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I'm sorry for ever doubting you guys, I tried the Beta and have to say was less than impressed, although there were some great ideas, from what I saw with the beta, they just didn't see to work. So I admit I gave this up for lost.

Roll on a few months later,my bro talked me into trying the demo, I wasn't expecting much to be honest, I was expecting a flying arcade game full of bugs.

Damn was I wrong, I'm sorry guys, I should never have lost my faith, this is bloody amazing.

Flying with track ir on eyefinity on 5760 x 1080, and while I can't have the graphics ramped up, due to running a high Rez on a mid range pc, it still manages to convince me I'm flying.

A stunning job for us rota heads.

As soon as I get paid next week, I will be purchasing the full game.

Thanks again and sorry for doubting you.

Ian Lobo

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Thanks for the kind words :) You may also like some further advancements brought by patches to the full game. The demo currently still sits at launch-spec (we hope to update it in the future).

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