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  1. Hey Guys, So I am making my self a kill house mission where the person runs through the kill house hitting as many targets as possible with out hitting any hostages. Problem is, At the moment I have to follow the person doing the kill house run and count all the targets they Hit/Missed and all the hostages they Hit if they even hit any.Its the biggest pain in the ass and then I came across this video here: If you skip to 1:44 and watch just until 1:54 you can see he opens an overall stats HUD showing where he hit the targets and what targets he hit, Even on the right side it does the counting for us as it says 9/11 targets hit, but he has no video on this. I was wondering if anyone knows how to script something like this so when a person runs through the course and gets to the end an invigilator can scroll on the person and check his score or if not scroll on the person making it so the overall score can come up displayed on a tv or something so we can see if the person failed or passed fast and easily?
  2. hi Argo community need some help, was checking out the game setting and thought it check out the stream hud option ive put that on to see wots it like had one match and trying to turn it off again it wont go back to default thanks
  3. I've been struggling for some time to create a nametag script that could: - use drawIcon3D to place the tags over players (like F3) instead of center screen (like ST) - have multiple lines of text for player roles, group names, etc - display these multiple lines (in 3D) as if they were one big sprite (psuedo-2D) ( Pictures available here ) drawIcon3D does not support structured text. It does not support text over multiple lines, or with a different justification, or any of that. You can render an icon, and you can render some text. That icon and text will always face you, and will appear the same size no matter the distance between your player and the drawIcon3D's position, but if you want to display multiple lines of text stacked upon each other you were out of luck. I was out of luck. I tried a few things. My original solution was to use the easy method (modelToWorld[0,0,0] + height for stance, +/- static Z-level spacing between tags) F3 uses, but to dynamically change the spacing between 3D icons on-screen depending on player FOV and distance to target. As you moved closer or further, the tags would space out or scrunch up in 3D accordingly. The problem? That solution only changed the Z levels of the tags, meaning that if I looked down on the tags from above (or up from below, or really any angle other than flat horizontal) the visual spacing would decrease until they appeared to overlap each other. The next attempt adjusted the spacing by first converting the world coordinates to screen coordinates (worldToScreen), adjusting those screen coordinates with a fixed Y spacing, and then converting them back into world coordinates before displaying them (screenToWorld). It worked, for the most part. Tags viewed from above would be spaced out perfectly. The problem here was twofold: first, screenToWorld gets the world position (going through models and buildings) at the screen position given, even if that world position is kilometers away. The drawIcon3D text looks the same size at any distance, of course, but this lead into a bigger problem -- If you were looking at someone and there was no "world" behind them (ie: just a sky) then screenToWorld would be unable to find a world position, and the tag would not appear. I had no idea what to do at this point and repeatedly turned to the Arma 3 Discord for help. A lot of people offered advice for which I am very grateful, but I am especially thankful towards cptnnick for helping me work through a solution to the dynamic spacing problem using orthogonal vectors and vector cross products. The solution is available in simplified form in my (unreleased, beta) nametag script, but a more expanded (and easily explained) process is this commented demonstration code graciously provided by cptnnick: comment "Setup. Not part of dynamic spacing solution."; removeMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D",missionNamespace getVariable ["drawHandler",-1]]; drawHandler = addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { comment "Get the target object and player."; _target = cursorObject; _player = player; comment "Get the position of the player's camera and the middle of the target's body."; _targetPosition = _target modelToWorldVisual[0,0,1.3]; _playerPosition = positionCameraToWorld[0,0,0]; comment "Calculate the distance from target to player."; _distance = _targetPosition distance _playerPosition; comment "Get the player's current zoom level. Google 'Killzone Kid Get Zoom.'"; _fov = call wh_nt_fnc_getZoom; comment "Get the vector from target to player (GREEN LINE)."; _dir = _targetPosition vectorDiff _playerPosition; comment "NEW: vectorDir _player doesn't work when the player is using freelook."; comment "To get the vectorDir of the player's camera instead of his body, do this:"; _playerDir = _playerPosition vectorFromTo positionCameraToWorld[0,0,1]; comment "Get a vector orthogonal to the player's orientation (RED LINE)."; _cross = (_playerDir) vectorCrossProduct (vectorUp _player); comment "Get the relative "UP" direction of the target model (PURPLE LINE)."; _drawUpNormal = vectorNormalized (_cross vectorCrossProduct _dir); comment "Multiply the direction by how far we want the text spaced."; _drawUp = _drawUpNormal vectorMultiply (0.1 * _distance / _fov); comment "Flip it for down."; _drawDown = _drawUp vectorMultiply -1; _drawPosUp = _targetPosition vectorAdd _drawUp; _drawPosDown=_targetPosition vectorAdd _drawDown; comment "Render some cool drawIcon3D stuff with your new, dynamically-spaced positions."; drawLine3D [_targetPosition, _drawPosUp, [1,0,0,1]]; drawLine3D [_targetPosition, _playerPosition, [0,1,0,1]]; drawLine3D [_targetPosition, _targetPosition vectorAdd _cross, [0,0,1,1]]; drawIcon3D ["", [1,1,1,1], _drawPosUp, 0, 0, 0, "TOP", 2, 0.04, "RobotoCondensed"]; drawIcon3D ["", [1,1,1,1], _targetPosition, 0, 0, 0, "MIDDLE", 2, 0.04, "RobotoCondensed"]; drawIcon3D ["", [1,1,1,1], _drawPosDown, 0, 0, 0, "BOTTOM", 2, 0.04, "RobotoCondensed"]; }];
  4. Was working on a new HUD , Class MFD for one of our helicopters our group has and the amount of new information and variables that can now be projected on the HUD is amazing. However I am finding the positioning and formatting on the HUD / Class MFD very un-intuitive and a very difficult learning curve. I understand the basics however the X,Y coordinate system is extremely difficult to muster. I wish there was a template or some type of layout editor or system to assemble the information text and data without having to constantly tweak, move, and size, pack then check in game. Does anyone have any better system that they currently use or any tips for me ? Thanks Shrike
  5. Hey guys so i've noticed that my gear in my inventory when i look in my inventory looks kinda weird like it's gone dark and stuff. Here's a screenshot so you can see what i mean. I've tried looking in the color options in the game settings and everything is on default. Magazines look super dark when they never used to. Any ideas? Thanks James
  6. With the arrival of the JET DLC, i'm here to ask if it’s possible to add a function to create multiple waypoints (like a flight plan) that will trigger in sequence once they reach one of them. These steering points would like them to be visible only on the HUD/HMD (example from DCS, picture 1) and GPS and that they are joined together by a straight line (visible only on GPS or map, picture 2) To create Steering Point you could use the same command "Shift + Click" on Map. Why am I asking you this? I play ArmA with no marker on map or on screen (waipoint) and anyway with the DLC Jet it would be cool to have this new feature. Thanks Bye
  7. After hitpoints, sensors, custom info & dynamic loadouts here is time for some love HUDs. Some of you might already spotted that HUDs already received some upgrades like integrated CCIP inside HUD instead of being part of UI. Other changes involves upgrade to ILS systems and inclusion of airport outline visible in HUD during landing & remaked Helmet Mounted Displays for Mi-48 Kajman, P-30 Orca & Y-32 Xi’an which is kind of beginning of larger plane to improve all remaining HUDs with new features. Goal is to make those displays authentic & enjoyable to use so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment with suggestions or ideas below. For anyone interested in implementing those splendid changes into your own mod, head to the wiki page which should contain all recent additions
  8. 1) The minimap HUD element has been changed to a non-RMB resize element for whatever reason. 2) Vehicle explosions never looked that good to begin with but now it's totally bollocks. When missile hits after the patch nothing happens except some soot appears on the vehicle and a few seconds later it starts burning, skipping the explosion entirely. What happened in the update?
  9. Hopefully I'm not suggesting this too late in the development cycle but I'd like to see some improvements to the ancient action menu. I was very pleasantly surprised when Apex control preset came out which removed weapon switching from the action menu and reduced the clutter. I suggest taking it further and cleaning it up some more. I don't know about you guys but I hate menus, I hate interacting with them mid combat and getting arma'ed by them and so on. 1. Give us an option to remove certain actions from the action menu I personally think we should be allowed to remove actions such as: "Get Out" and "Eject" when there are keybinds for those (default V and 2xV respectively). I cannot count how many times me and other players been ejected from a vehicle when trying to use a certain action which disappeared for a split second when another player used an action and Eject option was the first one in the menu which got selected in that split second. Yeah it is so broken when it keeps resetting whenever someone else uses it. Additionally we have keybinds for: Engine On/Off; Lights On/Off; Turn Out/In; Gear Up/Down; Flaps Up/Down and some others I can't think off at the moment. Would like it if there was an option either in game options or controls to remove specific actions from the action menu so as to allow to customize it for those that prefer using action menu for some reason and keep everyone happy 2. Introduce a quick access/hot key system for inventory items So we can stop placing explosives on the helicopter or transport truck as we are trying to board it while the action menu keeps resetting because our fellow comrades are also trying to board it at the same time. What I am proposing is essentially an MMO style hot key system which would imo benefit Arma greatly. By default Apex Preset uses "1" for primary weapon, "2" for secondary and "3" for launcher. So player could assign his own keys for each quick access slot which would show the corresponding key bind like in the mockup image bellow. Then the player would drag and drop the items from uniform/vest/backpack into the quick access slots. Additionally it could be used not only for explosives but grenades as well. For example you press number 5 and your character switches to an RGO grenade. While I would prefer character actually holding the grenade in his hand like in FPS games since the 90s I'm not sure Bohemia can afford the animator labor? I could live with Shactac/ACE style floating grenades in front of you. Regardless I think Red Orchestra2/Rising Storm did grenades very elegantly in my opinion. You aim with your ingame hand and cook grenade at the same time, how intuitive :O Here's a Satchel You can throw the Satchel too 3. Improve opening doors/windows Could we have the door icon attach to doors, windows in the actual 3D world space so we know which door is about to open/close? Seems relatively simple If icons were to attach to doors/windows you could then remove those options from the action menu and look for an icon prompt instead. I also noticed that when giving move commands to AI there's an arrow that seems to attach to objects. So it seems that there's already a capability in the engine to attach HUD elements in 3D space. Anyway these are my suggestions. Looking forward to more suggestions and a discussion. Hopefully it's not too late to get the action menu improved
  10. How do I get ride of that kill counter thing?
  11. A mod I've been making, with the goal of re-creating Ghost Recon's CROSSCOM 2.0 HUD in Arma 3, as well as a Ghost Recon Showcase mission being made alongside it, and eventually a Ghost Recon themed COOP campaign or series of missions. The mod itself will not be on the Steam Workshop but the missions will be on Workshop. Youtube video showcase- Ghost Lead, Kozak, Pepper and 30K sweep through a European village with the CROSSCOM active. Allied squadmates are shown as Blue, while hostiles are Red, civilians white. The shape denotes unit type- infantry are diamonds, vehicles squares, with icon shape, size and color as close to GR's as possible. The small feed in the bottom corner gives a real time grid reference (GRD) and time. (LMT) Here you can see some OPFOR units that have been tagged by the HUD- if the players lose sight of the units the HUD projection/ feed will show a broken outline at their last spotted location, before disappearing over a short time. A screenshot of some players moving through a mission built for the CROSSCOM mod- A Ghost Team deployed to the Mediterranean in order to find and eliminate an enemy BODARK recon team, who are supporting Militia units in the area. This video uses outdated uniforms (VSM V1- and the current uniforms for the various Ghost Recon era soldiers are VSM V2.) Technical mod information- The CROSSCOM will IFF (Identify Friend/Foe) targets out to 200m for infantry, 300m for vehicles, in a colored diamond for infantry, square for vehicle, similar to Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter- Red is hostile, White is civilian, Blue is allied squadmates. Squad Linked HUD- The HUD is linked between squad members, meaning if one player spots a target it will appear as tagged for the entire squad if they are in close proximity to each other, out to about 50-75m between the individuals. Weather, time of day and the amount of cluttered terrain or stance all affect the HUD- it's harder to get an accurate read for the CROSSCOM when at night, in bad weather such as a storm or typhoon, and prone targets in brush terrain are harder to tag than standing targets in the open. Broken LOS Area marks- If you have no direct line of sight to the tagged target or have lost line of sight to the target, for example if an enemy ducks behind cover, a broken outline of the diamond or square in the respective colour will appear in the last spotted location for a short period of time on your HUD. The CROSSCOM is linked to several inventory items, and will only boot up and be enabled if you are wearing those items- the mod scans your inventory upon spawn and gives you tactical googles if you have no CROSSCOM item, meaning that the mod is usable in all custom missions and even in the official campaign, but bear in mind that it is rather over-powered for the base game campaign. UAV Supported- If you have a UAV overwatch in your mission that is controlled by a player who had the HUD, the UAV can tag targets for infantry or armored units. In addition to the HUD, the mod also moves the player's third person camera to an over-the-shoulder perspective, similar to the Ghost Recon games. Thanks to TPW for allowing me to use his code base for the original HUD, and VSM for making the amazing uniforms used in the showcase. Mod installation needs a Userconfig file, included in the download link- drop that into your Arma 3 userconfig folder, and if one does not exist create one. The @CROSSCOM part of the mod installs normally however. List of CROSSCOM supported items- Tactical Glasses, Tactical Googles, VR Headset, Assassin Helmet (Black), Viper helmets. Download Link-
  12. Objectives: - Enhace targeting systems, navigation, situational awareness and instrumented flight capabilities. - Enhance Immersion. Features: - Helmet mounted displays for all Bluefor and Independent helicopters. - Both metric and nautical units variants are included. - Enhanced turrets for gunships and recon helicopters, which include: various levels of zoom, film grain effect in dayTV mode, ground stabilization and new UI. - "Forward looking" total velocity vectors (flight path markers). - Weapons aim where they should. - Weapons enhancements include: 2000rpm and 4000 rpm setting for the m134 miniguns and ripple settings for DAR rockets (single, ripple 2, ripple 4). - Removes certain GUI elements such as airframe damage, fuel status (included in the actual HMD), weapon crosshairs, and magic radar from non-radar capable helicopters. - Fully working for RotorLib Helicopters (adds Torque Percentage counter) - Multiple Countermeasure Release programs. - IR Jammers (Comanche, Huron and Ghosthawk). - Custom Helo skins and helmets! - Includes Wipeout HUD/HMCS and weapon enhancements. - Includes MELB HMDs. - Includes RHS: UH-1Y, UH-60, CH-47, C-130J HUDs/HMDs. Patchwork's New Review 2.0: Dowload Link: Helmet Mounted Displays MOD v3.7 NOTE: To make this mod compatible with the Mighty GAU-8 MOD, remove the HMDs_Kimi_Weapons_Wipeout.pbo from the addons folder. Changelog: Author: Kimi_uy (AKA geraldbolso1899) Credits and Thanks: - Bohemia Interactive. - PatchworkHD for the awesome reviews. Patchwork's youtube channel - TheSystematicPsycho for the logo. TSP's youtube channel - 161st V-SOAR community for all the feedback. - Neptune for the Time Of Flight concept and Hellfire Missiles. - eRazeri for the config help. - SykoCrazy for some config help and MELB. - RHS team for allowing me to do HMDs for the UH60, UH1Y, C130J and CH47. - Onkeldismaster for config help. Enjoy! Please show your support for my Helmet Mounted Displays MOD for Make Arma Not War!!! END USER LICENCE AGREEMENT: DISCLAIMER You are permitted to install and use this software for personal entertainment purposes only. You may not use this add-on (nor any of its parts) in any other add-on or mod (not even partially) nor redistribute or mirror it without Kimi_uy's prior permission and agreement.