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maps under construction:

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#1 shezan74


    CWR² Developer

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 11:21

Hi, i'm interested in knowing how much peoples are actually working on a map project, and what stage the map is currently on.
This can help understanding who is facing the same situation and maybe have more awareness of how all questions placed on this forum will actually becomes solid islands:

Fallujah beta released, actually at final refinements / bugfixing
Spritz island released, small enhancements and fixes, working on a new release
New island, currently on terrain stage

#2 jens198


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 13:42


  • Ft. Benning - US Army Infantry School
    Represents the Malone Rifle Ranges. Forest, Roads, Buildings completed.
    Recently I started a custom building set for the local MOUT area.
  • Ft. Irwin - US Army National Training Center (NTC)
    Basics of map complete. Awaits road network, several MOUT sites.
  • Ft. Knox - US Army Armor School
    Basics of map complete. Currently not in work.

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#3 -APS-Gnat



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Posted 07 November 2010 - 13:51

Good idea for a thread.
Maybe roll the latest info into your first post, if this thread gets a little long.

Sands: Beta released
Looking to go back to L3DT and make the landscape a little more interesting.
Then add a small amount of towns (OA style), some rocks, and some very very long roads

Waves: Beta released
(its actually "Sands", but lowered into the sea ;) )
Again, looking to go back to L3DT and make the landscape a little more interesting.
Add a few ports, forests, towns and airstrips.

#4 MugAben


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 13:58

DampetDK / MugAben

Favslev, Denmark. Started out as 5120x5120 map, now 10240x10240. 20% "done".

#5 prowler.wolf



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Posted 07 November 2010 - 15:44

Mana Island
A small island project soon to be released.

Bowen Island
Currently just a 15360x15360 terrain which I am tweaking. On back burner.

South Ossetia
A 10240x10240 Terrain with satellite image, roads and forests complete. Is boasting to be a tough project. On back burner, for now.

Masahet Island
A 5120x5120 terrain with satellite image that needs to be redone. Stuffed in the freezer since my stove is too full. :P

I'm not going to reveal much at this point. Just an idea with a terrain partially cut out of the sea and a layout plan.

A project that was born of my now dead kandahar project. Terrain with satellite image that includes a river. Terrain needs to be redone.

- Prowler

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#6 TechnoTerrorist303


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 15:57

As yet unnamed project:

It's a 102km X 102km world... Terrain is made, sat image is being tweaked and I'm getting frustrated with the buggy unintuitive tool that is Visitor3 :) Soon to be featured in a WIP thread.
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#7 Commander1985


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 16:43

Island Cicada:

a 10*10km fictional Island that is almost completed :)

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#8 stormridersp



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Posted 07 November 2010 - 18:27

Great topic Shezan, this may work as an index for other Map/Producer specific topics.

I´m currently working on 2 projects:

- Afghanistan Triangle of Death (Helmand Province), comprising Kajaki, Musa Qaleh, Now Zad, Sangin, Gorak and maybe Gereshk. The map is compressed into a 20x20km square.

I´m currently trying to solve the "river on slope" problem. So I´m basically still on Heightmap development. I´ve already have the sat map geo cropped and ready to use.

-Southeast Lebanon and Golan Heights. Thats where the latests Israel-Lebanon war took place. I´ve got some hi-res heightmaps but still looking for sat images.

#9 IceBreakr



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Posted 07 November 2010 - 19:30

Island Lingor - done, release very soon when final tests are complete. 5 month long project...

Island Massacra - map project for Project RACS mod. A island not far away from Sahrani... status: alpha.
IceBreakr, C/O [SBP] - Slovenian Black Panthers (www.vojak.si)

OUT NOW for A3: Isla Duala 3.3 | Island Panthera v3.1
WIP: Isla Abramia, Lingor, Tonal Legend, Isla Balkania, Keystone, Jade Groove 3, Ibis World, Rowalla.

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#10 ebanks129


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 19:57

In my sig:) old pics though

#11 Jeza


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 21:32

-Southeast Lebanon and Golan Heights. Thats where the latests Israel-Lebanon war took place. I´ve got some hi-res heightmaps but still looking for sat images.

May be of use matey:

http://www.science.c...S040-610-68.jpg - Golan Heights to Negev


Hope all of your guys maps come to fruition :)
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#12 OldBear


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 22:19

Tropica : version 0.7 beta is tested atm with my game team , the "Clan ADO", main evolution is OA buildings addition, vegetation and ground textures modifications. Location East African area.

Sbrodjistan : this terrain is an "extended" version of my previous "Sbrodjistan for ArmA" map just released the same day as ArmA 2 ... . This version is no more an island but a terrain "a la Chernarus" with sea in the West and South. I am in the tedious buildings placement process ATM.
Location : South of Takistan.

Yapal : a very small project 5km x 5km ... not areal map in fact a testing ground for Sbrodjistan, can be a turned in a nice TVT arena. Location : North of Sbrodjistan.

Brik_xt : an extended version of Brik now 24 km x 24 km featuring a part of Jutland country but without any ocean due to issues with "OutsideTerrain" procedure ... . I am still working on terrain because I am still not pleased with the present 3rd version. Working on a near flat terrain is not so easy. Location : Northern Europe.

Tigeria : built at Rellikki request for a mod, but even if the projected mod is dead, the Tigeria island is still alive. This summer, I have rebuild the terrain for the .... th time in order to get boat-able rivers inland. This map is a Tropical island probably hosting a Banana republic. I will need more buildings for this one, for BIS vanilla building doesn't fit well in the project, I am waiting for enterable buildings made by a modding friend and hope I will find some Latin America buildings available in upcoming projects ... . Probable location Central or South America.

Vostok : the Vostok project is based upon publicly released or unreleased small projects gathered in an archipelago, main items are Pomegratskaya -Winter version released for ArmA2- and Surfong-Ri publicly unreleased and some other item gathered on a 40 km x 40 km map with a lot of water on it. Probable location : Kuril islands area.
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#13 Rip31st


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 22:22

Currently working on a map called normandy2 for the 31st normandy mod.

It's in production 30% complete. The hang up were having is custom objects that have doors and ladders, proxies, etc do not work after being binned.

All standard BIS objects that have doors and ladders, etc work.

#14 Bushlurker


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 23:58

Scotland: LFA14
20x20km realworld-based terrain with far, far too many trees and roads! - Fortunately, they're both done now, as is my first of 3 bigger towns - that leaves the villages and the lochs, and a whole bunch of objects & texturing to do... 10 months (off and on) down - I reckon about another 4 or 5 to go... maybe...

hmm... not much else really...

A 40km x 40km Battle of Britain terrain & masks-only - I gave this one to CSJ for The Few mod - one of his many projects.

This is a concept terrain (vaguely) based on Dante Alighieri's medieval description of a journey through Hell.
...its a hole in the ground... a big one...


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#15 Gunny1987



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Posted 08 November 2010 - 02:21

Val Formazza / Wallis / Ticino

20 x 20 km, based on Italian and Switzerland mountain Alpine region. Status: Beta
Some Screens:

Larius Lacus

40 x 40 km, based on a North Italian area (Lake Como). Status: Alpha


80 x 80 km, test scenery, Swiss Canton Graubünden, Valtellina North Italy province.


80km x 80 km, test scenery, based on Lombardy and Piedmont region (North Italy)

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#16 dougboy101


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Posted 08 November 2010 - 06:08

Bamian Province afghanistan. 2-3 years in future (so i can add currently nonexistant poppy feilds),Season Early Spring. intention is 80X80k scaled down to 40X40k, Main feature will be variety in textures, with snowy mountains (some unreachable by chopper) and blooming poppy fields for some colour, as opposed to Takistans look.

very good source files, including shapefiles for roads etc, and textures sorted. Im currently working backwards by mastering configs before starting terrain proper.

Id love to get the buddha models, a university made some, but ill the terrain to a good standard before enquiring about such things!

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#17 IceBreakr



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Posted 08 November 2010 - 06:35

Nice to see so many projects being WIP! Kudos guys.
IceBreakr, C/O [SBP] - Slovenian Black Panthers (www.vojak.si)

OUT NOW for A3: Isla Duala 3.3 | Island Panthera v3.1
WIP: Isla Abramia, Lingor, Tonal Legend, Isla Balkania, Keystone, Jade Groove 3, Ibis World, Rowalla.

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#18 mankyle


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Posted 08 November 2010 - 06:47

Porto Santo: A 1:1 reconstruction of the portuguese island near Madeira.


I would say that now I'm at:

Terrain: 90%
Roads: 60%
Vegetation: 30%
Objects: 30%
Config 40%

I would say 4-5 more months

#19 Robster


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Posted 08 November 2010 - 12:26

Easter Island a.k.a. Isla de Pascua

Tweaking textures (many thanks Bush!), airport almost finished, and then begin to place some forest and objects... Used a mask already prepared...

Y porsupuesto le vamos a agregar unos cuantos Moais :)

#20 geloxo


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Posted 08 November 2010 - 13:04

I´m starting a map that covers the southern part of Vietnam, using the objects from the great and promissing Unsung mod:


This is still in a very early stage (indeed I´m still testing performance and terrain now).


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