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Do Arma2 OA use crossfire when in window mode?

because my second card have has 0 activity

quick answer please

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search->crossfire->threads = answer :icon_ohmygod:


so you play in window mode? i don't think you can dual screen and get crossfire, I do KNOW you cant use window mode and have CF. As for the stutter, If you use the 59210 beta, add the;



Then set/try different values, 1,2,3. I use;



My command line is;

"C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\beta\arma2.exe" -mod=beta -nosplash -maxmem=2047

Hi all,

I had put this game away with the flickering issue.Got a q9650 and ati 4870x2 and by chance happened upon this post and whoopee got crossfire to work for me.Renamed to crysis.exe and flickering stops in intro after about 5 seconds...confirmed crossfire is working with ati tray tools on screen display.Both gpu are at 99.99% workload,second gpu temps a bit lower and high fps also...maybe i will play the new expansion packs:)

Thanks to all concerned:)

ps...using win xp..cat 10.12

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Thanx Ziggy

it just diden't work in window mode

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