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Ok.This is an unusual one,in that no-one seems to have brought the subject up

before.Not that I can find at least.

Some of you may have noticed that a man class model(any soldier)can push

another model of the same type around like a cardboard box.A bug perhaps?

It's bothered me over the years,but I never got around to studying it.

Increasing the mass(30,000)has a definite effect,in relation to vehicles.By that

I mean you can increase the model's mass to a point where it will stop an Abrams.

Or cripple a jeep on impact.But shuffle up to the unit with a model of the same type

(any soldier),and you can still push it around like a cardboard box.

Anybody out there ever found a workaround for this illogical behaviour?Is there

a magical mystery setting,to enable mass when in contact with another man class



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:D Sounds interesting.

Although it would certainly be useful for sci-fi applications,it'd be nice

to have the mass affect anything the geometry contacts.Regardless of type.

Even a large animal,once it's based on the man class,can be pushed around

with ease.I know the engine wasn't created specifically for simulating animals,

but you shouldn't really be able to push a human character about like that

either.It's not a "feature",it's something fundamental.Perhaps an unreported bug?

Anyway,even a workaround would be useful at this point.Or some ideas.


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