Game keeps minimizing to desktop!?

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Hello having problems with my game minimizing to desktop when on full screen, once its hidden in the task bar it will not allow me to open it back up but I can still hear the game running only way is to stop it via task manager. It does this constantly now. However if I play the game in windowed mode around the time it minimizes i get an error saying Nvidia has recovered from a fatal error. I have tried downloading the latest beta drivers with no affect. Have also tryed changing video settings to low in game.

Nvidia 9800GTX OC

8 gig ram

Windows 7 64bit

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I've recently started getting this with my system (and I've never encoutered issues previously).

I've an MSI ATI 5850 and the game has started to have the same symptoms as yours.

I'll give the workaround to the link MOSH has provided but currently I've uninstalled and am currently reinstalled ARMA2/ARMA2:OA + DLC's (STEAM).

[Added after posting]

Found another thread with similair issues....

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