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Deleting exported single-player missions?

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Posted 05 April 2012 - 08:27 #1

Hey everyone, I'm quite new to ArmA as I started playing it last week. Then I started playing with the mission editor and so it goes on. But at one point I made a mission that didn't really work well, and I had alredy exported it to "Scenarios". I found no delete button so I exited the game and had a look in the "Program files" folder and the documents folder. I deleted all files I saw referring to the mission I just made, but when I got back in the game it was still there, but now unplayable (saying "No player was selected!"). I did a full uninstall and even deleted the setup files I downloaded from arma2.com (ArmA 2 FREE, yeah, I'm a freebie), just to be sure I didn't leave anything there. After the reinstall and update 1.11 had been applied I could still see my missions there, AND my old profiles, but the missions didn't work and the profiles were all on default settings! :mad:

It may be an answer somewhere in the forums, but I haven't got the time to search for it...

Do anyone have any solution for this problem, apart from throwing the HDD out the window and fitting a new one?

Apart from that, after playing just a few days, I have decided to buy every ArmA game that is released from this day, they're brilliant! :P

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Ok, it's fixed!!! :yay:

To anyone who have the same problem, you have to just delete the mission files in the folders, and then run ArmA as an ADMIN!

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Posted 05 April 2012 - 12:09 #2

Great job, I'd like to add to this in case some new folks are having issues with finding files, folder, etc, with using the editor.

I have a tutorial that I created that should help:

Link-->How to import SP/MP Missions into the editor

The tutorial talks about:
-importing missions
-exporting missions
-finding mission folders/files
-opening pbo files
-tools you can use to open pbo files

hope that helps.

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