Stop AALauncher from hitting ground vehicles?

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I'm playing a mission and my tank keeps getting hit from a thousand meters by stingers. Is there anything I can change in the config file to stop the AI from using anti-air weapons on ground vehicles?

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Are you using any addons? I haven't seen this behaviour with regular BIS content, so I am thinking that maybe you are using an addon with a tank that has a cost that is too high.


Default Value 50,0000

This value reflects the attractiveness of the target to the enemy AI. When all other considerations are equal. A soldier eg is not interested in Air, despite it's highly attractive cost values. On the other hand, he is interested in a medic, since a medic (in normal configs) has a (while small) a higher cost, than others in the group, including the officer.

cost = 10000000;// an air vehicle is typically this value

cost = 8; // a medic;

cost = 1; // a grunt

cost = 4; // an officer

cost = 0; // most buildings;

My guess is your tank addon has a cost value of higher than the standard for tanks, so it's being targeted by Stingers. The Abrams is cost=4000000, the M60 cost=800000, try looking at the addon's config (if any), and changing the value to something in between those two values.

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I'm using the OFPD+ addon with my own model changes. I tried changing the cost of the T-72 tank (which I was using), but I still kept getting hit by stingers. I even tried lowering it to 5000, but I still get targeted.

Is there anything else that could trigger it? Something about class AALauncher or class AA? They are at default values.

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I tried the same mission using default OFP. I still get hit by the stinger.

The name of the mission is Brothers in Arms - an old user mission, I think..?

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