice mods ;)

Next thing i recognize is that after around 30min the game starts to lagging and thats getting worse esp on the strategic map. After a quicksave F5 the game runs smooth again :-)



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Posted 26 April 2012 - 17:05 #2

Gradient - I had the same problem on the map...

Check your GPU temps - Mine was overheating slowly and that was the cause of the map lag... I found it odd it was more in the map than anywhere - but a quick can of air and some flying dust bunnies - and she runs fine now with no lag.