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  1. ARMA needs a way for multiple players to view a UAVs live feed at once Currently doing research on how multiple players can connect to a UAVs turret view at once . This will be important for a assault team so each member can have eyes on the battlefield from the air using the AV camera. Does anyone know of a way or even a mod to address this gap in drone functionality? Right now, only 1 player can cannot to a UAVs view at a time. Can this feature be added in a patch please?
  2. Video of problem: Feedback tracker: Hello! I've been using kbTell for some time now with solid success, however I recently noticed a bug. I'm actually not certain if this bug has always been present, or if I am just now noticing it. The reason for this post is to make sure it isn't my usage that's creating the issues. I am going to throw this into the feedback tracker as well. To sum up the video above, when kbTell is used on units that are not local to the person observing the conversation, only one person will speak at a time. So if player A is next to Bob and Bill, and Bob is supposed to talk at the same time Bill is, Bob will need to wait until Bill is done speaking, but Bob will lip sync on time. Now you might think this isn't a bug, in that they are having a conversation. The problem will be if Bob is miles away from Bill, talking about two different topics, Bill would still not say a darn thing until Bob is done, or vice versa. Now, if the units speaking are local to the observer, there is no issue. They will speak over each other if required. The video does a better job, showing both scenarios, so please take a gander if you have time. Here is the code used in the video: In game script: Ermy linkItem "ItemRadio"; Carl linkItem "ItemRadio"; Ermy kbAddTopic ["testTopic", "sentenceDB.bikb", "", ""]; Carl kbAddTopic ["testTopic", "sentenceDB.bikb", "", ""]; [] spawn {Carl kbTell [Carl, "testTopic", "Carl1B", ["",{},"",[""]], false]; sleep 0.5;Ermy kbTell [Ermy, "testTopic", "ErmyHelpPlane", ["",{},"",[""]], false];}; SentenceDB.bikb (located in the missions root) class Sentences { class ErmyHelpPlane { text = ""; speech[] = {"\BND\sound\Ermy\ErmyHelpPlane.ogg"}; variant = ""; variantText = ""; class Arguments {}; }; class Carl1B { text = ""; speech[] = {"\BND\sound\Missions\G01\Carl1B.ogg"}; variant = ""; variantText = ""; class Arguments {}; }; };
  3. Leaflets are a scripted feature meant for use in playable content most of all (Laws of War DLC). There is some Sandbox compatibility, but since they are not fully engine-driven, they are also limited in some areas. For this reason they are not by default added to the Utility Drone (but can be added as special 'weapon' via pylon settings or scripting). Notes: Find a start of documentation on the Community Wiki. We've extended the feature to allow for full-screen inspection of the info stands (Faction Showcase IDAP e.g.). We'd prefer specific issue reports on the Feedback Tracker.
  4. Mines (specifically detection) are another existing feature that we've had a chance to make a few improvements to with Laws of War DLC (as a platform update for all). Most of these changes have already been on Dev-Branch for a while and we've read your feedback so far. We'll divulge more of our goals and details over the next weeks in the form of OPREPs for example. Note that we've wanted to preserve backward-compatibility as much as possible, limiting some more drastic changes. A clear example is the 15 meter detection range. Sure, we could decrease it, but it would potentially unbalance any existing scenario with mines. Note: expanded Community Wiki documentation is in progress. Specific issues go to the Feedback Tracker as per usual. What changes does this cover? Most characters are now less adept at automatic visual identification of mines. You will need to manually T-reveal them in more cases (also depending on difficulty options). Note that in order to disarm mines, you need to have revealed them. Many other factors influence visual identification: night-time, being in a vehicle, hidden in vegetation, etc. The Mine Detector has the same 15 meter range as it always had, but is slightly less 'magical' now. An Info Panel is used to show the approximate location around you ([ or ] by default). It pings off nearby detected mines, but does not yet reveal their type (potentially offset cloud symbol). Audio cues reveal the direction and distance of the nearest unrevealed mine (also without the panel open). Vehicles can have their own Mine Detector with custom range and Info Panel (see the Demining Drone). Most explosives should receive their own placement / deactivation SFX (WIP). Many explosion SFX were tweaked. The Radio Protocol message that is triggered when a mine is discovered has 'spam control', so it's not repeated too often in a large field. disableAI "MINEDETECTION" can disable an AI's mine detection abilities.
  5. From the outset the Laws of War DLC was going to focus on assets and playable content. However, there was room to enhance a few existing features relevant to the theme. A bunch of modest improvements to cluster munitions have been scattered over the past few updates (free for all players of course). Let's discuss them in this thread, and as always, please post concrete issues to Feedback Tracker. Note: expanded Community Wiki documentation is forthcoming. Most new properties are already described: What changes does this cover? Added: Cluster Bombs (3 factions - see Pylon settings of aircraft) Previously only artillery cluster munitions were supported. Added: Unexploded Ordnance (3 factions x 4 triggers) Trigger types: Common: basically functions as a regular 'mine' Delayed: detonates a while after 'triggering' Tough: takes a lot of manipulation before detonating Sensitive: BOOM (even animals will set these off) These can be placed in Eden Editor, but are also randomly left behind after deploying various types of cluster munitions. The CAS module now features Bomb Strikes. Added: APERS Mine Dispenser* This means engine support for a mine that basically detonates like a sub-munition. Deployed mines can now have a randomized rotation. Various new SFX / VFX were added, as well as camera shake. The engine now supports control over sub-munition speed and ammo type randomization. * Restrictions apply for those who don’t own Arma 3 Laws of War DLC.
  6. Please let us know your thoughts on the Laws of War DLC assets (vehicles, weapons, character gear, props, etc.). Find out more about the asset production process in our OPREP on this topic. If you discover concrete issues, the most effective reporting method for us is Feedback Tracker. How do I access the assets? Main Menu: Shift + P In the DLC Content Browser, select Laws of War and explore its contents. Some assets have a TRY button that will open the asset in ... Main Menu: TUTORIALS > VIRTUAL ARSENAL (For vehicles, switch to the Garage mode at the top of the screen) Each asset category shows the appropriate DLC / mod icons behind each asset for easy identification. Use Sort by mod to make it even easier to find them. Note: in this mode you should be able to preview the assets without DLC ownership. Main Menu: EDITOR In the Asset Browser on the right, all assets are marked by the DLC / mod icon. Use Filter by mods option and select Arma 3 Laws of War. And you'll of course encounter the assets during gameplay! What assets are available?
  7. In this topic i want to point out, what i think is well made and what is not in the mobile game. I only list them, but i can specify them, if something isn't completely understandable. Pros: Procedural generated islands (so there is always a bit of variety) The possibility to carry a second gun The possibility to stack items (like bananas, bandages etc.) The aiming help (the red/orange/yellow/green circle above eventual hostiles) The possibility to hold flares to carry the light with you Cons: Automatic melee attacks (It would be better with those shock waves) The lack of multiplayer mode The durability of clothing is very low, making it necessary to use guns or avoid fighting I know that there are going to be some updates to improve the gameplay on both browser and mobile version, so i am sure the cons will be nonexistent or less in the future. Also, i have some ideas for MINIDAYZ in general: Releasing the game on Steam to make it accessible for more players. You could use Steam to create servers more easily, too. Improving the space system to make it a bit more logical. For example i can only carry 3 cans of kvas but at the same time i could carry 3 cans of fuel in a Taloon backpack. Just an idea. And last but not least, keep the good work up.
  8. Hello everyone. The new feedback tracker is a little bit complex to use. The new website is far from being intuitive. So I have decided to do a thread about this matter. Is possible that someone explains a little bit here how to use it correctly? I suppose that learning to use the feedback tracker could help to reduce the doble posting of the same game problems and to keep the information of the game issues up to date.
  9. Forgive me if anyone else has suggested it, i didn't see anything in the forums about it, and my error messages aren't easily sent. I too have been suffering from the 3fps 'bug', and i'd like to make the following suggestion regarding submitting feedback. Is it possible to add 'send' buttons on the error messages so those could be sent directly to BIS? (I guess you'd need a dedicated SMTP mail server like JangoMail or similar to handle the log traffic, but this would likely generate more feedback for you guys.) I have no idea if this would help the DEVS to examine logs to see if any of the crashes share a common trigger, or if even the logs reveal such things. What i do know is that many users have short attention spans and probably won't take the time to share their crash data in the forums or feedback tracker, especially if they aren't yet Arma addicts. Here's my suggestion for sending error logs directly to you guys (in green) : Cheers and keep up the good work friends!
  10. Hello Ladies and Gents! I really don't know where to put this but because this mainly focuses on servers. I thought it was best here. Please move it elsewhere (fan pages) if necessary. Introduction (ish) Well... Where to begin! A little about myself maybe. I've been playing ArmA 3 off and on since I got an Alpha Invite around January 2013 (Three (nearly Four) years... That has flew by quick). I currently have 3658 hours (152.41667 Days , 21.77381 Weeks , 5.010953522243 Months, 0.41757991780824288419 of a Year.) within ArmA 3. I loved playing within various milsim units, and I feel that I owe ArmA Series alot of credit. Turning a 14 year old teenager into a mature(ish) person. I'm 19 now. :) From Arma 2/3 - I have solely created a business, by myself. Which all started off with creating communities and groups within ArmA and growing into something I could actually profit off and still be a hobby. Now, down to brass tacks! With the above information, you can tell I've but a lot of effort into ArmA. I feel that ArmA is quite "Stagnate" in terms of inter-community interaction. Generally, people within the Armaverse are nice and respectful. But there seems to be quite a divide between server owners and their players and other server owners. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GIVE YOUR SUGGESTION/FEEDBACK! I WOULD LOVE THIS TO GROW ORGANICALLY, NOT AS A ONE-MAN-PROJECT. Hence why I am here :P So it would be nice to see what people want and how best to move forward to get more servers popular, and not just the same few "good communities". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ General Rant Over. :) Finally. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Let's get down to MY vision of this "platform". SERVER OWNER APPLIES TO BE LISTED. WITH: - Appropriate information. - Server vision/drive/description. - Reviews from other ArmA Players. (Validated via Steam (needed implementing (maybe via IPB4))). - Yet Another Advertising Space for Servers and Communities. (might make servers and communities a separate thing) [BELOW is not in any order more of a representation] SERVER > JOIN > APPLY FOR LIST > GET PLAYERS > GET NON-BIAS FEEDBACK (Both Good and Bad) > GET NON-BIAS GUIDANCE > IMPROVES SERVER DUE TO FEEDBACK AND GUIDANCE. (WITH HELP FROM SCORPNET) ----------------------------------- JUST A LITTLE SOMETHING I WANT TO POINT OUT: (enjoy :P) Each community/server/player is NOT committed to stay. We want to make it so that if someone (community/server/player) wants to leave then they can. We want to make it so that if a server closes, there are still the main player base that can just move on. We want to make it so that if a group of players want to start a community/server, they can do so here. With the same Feedback and Guidance. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE HARASSMENT OR DISRESPECT JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE IS DOING THE SAME THING, WHETHER SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT OR NOT. WE ARE A COMMUNITY, NOT A BUNCH OF KIDS IN THE MUD. -------------------------------- PLAYER > JOIN > BROWSE LISTED SERVERS / COMMUNITIES > JOIN SERVER/COMMUNITY > GIVE FEEDBACK AND GUIDANCE FOR IMPROVEMENT. --------------------------------- Taken from google document: THESE ARE JUST THINGS THAT CAME UP WITH WITHOUT ANY FEEDBACK. I'd love to get some feedback on my idea and to see where this leads. Don't be shy now :)
  11. Yeah, looks like the sound overhaul is going full steam ahead. If only the forum upgrade went as well. More like forum downgrade, bet we won't get post autosaving anymore. Really, I remember vBulletin and it had its quirks, but it was quite usable. Whatever we had before... mostly worked. And now we have another step down.
  12. Hello everyone, As you may have noticed, the forums have now been upgraded. Please use this thread to provide any feedback you might have. Best regards, BohemiaBeck
  13. We always welcome development of Arma3. All this is very good. I ask not to take offense at my sarcasm in this review. I am disturbed by development of the solution of problems in Arma3 of Feedback. The last development of DLC Arma3Apex has caused a lot of controversy and discussions. The main problem of DLC Arma3Apex - lack of the solution of bug under tickets. As an example: Add the ability to adjust length of bipod legs. Vehicles can not be destroyed on the water. These are not all problems of this DLC, there is a lot of them. The result - the island widely isn't used. Many players have tried Tanoa and have returned on Altis. The statistics has stubborn character. Servers statistics: Write in Mission filter: Altis or Tanoa Compare the number of players on servers to these islands. Roadmap 2016-17 DLC: 1. JETS DLC. Good prospect on updating. But what us expects? When tickets are solved. Any filter on JETS DLC: 2.TAC-OPS DLC. Good prospect on updating. But what us expects? There are many not solved tickets which are confirmed (are considered) and don't decide. What I will see from new DLC in the light of unresolved problems. When tickets concerning lack of good control over UAVs are solved? Bad zones of the review in a sight from bipod. Lack of control over behavior or damage. Prblema stels Any filter to a question of TAC-OPS DLC: -weapon: 3. TANKS DLC.Good prospect on updating. But what us expects? There are many not solved tickets which are confirmed (are considered) and don't decide. What I will see from new DLC in the light of unresolved problems. Lack of protection of the tank behind objects or from objects. The flying tanks, and lack of control over it. Common problems of Tanks Lack of stabilization on optics of the commander and shooter, and other absent or underestimated characteristics of the modern tank. Any problem of TANKS DLC in the filter: -TANKS: To unite people. Everything, different category of a problem, create new problems, separates people on players from DLC and players without DLC. It wasn't after the first DLC. I can seem impudent now, you will tell that this guy has no patience. If to look at this branch of a forum, questions are solved much. But unfortunately numbers of tickets increase, there is a practice of frequent repetitions of problems. Practice of infinite accumulation of problems, disturbs. All listed above tickets, small part of what waits for your attention and correction. In 1 hour of a game, I face each problem from this review, and not once, and is constant. Ask me - You will buy the following DLC? Yes I will buy the following DLC, this my respect for work of the BIS team. Not everything seems will be able to accept me position. I am strongly disturbed by the course of the solution of problems. We receive problems more often than we receive solutions of problems. What plans to change the relation in Roadmap 2016-17 Feedback to receive the expected realization of Arma 3 Roadmap 2016-17 DLC? I hope for understanding of this balance. I hope at you there will be enough strength and patience to solve this problem. The task is not simple.
  14. Please use this thread to post your feedback from Project Argo. Avoid creating multiple topics for feedback.
  15. And nice to see Bohemia dedicate some resources towards testing new ideas and experimenting in coordination with the community in such a way. Will definately give it a go! Good luck with it!
  16. I noticed this issue started after update 1.64, so I think that is when the bug got added when the search function also got added to Zeus. A lot of the objects that were able to be placed are not showing up for Zeus to place anymore. It looks liek they aren't missing entirely, they are just missing from the Zeus list. Most notably, off the top of my head: Objects like sandbags and hbarriers. There is also others that I can't remember, and who knows how many other missing items that I haven't come across yet. I didn't find any forum post on it yet, but I found these in the feedback tracker: More here: Any news on this getting resolved or if it is even being worked on?
  17. Please use this thread for discussion specific to the Release Candidate (RC) branch on Steam, when it's available in the weeks leading up to a release. The preferred method of reporting issues in that build is the Feedback Tracker. Thanks!
  18. Hi there, direct your feedback on the official Arma 3 Launcher here. This is (non-exclusively) related to the Launcher being the default way to launch the game starting from Thursday 26/03/15. Thanks :) Reminder: bugs still belong to Feedback Tracker in the Launcher category.
  19. This thread will gather general feedback on the mode and it MP systems (currently: 'Dynamic Groups' and 'Shared Objectives'). We've also created an announcement thread where you can track updates to the mode and find out about any playtest events. SPLENDID DISCLAIMER Be warned: the development build is not final software; content and technology is subject to change and may still contain errors/ lack certain features. Be warned again: this is an alpha version of a game mode in a beta-build environment! Thanks in advance for your feedback, and see you on the battlefield! - zozo
  20. Hi guys, A recent development branch update introduced, among the other things, a new Weapon Resting feature. Note, please do not confuse it with weapon deployment, which is something quite different. Resting is an automatic mechanism that detects object geometries around the shooter's elbows and the weapon itself. When you are standing still - and if solid geometries are detected within the given radius - it grants you a reasonable reduction of weapon sway, inertia and recoil penalties. This way, you could finally properly utilize your surroundings not only for cover but also to find a sweet spot for precise shooting. This feature changes one important premise of stance stability: it is no longer true that prone is the most stable position in every situation. For example, when you will be firing too high in prone your weapon and arms might cease to be rested on terrain below and thus your stance precision will actually become worse than in crouch. The introduction of this feature is the first step towards more sophisticated weapon stabilization improvements that are about to come with Marksmen DLC. We are thankful for all your constructive feedback upon the subject matter. Thank you very much, take a rest and enjoy!
  21. Hi guys, A recent development branch update introduced, among the other things, new recoil mechanics. It should significantly improve the unique feeling of every particular weapon when firing. We put a great emphasis on the specific aspects of each weapon in particular to bring you the most authentic shooting experience we could get from mouse and keyboard. As always, every civilized and constructive feedback is indeed very important to us and so we would like to encourage you to discuss your opinions, feelings, expectation and experience with the feature itself and real weapon behavior as well for comparison. We will carefully monitor and process all your feedback to make sure that the feature is properly tuned and optimized for the release of Marksmen DLC. Thanks in advance, and see you at the shooting range.
  22. I've very nice news about headless client (HC) which is variant of dedicated client for server use we will be rolling out soon (days) new test version for both linux and windows - no more steamclient nor steam account with game ownership needed for HC - HC needs only steam dedicated server binary and set of commandline params - auto-connection recognize & detection of HC by server (server needs some config to allow that) - multiple HC per server are supported - HC can be primary used to offload AI work and secondary for some script jobs - logic for mission & scripting operations with HC introduced - HC are autoassigned to slots - HC are not visible to players - HC are visible to admins - HC isn't counted against playercount in server list - BattlEye supported (1.36 RC2 released 28.11.2014 18:00 CET) today's DEV: •Added: Enable new headless client implementation - see for more details note: known limitation, none (except some AI bugs, need repro/confirm) note: what needs to be somewhat tested/determined/improved/changed is disconnect & reconnect of HC and all related to that post bugs, feedback and ideas below
  23. Hello! We finally deployed sling loading to the development branch and as usual we'd love to hear your feedback. But first some overview. Sling loading is by default available to all current helicopters except of AH-99 Blackfoot and Mi-48 Kajman. In Helicopter Movement section of Controls you can find two new actions related to sling loading: Rope Interaction (default keybind is B) and Sling Load Assistant (default keybind is Right Ctrl+B). Multiple objects (for example Supply Boxes, Quadbike, Rubber boats etc.) are configured for sling loading so you can just place them in editor and you are good to go. In future we will add comprehensive learning missions, at this moment you can just discover secrets of this new functionailty by yourself. Also as was mentioned in changelog, we added new scripting commands for sling loading so you can have fun with them too. Please be so kind and share with us your experience! We're specifically looking for feedback on these these topics: Usability - is sling loading understandable enough? Difficulty - is lifting cargo too hard or easy? Multiplayer - do you have any issues with sling loading in multiplayer? But we are grateful for all for your valuable, constructive and civil feedback.
  24. Hello! Today we deployed our advanced helicopter flight dynamics model to the development branch. You can find more information in the recently released OPREP, but, in short: The advanced flight model is an optional feature, which we hope will make helicopter gameplay more authentic, challenging and enjoyable to master. You can switch to the advanced flight dynamics model in Game Options (section General) and try it with each helicopter we have currently in game. Please be so kind and share with us your experience! We're specifically looking for feedback on these these topics: Flight Experience - behavior and handling of helicopters GUI- layout customization, lucidity, informativeness etc. Controls - schemes usability, customization, controllers issues and related But we are grateful for all for your valuable, constructive and civil feedback. Oh, and don't forget, this is just a first step and we are still working on the RotorLib functionality, alongside the other key features of the Helicopters DLC. Happy flying!
  25. Thread created for users to highlight old, yet still valid issues. Can also serve as a discussion platform regarding feedback tracker issues, management and feedback. Please keep the discussion civil and on the topic. Thank you.