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Take On Helicopters: Rearmed has been released today as part of Downtown patch (1.06)! It will automatically and seamlessly merge TKOH with a lot of our previous releases, should you have legitimate copies installed :yinyang:


A special mention and thanks go out to Kju for his work on getting this initiative up and running! :thanx:

Some examples of what this means:

  • Flying in different sceneries, such as
    (with improvements like clouds and lighting)
  • More civilian vehicles, characters and environments to use in scenarios
  • Taking on the massive Arma ORBATs in the newly released Hind
  • No messing around with copying PBOs or other manual merging tasks (install the patch, start TKOH, enjoy the best of both worlds)


  • We cannot make all content compatible, so e.g. missions may not work well when running the data from TKOH (simply run OA or CO itself).
  • We are not upgrading old content to include TKOH features, such as the new getting animations, interactive cockpits, Picture-in-Picture, etc.
  • Old helicopters do not magically get a TKOH-spec flight model, so they will fly as in A2.

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Rearmed officially released

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A Release Candidate of the Downtown patch (including Rearmed) was released. Read the warnings before installing please.

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