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I need help in this I'm changing the textures of the optics (.paa and .pac files) my problem is

as I can hide a part of the sight for example the m16a4 sight of ffur 2007 only hide the lower right to be a sight for M16A2

and has no problems when using this sight in the game

i have the paint shop for edit the tga files and the pantool for covert the tga. files to .pac or .paa files

I hope your answers or suggestions in advance thanks.....:):):)

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You must open the addon with the pbo decryptor and open the p3d file with O2 (doesn't the weapon.p3d) You just open the optic, for instance optics.p3d. Now change the texture.

Note: Rembember you must have the textures into the buldoxer folder, if you didn't understand please send me a MP and I'll say it you in Spanish



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