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  1. NATO (European) Reaction Corps is a English Speaking Multinational Unit Playing Arma to a Milsim standard, with a truly International Feel. NATO(E)RC was formed in September of 2016 by a group of people who have been in the Arma community for many years. Born from 3 main reasons. 1. Frustration of the wider arma community who seemed hugely opposed to co-operation and hostile to other units. 2. The Idea that Modern warfare would no longer be individual nations but rather coalition based. 3. Honestly Half of us were Swedish, the other half British and we couldn't decide a nation to become. What started as an experiment has become a highly successful venture. From originally 4 guys the battle group now boasts an average of around 40 People attending operations with a rate of attendance of roughly 83% of all those on the roster. As a community we emphasis co-operation, Teamwork, Discipline and banter as core aims. Operations are Sundays at 8PM GMT, With individual National Training's taking place on a variety of days. Unit Composition Commander of the unit is Maj. E. Hawkins (1RRF) and XO Lt. P. Knez (P4). The main command is made up of a NCO from each unit to ensure all units have an equal say within the battlegroup. Units are formed into 2 Categories; Main and Secondary. Main Detachments are Infantry that are well established within the battlegroup. Secondary are supporting arms and newer units. The Two founder units are 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and P4 Skaraborg Regiment. Main 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers - British Armored Infantry P4 Skaraborg Regiment - Swedish Mechanized Infantry 2nd Battalion 8th Marines - US Marine Corps Infantry Secondary Combined Air Wing - Multinational Fixed and Rotary Wing Air Assets Irish Guards - British Light Infantry Recce Platoon Fallschirmjägerregiment 31 - German Airborne Infantry Joining The Battlegroup The Battlegroup is not looking for any new detachments at the moment but is all open to talks to other existing units within the Arma community. Each unit provides its own recruit training to ensure all their members can complete missions with a high degree of efficiency. The Combined Air Wing will not allow inital entry recruits, all its members must of spent at least a month in a unit already and have reached a rank equal to OR-2. General Requirements 16+ (Exceptions may be made and a Detachment IC's Discretion) Speak English Have a Mic and Teamspeak Willing to Download Mods Wanting to play in a Milsim Environment Can Take a Joke There is something for everyone in the NATO(E)RC whether you want to be part of a face paced aggressive force or want to carefully plan out and execute missions. Each nations SOPs and fighting styles ensures there will be a place for everyone. If you are intressted in anything you read here or simply want more information about the unit join the teamspeak ip below and speak to someone with the C1 Server group or any member, and they will be more than happy to help you out. Teamspeak IP - Finally to anyone that read this far thank you. From all of us at NATO(E)RC Thank you and have a good day
  2. 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines - War Dogs Milsim Unit [OPEN] Hello and welcome to the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines - War Dogs Milsim We are a milsim community that are looking for new recruits to help us do operations. We are seriuos and do not tolerate anybody messing around, but we do have fun. If you are intrested in joining us, head to this teamspeak: We are aloso looking for command members, aswell as milsim vets to help us out since we are a new community. We do not currently have a website, but we are working on making one right now! We conduct Zeus and premade operations that a very realistic and sometimes go on youtube. Please connect to this teamspeak server: Milsim Mods
  3. Looking for Sniper/Scouts! Apply if you think you have the patience and skill to perfect this craft. *First person/MicroDAGR GPS for waypoints (To weed out the cancer that is "casual milsim") *The Raven Reconnaissance Group is looking for a specific kind of soldier. Someone that doesn't mind observing the battlefield in anticipation of that perfect shot. A person that can pay attention to a lot of detail and multitask while being aware of their surroundings. If this sounds like you we would love to see you enter into our Special Forces Sniper School. We are focused on small team tactics with a primary focus of Reconnaissance. *If your idea of Recon is wearing a Ghillie suit and hiding behind a tree, you will be sorely mistaken. We strive to be the top 1% of capable Recon Scouts that the Arma community can find. A lot of training, constant drills, dynamic exercises are what you'll find at SFSS. After rigorous conditioning and hours of marksman/recon/logistics training you will be inducted into the RRG as a Scout, specializing in the skills listed below. *Long Range Reconnaissance, Infiltration, Sabotage, Strategic Destabilization with Explosives, High Value Targets, Air insertions(HALO,HAHO), Sub-surface Maritime Infiltration Operations. All are within our scope of training. *Modeled after the US Army Sniper School our long term goal is to have a few small teams that regularly conduct Reconnaissance missions in every terrain and condition we can accomplish within Arma. *For more information you can reach us on: [Arma Units Link]( *Teamspeak: *Fill out our Entry [Application Here]( Register on our [Website](
  4. 67th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Milsim Unit) Looking for dedicated players!! 67th Marine Expeditionary Unit is currently in the midst of recruiting for a realistic and serious approach to Arma 3. We will be a serious unit for the most part but still maintaining the fact that it's a game. We are in search of anyone 15+ of age (Will take younger ages into consideration) with a mature, and dedicated mindset. We currently have two servers, a TeamSpeak, and a website. We will be a heavily active unit on weekends and active throughout weekdays whenever it fits members schedules best. If this sounds like it could interest you then don't hesitate to head on over to our website and check it out or hop on our TeamSpeak with questions and you'll be answered promptly. Look forward to hearing from you!! TeamSpeak: Website:
  5. Information Welcome to the 82nd Airborne The 82nd Airborne Division Milsim Unit is a new organization based on the Iron Front mod in World War 2 of the Western front, with many fixes and custom additions, working to achieve a realistic warfare experience within Arma 3 Iron Front Modification. With a growing population and many positions yet to be filled in the unit, we are proud to finally announce that we are opening our doors to the public. In our constant effort to create a realistic World War II environment in Arma 3, our unit has adopted several mods that break new boundaries in creating this environment for our members. The mods are very accessible and easy to install even to novice players and full assistance can be provided to those who have any trouble at all. The mods that we use on our servers allow us to provide an incredible depth of realism that few other units can provide. Currently our unit is comprised of players with very diverse backgrounds. Some of our members are veterans of the realism community that have been in multiple historical units, in both Arma 2 and Arma 3, which aim to recreate the environments of which the brave soldiers of the last great war experienced. Others in our unit are rather new to the scene, but they are greeted with open arms and training that teaches them to fight amongst the very best! Players of all experience levels are welcome to join! With all of this said,we aim to grow with time and dedication. Perhaps you have been in realism units before, or perhaps you are looking for a change from the normal run of the mill invade and annex servers. Wherever you might be coming from, we would be happy to have any and all come in for an interview or to simply learn more about the unit Server Information Teamspeak 3: Private Game Server: Public Game Server: Website Information Website: ***(Still has Bugs but you can access it. When registering please use a real emailadress. we have allot of spam-bots applying.) Extra Information Any more Questions or interested in joining contact me on steam ( or join our teamspeak 3 server or go to the website and register and apply. Signed, 2nd Lt. T. Mathues Commanding Officer
  6. Greetings. I'm the leader of a recently created mil-sim (military simulation) VDV (Russian Airborne) unit titled the 137th Guards Airborne Regiment. We're searching for dedicated, mature, and serious players for this mil-sim unit. Schedule: ⦁ Mondays: 6:00 - 8:00 EST for Orientation (requirement for joining) ⦁ Tuesdays: 7:00 - 8:00 EST for FTX (Field Training Exercise), 9:00 - 10:00 EST for Training Operation. ⦁ Thursdays (1st of the month): 8:00 - 10: 00 EST for Operation Technical Requirements: ⦁ 2-hour orientation ⦁ Availability ⦁ TeamSpeak ⦁ Steam ⦁ Arma 3 ⦁ Storage space for mods ⦁ Reasonable Performance (FPS and ping) Behavioral Requirements: ⦁ Maturity ⦁ Seriousness ⦁ Communication ⦁ Dedication ⦁ Acceptance of and Willingness to Criticize ⦁ Desire to improve one-self Additional Information: ⦁ My Steam profile: and my colleagues': ⦁ Steam group: ⦁ Website: ⦁ TeamSpeak address: ⦁ Steam recruitment page: ⦁ Mod collection: ⦁ Bohemia Interactive unit:
  7. Hello all, Wanted to announce that we will be trying to run a fun, large-scale Realism/MilSim session this Friday night @ 1900 US Central time for the 3rd SFO and any other units/players that wish to participate. We will be hosting this on our NEW servers, and hope to get a great turnout. _______________________________________________________________ NEW SERVERS This Friday will also be serving as a stress test to see how the new servers will be performing. Starting this week, we will officially be up and running on our new server computers. Here are the basic specs of what we will be running on: -8-Core CPU -16GB of RAM -Dedicated Linux OS Box -Full Bandwith Control _______________________________________________________________ HOW TO JOIN First off, make sure you join our Teamspeak for TaskForce Radio: Mods—The mandatory minimum mods required to join the server are as follows: -CBA -ALiVE -ACE3 -Task Force Radio -CUP Terrains/Weapons/Vehicles/Units (plus compatibility files) -RHS USAF -FA/18 Jets All of these mods can be found in our official mod list, and you can see some of the other mods that we run there as well in case you want to run extra (we do not lock keys, so you are free to run what you please, we just ask that you dont use "personal arsenal" or things that we can not see and hear!). Our official mod list can be found here, simply subscribe to any mod that you do not have and wish to run: Official Mod List We also have our own mod that includes a few other mods that are either not on the Steam Workshop, or that we run a different version of. This can be found here via our DropBox (~60mb download—easy!): Drop Box Mods _______________________________________________________________ If you have any questions or want some help getting set up, please make sure to visit us in our Teamspeak ( and somebody will help you out. Hope to see you all out on the battlefield! -Cpt. Black
  8. Hello My name is , SMA Woods I am looking for members to join our milsim on arma 2 oa So we can fill in our platoons currently we have 2 platoons and need people to start filling in roles we have many types or MOS to choose from. Our training days and opp days are Saturdays 1300 GMT and once we complete our training we take a break then we go straight into opps but since we consist of 2 platoons times will change so all players can play as we do understand that in some countrys there are big time differences if you want to join add my steam profile ^^^^^^^^ Then provide Your reason of joining Or you can join our teamspeak and poke ME or supreme and tell them you came here from the forums or tell them i sent you . Thank you for your time i hope you can join me on the battlefield
  9. website: Operation time: sundays 6pm GMT Task Force Aspis is an English speaking Military Simulation group. The unit based around the United States Army Special Operations Command, specifically the Combat Applications Group and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Our campaigns are always supported by an extensive backdrop of realistic background stories based on real geopolitics. This backdrop creates immersion and a sense of your efforts coming together in a bigger picture and you making an actual difference. We keep the numbers low in order to enforce professionalism and teamwork between people you know. Each member is a valued part of the group and each member is expected to uphold a role of responsibility, be it in the field or administratively. We accept people in the age group 16+, provided they are mature and like minded. The Unit The unit is structured around a Squadron of operators, supported by the 160th SOAR rotary wing and an aviations branch called Aviation Tech Services. The entire Task Force is led by a Squadron Commander and his Deputy Squadron Commander, who is his second in command. Task Force Aspis also houses two administrative departments, that help run the community efficiently. Training Department, which as it says, is responsible for hosting trainings and entry evalutions, keeping our members sharp in their craft, creating manuals and SOPs and everything else it takes to keep our dedicated operators as efficient as possible. Second being Human Resources, which is responsible for selective recruitment of fresh operators based on applications and interviews, upkeep of Service Jackets and Service Records that each of our members is given. On the darker side, Human Resources also deals with the more shady side of communities, such as violation of our policies, misconduct by members and much more. By J. Baago commanding officer: "The unit has an established record of excellence dating back since 2012 in Arma 2. In 2015 however we wanted to try something else and reorganized the previously orientated Russian group into a NATO SF group. The great majority of all personnel in the unit have stuck together throughout all this time and it is with these expertises, forged on both the battlefield and on an administrative level that we've started to really know what a good MilSim unit is and what our members want, and provide them with challenging environments. Combined we have more than 15000 hrs of experience together and through the years of comradery and deployments and countless trainings hat we are proud to say that we are what we say we are a veteran group. When we play, we do so on the basis of tried and tested in-house made missions which is composed on well researched conflicts and theatres of war which brings immersion and roleplay to the enviroment. The unit functions by staying true to the founding principles of promoting good behaviour, activity and professionalism on the battlefield. In order to do so we are enforcing discipline by giving proper trainings that allow newcomers to following the instructions and guidelines set out for them in the agreed-to policies. This unit was not build by one man, but by all of us working together towards the same goal: a culture of integrity, excellence, and dignity in everything we do." Geography We are centered in Europe, but accept members from everywhere provided their ping and attendance is in order. Why should you join Task Force Aspis? Weekly custom operations with high level detailed OPORD’s. Strong servers and a good polished modest. Individual responsibility and freedom in load-out selection. 24/7 Insurgency server. We care for our members, and prioritize retainment rather than recruitment. We are selective on recruitment, only 25% make it through. What will happen once I post an application? As soon as you decide to take a virtual commitment that our unit is, your application will be looked at by our staff from Human Resources who will evaluate your application. This is why we ask you to put as much detail into it as you can, as this is our first contact with you and our first impression that you leave, that in the end will add or retract to your chance of “getting in”. Afterwards, an interview will follow where we will ask you a couple of simple questions. This is generally for us to know, that you actually care for this “commitment”. Once your interview is done, you will need to attend an initial evaluation, SFAS(Special Forces Assessment and Selection) Duly note, that these are not trainings or a “BCT” that many of other communities have. This is as it says, an assessment of your skills and character. These selections are truly hard, you will need to know your stuff. They are challenging mentally and are more than likely to test your skills as well. Do not expect to have much of a good time on this event, you will be put under pressure and stress in order for us to see whether you possess the spirit of “an virtual operator”. Make sure you bring your “A game”. last updated 17/04/17 Recruitment is currently open 5 slots in 160th SOAR pilots 6 slots in B.Squardon overflow 4 slots in B. squadron team Roles 1st SFOD-D Operator in country operation passkey Chernarus 1st SFOD-D Undercover Team near ISIS positions operation Gunnerside Fallujah 160th SOAR Blackhawks taking off from an airfield in tanoa. 1st SFOD-D operator providing security at a landing zone Operation Snaplock 1st SFOD-D diver team securing the beach for 160th SOAR Operation Rimfire "Outlaw 3" performing helocast during Training 160th Soar Chinook performing quick extract for a team Operation Gunnerside 1st SFOD-D operator inserting into the mountainous Korengal Valley.
  10. 886th Parachute Infantry Regiment [Recruiting] [US] The 82nd Parachute infantry regiment We are military simulation group operating off of EST (Eastern Standard Time) with a American / English based community, which strives for realism and use of strategies. We are a newly established group, however, don't let this drive you away. This brings benefit to your side. We strive to focus on the realism side of things, it won't always be just about running in and eliminating all the enemy. We're completely open to listen, learn, develop and consider suggestions from the player base. We praise our units, by rewarding the and promoting them for dedication, loyalty, tactical excellence and when excelled leadership skills. Don't confuse this in thinking you will get promoted right off the bat, it will still take some time and effort - you won't sit as a "private" for the eternity of your life. All the while we like to have fun, well, who doesn't? This unit is based off real life for the most part, however due to various reasons we have decided to have other added-on abilities so it's in the middle of being a non-fictional /fictional unit So what happens when I join? First off no prior experience is required, just be willing to learn. Join our TeamSpeak, ( ) and speak with one of our recruiters, where if recruited you'll be made a "Recruit". You'll go through our BCT ( Basic Combat Training ) Where you'll learn the basics from Map reading to para dropping, after which you have one of two options proceeding as an E-1 Private, you can proceed as an R-Rifleman after a few operations you will choose your M.O.S and go through a short A.I.T ( advanced individual training ) and then start the route of either an N.C.O or specialist. Or if you already know what you would like to do you can then go straight to A.I.T when available. How is information acquired? Never feel afraid to ask questions, your NCO's / Officers are always available. However we also have a steam group. We have EVERYTHING on the steam group, Operation schedules and Training schedules Etc... No last minute - Operation Now, or if there is, they will be known as mini-ops for fun and won't count against attendance. Requirements - 15+ ( Mere exceptions may apply. ) - Must understand that you will be required to download a reasonable amount of mods. Off of the workshop. - Willing to play strategically, team oriented. realistically. - Absolutely no form of discrimination/racism. will be tolerated if meant in a harmful, shameful manner. - Attendance is necessary, as you are filling a space for someone else, however you may take LOA's ( Leave of absence ) if needed, you're not expected to be everywhere at once, however you do need to be active. - This is a serious unit - community. All hosted events should be treated serious unless specifically mentioned otherwise. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Military occupational specialties currently available: Rifleman AT Infantry Combat Medic Auto Rifleman Assistant Auto rifleman Marksman Grenadier Aircraft pilot ( Fixed, rotary ) And element/ leadership roles to be earned by dedication and or tactical excellence and outstanding leadership. We will also be adding subdivisions of various concepts such as pathfinders, artillery. Unit Information. TS3: Server: IP: Workshop Collection: If you're interested at all in joining, or have and questions hop on our TeamSpeak or add me on steam: - Thanks for taking the time for reading this, i started this unit after myself being in many different units and never quite having any the way i'd like them to be. 6th Parachute Infantry Regiment [Recruiting] [US]
  11. Thank you for showing an interest in the Wolfpack. Please consider joining our Squadrons carefully as this entails a significant commitment on your end. I will advise that we are a very small group. If your looking for massive online scale, this isn't it. However, we operate in a small team which requires every member participating, communicating and shooting. If you are still interested and can meet on Saturdays at 2000EST apply. Please understand that by submitting an application you are considered an applicant of the Wolfpack. You must complete training and earn your Navy SEAL Trident before being considered for membership. Once you demonstrate a commitment to the pack, proficiency, and the ability to be a humble team player, you may be extended an invitation to become a member. Combat proficiency can be taught and is absolutely secondary to Character. We have high standards in our group, and we expect members to be humble, open to criticism, and respectful to team members. Our motto is "...if you want to be here, prove it". This is not for everyone. See you Down Range, Burner
  12. The 6th Airborne Division (6th AB) is a realism unit based in ArmA 3, As a realism unit we strive to play ArmA 3 in a realistic fashion using British military tactics and equipment to try and simulate modern British forces, and we are recruiting new soldiers for our upcoming campaign. Who we are. The 6th Airborne bases itself on the modern British parachute regiments, its namesake coming from a parachute division from World War Two. The unit was formed in 2008, originally as a realism unit for the Half Life 2 modification, Resistance & Liberation. Then we moved to ArmA 2: Combined Operations. A year ago we moved to ArmA 3 for a more realistic, large scale and modern gaming experience. What modifications do we use. As a British realism unit, the 6th uses several excellent mods to assist in keeping our game play both realistic and interesting. These mods include: Task Force Radio (TFR). Advanced Combat Environment (ACE). Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment (ALIVE). 3CB Weapons. 3CB Equipment. ASR AI3. Many more! Ranking System. We have a concrete rank system based on a hybridization of NATO and British ranks; the rank structure ensures chain of command and realistic leadership responsibilities. As a member you are expected to respect these ranking systems whilst in training/operations. Our Training Times. The 6th have two operations or trainings a week on Wednesdays and Sundays at 19:30 GMT but we also strive to host community made games on a day-by-day basis. Our operations are cleverly scripted by an excellent team of mission makers that are a part of the 6th Airborne and all are hosted on our dedicated server managed by our outstanding tech team. Our Community. We have a large and active community that frequent both our forums and our TeamSpeak. We encourage a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for all our members, where we hope people can have fun chatting and gaming together. Our Prerequisites. To join the 6th Airborne you must: Be over the age of 17, 16 for exceptional candidates. Be mature, responsible and dedicated. Have the TeamSpeak client and a working microphone. Be able to attend both Wednesday and Sunday trainings at 19:30 GMT. Own a copy of ArmA 3. Joining Us. If this sounds like your kind of thing, or even if you want to get a little bit more insight into the community that is the 6th Airborne, feel free to apply on our website ( or join our TeamSpeak if you have any questions (! Yours, The 6th Airborne Division. (
  13. Welcome to the 23rd Infintry Division! We are at heavily based MISLM group we are focused on Zeus operations when a event is up. We run a recruiting server everyday, and when it is up you will get an notification, and you are heavy suggested to join. . ————————————Available Roles—————————————————————— •Infantryman •Machine Gunner •SMAW Gunner •Tank Crewman •AAV Crewman •Force Reconnaissance Man •Corpsman •Military Police •Radioman •JTAC •Pilots[If you choose this role you don't get to fly all air vehicles] /—————————-—————————Officer Role—————————————————\ How Can I Become A Officer? You are required to be 17+ to apply for an officer, and you are required a mic. And after you get an your application approved you are required few weeks of training. •Personnel Clerk •Personnel Officer •Personnel Chief •Intelligence Chief •Intelligence Specialist •Logistics Specialist •Logistics Chief •Drill Instructor •Combat Training Instructor •Recruiter. If your unable to arrive at training constantly you will eat her be kicked or put in the reserves{Reservers don't get alerted about operations as much}. Order of Battle 1st Battalion: Fully focused on Arma III. There are four companies: Alpha Company is the aviation element, consisting of both Fixed and Rotary aircraft pilots and crew. Bravo Company comprises Mechanized Infantry and Armored (Tanks), utilizing M2A3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Strykers and M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tanks. Charlie Company is the tip of the spear, with two platoons of Airborne infantrymen and an airborne support/engineering platoon. Delta Company is a combined arms company with armored and infantry focusing on the Air Cav: Vietnam modification. 2nd Battalion Light infantry. 2 companies focusing on Squad, and Insurgency. What do we offer? Weekly training events at the squad and platoon level. Monthly training events at the company and battalion level. A custom tailored Modpack hosted on our 5 servers, ready to be used. Various Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs) simulated accurately with their own training courses and units. Advanced courses based off of real US Army courses such as Airborne School, RANGER School, Air Assault School, and more. A large community, with opportunities for members who display leadership skills to be placed in command positions either as Non-Commissioned Officers, or as Commissioned Officers. Tons and tons of people to meet, play with and make a lot of new friends. Discord: Steam Group, required to join for notifications: Arma 3 Unit: Required Mods: 23rd Infantry Division [Mod Requirements] By: AAATopNinjaGaming Mods Required to join the 23rd Infantry Division servers. To contact me please message me on steam:
  14. What is the 101st Airborne Division? The 101st Airborne Division is a Realism unit which utilizes the Iron Front mod in combination with typical realism mods such as TFAR, and ACE3. We represent the elite paratroopers of the American 101st Airborne Division in the second world war. Our goal is to provide a realistic, and professional combat environment within ArmA III simulating the operations of the American airborne in World War II. Server / Asset Information We currently own two ArmA III dedicated servers to host our events on, as well as a Teamspeak 3 server to facilitate voice communications for the unit. Our public server currently runs Iron Front Liberation as the Allied forces, you only need IFA3Lite and its dependencies downloaded to connect to it! Our platoon drill server is also dedicated and runs our platoon drill map along with our unit modpack. You can download Iron Front ArmA III and its dependencies here on the Steam Workshop : Teamspeak 3 Server : Website : Steam Group : ArmA III Units Page : IFA3 Liberation Server : Unit Drill Server : What can I do in the 101st Airborne Division? As a newly formed unit the 101st AB is looking to fill numerous positions in our ground forces. Just like any other unit, riflemen are always in high demand! If you have a specific inquiry into a position you could possibly fill, it never hurts to come into Teamspeak and talk to us! If you have an inquiry into filling a leadership position, please present any documents you possess relevant to the training/organization/structure/SOP in the position which you desire to fill and explain to us why you should have such a position. Time-wasters and immaturity is not tolerated within leadership. How Can I join? This unit is open to any and all persons above the age of 16 and we would love new people to come make the 101st Airborne a reality with us! If you are interested in joining, please add me on steam or join our Website and fill out our recruitment application at : All of our events, general discussions on forums, and unit structure/information is contained on our website, that is our main form of unit organization besides our Teamspeak Server! --- Staff Sergeant Klimik 1st Platoon Sergeant, Easy Co, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division
  15. 21st Special Elite Ground Air Force also known as SEGAF is an aspiring milsim unit that has recently been created, which is looking to create an enjoyable, serious and immersive experience for all who join and play with the unit. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we want from you. As a unit, we expect every member to be mature, serious, willing to work as a team and most of all respectful to other members for us to grow as a community and get the most enjoyable experience. We’re looking for dedicated players looking to take part in an active role for the future of the unit. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What you can expect from the unit. From this unit, which is based in the UK but has members from all around the globe you can expect a group of dedicated members, who are friendly, mature and willing helpful to all new players who are looking to join the Arma unit. We have our own dedicated server for any member to join straight into the action from day one, the unit will also provide training sessions that every new member must undertake which are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8PM GMT. The unit also includes an Aviation section which members must undergo training to get approved to become a pilot. We have members that are dedicated to creating mission scenarios, training and story driven missions for the longer operations. To get the most entertaining and captivating experience that everyone can get used to. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roles. Currently new members have a wide range on roles they can chose from starting with the basic Rifleman to an AT Specialist and eventually working their way up to Team, Squad and Platoon leader. When in the unit you’ll be asked what, you want as your Primary and Secondary role. Ie, Marksman as primary and Medic as secondary. Regarding the Aviation section, you’ll have to have training before coming a pilot for our unit. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements. Mature personality. No age limit however, Senior ranks is limited to 16+ Have Arma 3 (DLC is not required) Must have a working microphone and Teamspeak installed. Must be able to clearly speak English. Should accept needing to download 9GB’s worth of mods. If you are interested in join our Arma 3 unit just message myself or robdowling96 on steam or apply on our unit page Thank you for reading and hope to see you in the action.
  16. Teamspeak - Website - Coming soon. 880th Marine Battalion(880thMB) is a relaxed mil-sim unit based in North America. We offer a new perspective into the other side of the world for English-speaking players. What we offer: An exclusive Russian campaign that will have us explore the Chechnyan conflict, Ukraine, and other parts of the world in which Russia has deployed their Navy. The missions are based on real life operations. An experienced unit with room to grow. We place qualified people in positions of importance, so don't hesitate when applying. An Eastern based training regime that holds to the standards of the Russian military. We aim to make all our training courses informative and entertaining. A 24/7 Teamspeak and an ARMA dedicated server. What we want from you: We want you to be available for at least one event a week. If you can't commit to our event schedule then it's difficult for you to be a part of our community. We offer a lot of opportunities for anyone to contribute to the betterment of the unit. We need you to be a mature, and reasonable member of the community. We have many different faiths, races, and genders. Show respect to everyone. Requirements: Mature Age 17+ (Waivers may be given) Teamspeak 3, Microphone. Dedicated schedule Be on Teamspeak whenever possible Slots are currently open: Multiple high and low positions available.
  18. 101st Airborne Division Realism Unit (US division) Arma 3 WW2 Milsim based on Iron Front mod with Faces of War The 101st Airborne Division Realism Unit is a milsim unit based on the Iron Front WW2 mod on the western front, with many fixes and custom additions working to achieve a realistic combat experience. With a rapidly growing population and many positions yet to be filled, we are proud to finally announce that we are opening our doors to public recruitment. In our constant effort to create a realistic World War II environment in Arma 3, our unit has adopted several mods that break new boundaries in creating this environment for our members. The mods are very accessible and easy to install even to novice players and full assistance can be provided to those who have any trouble at all. The mods that we use on our servers allow us to provide an incredible depth of realism that few other units can provide. Currently our unit is composed of players with very diverse backgrounds. Some of our members are veterans of the realism/milsim community that have been in multiple historical units, in both Arma 2 and Arma 3, which aim to endure the environments of which the brave soldiers of the last great war experienced. Others in our unit are rather new to the scene, but they are greeted with open arms and training that teaches them to fight amongst the very best! Players of all experience levels are welcome to join! Perhaps you have been in realism units before, or perhaps you are looking for a change from the normal run of the mill invade and annex servers. Wherever you might be coming from, we would be happy to have any and all come in for an interview or to simply learn more about the unit. Current sub-units: 8th Air Force 8th Armored Division (Temporarily closed) Interested in joining? Awesome! Come on over to our TeamSpeak server and sit tight in the "Waiting for Recruiter" channel. IP: - Currahee! -
  19. Website: Teamspeak: YouTube What is the Task Force Goon? Task Force Goon is a milsim group founded by active, veteran, and military contractors with diverse backgrounds in training and combat experience. Task Force Goon is built to reflect the United States Special Forces' Operational Detachment Alpha teams. Task Force Goon "Operators" stress TRAINING - putting in many hours to become a proficient machine. TEACHING - spreading their knowledge of skills, tactics, and communication to others. LEADING - conventional, unconventional militia, and guerrilla forces in enemy occupied areas. EXECUTION - methodical and thorough in completion of tasks and missions. It is our mission to bring as true to life tactics and execution to our ARMA community as possible. We achieve this through a team first attitude, a constant training battle rhythm, and play focused on execution. Current Unit Structure? Our unit is currently in a Task Force Standard which is made up of... ODA-951 "GOON" - The ODA-951 is designed after United States Special Forces ODA elements. ODA missions include but not limited to counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, covert ops, direct action, hostage rescue, HVT/man hunting, and unconventional warfare. We will most of all hold true to an ODA’s primary mission: Teaching and Leading - training and leading unconventional warfare forces, or clandestine guerrilla forces in an enemy occupied nation. For example training a group of rebels or regular military soldiers and leading them in a mission. 75th Ranger Regiment "Hangeover" - The 75th Ranger Regiment, also known as Rangers, is a light infantry, special operations unit of the United States Army. The regiment is the U.S. Army's premier raid force, with specialized skills that enable them to perform a variety of missions. These include direct action, airfield seizure, airborne and air assaults, special reconnaissance, personnel recovery, and high-value target raids. It operates as a special operations force. 160th SOAR "Night Stalkers" - The 160th SOAR, also known as the Night Stalkers, is our air unit that replicates the real 160th SOAR, they are here to provide close air support for both the Goon element and Hangover element along transportation when needed. They are well trained in all conditions of flight and are able to get the ground elements to the position that is needed even when the LZ is hot. Requirements Must be 18 years old or older Must have a legit copy of ARMA 3 Must have knowledge of a Realism Unit Must be able to commit a realistic amount of time to the unit Must accommodate for our timezone. We operate out of the Eastern Standard Timezone! Trainings: Tuesday 8PM EST. Operations: Sundays 8PM EST.
  20. The First Fusiliers is a UK based, multinational MILSIM community. Based around the British Army's First Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, we are a mature group of cooperative gamers and MILSIM enthusiasts.We operate as close to real life tactics as we can, adjusting slightly to accommodate Arma3 gameplay. Maturity, teamwork, commitment and patience are key words for anyone interested in joining the First Fusiliers. The unit believe that enjoyment need not come at the sacrifice of realism. To guarantee full immersion, we ask that each of our members maintain a high standard of maturity and discipline, to this end a minimum age of 18 is required. Q.Who can I speak to about joining The Fusiliers? A.Either speak to any member of RRO or contact anyone from this unit in regards to joining and someone will point you in the right direction.
  21. The 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade The 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade [10thACB] is a community of dedicated gamers who desire to play Arma3 the way it was meant to be played — using teamwork, unselfish role playing and the latest mods and communication technologies to simulate a serious military experience in a fun and relaxed gaming environment. We are currently accepting new recruits and have openings in all four elements: 1. Infantry 2. Armor 3. Artillery 4. Air Team If you are interested in learning more about us but are not quite ready to apply as a recruit, we recommend you come to our Teamspeak Channel and talk with one of our members. Basic requirements for joining our group: 1. Must be 21 years old 2. Must be willing to attend a 3-hour basic training class within 30 days. (Basic training is a review of the basic gaming tools, simulation procedures and military terminology and tactics required of all of our members.) 3. Must be willing to commit to playing regularly. We don’t expect or require you to attend every event we hold, but we do expect you to be as active as you can and to stay in touch with your unit so we can plan. (We conduct two operations a week plus an occasional training session. OPs are generally held Thursday and Saturday at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT). 4. Must be a teamplayer and check your ego at the door. (We expect all our members from the Commander to the newest Recruit to treat others with respect and consideration and we don’t want drama. If you can’t get along and leave your ego at the door, then you probably won’t want to join us.)
  22. Welcome to Taskforce 217 Founded by a tight-knit group of ArmA and MilSim enthusiasts with countless hours of experience in both the ArmA Franchise and real world military service, Task Force 217 was founded as a unit that sought to bring a balance of realism and fun back to the game that we so love. Our goal is to make playing in an organized team fun, while still striving to provide an experience you will never forget. Structure and Organization Based on the structure of a Marine Rifle Company, the bulk of the Task Force is a multi-national infantry company equipped with top of the line equipment provided by participating coalition military organizations. The foundation of the infantry force is the 5 man Fire Team, 3 of which comprise each Rifle Squad. The squads are highly flexible and independent, and each Fire Team member is highly trained and dependable. In battle the members of the Fire Team must rely totally on one another and trust in the competence and capability of their team. For this reason we drill the fundamental tactics as thoroughly as possible to each member of the unit. Attached to the Task Force is a United States Air Force rotary wing section, which provides transport and MEDEVAC support. In the future we plan to extend the functions and responsibilities of the Air Force section of the Task Force to incorporate more roles. Want to be a part of it? Head on over to our forums HERE where you can sign up to the unit and get in contact with the members of the C-Staff who will guide you through the process, you can also find all active information about our unit and how we are currently structured. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask one of our C-Staff members, just drop them a message through the support forum post HERE and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Final Words We at TF217 hope you will consider joining our unit to help us expand our community even further allowing us to expand our limits and provide everyone with an experience they will not forget! If you feel it that this is not for you then we wish you good luck in your search and hope you will keep us in mind in the future! Regards, Brock CO of Taskforce 217
  23. Welcome to the Public Posting of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade Feel free to check us out anytime: 'Deployment Server : 'Training Server' : 'Operations Server' : Teamspeak 3 : Website : Some quick facts about us: 30+ members since our start in Mid-JAN. Multiple-Weekly events. Competent training, based on field manuals of the USMC. You're not just a number, you're a member. You have a voice in our unit. Talent isn't wasted, if you want to help we welcome it! We are a unit that strives on providing a near perfected environment, in which we encourage self developement, maturity and over all the creation of an enjoyable, educating environment. Professionalism is key for the 1st MEB. We are a Military Simulation unit, and with that comes discipline, integrity, honor, and respect for the armed forces around the world, as well as the virtual projects that have made ArmA such an enjoyable community to be involved in. We currently strive to raise the backbone of our unit by increasing the size of the Infantry, that being said we have a number of positions in both our Aviation, and Infantry unit's that continue to open and provide support; Such as Deep Reconnaissance, Hospital Corpsman, Radio Transmission Operators. As the unit develops, and strengthens itself we will slowly encourage the growth of these supportive roles, positions being open first to the most beneficially active, and supportive of members. We have allies across the globe, and will be doing joint operations as well as our private ones, so whether you like playing with loads of people fighting together in a single mission, or you like a unit operation, it's all laid out to be for the members. We're different compared to most units in the current generation of ArmA 3 in the aspect that we've taken a great deal of time to design and develope ourselves to ensure an enjoyable experience for our members. As we continue to grow, we'll continue to refine, redevelope and create a truly unique MILSIM experience. We are looking for people who can: Be Mature. Be 17 years old+. Be Productive, and Regularly Active. Know the Basics of ArmA 3 (We have a staffed team of training officials, and instructors that will prepare you, and teach you the basics required to operate effectively within your choosen position((MOS)).) Be able to speak, be understood and understand English. Have or plan on getting a working microphone. Have a Working ArmA 3. Not be BattleEye Banned. Have a working copy of TeamSpeak 3. Commit to the 1st MEB. Be Respectful, and Honorable - No one likes a liar. Make our Training, Operation and Event Times when life will allow We do run Task Force Arrowhead Radio(TFAR) & Advanced Combat Environment 3(ACE3) if you are completely new to those mods!
  24. 49th Hooligans Infantry Division Website: Teamspeak: Key Information: About Us: We are based in the US and work to be a well-oiled realism unit. We are based off on the US Army Infantry Units structure. We strive to provide a real sense of teamwork and structure. In the Hooligans Infantry Divison, we have a dedicated and hardworking command staff that are active almost 24/7. What we offer: Weekly Main Story Ops on Saturday 8:30PM at GMT+0 Weekly Basic Training on Friday at 11PM GMT+0 Weekly Advanced Individual Training on Sunday at 8:30PM GMT+0 Monthly Meeting on every 4th Tuesday. (Times Set One Week before Meeting) Natural Rank Progression (Every event you attend gives you a certain amount of point to add up to your next rank! Rank also depends on performance and attitude) Set loadouts for each MOS Third and First Person Teamspeak 3 Server Website (In Dev) Requirements: Working microphone and Teamspeak Regular attendance Mod Workshop: What we are looking for: Dedicated people who are looking for a milsim experience but also want to have fun. People who strive for leadership. Feel free to join us on: TeamSpeak: Website: Extra Information: Calander: Steam Group: Discord:
  25. Welcome to the forum post for the arma 3 unit, 1st Marine Division. We are a milsim unit looking for members, we do training weekly and operations weekly and unlike many other milsim units we accept all ages, but you can get kicked for being immature or disrespectful. What do we offer - Weekly training and operations - Respectful members - Real marine ranking system - occasional PVP events - Real marine platoon, company, battalion Ranks! We use real Marine Ranks Marine Corps Enlisted Junior Ranks E - 1 PVT E - 2 PFC E - 3 LCPL Marine Corps Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Ranks E - 4 CPL E - 5 SGT Marine Corps Staff Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) Rank E - 6 SSGT E - 7 GySGT E - 8 1stSgt / MSgt E - 9 MGySgt / SgtMaj E - 9s Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps What Role Can You Take On! We use real Marine Roles Ground Combat Element Rifleman Machine Gunner Mortar Man Assault Marine LAV Marine LAV Driver LAV Gunner LAV Commander Scout Sniper Spotter Sniper Specialties in Artillery Fire Support Marine Artillery Meteorological Marine High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Operator AAV Marines AAV Rear Marines AAV Driver AAV Commander Armor Marine Tank Driver Tank Gunner Tank Commander Specialties in Engineering Combat Engineer Engineer Equipment Operator Engineer Assistant Field Artillery Officer Infantry Officer Tank Officer Enlisted Aircrew Aerial Observer/Gunner Helicopter Crew Chief Presidential helicopter Crew Chief Aviation Logistics Aviation Supply Specialists Aviation Logistics Information Management and Support Specialist Aviation Supply Officer Fixed-Wing Pilot Naval Flight Officer Rotary/Tilt Rotor Pilot Specialties in Communications Field Radio Operator Specialties in Logistics Embarkation Specialist Airborne and Air Delivery Specialist Landing Support Specialist Specialties in Transportation Motor Vehicle Operator Specialties in Ground Ordnance/Ammunition and EOD EOD technician Combat Engineer Officer Communications Officer Ground Supply Officer Logistics Officer Military Police Officer Signals Intelligence Officer Requirements - Working microphone - Respect to higher ups and everyone else - Willing to participate in training at least every two weeks and events every two weeks - Dedication Link to Website