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  1. Hey guys i have recently purchased a Arma 3 50 slot Server with the Iron Front IFA3 mod and i have noticed that the server is crashing at random times and dont know the issue. And would like someone with experience to put their hand in with the problem I have noticed people that currently have a server do not have that problem i dont know if i am using the wrong type of addons or what if someone could help me with this or take a look at the problem that would be great its frustrating having 20+ players playing and then it randomly crashes while in the middle of game. RPT Email
  2. i have only found one hosting company that seems any good so far the guy i spoke with was very nice their website was any thoughts on them guys
  3. when I look at the server list in arma on 64-bit, I do not see any servers. when I go to the launcher and join a server from there, all I see is the arma 3 logo and nothing happens and I'm stuck on that screen. I see all the servers normally when I switched back to 32-bit. is there any way for me to get it to run normally on 64-bit??
  4. I'm trying to boot my server and regardless of whether I'm booting in vanilla or modded, I keep getting the error: Warning Message: Addon 'A3_Data_F_Loadorder' requires addon 'A3_Missions_F_EPA'. I've looked into where this 'A3_Missions_F_EPA' is and it's in the Arma 3 - Other Profiles, so I don't know how or what I meant to do with it. Any help would be appreciated, Cheers in advance.
  5. Hello guys. I bought Arma 2 shortly, and decided to create a dedicated server. A friend of mine told me the TADST program because it is very practical and quick to configure the server. I created a Wasteland server, but it looks like it is not saving the data, as I entered I started playing, after a while I clicked Abort, and when I went back in to play, I noticed that in the background screen, the Soldier died, and I came back again with a new life. My friend also tested it, it entered the server, and then exited the server. When he entered again he was without the items. I was looking into this and saw that a DataBase server is needed to save the progress of the server, but I noticed there is a mod called iniDB that causes the server's progress to be saved and loaded at any time without needing a Database server . But I do not know how to configure this mod. If anyone can help me with this matter of saving the progress of my server, I will be very grateful! If there are other solutions I also accept! The most important thing for me is that I can save the progress of the server because it is very annoying to play and then lose all progress. Thank you! PS: Sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian ^^
  6. OPERACIÓN ARDILLA Creada por Darius _______________________________________________________________________ STRATIS 09 de Septiembre de 2032 a las 18:54 horas Misión en Español El General Akhanteros de la FAA perdió su helicóptero que le iba a llevar a Altis, gracias al bombardeo de esta tarde la OTAN ha destruido casi todas las aeronaves de la FAA. Ahora él se ha escondido en su base militar al este de Agia Marina, vamos a asaltar esa base militar, acabar con los refuerzos y volver al campamento. Objetivos Destruir los refuerzos Matar el general de la FAA (Objetivo principal) Escapar de la zona Ejecución La operación se basa en una táctica de "golpe de mano" (entrar, cumplir objetivo y salir muy rápido). Alfa, se encarga de colocar cargas explosivas y emboscar los refuerzos que vienen por la carretera de la base aérea, la carretera que viene del Campamento Rogain y la otra carretera que viene desde Mike-26. ¡Destruyan todo lo que pase por esas carreteras! Los equipos Bravo y Charlie asaltarán la base militar. Salir de ahí e ir a un lugar seguro. _______________________________________________________________________ Co32_Op_Ardilla_v25.Stratis.pbo Steam: Operación Ardilla en Steam
  7. Server Dependent, can be run with any mod ****This can only be played on the server as server-side is not released, please watch video**** /\ New Video /\ Server and mission Explained. SO I've been piecing together a mission using a lot of community content as well as a ton of my own script to get it all together. It features procedural map objective generation, efficient scripting and a powerful database. It does borrow from wasteland and CTI, but I looked for solutions everywhere. While not everything is perfect yet, it is very playable and will save your levels etc indefinitely. It's got a ton of scripts running server side while keeping the FPS high, so it's smart capable. It's got drop in / drop out saving that will enable you to play a few minutes at a time, but contribute to the big offensive. There is a full economy, and you can also level your AI. You have a choice of 12 persistent AI as you level up who you can recruit at ease and who are saved with my drop in feature, as well as vehicles etc. The mission is town focused, but every part of the map can be captured for income. Please try it out, and comment to steer it's development. The server keeps good frame rate in spite of producing many AI in individual cities. Custom loadouts are available not only to you, but to your ai with minimal effort. As an external influence I reference 'Jagged Alliance'. Lightning Warfare = "Warfare with a small unit, co-op focus" 1. Towns will be connected in territorial mode 2. Every town will have same items available for purchase 3. Each captured town unlocks extra units and gear in all towns. 4. Fast travel will be available between towns 5. Winning condition: Capture all towns. 6. Database deals with per session and infinite saving. 7. Procedural Map with fog of war 8. Player Economy 9. In depth squad management and persistence 10. You can recolor and uniforms, see photos below 11. Rearm and re-equip you or your squad members in minimal clicks. 12. Save and utilize custom load outs for player and squad. 13 In depth medical and support scripting, ai ability to save you when injured. Not a full list, but here are the major imports. - Improved FAR Revive medical simulation - Outlawed Mag Repack - R3F logistics - Building loot spawning - Rewritten Digital load out system - Rewritten Hunter Six ai system - Taw View distance - Seth Duda Advanced Towing & advanced sling load - Outlawed Mag Repack - Zod Take down - Rewritten inidb - Rewritten A3 Wasteland - Rewritten Squeeze Hex warfare Planned additions - Sniper, SOG centric mission support. High value targets : Personnel responsible for logistics, killing will inhibit reinforcement. FOO/FAC: Responsible for coordination of Air support; Killing will disable enemy air support for a time. GUI's - Simple yet powerful Manage your squad, customize your team (Player and AI level saved in DB) Procedural Strategic Map - works on any island and identifies objectives Deep player customization, and more to come Running IFA3
  8. Salute! I am looking for someone to create a script with a few things I need for my server. I am making a new map for arma and that's eating up a heck of a lot of time. There are things I need for my up coming server to be done before the map is complete. So I can find tune and correct things as they go. Some of it isn't terribly complex, some it may be. I am willing to pay up to 100USD for working scripts. What it may include: End mission scripts with three alternate conditions (Configurable values) Depreciating loot tables (IE each time a player loots an object the number of respawn for that loot area goes down)(Configurable values) Non map dependent Will be using resources from all maps but can't be dependent to a particular map. IE these scripts can be applied to any map. Contact me via email, pm here, or join the new facebook group that I just-just created. We'll talk about the needs there. PS I pay with Paypal, nothing else.
  9. im unable to connect to my server useing tadst and im given this error. any help is awsome many thanks, ultra <21:50:35> "Pte. H. Bowker": 21:50:22 mpmissions\__cur_mp.Takistan\mission.sqm/Mission/Entities/Item82/Entities/Item0.type: Vehicle class CUP_B_BAF_Crew_MTP no longer exists 21:50:22 Mission OP_20Saracen_20StormV3.Takistan read from bank. 21:50:22 Player Pte. H. Bowker disconnected.
  10. Hi, we are Taiwan ArmA Clan, recently we want to build a x64 Dedicated Server for our team. (our last server use 5 years already) And here is come some questions. Our Goals 1. 50 ~ 100 players coop & PvP. (or even 100 vs 100 PvP) 2. 400~500 AI Unit. (50~100 groups) *This can use like EOS or ALiVE to help. But is perfect when 500 AI Unit can activities at the same time. 3. Mod: ACE, RHS(All faction), CUP(Only map), Task Force Radio. *And some little mod and map that don’t impact performance very much. 4. Host TeamSpeak 3 server. Hardware: 1. Server vs PC advantage? After discussion, this is our plan. But we want to know is server structure will have more advantage? Or is ok with PC structure? Server Structure CPU: Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2680 v1 x2 MB: Supermicro X9DRL-IF or Tyan S7050-DLE RAM: Samsung Ecc reg DDR3 1600 8G x8 SSD: Plextor M8Peg 256G/M2 PC Structure(2 ver.) CPU: AMD R7 1700X MB: MSI X370 gaming pro carbon RAM: Kingston DDR4-2400 16G x2 SSD: Plextor M8Peg 256G/M2 CPU: Intal I7 7700K 4.2G MB: Asus Strix z270H RAM: Kingston DDR4-2400 16G x2 SSD: Plextor M8Peg 256G/M2 Network Speed 1. Server speed affect? In our plan, we will use this. 100m download / 100m upload (Right now we use 100m download / 40m upload) This speed plan is very high at Taiwan, in future we will upgrade if there have another higher plan. Last Question 1. The above Hardware plan & network speed, can done with our goals? 2. If goals can’t be done, is our hardware plan need more upgrade? Or is our network speed too slow? 3. If these plan are very nice and more than we want goal, how many player and AI can run on our hardware & network speed plan? We hope we can get these information from big ArmA Clan.(Who usually play with 100 players) And thank you for your reading.
  11. Dear Exile Community, Today i've got something special for one of you! My team and I have a spare dedicated server left from our previous project and we're looking into giving it to someone who is able to build and lead an awesome and hopefully huge exile project and community! So, do you have some ideas for an awesome exile project, or already have a project running and want to expand to a bigger server, then keep on reading! :) The server you'll be getting i7 3930K 6x3,20GHz 24GB RAM 1000MBits Connection Hosted by Hetzner in Germany You're probably asking yourself now:"What does it cost? What do you want?" Well, we actually want nothing, but we do have some requirements. Requirements re/Naming the project so that it gets an recall value and players will be like:"Ohh, yeah lets play on Exiliron (just an example)!" Website, forum (we will provide this), and a teamspeak server! This will help growing a bigger community. Every Map you want except for Altis and Stratis! Mainly PVE but with a PVP Area with better loot! No Pay2Win, everything that is in the Donator Shop needs to be available by normal playing too! !!! One thing that is really important to us !!! Commitment! If you know that you won't have much time working on the server because of your work/school and your real life than you should probably take care of those things first instead of thinking about creating and leading an exile project. That means, only apply to this sponsorship when you're confident to invest some time, that you really have, into this project. Also, if you don't have a lot of knowledge in arma3, exile and administrating and programming for such a server we probably won't choose you! We want to give this server to those who are really able to get the most out of it. Other things needs to be discussed out in a teamspeak conversation. How can you apply to this sponsorship? Email me: - with some information about you (age, occupation,where you live, knowledge regarding arma 3 (sqf, etc)). Thats it! Hope that someone will take the chance. :) Regards, Loohney
  12. Not sure if this is quite the right board, but here it goes... Trying to run a local dedicated server with TADST, i used it last month, been gone, got back, wouldn't run a server, said something about "PhysX3_x86.dll is missing", deleted and re-installed TADST. Now when I try and run a server, it starts up, then says "PxFoundation wasn't created" and "An error occurred, arma 3 is not responding, close program/wait to respond blahblahblah standard windows stuff", then the server box closes. My question: Googling this brings up only two arma 3 pages, none of which are helpful... Has anyone ever heard of this? I made sure to verify the game cache in steam, run the launcher a few times, update my Nivida GPU software, and re-installed TADST. All I can think of is re-installing ArmA, but I don't want to go through all that... Thanks for any ideas!
  13. Salutations, basement dwellers. Tired of lackluster, lifeless Altis Life communities that are part and parcel clones of previously established mission files? Have you been experiencing any mild gastrointestinal discomfort related to IBS? Do 14 year old austitic-screeching home bodies have you contemplating suicide by cyanide capsule? If you answered "I'm not comfortable responding you obnoxious prick," then we have a 10% success rate solution for you. Hardly Gaming Altis Life RPG. Features include but are not limited to: Overhauled map; heavily tweaked mission file; custom npcs; 1 million dollar start with properly paced money making; active administrators; custom meshes/textures, and so much more that I might just spontaneously combust. If you're interested, check out our newly christened website at - Or our Teamspeak 3 server at
  14. i am getting these errors Wed Mar 22 10:15:43 2017 UTC : Failed to load Steam Service (126) Wed Mar 22 10:15:43 2017 UTC : BOpenService failed (1060) Wed Mar 22 10:15:43 2017 UTC : ServiceStart: failed to start (183) What does it mean and how do i fix it?
  15. Hey guys! I have a mission where players can choose to be blufor, opfor and independent. Each leader of a faction has an endtrigger synced to them that should end the mission when the unit enters it. I have the triggers and debriefing working fine in singleplayer, but in multiplayer I am not able to force the end on the clients even though I use [endMission, "END1" ] call BIS_fnc_MP; in the respective trigger for each side. What am I doing wrong? I found a lot of threads where people say to execute the functions on the clients, but I just can't seem to grasp how to do this. Cheers!
  16. ISSUE: First player who connected can transmit voice and be received, but all other players cannot transmit to anyone. WHAT I'VE TRIED: Server.CFG: disableVON = 0; vonCodec = 0 or 1. vonCodecQuality = 1, 8, 9, 15, 21, and 30 on appropriate codecs. Server.Arma3Profile: singleVoice = 0; volumeCD = 100; volumeFX = 100; volumeSpeech = 100; volumeVoN = 100; maxSamplesPlayed = 96; vonRecThreshold = 1.0; vonID= 1; Me and the other people I've been trying to communicate with in-game using VON have also both verified our game cache after the update. There are no scripts and zero mods being used that could effect the VON channels or anything like that.
  17. Hello guys yesterday we had some problems to update our ArmA 3 Servers to 64 bit update. The update command via steamcmd was not a problem, but to run the servers. First we received a message "XAPOFX1_5.dll" is missing. So I copied it from my computer (testing virtual machine for ArmA 3 for mods, etc.) in C:\Windows\System32. After that we got a message "could not start, exception 0xc000007b". Several retries, cheking procedures via steamcmd, second testing machine, etc. After that I found my solution: Copying all vcomp120.dll, X3DAudio1_7.dll and XAPOFX1_5.dll to C:\Windows\System32 and reboot did the work. But don't get me wrong - of course I had this files on my server before. But first the new copies brought it to work. Creepy, hm? So I cannot upload the fixed files here - so I'll not do so and link them here. But if anybody needs thems, I'll post the original post of my clan's forum where the 3 files are available as download. Just let me know. After that all it worked without a problem and I'm happy to have the new 64 bit stable update. Thanks for that and have a nice weekend. Your Martyn
  18. Got a question I can't seem to find much on, however I've seen missions that do this... I've been trying to run a server for me and my friends to play when we hop on ArmA, right now I'm using RHS and ALiVE to do some guerrilla style missions, I've been using TADST's "local dedicated" server tool, I've enabled the autoInit "persistence" between player joins, but this obviously has it's downsides. - I'm running on my desktop, if I want to restart my PC, I have to close the server (duh) - I can't do an actual dedicated server, I don't want to pay for one or build a server box, so ALiVE's persistence is out of the question, I tried it's "single player save" but it is too much and crashes So this might be a dumb question, but is there a way I can run this server, and have the server save when I exit, then start back up when I re-join with my friends? Basically the same as ALiVE, but save the data local to my PC. Thanks, Envak
  19. Hello, I am just trying to confirm my thinking. I am editing a mission which I want to run on a dedicated server (on the same machine). I need to test it quite a lot but am finding that you have to shut down the dedicated server each time you make an edit in the editor, then 'export to multiplayer' then restart then server, which all takes so much time. So I am doing this: 1. Open up eden editor. 2. load the mission. 3. make my change. it. 5 'export to multiplayer' 6. start dedi server (takes time) 7. log into server 8. test mission. 9. exit server 10. shut down server 11. go back to eden editor 12 make change etc etc what I want to do is 9. log out of server but keep it open and Open up mission in eden again 10. stuff.. 11 export to MP.... WHILE THE DEDI SERVER IS STILL RUNNING... 12 reconnect to server and play update... It seems to me that the server locks the pbo and despite the fact that if you 'export to multiplayer' the editor squeaks a confirmatory message that it has been successfully exported (which it hasn't). The file timestamp remains the same. I've tried #restart and #restartserver (doesn't seem to do anything). Would anyone know of a way to getting the server to 'release' the pbo file so that I can update it? I presume I am just being thick. Thanks in advance, Atmo
  20. Hello everyone. Every time i'm trying to launch my server, i'm getting an error saying "Out of memory (requested 0 KB). footprint 3750240256 KB. pages 32768 KB." So what i did was i tried to remove all the PBO files, and i found out that it was "Task Force Radio" that made that error occurred. But i don't know what i should do to get it to work. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS.
  21. So, I recently purchased a dedicated Arma 3 server, the server is running on Linux, and runs vanilla Arma 3 without any problems. I decided to test out some mods, that I plan to use on the server, at first the mods would'n load correctly and I ended up changing the .pbo files in the addons folder for each mod to all lowercase names, this fixed the loading problems and the mods seemed to load. Once I joined the server I noticed that some of the vehicle from certain mods wouldn't show up in Zeus, missions with these vehicles in them wouldn't load either, the main mod in question is "CUP Vehicles" and "CUP Units". On the other hand i'm able to use modded weapons on the server and i'm able to place "CUP Terrain" Objects through Zeus. Server Log:
  22. Here's the log. I've been looking through it but I'm not entirely sure what the problem is.
  23. New working title Here is a video changing hosting to vanilla. I've ported again, this time to RHS. It's very intense fighting with constant action. And realistic reinforcement, nothing respawns on the objectives. The system remembers your preferences for gear etc. The server deploys ai intelligently taking to maximize play experience and make each player the focus of the action without having the ai 'cheat'. Forces are dispatched to zones and reinforce from rear areas. Vanilla RHS
  24. Not working out with your current group? Tired of being scolded for wearing the wrong color backpack? Sick of marching in perfect formation for 1km at combat pace? Link to the Steam group is here! Come play some casual co-op and fuck around with the refugees! We do stuff several times per week for people of all timezones: American, European, and Oceanic -- check the Event page in the Steam group for exact dates and times. We've got more than 50 missions to choose from across a variety of mission types in each play session and a few new ones get added every week. See how well you can handle the VCOM AI at level 5 difficulty! Here are the bullet points: Play whatever role you want* No soliciting for donations No rank system No job applications No attendance policies No mandatory training Rescue hostages from an infested 2-story building in Alikampos! Blow up radio towers in jungles of Tanoa! The only mod you really need is CBA but you can also do optional stuff like JSRS, STHud, and Enhanced Movement, too, if you like. Sometimes we'll add a gimmick mod for a little while, such as the World War 2 ones or some extra island maps from the Workshop. For Medical settings, we use the vanilla end-game revive system (10s revive and 3mins bleed-out) because it's really, really underrated in the community. * - ...unless you hilariously crashed a helicopter or something recently, in which case maybe try again another time...
  25. Hey guys, I've been trying to run a server for me and my friends to play when we hop on ArmA, right now I'm using RHS and ALiVE to do some guerrilla style missions, I've been using TADST's "local dedicated" server tool, I've enabled the autoInit "persistence" between player joins, but this obviously has it's downsides. - I'm running on my desktop, if I want to restart my PC, I have to close the server (duh) - I can't do an actual dedicated server, I don't want to pay for one or build a server box, so ALiVE's persistence is out of the question, I tried it's "single player save" but it is too much and crashes So this might be a dumb question, but is there a way I can run this server, and have the server save when I exit, then start back up when I re-join with my friends? Basically the same as ALiVE, but save the data local to my PC. Thanks, Envak