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  1. Hi community - Disclaimer - I am not the best when it comes to explaining things to others. So please forgive me. - What is explained here is subject to change (this tutorial will be updated accordingly). - When a tools update is available (on main branch), after having installed the update be sure to verify game cache, extract game datas, and re-install buldozer before trying to do anything else. - The way things are explained here is the way I do it, there are other ways. - Introduction In this "tutorial" I will assume that you already have the tools installed (this step won't be explained here) and your directory mapping is the following: Arma 3 D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Arma 3 Tools D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools - Step 1 - Work Drive Folder Now we're gonna decide where we want our Work Drive to be located, go to D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ and make a folder here, name it the what you want (mine is Arma 3 Tools [WorkDrive]). Your Work Drive directory is now the following: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools [WorkDrive] - Step 2 - Arma 3 Tools Directory Paths Setup Now that your Work Drive folder is setup you can now launch Arma 3 Tools from Steam. Once the window pops up, click on Preferences at the top then click on Options. Here you're going to setup your directory paths. According to what we previously done, the tabs should look like this: *Do not forget to uncheck Use default box as in the picture just above* Now click on Register, and you're done with this step. - Step 3 - Mounting Work Drive *Make sure both Arma 3 Tools (Arma3Tools.exe) & Steam (Steam.exe) executable are NOT run as administrator, otherwise your will be unable to mount your Work Drive* You can now click on Mount the Project Drive to mount your Work Drive, yay. - Step 4 - Importing Arma 3 Assets Click on Project Drive Management Then Extract Game Data Click on Run. When prompted, verify information and click Yes. Once the process is done, you get this: Now open your Work Drive (Computer -> P:), your drive should look like this now: *Image coming soon* - Step 5 - Installing Buldozer Now you can tick the Install Buldozer box. Click on Run. Once it's done close the little window and go back to Arma 3 Tools then click on Preferences then Buldozer Configurator. Choose the preset you want for both Object Builder and Terrain Builder then click on Apply configuration. Now open your Work Drive (Computer -> P:), your drive should look like this now: *Image coming soon* *While you're at it open steam_appid.txt and verify that its content is 107410* - Step 6 - Enjoy Everything is now set up, you can now begin to work on your project. Thanks for reading. - Related link(s) Work Drive (BIS) Project Space (BIS) Project Directory Migration (BIS) - Update(s) April 28th 2016 - First Iteration May 30th 2016 - Update 0.984
  2. FICTIONAL UNEXPLODED ORDNANCE, SYSTEMS, and E.O.D EQUIPMENT by R. Von Quest VERSION: v0.2.0 Beta UPDATED: 01 October 2016 INTRODUCTION: Work-In-Progress. This is the Stand-Alone Module of my Explosives & EOD Addon from my SpookWarCom Project. As most EOD stuff is just a BIP (Blow In Place); I wanted to do something a little closer to the fictional side, and have a system where you have to know what you are doing and solve a step-by-step procedure to disarm the explosive. I will be including my IMS "BombBuddy" Ion-Mobility-Spectrometer to detect both in-game mines & explosives, and all the IEDs included in this amazing mod. I do not like the "I see a mine!" in the game. So what? If you see it, where? When you have all the nonsensical "helpers" turned off, he still shouts out he spots something. This is silly. So I'm building my own detector that will 'sniff' the molecules in the air to detect various chemicals and the additives in explosive materials. It will only display a readout of various indicators and a vague 'strength' signal (parts-per-million). I also have in production several, ok numerous, oh wait... no, over 100+ IEDs coming to put into your missions that all will have unique ways of disarming! I have 10 prototyes each with 10+ levels of disarming procedures with numerous types having a complex muti-step process to disarm. Total of 100-200 Bombs! Memorizing how to disarm will be virtually impossible do to with the sheer vast number of randomly generated IEDs. If you do not go through the training process and do not understand what you are doing, kaboom! No more just clicking the X to disarm. You will need the right tools, and click exactly on the part required. Several types will even have anti-handling devices. Motion sensors, light sensors, etc. complete with random timers and other surprises that I won't reveal here. Explosives will be C4, Mines, Chemical, Radioactive, etc. "Initial Success or Total Failure" FEATURES: I.M.S BombBuddy detects ALL EXPLOSIVES Numerous Tools and Equipment Both Fictional and Realistic Explosives Disarm "Movie-Style" Bombs Disarm In-Game Bombs & Explosives Minefields: APERS Landmines Minefields: Mk6 Watermines Minefields: PDM-1 Amphibious Suicide Bomber Terrorists and Extremists Random Spawns and Variables ...And many more coming SOON!!! NOTES: More Info coming soon. This was just an upgrade into a Stand-alone Project. Many more cool options are right around the corner! *kaboom* REQUIRED: 1. CBA A3 - Community Based Addons A3 DOWNLOAD =VQI= FUSE Explosives & EOD Project Von Quest Industries
  3. In this thread we'll try to describe updates happening in the Development Branch of Arma 3 Tools. This changelog is not complete, nor confirmed to be working as advertised. Again, Development branch does not pass internal QA before publication. Stick with main branch if you do not want to deal with the (big) potential issues and frequent data transfers. Feel free to discuss the updates to this branch in the relevant thread. The changes are not going to be done daily like the Arma 3 development branch does, but rather in irregular intervals according to needs and additions by our team. 20-06-2014 Fixed: Broken Addon Builder UI Fixed: Copying of files to the target destination in Addon Builder Fixed: "External" feature of Tools Launcher was disabled by error
  4. Arma 3 Publisher Thread for your feature requests, discussion, update announcements, etc. To report bugs please use our feedback tracker: - project Arma 3 - category Tools
  5. The TECHREPs will contain the changelogs for updates to the Arma 3 Tools suite on Steam. Keep checking the Dev Hub for all details.
  6. So tried almost everything nothing works.... kind of give up on steam workshop right now: No matter what size or what folder or mods it doesnt "find" it and wont simply upload anything.. "Steam Error code: 9" "FileNotFound" weirdly enough its in a folder am i the retard or is it the tools? :P Publisher RPT Logs (some of it):
  7. First: all credits belong to Snake2200 the author of the big and excellent XAM1.06b-modifikation for ArmA1. you can download the hole addon for ArmA1 here: -this mod is not from me, it is only a part of the Xam1.06b-mod from Snake2200 -I have only edited the mod a little bit (logic,sound balancing)that it works with ArmA3. Thanks to kju for pushing me into the right direction and also to (Snake2200 wherever he is)! -This addon gives you: -excellent nature ambient-sounds -churchbells with different distances -different windsounds on hills ..etc. -mornigbirds (excellent for europe) -at night wulfs, owls ..beware ..sometimes scary ! -on the field sparrows, larks, robins..etc. -multiplayer not tested -no bi-signs included and i am not able to create some -first shot error included ! ...and not yet repairable for me Installation: -note: CBA is needed for this. 1.copy "@xam_environment.pbo" to your ArmA3 root directoy 2.edit your shortcut for ArmA3 or use a Launcher you like to start. ps:enjoy it or leave it... for me me its a musthave... at least the file
  8. So, like everyone else, my game updated the other day, as well as my tools. I went to install bulldozer again, and I get an error message from windows that says "work Drive has stopped working". My p drive is mounted, and all worked fine before the latest update. It stinks to have to pack the plane every time I want to trail and error something I did, just makes you lose motivation in your project. So, has anyone else had this error? Any solutions? Also, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling many times, does the same thing after a fresh install.
  9. Hi, Today I launched A3 tools as usual, then I tried to install bull dozer and I get an error code Here is what it says: Error received from: "DoTask" (0x50003003) The parameters source are destination are invalid. undefined c:\users\Robs\Documents\Arma 3 Projects Not sure what is going on, but it it halting me from working on my projects. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did not change anything before this error occurred and I tried a reinstall but no luck. Thanks. Rob
  10. Hello, this script has been refactored and proven for 1 year already Current version: 1.0 What is it? This is a cron manager for Arma 3. It is a similar for crontab in Linux or Task Scheduler in Windows. It allows you to execute code at a scheduled time, repetitive or not. Script will help to avoid endless loops and make performance optimized missions with greater flexibility in terms of managing your code execution. This script is designed for server-side execution, but also works in SP What's inside? Script contains of 4 functions: RWT_fnc_cronInit - initializes cron manager, executed on postIinit RWT_fnc_cronJobAdd - adds jobs to cron manager RWT_fnc_cronJobRemove - remove job from cron manager RWT_fnc_cronJobRun - function that runs the code, when its time comes Example use case? Make an explosion in 30 minutes Periodically run garbage clean up code, say every 2 minutes Any other usecase which requires higher time lags (minutes, hours) How to start using it? Script is packaged according to guidelines of Arma 3 Mission Skeleton, so if you are using it, just download it to your mission's addons folder and run build script. If you are more experienced mission maker or scripter - grab the source from github. To add a task: [{hint str time},[],0,20,0] call RWT_fnc_cronJobAdd; // will display time every 20 seconds Please read the comments and description to functions Source - Package -
  11. Hello, I´ve installed the tools again yesterday and set up everythings Properly (P was set and A3p ran through fine). But as soon as I want to run Buldozer I get this f****** Errormessage that absolutely makes no sense. As from what I understand is that the error must rest somewhere in the command line, but it doesnt matter whether I leave the startup Parameters by default (as they come right after installation) or if I remove everythings. The errormessage is always the same (except for the removed entries from the Startup Parameters Commandline. Only one thing always remains the same. It´s this part of the errormessage quoted below. This part always stays the same, anyways what I do. So what the hell is that errormessage supposed to mean and why doesnt any attempt to fix it do absolutely nothings. - changed the Buldozer path as suggested after A3P ran through - I ran A3P meanwhile a couple of times - I changed the Buldozer.cfg that I´ve recieved from someone where it works absolutely fine - I changed P - reinstalled ArmA3 tools - ran integrity check for the steam tools and for ArmA3 - I ran Buldozer with an absolutely clean Commandline It´d be great if someone knows whats causing this issue. I never ever ran into this in all those years before. May be it´s a simple solution, but I cant see it at the moment. Thanks and regards Memphis
  12. It’s been a couple of months since Work Drive has been introduced into Arma 3 Tools. This seems like an appropriate moment to give you some fresh information. Project Space, huh?! Don’t panic, you know this since the beginning (ages for the veterans): it’s the “P driveâ€. Like I explained in a previous personal blog, the P drive is a concept. In short, it’s the file structure for the game from the game perspective. To give an example, the file data_f_mark.pbo is physically located in \Mark\Addons in the file tree however, once loaded, the game will set its mounting point to \A3\data_f_mark, which corresponds to the prefix of the PBO file. To sum up, P:\ is a representation of the working directory of the game, from the perspective of the game. What the heck is Work Drive? What’s new here? It is a tool designed to replace the previously scripted systems in order to provide a more reliable way to manage the work drive (P) and its content. Its first iteration was only able to manage the well-known P drive and to install Buldozer. This it did from any location (source/destination). In the recent update, it received the ability to manage any substitute drive, meaning it can mount or dismount any drive from any letter and its core code was also consolidated to prepare for the future… Speaking of future, here we are! With version 0.983.2 of the tools, Work Drive can now extract the entire data of the game to the Project Space, similar to FuturaToP but more efficient. The usage is simple, execute workdrive.exe /extractGameData. By default, Work Drive will select the main install of the game as source and the destination directory will be the same as your project space, as defined from the launcher of the tools (Preferences->Settings (CTRL+E)). However, note that it will deny any attempt to extract the game data directory into the install directory of the tools to avoid any potential conflict with the updates of the tools. But, you can use it as you want or need: Command line: WorkDrive.exe /extractGameData <Source> <Destination> Source: A valid install directory of Arma 3 Destination: An existing folder Command line: WorkDrive.exe /extractGameData <Source> Source: A valid install directory of Arma 3 Destination: Will be the default project space Command line: WorkDrive.exe /extractGameData <Destination> Source: Will be the default install of the game Destination: An existing folder The extracted data can be purged by using the startup parameter /purgeGameData. You can also target a specific project space by adding its path after purgeGameData. The purge is based on the TXT file created during the extraction process, meaning that you can save a folder from the purge by removing the corresponding TXT file. In example, removing someName.txt will save the directory someName from the purge. Finally, you can also combine both parameters to refresh your game data by using work drive as follow. Note: The arguments of the parameter /extractGameData remain as described above. Command line: WorkDrive.exe /purgeGameData /extractGameData Random facts: It takes around 4 minutes to extract the game data from and to a SSD (~12 minutes with a HDD). Work Drive runs multiple tasks in parallel. The faster your hard drive, the faster the process will be. In case of an update of the game, it takes usually between 1 and 2 minutes to update the extracted data. Work Drive won’t update a folder which already is up to date. Reminder: Please carefully observe the licenses of any work you extract before using it elsewhere!
  13. So I have recently installed arma 3 tools because I wanted to work on a map but I have followed videos to get it all to work but everytime I get this happen to me which just takes the piss. If anyone has any ideas pls help when you can. This is another error I get. Thank you Ill re upload the images to somewhere working once I can
  14. Addonbuilder keeps deleting my vehicle's config files during the PBO process. It still adds the model and textures however, with the exception of the .RVMATs.
  15. I posted this on Reddit and felt that I should also post it here. I apologize if it's not in the right area. I'd imagine with the team working primarily on Apex and Nexus, there isn't much of a chance of us seeing old content such as the AMOS Marshall and KSG Shotgun. I think Bohemia Interactive should release older content with complimentary textures, unbinarized models, and config if possible, allowing the community to examine or add them in themselves. I really think BIS should consider this, and could possibly release it with the Arma 3 Samples. What do you guys think?
  16. In SITREP #00118, we shared our decision to distribute the samples through a new Steam application, available for free – Now it's time for action. The Samples library keeps growing! Since some people want to access either just the samples or the tools, they're now available via the new Steam Application: Arma 3 Samples. Arma 3 owners will find it directly in their Steam library (Filter: Tools), whereas others will need to first subscribe (for free) through the Steam store. Both the Tools and the Samples will be governed by the same system of branches, development and main. A noticeable change for everyone who doesn't own Arma 3, these application may no longer be added automatically to your library. To use them, you may need to go on the Steam Store page and install them. Another upcoming change is the removal of the licensed data packages from the Arma 3 Tools, which was a gigantic branch including data from our previous games. If you are using this branch, we recommend you to move all the data to a new location outside the application directory (to avoid having to re-download). These packages will and are still available via our web page (direct download or torrent) In summary, what’s going to change? The samples directory included in Arma 3 Tools is no longer maintained, effective immediately. These samples will be removed very soon from the development branch (first half of September) and will be removed from the main branch with the next update. The samples (Samples_F) are going to be removed from the Tools. The structure of the samples has been reworked and sorted in categories, to be more flexible and user-friendly. The Licensed Data Packages branch will be disabled with the next update (subscribers will automatically switched to the main branch). Now you’re briefed on what’s going on, how to smoothly handle this transition? If you were doing experiments in the samples: (= you have edited files in the samples folder) We urge you to move the samples to another location before we remove them from the tools folder. Otherwise, you may lose all of your modifications. If you were just consulting the samples: As mentioned above, the samples are going to be removed from the Tools, so, if you want to keep consulting the samples, you will need to install Arma 3 Samples from Steam. If you were not using them at all: Obviously, nothing changes here, except the disk space used by the tools (which will decrease). Arma 3 Tools on the Steam Store Arma 3 Samples on the Steam Store
  17. Status of server development/improvements: Performance / Profiling branch feedback Stress test RC test How-To setup/run arma 3 dedicated server How-To debug server issues Linux server feedback Headless client Headless client development feedback BattlEye feature news, detailed information * still needs better manual for bonus BE features Discussions/contacts (Skype/Irc etc.) this was merged into Tools: Tophe's tool , server configuration EPM RCON , advanced remote control via BattlEye' RCON BASIX , opensource anti-hack tool/mod - ALIVE , AI offloading improvements and performance monitoring B.E.C. (no-longer developed) ASM (no-longer developed): BattleWarden RCON, one of first RCON tools for Arma serie, How change branches of Arma 3 on STEAM client ---------- Post added at 19:00 ---------- Previous post was at 18:40 ---------- reserved
  18. Dear Devs, Hi there - is there any way we can get textures for the lovely objects that have come with the Heli DLC? Just discovered most can be re-textured with the setObjectTexture command! :D I know the PBOs are encrypted - but might the textures become available on Arma 3 Tools at some point, perhaps?
  19. What is it? Introduction... Some of you may already know I was working on such project. It was delayed, postponed because of lack of time, it has required more analysis and conception than planned... but, today, here we are. First, if you're wondering if it's the same tool released yesterday in the dev branch of Poseidon Tools: Yes, it is! The Community Tools Updater is a very simple application able to check if the supported tools need to be updated/installed. If an update is needed, it downloads the new version from a depot maintained by the tool author(s) and install the newer version without asking a single question. The main purpose is to provide to the modding community a simple method to install/update the tools they need without being forced to hunt news on all over the web and take the risk to download an outdated version (I saw this many times with Poseidon Tools). More, the risk of installing an outdated version is avoided by a simple fact: It's the tool maker that update the depot with his work, not a random person. You may recognize some tools made by the community veteran Mikero and some other made by me. For users... Usage is very simple, just download it, extract where you want and use it :) In short-term, the updater will update itself when needed, but for the moment, you just need to take a look at this topic or the depot. It downloads the depot manifest at startup, then checks for updates. Once it's started, you can: Explore the local depot (place where all downloads are stored, including installers and zip tools) Clear local depot (delete the entire depot, just to be sure to do not have unnecessary files) Populate local depot (this synchronizes your local depot with the server depot) Update / Install (obviously, install or update the tools that need it and are checked) * yes, pretty basic UI for now but it's working like a charm! For tools developers... For now, only Poseidon Tools and Mikero tools "packages" are included, but I'm looking for more developers to join us. If you're interested, just let me a message here or a PM! In the best case, your tools need an installer that can take one of the following startup parameters: /s -silent -noUI And one of the following if there are some configuration to do during the installation: /d -default or way to define the configuration in command line If your tool supports this kind of options but not these ones, it's just a matter of exception, not a big deal here. By the way, if you don't have an installer, note that NSIS does the job perfectly (used by Mikero Tools) and is very user friendly. If you have questions What tools are supported? ArmA3p (1) Rapify (1) SteamToolCheck (2) MoveFolder (1) IsRap (1) DeWss (1) ExtractPbo (1) DeWrp (1) DeRtm (1) MoveObject (1) GetDePboVersion (1) DePew (1) DeRap (1) DeTex (1) LintCheckRapV (2) DeP3d (1) texConverters (2) Poseidon Tools (*) TM4 Indenter (*) MakePbo (1) SetVersion (1) DePbo (1) QueryAddons (1) pboProject (1) Eliteness (1) ConvertWrp (1) DeKey (1) DeOgg (1) DePac (1) (1) Fully supported (check version, install/update) (2) Partial support (check version, tool available in the local depot when populated) (*) Will be supported soon (this tool is supported by the updater but the tool is not yet ready to be used with it) How it works? The concept is simple, the updater retrieve a XML file live generated from a depot including what is inside the depot, compares local installations and what's in the depot, then, update if needed. Note that it can install if the tool is missing from your workstation. Advanced and curious users can have a look at the application parameters in the registry: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\bohemia interactive\Poseidon Tools\Updater" Get the Community Tools Updater: Community updater Beta Note: I developed this tool to allow the modding community to get tools in the simplest way as possible, it was firstly designed for Poseidon Tools, then, Mikero tools have arrived and there are more to come! This is an unofficial tool and provided as it is; you bear the risk!
  20. Buldozer displays the model correctly, but ARMA spoils UV map of my model in game... All rvmat's uses standart *_Mask - "A3\structures_f\DATA\universal_mask.paa" I don't know what could be the cause of this problem
  21. Hi, I want to buy ArmA 2 in the BI Store for 6€. I don't know whether I should buy the steam version or non steam version? Maybe I want to try out the DayZ mod for arma 2 as well as the one for Arma 3 which requires Arma 2. Will there be any problems concerning one of the versions? Which one would you buy? Thanks
  22. Does anybody know, what is the limitation for addons and mods to launch and how can I launch more addons? Thanks
  23. To support the lensmen among us, our Senior Designer Karel Moricky wrote a handy guide about the new tools for screenshot-taking in Arma 3! [ATTACH=CONFIG]191[/ATTACH] "] [ATTACH=CONFIG]191[/ATTACH] Introducing the Splendid Cam, alongside some of the other Debug Console features he implemented, Karel walks us by a few of the basic settings and shares a couple of tips on how to make the ultimate screenshot. We're also grabbing the opportunity to launch our '2013 World Arma Photo' contest, where the 3 best virtual photographers will be awarded with honor and Bohemia Interactive games![/center]