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  1. Don't know about you, but I'm tired of running around with a US flag on my Shoulder.... A W.I.P FICTIONAL Custom re-texture of Vanilla ARMA 3 Gear with Custom CAMO's Using Color Pallettes from Altis and Tanoa + Some other classics. It's not my purpose to perfectly recreate the current ADF, this is a futiristic, fictional retexture. Content:Units, Cars, Trucks, Helicopters, Light Armor, Heavy Armour, Planes and much more! taking requests!7 Total Different Infantry Cams now :)Requires... NOTHING! External Dependencies All removed :) This is W.I.P, any constructive Feedback Welcomed and encouraged. Available on Steam Workshop :)
  2. I have tried multiple times to upload my unit image and keep getting a red pop up saying image has to be a png. file and yes it is a png file 400x400 that's 142kb. if anyone has any idea as to why this is happening some input would be great
  3. Hey guys. I'm a bit new to the editor and I've been trying to figure out a few things, mostly whether or not they're possible. Is there a way that I can create an NPC with a specific loadout which I can spawn while playing as Zeus?
  4. hey so im trying to connect my BI account to my steam account but when i try to do it its an endless loop and never connects the two together there is zero help on this problem and i have no idea what wrong as its clear the problem isnt on my end please help me like my accounts if you need my steam account name please email me for it thank you Mercer
  5. Hello, i was curious if it would be possible for someone to help me with a personal request/project. I was curious if someone could help (or voluntarily do themselves) me replace the US soldiers in the Cold War Rearmed^2 mod for ArmA 2? NOTE: I will only be using this replacement personally so do not worry about me turning around and uploading this to other websites for download. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could either help me or guide me to the right area to go about doing this. Thank you,
  6. I did a quick search and did not find this posted before. I was looking for a way to export the data from my unit. I will need to rebuild the unit and was hoping that I would not have to manually enter all the data again. Any ideas are appreciated
  7. Hey there! I've recently formed a new group, AB-12, designed for semi-casual Arma 3 players looking for a group to play with in Wasteland. I'm hoping to create a group dedicated to intense teamplay, and playing Blufor how it's meant to be played, working towards objectives as one. I'm looking for english speaking players who are team-focused, any ages and any experience levels - whether you've clocked 300+ hours or just cracked the game open, it doesn't matter, you're welcome. If you're interested, please search AB-12 on the Arma Units tab, or follow this link directly - Thanks for reading, Elliott AB-12
  8. Hi, When i sign into my BI profile and try to connect my steam account to it, It acts like it accepts everything but when I go back to my BI profile, it does not show as connected. I've tried it on multiple browsers and made sure my cookies are enabled, added exceptions, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Please be aware of the following rules and guidelines that apply to this forum section (Arma 3 Squads and Fanpages): One thread per squad/unit. The one and only exception: if your unit is active in multiple games (e.g. ARMA 2 & 3) then you can maintain separate threads in each of the relevant squad/fanpages sections. Note that different branches of the same unit do not count separately and thus may not have their own individual threads. [*]Announcements in your thread may be posted no more frequently than once every two weeks. That means any new posts in your thread may be created no less than 14 days apart. If you post too early, there's no guarantee that the post will be approved (or when). Its contents may be added to the previous post, or it might just disappear. Announcement posts must contain actual event info, training announcements, new server details or similar news. Simply bumping the thread for the sake of moving it to the top is not allowed. You may edit the existing posts in your thread at any time, as often as you want. If you have to announce something sooner than two weeks after the previous post, edit that post to add the details. [*]No discussions are allowed inside squad threads. Any discussions in threads will be deleted without warning. Users are advised to contact thread authors directly (e.g. via PM) if they have questions. Thread authors, make sure to provide sufficient contact details, as well as links to your website/forums. If you see people posting in a squad/fanpage thread, please use the report function so that their posts can be removed, then contact the user via PM if necessary. Do not respond inside the thread! [*]Absolutely no thread bumping! (That basically means all posts in your thread must comply with rules #2 and #3.) [*]All the usual forum rules apply here too. Including the 100KB image size rule, so make sure to double-check your squad logos, banners etc. [*]All threads must advertise an existing squad or fanpage, and you must be authorized to post about it. In other words, you may only post here to advertise your own squad/page or with permission of the owner/founder. Accordingly, you may not create threads to discuss other people's squads or pages. [*]Do not create a new thread if you are merely looking for a squad. That's what > this thread < is for. The same applies if you're looking for people to form a new squad - please use the aforementioned thread. INFO: This forum is pre-moderated. That means your posts must be approved by a moderator before they appear. Advertising your squad or fan page here at the Bohemia Interactive Forums is a privilege, not a right. Failure to comply with any of the rules listed above may result in your thread being closed or deleted and your posting privileges for this forum section being revoked. Many thanks to @maddogx for these original and clear rules
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a couple of mods that could help me with an art project (yes really!) I've been experimenting with ingame photography and making a very thin line between reality and virtual and as I've made some progress over the past weeks I've decided to get AI involved in this. But it needs to be random, as if the AI would live their own lives and do whatever they need to do. So what kind of mods am I looking for: AI units that resemble civilians AI behavior script/mod that make them move on their own (get in cars, drive off, go into a building, talk to each other any other mod that recreates a living world City props. things like chairs, beach towels, parasols, bikes etc etc. Small stuff that civilians use. If someone can help me or point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. And for people who are interested, these are some of the images I want to aim for.
  11. Hi, i created my own unit and i joined my clan unit But when i select any unit from launcher or from in-game i can't see it in any server I tried close the game and verify it but it doesn't help Can anyone help me to make my unit show in server?
  12. I want to attach my units with dark blue lines to a respawn position module (f5), however I cannot get get it to work. To give you an example of what I mean: Here you can see the units are grouped and attached to one unit leader (light blue lines), but are also attached to the respawn position module (dark blue lines). If I add more units, which I need to do, I cannot add them to the respawn position module. I have tried holding CTRL whilst trying to drag a line between a unit to the respawn module, like I would to attatch them to a squad leader, but nothing. I have also tried holding ALT and doing the same, moving them ontop, etc, nothing. Can someone please tell me how I can attach new units to the respawn position module? Thank You.
  13. The 9th JSOC is a milsim community that will tackle any operation, large or small with special tactics and teamwork. We have a private server that we play on with a few great mods installed. We have an immense ranking system that is based off the army. We have been tackling a few challenges with the community but invite any person that wants to play arma 3 and other games with the community. We have great people who want to make the 9th JSOC re-active in a community, we have amazing leaders who are great at teaching new comers how we run stuff. We welcome any person, no matter the age or hours you have. We have a steam community and teamspeak which are listed here: Steam group - TeamSpeak If you want to get to know more about us, please go to the teamspeak and talk to one of our members. We do not care if you join our group on steam, it helps if you join the TS though. Even saying your interested in what we do intrigues us. We'll see you out there!
  14. Hi, i am trying to find a good AI caching script. I tried this: The problem is, that it often does not spawn a few units of the squad, and often disables reappearing of the units when you kill the new sql... I also tried the vanilla simulation manager module, but it turns on the caching for ALL units (empty vehicles too) and does not seem to affect the performance too much. I am also concerned that it might not work for JIP-ing players. Can anyone help me with the script i am using or the simulation manager? If not, can you recommend a script for me (which is not too hard to use and works with JIP and everything)? I want to make my missions work for air support too, so that means if the units (even though its maybe not spawned) position is hit by a bomb, the unit is dead. If you can not recommend caching at all, is there a good AI spawning script out there that works with mods and makes waypoint placement and customization (like the synching with a CBA module) possible?
  15. hi, i have created a bran new unit with friends, this unit is open for everybody, and a new person has joined the team but i don't know him and i can't contact him, may be there are athor ways to contact him with the arma unit but i don't know how. if you can help me I will be very thanksfull ;)
  16. 3rd Marine Division Fox Company, 2nd Battalion Marine Raider Team 8316 1st Marine Aircraft Wing 724th Special Tactics Group Hello, and before you read this post I wanted to thank you personally for taking the time to check us out. It will be a bit long, but it will include all the information required to both understand what the unit is about and also how to enlist or get in contact should you be interested. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the resources we provide at the bottom of the post to get into contact. What is the 3rd Marine Division? The 3rd Marine Division, or 3rd MD, is a military simulation unit looking to redefine the standard of military simulation, by providing a drama free, mature, and professional environment where you are a person, not a number, and can have as equal a chance as any to succeed. This group was founded on those principles, and has taken them to heart. Under those principles, we intend to allow our unit to thrive inside the milsim community, and constantly take consideration to the opinions of our player base to further improve the experience we provide. Outside of how we operate, the 3rd Marine Division is the culmination of numerous different assets within the United States Military. We consist of a regular infantry element (2nd Bat, 3rd MD), a MARSOC element (MRT 8316), an aviation element (1st MAW), and a Para-rescue element (724th STG). All these elements operate either together or separately to complete a wide variety of different objectives within our operations, with care being taken to try and diversify the scope of the missions our unit partakes in. What We Do As stated prior, the 3rd MD strives to maintain a mature, professional, and more importantly realistic environment. Considering this, training and operations are held to a high standard, and are done on a fairly regular basis. While we don't have daily operations, we do have a public liberation server which we will play on during the week for the purpose of practice but also enjoyment. Furthermore, we have our private training and operations server, operations being Saturdays at 1800 Eastern Standard Time. Training schedules depend entirely on the unit in which you enlist. These trainings and operations are all of course not only to provide enjoyment, but are also intended to breed the skills required by our members for success. Furthermore, in keeping with our standard, we partake in missions that the real US Military would partake in, these operations include activities such as… Counter Terrorism Large Scale Conventional Warfare Helicopter Based Assaults Defensive Operations Direct Action Hostage Rescue and many more activities that are not needing to be listed Training and Requirements We will begin with requirements, as the rest is not applicable to you if you do not meet these. Must be 15+ (17+ for the MARSOC element) Must be mature and have a professional attitude Must be willing to follow the chain of command Must own a legal copy of ArmA 3 Must be willing to dedicate time towards the unit, as it shall to you Must be able to make at least one unit event a week unless excused Must complete the training process in the required time frame Must maintain respect for yourself and others at all times If you meet these requirements, then read the following. It describes our training process... Training depends entirely on the unit in which you are assigned. Therefore, the length can vary. It will generally be no longer than a month unless you choose to enlist in our MARSOC element. The MARSOC element strives to create a lengthy process, generally lasting a month and a half, to ensure all members are dedicated to the unit. How Do I Join? Joining is a very simple process; it can be done by finding a recruiter, who can be found on our teamspeak at If that IP doesn't work, try or come to our website and make an account at Thank you for reading this post.
  17. I had to deal with the new Units in compare to the old squad.xml. So while I tried to learn more about the systems I found this Insignia function in the BI Wiki. If I remember right I saw a Strider with a so called clan Insignia on its front, once I was playing epoch. Too bad we ended up in a firefight, so I could not ask them how they managed that. Do I have any chance to these functions anywhere like the squad.xml as long I am not the server owner (like in Epoch, Exile, KotH and so on)
  18. Joint Nordic Battlegroup 16 We are a Arma 3 unit based in Northern Europe. "Semper metam contingimus - We always reach our goal" What are we? We are focused around the Swedish Armed Forces with infantry, Aviation, Armour, Support units. We offer a serious but still fun and relaxed community where everyone are welcome to play not only Arma 3 but any game or just have a talk in the lounge. We do our best to try and stay open minded about all ideas that our players can give us at all times. Sticking to the fun and serious without the BS. We do our trainings and operations on a weekly basis,1-2 Trainings and then operations on the weekends. Our requirements for all members are. You own a legit copy of Arma 3. You have a working microphone and ts3 client. You are atleast 16 years old. You can and will behave in a mature manner on our servers. You think you have what it takes? Take the first step and contact an officer or recruiter now. Teamspeak 3 server ip: E-mail: Website: Steam Group: Arma 3 unit: Hope to see you on soon! // G. Joel Battlegroup Commander
  19. Hi. I want to make a squad get out of a vehicle when a script is activated, and make them get back in when another one is activated. Is it possible to do without scripting, just with triggers init? The unload, load get out and get in waypoints dont seem to work... Btw the squad consists of players and AI. If that is not possible, can i make the passengers and cargo dudes eject? I googled a bit and found something that makes cargo eject but its a btr 80 which means that most people sit on top.
  20. Hi all this is my last W.I.P. Original Models by Bohemia Ported and modified by me I hope You like it...
  21. RCWC Team presents! "1985 Real Soviet Army" pack (1985 RSA) is an element of "1985 Real Cold War Crisis" project, intended to reconstruct Soviet Army units 1969-1991. Download [1]: or Download [2]: mediafire Required addon "NewCloud": Download from or mediafire More pictures inside the archive with the addon. It contains the following components: ----- MODPACK AUTHORS ----- RCWC Projects Team: GURAN aka Special Soldier alexanbros40 Sovietkot aka st90 Nimus ----- CONSULTANTS ----- Kirill Pen'chinskij Vladislav Danilov Stalker2011 aka Eugene Tackleberry NERV ----- ENGLISH LOCALISATION ----- FOXlauncher SoldierEPilot Nimus -Sapper- ----- SPECIAL THANKS ----- ORCS Development Studio team Psykke RHS OFPCAT Liberation mod team Vladislav Danilov ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ALL MODELS, TEXTURES AND OTHER COMPONENTS, INCLUDED IN THIS PACK, ARE THE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS
  22. FAP UNITS for A3 Latest version: 1.4 (Apr 1 2017) Here comes the FAP .... Foes & Allies Pack, of course <g> :) this addon features: Shots made by: scruffy. I. Factions for my released islands such as: Afrenian Army & Police Molatian Army & Armed Civilians ARL Lingor Rebels GAL Government Army of Lingor Cecanian Army (currently occupying Isla Abramia, in regular & winter camo) Abramian Rebel Alliance & Police (four tribes with 4 camos, trying to restore order on the same island + policemen that operate mainly from capitol of Yolandi) Red & Blue Gangs Alienz Zetaborn & Reptile II. Vehicles There are some vehicles present, but mainly A3 skinned ones: Antonov An-12 Cub (Military & Civil variants) Fennek recon vehicles for Afrenian army (Afrenian Leopard camo) Leopard 2A5 (Afrenian Leopard camo) Abramian Police car (working lights & siren as horn/LMB) Kamaz trucks for almost all factions etc. III. Weapons & Equipment AKM, AKMS and RPK rifles && 40mm Grenade launchers M16A2s/ AR-15s RPG-7 SVD Dragunov PKM M1911 Igla AA Steyr AUG A1 Gasmask SF-10 1 Kilo of Cocaine 1 Stack of Dollars List of classnames for Units: Available at -> Contributors/Credits: - NZDFCrash (soldier model, weapons, configs, etc.) - Sahbazz (mags, configs, help, etc.) - TRYK xmosmos, zabb (Gasmask). - Kiory (head mask for Natives, coming with next version) - LordJarhead (sounds) - Rocket (Steyrs) - Kol9yN (Cocaine pack model) - RobertHammer (Grenade Launcher Hand Animation) - Bad Benson | alien model, scripts, energy weapons for Zetaborn faction - Ryan_D, Colonel26 | Aliens A1 Mod conversion for Alienz/Zetaborn Faction - Hitcher | Spaceships & Tanks Creations used for Alienz/Zetaborn faction - HcPookie | An-12 Cub Download Available here | 7zip archive 200MB Official Website
  23. The Black Order is a fictional Terrorist Organization inspired by many sources of mega corps and terror cells. The mod add a new faction creatively named Black Order and its more or less a retexturering mod that add some flavor to arma. Content Black Order Faction (OPFOR and INDFOR) Army Units and Groups Military Police Units Science Division Units Special Operations Units Faction specific items Faction specific vehicles Faction specific actions Change log v - Added new weapon MK 18 MOD 1 [Black Order] - Fixed tagging to use the new ace format and removed old system. (Stop the errors.) - Fixed wrongly mirrored logos - Changed Military Police units stopped using the MXC and do now use MK18 - Changed Science security unit stopped using the Vector and do now use MP7A1 v - Fixed the issue were ACE interaction menu do not work. - Removed unnecessary dependencies. v - Added AH1Z - Added Documents - Added Equipment Box - Added Humvee variants - Added Mortar - Added New MP helmet - Added Police Patrol group - Added Red Baret and Helmet to equipment box. - Added Red Helm and baret variants - Added Red baret soldier variants. - Added Rifleman with SPAR-16 - Added Uniform Box - Added Unit Insignia - Added `TERROR_O_SOLDIER_SPCSECURITY_SOLDIER` - Added `TERROR_WEAP_MP7A1_01` - Added new SpecOp Unit using the SIG 556. - Added previews to majority of vehicles. - Added truck based groups - Changed `TERROR_O_SOLDIER_SPCSECURITY` weapon from `TERROR_WEAP_Vector_01` to `TERROR_WEAP_MP7A1_01` - Decreased amount of Shotguns from 2 to 1 in Police cars. - Fixed Author and updated CBA macros. - Fixed and adjusted textures colors and looks. - Fixed missing `TERROR_O_SOLDIER_SF_Rifleman` in `config.cpp` - Fixed wrong classname for `ACE_EarPlugs` - New Feature `Tag Propaganda` (requires Red Spray Paint) - New Feature for not betraying the order with a faction ONLY L-pill given to all order members. - Removed `ACE_HandFlare_White` - Replaced `ACE_fieldDressing` with `ACE_packingBandage` - Reworked Weapon class names v - Added Basic supply crates for the Army - Added Helicopter Pilots and Crew - Added a Russian armament variant of the military. - Additional textures for Military Police vehicles (can be toggled) - Bugfixes - Divided the Military Police in to its own faction (part of Alive friendly update) - Factions is mirrored with independent variant. - Internal restructures for easier management by me. - More groups (part of Alive friendly update) - New Vehicles (UH60M, Truck, Quad Bike) v - Added groups - Added first batch of Vehicles - Added items - Changed characters and divided them in to 3 different PBOs - Fixed some small issues and bugs v - Initial release Download Github Steam Workshop Required Addons CBA ACE3 RHS: United States Armed Forces Links GitHub GitHub Issue Tracker
  24. Details: This is a replacement weapon config for EricJ's taliban units using AK's and typical weapons from the RHS Escalation mods. I originally created this as a 'leight'weight option for quick Zeus/MCC missions with my group, but I realised that plenty of the other middle eastern factions available require a significant number of separate uniform/weapon packs, (even though they look fantastic). Since almost every modded server I have seen uses RHS. It seems appropriate to combine these. The config assigns Russian AKM's/AKMS' to fighter units, PKMs and SVD's are assigned to MG and Sniper variants as well. All units have russian smoke grenades, RGOs. Leader units have FAKs and PMM sidearms. All units are Zeus compatible. This config also contains an Afghan civilian faction. Unchanged from EricJ's original. The mod is signed with server keys included. Of course, let me know if I have done something ridiculously wrong here. I'm still learning how to put mods together. Images: In future, I would like to add a reinforcement group. Using a civilian truck: Requirements: Taliban Fighters by EricJ RHS: Escalation by the RHS Team Credit: All credit goes to EricJ and the RHS team for their kind permission to use their mods and to allow me to release this. Known Issues (as of version 1.0): I have never released anything before but I have tested this on a multiplayer server. As far as I am aware, apart from a single small conflict notification in the rpt, this does not cause issues on a multiplayer server. The classnames are currently the same as the original EricJ ones and do not match the new loadouts. To Do: Match classnames to new loadouts (perhaps make them more MCC compatible) Add groups and extra vehicle units for fast reinforcements. Changelog: v1.0: First Release Download: Taliban Units with RHS Weapons config v1.0 Cheerio, Silos[CPM]
  25. Hello all, DOWNLOAD dropbox: ARMAHOLIC: Steam workshop: WHAT? Hand drawn full rvmat retextures of vanilla Arma 3 assets by lordfrith. Dirty, stitched together, patchy outfits for the discerning scavenger-about-town, similar to the familiar post-apocalyptic worlds of Mad Max, Stalker, Fallout etc. CURRENT FEATURES: grubby combat rags, filthy officer rags, dirty fisherman's rags, wrecked t-shirts, battered vests, soiled longjohns, broken helmets... There are no placeable units at the moment, currently its a gear pack only. COMING SOON more vests, packs and hats more vanilla uniforms placeable units OTHER IDEAS fur uniforms! cyborg players with robot arms! balaclavas made of human skin! tents? tweed! KNOWN ISSUES custom rvmats sometimes don't load normal maps (engine limitation?) Armour, mass and supply stats for items are WIP, feedback appreciated CREDITS Bohemia Interactive for making Arma 3. All models are theirs and all assets are adaptions of theirs. And Arma 3 is frikkin awesome BI Forums community from mod creators to people who answer random scripting questions. LICENSE Friths Ruin by lordfrith is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. CHANGELOG testV 0.00000000001 first release V1 fixed noob config errors fixed shiney vests added proper armour values to vests and helmets added rolled sleeve varients added bikeys V1.1 fixed annoying config error on main menu screen.