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  1. So ill kick this off by saying i'm a huge fan and constant player of ArmA 3 i bought ArmA 3 on launch and iv'e been in many military units and have 2500 hours+ racked up on steam. I always play ArmA everyday without fail. But in my opinion you criticize what you love and here is what makes me angry with the development of ArmA 3 since the beginning. So first off is the DLC in my opinion every DLC released regardless of the price tag has under delivered, ill use the recent Jets DLC with the addition of the carrier that was added as an example.. In my opinion the carrier was the biggest selling point for the jets DLC and was a joke to the few milsim and general units that still exist in ArmA today essentially the carrier is a beautiful looking shell with a launch platform and a landing one. It should have gotten a full interior with elevators and a complete interior storage area for planes and helicopters alike, then the carrier could have been used for operation briefings and overall would have increased a persons immersion in the milsim environment that ArmA is supposed to simulate. Overall the scope of the ArmA 3 DLC and how they have been released is ultimately a disgrace when compared to the far more enjoyable and commendable ArmA 2/OA release method. My second issue with ArmA 3 is the Environments/Terrains almost all terrains released have been a bare bone mess and ultimately they have little to no foliage with the exception of the Apex DLC (Tanoa) which again added very little to the game besides the map its self. When you compare these new terrains to Arma 2 that got a tonne of new vehicles and weapons with the map. All apex got was the same vehicles but re skinned a new faction with 3 ak variants and an RPG-7. (Which again in my opinion under delivered) Comparing Arma 3 to Dayz yes i said it Dayz. Today on the 26/05/2017 DayZ is currently in an experimental 0.62 that adds new trees and foliage (A Complete Overhaul) and after personally testing it after awhile i asked myself why hasn't Arma got good foliage like DayZ has now. Well the Apex DLC (Tanoa) tried to give us a map with great amounts of foliage (In a Jungle) but again fell short the Tanoa map although a great map on paper suffers from massive performance hits (DayZ new trees and foliage doesn't) and not to mention the map is plagued with Houses and Buildings that have one enterable room and the rest of the rooms are "Barred Off" so you can't enter the rest of the house because again it feels Bohemia Interactive are cutting corners alot like the carrier and the retextureing of vehicles instead of making new ones to accommodate the terrain. Before anyone metions the fact that DayZ now has its own engine and Arma 3 is on another i do know this but i think my point still stands. Now to wrap up i would like to say if any staff from BI see this please pass it on to the top and have a good read and sit down and discuss the scope of the game please because your all over the place. To anyone else reading please post your opinions and suggestions for this wonderful game and maybe we can save it together because right now it's sinking like a rock and that's sad to see.
  2. Hello there guys I'd like to start this forum to discuss Arma III's last DLC for the year. I know its still a longs way off, but its never too early to start discussing these things. Well actually Bohemia encouraged us to give feedback and ideas on the their DLC. So here are mine. I'd like to brainstorm or suggest Tanks and APCs or upgrades or fixes to the current Tanks we already have. This is simply just a place to discuss Ideas and I don't except Bohemia would choose all of them or any of them for the matter. Below I will put some of the Tanks I would like to see make their way with the Tank DLC. LET US BEGIN! P.S If this is in the wrong section I apologize Moderators, please move it the correct section. The first Armored Vehicle I would like to see is the AMV-7 Marshall Mortar variation from the Pre-alpha that was never put in the game. It looks really great and I think would be useful when you need mortar support but don't want to use the large long range mortar Tanks. A variation perhaps for all the factions including CSAT and AAF. I would also like to see the AMV-7 and all the Faction APCs get more armor or perhaps add the option to add Reactive armor I feel like the APCs defiantly can be taken down too easily with Grenade launchers which is a main reason why I think APCs don't see a lot of action or seen on the battlefield a lot which kinda sucks when you want to use armor. I personally like the AMV-7 Marshall and wish I could use it more. I also feel like the Wheels on APCs can get shot way too easily so maybe add light plating that covers half of the wheels making them harder too hit. Also if you could perhaps add a 12.7mm machine gun to it, either that or change the description of the tanks armament. Next I'd like to see the American Main Battle Tank, but instead have the M1A3 battle tank the Military is currently developing and working on. There currently no blueprints or pictures of it for obvious reasons so Bohemia could probably use some creativity in how they think it will look in 2035. Here are American APCs that the US Military currently uses that would be cool to add. The M113 Armored Personal Carrier. Stryker LAV-25 Also the M3 Bradly Next up I want to suggest maybe a tank for the CTRG or the British. The M2 Challenger is highly regarded as one of the strongest tanks in the World or was atleast with only one being destroyed by friendly fire (Quite tragic) Now this amazing futuristic tank is real and is currently being developed in Poland as their next main battle tank. Its considered a stealth tank and by far is one of the most futuristic looking tanks we are currently making in the world the PL-01 MBT. It would only be fair to in cooperate a polish tank since ironically they are only one of a few countries who actually pay their 2% to NATO. This gorgeous looking tank I believe I already spotted in the Roadmap Video on YouTube, but if that's not it I'd like to suggest it now. This tank is currently regarded as one of the most powerful tanks in the world and can beat any NATO or US Tank. It also has some of the most advanced weapon systems and counter measures in the world and the inside literary looks like the inside of a Spaceship. The T-14 Armata. The T-15 Armored Troop transport Carrier. The BTR Bumerang The 2S35 Artillery Tank Now moving onto the Chinese or Pacific CSAT Forces. Not much is really known about what new Main Battle Tanks or APCs the Chinese are developing so I'll just add the current ones they have and maybe futuristic versions can be made by Bohemia. Type-99 ZBL-09 Not a lot of new Chinese APCs are being made atleast from what I can find. I'm pretty sure the T-100 actually is already this, so maybe Bohemia is time travelers or has access to super classified intelligence but this is Iran's newest Main battle tank the Karrar just hit the production lines this year. The Type 10 is Japan's newest Main Battle Tank and would possibly be relevant for the Pacific in Tanoa. The Type 87 is Japan's current APC. Germany is currently using the Boxer I believe as their APC of choice, although it has a similar look as the Stryker, but Id thought Id just put it here anyway. The AFF Tank is already based off the Leopard MBT so I won't include it obviously. Next up is Itlay's Ariete Main Battle Tank which I think would be relevant to Altis since Altis is suppose to be near Greece and Italy. On top of that the Greece use the Leonidas IFV APC which would also be relative to Altis That's all the Tanks that I wouldn't mind seeing in the tanks DLC, now I know you won't add every single one of these or any of them on the list and some of tanks currently in the game might already be based off of some of these, but these are just some ideas. Outside of that I wouldn't mind seeing tweaks and balances to the older tanks with a Dynamic Loadout system (Nothing too crazy) Just changing ammunition types or the Machineguns on the Tanks with perhaps different types of Defense systems like the option to have Smokes or the newest Active Protection system that some of these tanks have. The Germans are currently working on a 130mm Cannon, but they don't know how feasible it will be, but this is in 2035. So maybe change out cannons on tanks? Also wouldn't mind having Reactive armor option to add too tanks, but this would make tanks slower and eat up more fuel as a disadvantage if you wanted to keep things balanced, or add harder hitting rounds to penetrate the Reactive armor, or make tanks harder to kill. Heck maybe Reactive armor is already on some of the tanks, doesn't feel like it though. Should be able to add to APCs though. Also maybe add TOW launchers to the APCs to help with dealing with Tanks (Although I know APCs aren't made to fight tanks, but sometimes you run into Tanks). Also possibly add Incendiary rounds for the Tanks Commander Machine gun. These are all the ideas and suggestions I have, if there is something I miss or forgot, be sure to comment your ideas too so we can make Tanks Great Again!
  3. Alongside my Command & Conquer project, I have been thinking of other tiny projects that might be really fun to do. One of these projects I wanted to undertake is based on one of my favorite franchises of all time: Army Men. I remember vividly playing with tons of these sets as a kid and also the many games that came out for it. The game I remember most is Sarge's Heroes 1 and 2 (the N64 versions - as that's what I had at the time). I loved the idea of toys coming to life and waging war both in their world and ours. I searched recently and there use to be a mod for OFP in progress a long time ago, but it sadly ceased production, so I feel like maybe I can take up this kind of project. I think it'd be kind of easy, because the weapons are easily recreated and everything is mostly western equipment - but maybe I can expand on this with some more vehicles (to stand out a little) and weapons later. This project wouldn't require much at all as you'd have to primarily make everything look all plastic and matte colored, which I think would be easy enough to do. The mod will initially only contain the Green Nation and Tan Republic, but will eventually see the Blue and Grey nations. Based on what I've seen, this is what I'd need for even the basics: Vehicles: M48 Patton (I can use an M60, because there's not a proper M48 Patton yet) [x] - Done UH-1 Huey (I'd like to seek out permission to re-skin one) (Will use Blackhawk or Chinook?) M3 Halftrack (I can just as easily use a different APC for this if I have to, which is fine) (M113 or BMP?) Jeep (can just reskin the basic jeep and jeep w/ mg) Trucks (again, reskinning basic stuff will work) AH-1 Cobra (Army Men: Air Attack) PT Boat (just will reskin the PBR) Advanced Vehicle models for later: P51 (Green Nation plane) Spitfire (Tan Republic) B25 (Green Nation) Tu-25 (Tan Republic) Classes: Rifleman Bazooka Man Sniper Shotgunner Grenadier Flamethrower (this can never be properly implemented, so avoiding this one) Officer Medic Heroes: Sarge Hawk Thick Riff Scorch Col. Grimm Vicky Shrap Private Hoover Bullseye Villains: General Plastro Malice Col. Blintz Field Marshal Tannenburg Baron von Beige Major Mylar Weapons: M16 M79 Grenade Launcher (would have to ask permission for this) M21 M60 LAW (Unless someone has an M1 Bazooka somewhere that I'm allowed to use) And if I can do it, I want to apply some kind of specular map to everything to make them shiny plastic. Maybe also make some scripts to make them make dying sounds when shot. The heroes and villains probably won't make it in until way later, so basically going to only reskin the West soldiers to be green and tan respectively. Green soldiers will have green weapons and tan soldiers will have tan weapons, otherwise it just doesn't look consistent. I also want to make a script that shows plastic chunks flying when shot if that's possible. I mean we have OFPEC blood for the blood, but I'm sure a similar kind of job can simulate plastic flying everywhere. Even melted plastic puddles. :P I just wanted to see what people would think of this - I think it'd be a welcome mod for people who like fictional and different stuff like this. My other idea for a mod is Battletanx and Battletanx: Global Assault, which obviously would only be vehicle based, but I'll share that later. Made a logo for it too: Based off the Army Men Advance logo.
  4. I have recently been interested in creating a western themed survival modification. Logistically, I believe it is indeed possible, however, I wonder as to whether anyone would be interested in playing this game type?
  5. Hey everyone! I'm interested in finding out basic statistics about the ArmA 3 community. I recently posted a topic asking the question "Why do life servers receive so much hate?" and I had many very good and in depth responses to the topic. This time around, I'm interested in finding a more general statistic, and am hoping to find out what the most popular game-modes in ArmA 3 at the moment are. The reason I am interested in finding these statistics is that I'm writing a thesis on ArmA 3 Communities - though it is heavily focused on the flaws and solutions that could be applied to life servers. I don't want this to come across as a boring survey so I encourage everyone to share their opinions and thoughts on their favorite ArmA game-modes as well as some other game-modes that are available to the game; and why you favor certain game-modes over others. Furthermore, I believe that this topic could also help newcomers to the ArmA 3 Community get a better idea of which game-modes they should try out based on their interests through reading your thoughts and opinions. Answering the poll will also help me narrow down the data, and make it easier for me to compile. Thank you for your time, Brandon. :)
  6. Please use this thread for discussion specific to the Release Candidate (RC) branch on Steam, when it's available in the weeks leading up to a release. The preferred method of reporting issues in that build is the Feedback Tracker. Thanks!
  7. Sometimes it's useful to discuss updates to the Arma 3 Tools Development branch in one centralized place. Let's use this thread for that. The changelog thread can stay clean and do its thing. It mainly serves for our team to rapidly see if an update is very broken or very epic. Actual issue reporting should still happen via the Feedback Tracker of course. Thank you!
  8. Hi, there When it's possible/useful, we will try to post brief descriptions of recent AI changes done on the development branch. We hope this will help demonstrate the tweaks that we're making and generate useful feedback to help us validate and polish our work. For now, the first batch of notes to kick things off: It wasn't supposed to fix rotation speed of AI soldiers, but is letting them use "aiming deadzone" as specified in the unit config (minGunTurnAI, maxGunTurnAI) which is typically 60 degrees cone. Therefore currently AI should be able to follow targets better without moving whole body. RPG and NLAW are supposed to be unguided, but AI was still able to use them as guided weapons. This was corrected. Quite big change, now AI is able to calculate and predict accurate ballistic of bullet, therefore is able to aim and engage targets on all ranges, both static and moving. Also, this improves AI ability to hit moving targets by more precise time of leading calculation. Good way to check this change is try to fight AI sniper on 1km+ range. Of course it still depends on his skill. AI was considering animals as friendly, therefore denied to shot in theirs direction. Example: put yours character, enemy soldier and snake animal between you. After this fix AI won't bother with friendly fire against animals.
  9. Here is a link to the original discussion: ---------- Post added at 14:48 ---------- Previous post was at 14:40 ---------- All of our vehicles are based on real vehicles, but made with customizable slots. This means that the large rover (similar to Curiosity) has many slots on top where you can mount instruments, antennas etc. The Space Program has you starting with a small budget, launching your first lander to Mars. This lander has a low quality camera, to replicate the feeling of getting the first images of Mars. You then continue to improve your technology as you progress through the various missions, which consist of scientific analyses, exploration, and taking photos. For each mission you send a new vehicle, or, assign it to a vehicle already on the surface nearby, that can complete the mission. Thus, reusing vehicles for new missions is also possible. As for vehicle customization, there is a whole section in the main control room where you can construct various setups (another section is used for assigning missions etc). The vehicle you construct may be tested in the space agency's "Mars Yard" (inspired by the one at JPL), and you can drive it around just like you would later on the surface of Mars. There are no consequences for testing, it is used to test whether the setup you have assembled is usable (for example if you put a drill on the top of a vehicle, it will be quite useless). You can save this as a preset and send it to Mars thereafter. Alternatively, you may start a new mission, assign a pre-defined preset, and customize that. I expect more questions in this regard, so feel free to ask.