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  1. Hello folks! I've just recently taken upon myself to make a vanilla mission for steam workshop again. I've been enjoying myself a lot while doing this - however, one little thing is really anoying me right now. When using triggers, i also have them from time to time play some of the music that is in the game - to "set the mood" so to speak, which is great for certain situations. Im not talking about custom sound files that i've added myself, but the music comes with the game itself. When testing on singleplayer (through the editor) or when hosting multiplayer (also through editor) - they fire as they should, and the music is played. The problem however is that when i've now moved the .pbo file to my dedicated server - the triggers fire alright, as the mission progresses as it should - but there is no music at all. Those music "snippets" really puts the little "extra" into the mission - and i have no clue on why they dont play on dedicated servers. I usually make missions for my group, using quite a lot of mods - and im doing the same there, except - on modded missions, the music actually plays - even on dedicated server. Anyone experiencing anything similar, or have a solution for me on this? Since its just the unmodded vanilla game, i just have no clue on why its not working. //Ulfgaar
  2. Hi, thanks for deciding to read me issue, so let's get started. I used to use my dedicated server to host the game and then play on it with my friends (dedicated server was hosting on the same pc as I'm playing on) and there was no issue with that. After a long time of playing, we took a break from Arma 3 around the begging of August.Now we came back and I see that there was an update more or less related to the Arma 3 Dedicated Servers, which broke my dedicated server - I'm using TADST and Arma 3 Dedicated Server from Steam Tools to host the server. Problem is that when I launch the server (server says that server launched properly) I can't see it on LAN, neither on the Internet - Direct Connection also doesn't work. All my ports are forwarded as they were before, the server is the same as before because I didn't change any options and yet before it worked and now it doesn't. Please, if you know any advices or ways to fix it and to be able to play again with dedicated server please share them with us - Log from RPT file - Picture of server window @EDIT: SOLVED: There was a problem with server version, steam didn't update it by itself.
  3. Hello, seems that the dedicated server I'm running (rented from GameServers) is forcing a view distance maximum of 1500 m. I've read that is the default view distance for Arma 3 MP so this is by no means an issue with the server provider. I've come to understand that it should be possible to change the view distance the server is forcing the clients to use from the server's Arma3Profile and this is exactly what I've been trying to achieve but without any effect. Currently I've placed the following lines in the file server.Arma3Profile sceneComplexity=400000; shadowZDistance=100; viewDistance=12000; preferredObjectViewDistance=12000; terrainGrid=50; and then calling this file with the following server startup parameters: c:\path\to\arma3\arma3server.exe -profiles=C:\path\to\arma3\config -name=server -config=server.cfg Then when I join this (dedicated) server as a client the view distance is anyways capped to 1500 m and there's no difference if I as a client have set Overall and Object view distances to 12000 m. Would someone have some pointers to offer here? Is setting the view distance from the server profile supposed to work? Or do I need to begin thinking of setting the view distance on a mission to mission basis?
  4. Not sure if this is quite the right place for it. I'm running a liberation server running CBA, ACE3, TFAR, RHS AFRF, RHS USAF and RHS GREF. We also run a few server-side mods like Advanced Urban Rapelling, Advanced Towing, Enhanced Movement. We allow clients to use TRYK uniforms (Well right now it's passworded and checking is off but, that's all that we intend for them to run hence a few errors referencing it). The server starts and functions fine for a while but tends to crash at random while people are playing. At first we thought it was related to ACE cookoff and disabled that but it turned out to make no difference. I'm trying to post latest RPT but I keep getting an error on the forum so I'll try it on a reply or elsewhere in a moment. I have others after the same thing to compare if needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated as folks are getting mighty frustrated at losing all their assets because it crashed midway through an assault, or while returning to base, or just not having saved for a few minutes! Ok, some of the RPT. It was too large for most things to handle. I also notice this one may be due to our auto restart not seeming to work. Didn't notice that at first, but sometimes this happens after only an hour or two or server uptime.
  5. hello, after 2 days of tests, i sadly found a lethal problem for dedicated server: memory usage is constantly increasing in presence of AI....when it goes over 2000mb server crash with "out of memory" error. at first i thinked it was my mission, and to exclude that i made a fresh new mission, just placed 3 playable units, and 6 rifle squads (8 men each) and 4 tank platoons (4 tanks each), all with a "move" waypoint and a "cycle" waypoint. sadly....even there, the memory usage slowly increase. seems to be directly related to how many AI is there, for example, here are the results of test of different missions: in an empty map with just that AI placed by editor...there should be no possibility of "external problems" (i use no mods, just pure vanilla for tests). to see the memory increasing i used " #monitor 1 " at start,, but noticed that windows task manager is even better to monitor it! hope that gets fixed soon, as it is game-breaking! image of error found in the morning after leaving server running in the night:
  6. Instruction: - Step 6. Failures: Installing Compatibility Manager and attempting to locate the file, running the ArmA3_Steam_updater.cmd instead of the #Arma3server_steamcmd_example.cmd file, & attempting to open the Local Security Policy configuration. Issue: when I attempt to run the the #Arma3server_steamcmd_example.cmd file located @ E:\Games\ArmA3\A3Files as stated in Step 6, I receive the "This App Can't Run on Your PC - To Find a Version for your PC, check with the software publisher" error. Additional Note: I would like this issue to be resolved in the next few hours as I have an operation for my unit, of which I am the leader of, @ 8 PM EST. I would like a dedicated server to be established before then so as to minimize the probability of critical errors caused by hosting temporary servers from one's own computer.
  7. I'm spawning 6 helos (one at a time), flying them into a location, having them land, then spawning infantry on the ground nearby (to simulate them getting out of the helos), then having the helos fly off. It works fine in SP, but when I run it on a dedi server, the helos won't land, they just hover near the landing spot. I do have a bunch of helipads on the ground for them to land on. (More than one gets to the ground simultaneously, so I need multiple.) And as I said, it works fine in SP. I have to think it's something to do with the land command, that it doesn't work the same on a dedicated server. Here's the code called each time through a loop (once per helo spawn) - _airGrp= createGroup east; _Air1 = [getMarkerPos "spawnAir", 0, "O_Heli_Transport_04_covered_F", _AirGrp] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; // this spawns the aircraft and includes crew //_Air1 is the VEHICLE array, with the actual vehicle being the first element of the array!! (Select 0) _helo = (_Air1 select 0);//give it a shorter name! _wp1 = _airGrp addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "WPair1", 0]; _wp2 = _airGrp addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "WPair2", 0]; _wp2 setWaypointSpeed "limited"; _wp3 = _airGrp addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "WPair3", 0]; _wp3 setWaypointSpeed "limited"; _wp3 setWaypointStatements ["true", "this flyinHeight 25"]; while {(_helo distance2D (getMarkerPos "WPair3")) >= 100} do { sleep 2; }; sleep 2; doStop _helo; _helo land "land"; while {(getPosATL _helo) select 2 >=1 } do { // hint format ["alt = %1", (getPosATL _helo) select 2]; //debugging only!!!!!!!!!!!!! sleep 1; }; sleep 2;//time to unload (fictional) troops --spawn the infantry now-- sleep 25; _helo doMove (getmarkerPos "WPair4"); _wp4 = _airGrp addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "WPair4", 0]; _wp4 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp4 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; I've had this issue in the past, but it's been years since I dealt with it, and I can't remember a solution! Any clues?
  8. hello! after adding few more AI units to my mission,running on dedicated server, i noticed that when another human player is in the server, things starts to rubberband really badly. strange thing is that if i'm alone, all is fine. first question is : is there a way to test my mission alone and get the rubberbanding like if there was another (or many more) player? second question is: what cause this problem ? and how solve it? i mean, i know its "too many AI", but i noticed differences between script spawned units and 3Deden placed, and more... thanks for any help!
  9. Hi, I'm having a slight issue with my respawn setup. Specifically, the respawn of playable characters that are AI at the moment of death. For some reason, they respawn on the exact location where they died, instead of at the respawn module - it works correctly on listening server. There is one respawn module placed on the map called 'respawn_west' and in the description.ext, I use this: // Respawn type, see the table below respawn = 3; // Delay in seconds before playable unit respawns. respawnDelay = 10; // Respawn templates from CfgRespawnTemplates. You can combine any number of them together. respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive","MenuPosition","Spectator"}; // 0 to disable the score table (it can still be opened manually by pressing 'P' key). respawnDialog = 0; // When 1, the score table contains score of all playable units as opposed to players only. aikills = 1; respawnOnStart = -1; I hope there's a fix for this, as it's really annoying to have AI basically take over the map, dying 20+ times in the process.. As a temporary fix, is there a way to turn off respawn for playable characters that are currently AI controlled? or have a 'onRespawn' script for those?
  10. Hey guys Aren't you all tired of the all same wasteland servers? Sure you are!, so today I'm pleased to announce the Warfare Wasteland server, running on Esseker map, and utilizing RHS Mods. It is a wasteland like no other We have Nukes, Ballistic Missiles, Artillery, and much more all in the Beautiful Esseker map. Dedicated server 24/7. Come join us in the future of Wasteland. IP Port 2302 Required Mods: Esseker, RHSUSAF, RHSAFRF, and Cup Terrains Core Team Speak same as the server IP
  11. Hello guys! Are you tired of the same old all the same Wasteland, well everyone likes new stuff that's why we open this brand new server Warfare Wasteland Esseker, its a Wasteland that has some cool stuff like a Nuke to blast a whole city, a Kart with a 30mm gun, and some other cool stuff. It runs on the beautiful Esseker map, with RHSUSAF, RHSAFRF. So real guns real vehicles and so much fun, go check it out! IP Port 2302 Required mods: Esseker, RHSUSAF, RHSAFRF, and Cup Terrains Core TeamSpeak same IP as the server
  12. error thrown on server OS ''include file\x\cba\addons\main\script_macros .hpp not found." this only happens after we login and try to use #missions to change maps or missions. Since discovery i have; 1. updated/reinstalled CBA 2. reinstalled arma3server 3. updated "force_update_app 233780 validate" 4. moved cba in the load order to the top we have been forced to manually shut down and change the loaded mission at start to play different mission, obviously this is a hassle and not efficient. if anyone knows a fix please let me know. thanks again. A. Jackson Task Force Cerberus Commanding Officer S4 Lead
  13. Hello togetscher, I installed an Arma 3 dedicated server on a OpenSuseLeap 42.2. All works fine without VON (Voice over Network). What can I do to fix these issue? I tried it in a local virtual maschine and it works. But over the internet it doesnt work. Thanks a lot.
  14. Alright, I have a small dedicated linux server with arma 3 server on it. We do some small scale zeus missions on it, But since day or 2 the server doesn't want to start up any more. Server starts up just how it should without any error, we use some mods like, ACE, CBA, Task force radio, Ares and RHSUSAF. But whenever someone want to join the server, the server see the id of the player etc. but the player stays in the loading screen (no lobby). Player can't get in at all, the server doens't even show any errors. Also tried a vanilla mission didn't work but a APEX campaign mission loaded without any problem.
  15. hi guys ! i've found an awesome script to enable dual primary weapons, that works really good, but has a little problem i noticed only after hours of play. here the script: start it works perfectly, i can die & respawn, go on vehicles or on foot, do everything and it works perfectly. BUT.....after maybe 20 minutes i noticed my "weapon on back" was gone, and script bugged (doesnt asked me to put my weapon on back, as usually. from that day, it happened many other times, in fact i never noticed when the weapon disappear exactly, i just notice it only when i try to switch to my back weapon after many play time. i've tracked down the problem standing still with a "weapon on back" for a long time, and seems it disappear at some point, removing the weapon model and the actions to "take weapon back" or "put weapon on back". i'm pretty sure the problem is the loop that stop working, or maybe something to do with game auto-cleaner removing unused objects. any idea? thanks !
  16. Does anybody sets unit insignias via script? BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia is not working globally although funtion description states it so. Each player can only see his own insignia. There was a comment in BI page which states [[ player, "111thID"], "BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia", nil, true, true] call BIS_fnc_MP; can be used but even with this one I am getting same result :( Anybody has a solution?
  17. Hello guys, My linux dedicated server seems to start correct, ports in firewall are set up correct as well but it is not shown in armas in game server browser. System Information: Hardware specs: netstat output: netstat -tulpn | grep 1400 I start the server with this script: My logfile of servers output (stdout and stderr) looks like this: server.cfg: I would be happy if anyone could give me a hint what could be wrong.
  18. I want to create a task that is not bugged on a dedicated multiplayer server. Is it enough to place a trigger make it blufor present and put isServer && this in the condition bar, then synching that trigger to task modules? Or do i HAVE to use scripts to create tasks?
  19. Hey Guys, I made a python script to automate updating my server and figured I'd share. I've only tested it on Python 3.6 but I think it would work for any version. Just update the directories and files section to where your stuff is located. The "Steam Workshop IDs.txt" file just contains the workshop item number and a human readable string which automatically gets changed to a lowercase name without spaces. It uses a symbolic link to add the mods to the server's addons folder instead of moving it so updating works without redownloading everything. I know theres a bunch of GUI server managers out there, but I don't like the complexity that adds and this way I can just SSH from any device to update/boot my server. import os import sys from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, CalledProcessError, DEVNULL, STDOUT, check_call import glob armaServerAppId = "233780" armaClientAppId = "107410" modsDirectory = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\Arma\\Master\\addons\\" keysDirectory = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\Arma\\Master\\keys\\" armaDirectory = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\Arma\\Master" steamCMD = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\steamcmd\\steamcmd.exe" steamContentDirectory = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\steamcmd\\steamapps\\workshop\\content\\" + armaClientAppId + "\\" steamTempScript = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\steamcmd\\tempUpdateScript.txt" steamAuth = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\steamcmd\\auth.txt" workshopItems = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\Arma\\Steam Workshop IDs.txt" userLogin = "" userPass = "" def updateServer(): print("Updating Server...") # Get the users login checkUserLogin() os.system(steamCMD + ' +login ' + userLogin + ' ' + userPass + ' +force_install_dir ' + armaDirectory + ' "+app_update ' + armaServerAppId + '" validate +quit') def checkUserLogin(): global userLogin global userPass if userLogin == "": userLogin = input("Steam> Username: ") if userPass == "": userPass = input("Steam> Password: ") def copyKeys(): for filename in glob.iglob(modsDirectory+'**\\*.bikey', recursive=True): os.system("xcopy " + filename + " " + keysDirectory + " /s /y") error = "" os.system('cls') try: with open(steamAuth) as f: for line in f: info = line.split(" ") if len(info) == 2: userLogin = info[0] userPass = info[1] except: pass while True: userInput = input("Main Menu \n1. Update Server\n2. Update Mods\n4. Update Keys\n4. Exit\n" + error + ">> ") error = "" if userInput == "1": updateServer() input("Press any key to continue...") os.system('cls') elif userInput == "2": # Get the users login checkUserLogin() # Clear the temp script file = open(steamTempScript, 'w') script = "@ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1\n" script += "@NoPromptForPassword 1\n" script += "login " + userLogin + " " + userPass + "\n" script += "force_install_dir " + armaDirectory + "\n" mods = {} # Loop through each item in the workshop file with open(workshopItems) as f: for line in f: modInfo = line.split(" ", 1) steamWorkshopId = modInfo[0].strip() modName = modInfo[1].strip() modFolder = "@"+modName.replace(" ", "_").lower() mods[steamWorkshopId] = {"name": modName, "folder": modFolder} script += 'workshop_download_item ' + armaClientAppId + ' ' + steamWorkshopId + ' validate\n' # Make a link to the downloaded content (way better than moving...) symLink = modsDirectory + modFolder if not os.path.exists(symLink): os.system('mklink /J ' + symLink + ' ' + steamContentDirectory + steamWorkshopId + '\n') script += "quit" file.write(script) file.close() # Run the script print("\n=====================================\nLogging into Steam...\n=====================================") with Popen(steamCMD + " +runscript " + steamTempScript, stdout=PIPE, bufsize=1, universal_newlines=True) as p: for line in p.stdout: line = line.strip() if line != "": if line.find("Downloading item") != -1: downloadingLine = line.split("Downloading item") if downloadingLine[0]: print(downloadingLine[0]) try: modIdLine = downloadingLine[1].strip().split(" ") steamWorkshopId = modIdLine[0] print("\n=====================================\nDownloading "+mods[steamWorkshopId]["name"] + " ["+str(steamWorkshopId)+"]...\n=====================================") except: pass else: print(line) # Automatically copy bikeys over print("\n=====================================\nCopying addon keys...\n=====================================") copyKeys() input("\nPress any key to continue...") os.system('cls') elif userInput == "3": # Search for any bikeys and copy them into keys folder copyKeys() input("Press any key to continue...") os.system('cls') elif userInput == "4": sys.exit(0) elif userInput == "": os.system('cls') else: error = "[ERROR] Unknown choice. Try again\n" Steam Workshop IDs.txt 450814997 CBA 463939057 ACE 708250744 ACEX 773131200 ACE Compat RHSAFRF 773125288 ACE Compat RHSUSAF 689845793 ACD 853743366 CUP Terrains CWA 583496184 CUP Terrains Core 583544987 CUP Terrains Maps 671539540 EM Buildings 753946944 Murshun Cigs 498740884 Shacktac 698078148 Spec4gear 696177964 VSM WARFIGHTERS ... and so on ...
  20. Got a question I can't seem to find much on, however I've seen missions that do this... I've been trying to run a server for me and my friends to play when we hop on ArmA, right now I'm using RHS and ALiVE to do some guerrilla style missions, I've been using TADST's "local dedicated" server tool, I've enabled the autoInit "persistence" between player joins, but this obviously has it's downsides. - I'm running on my desktop, if I want to restart my PC, I have to close the server (duh) - I can't do an actual dedicated server, I don't want to pay for one or build a server box, so ALiVE's persistence is out of the question, I tried it's "single player save" but it is too much and crashes So this might be a dumb question, but is there a way I can run this server, and have the server save when I exit, then start back up when I re-join with my friends? Basically the same as ALiVE, but save the data local to my PC. Thanks, Envak
  21. Hello, I am just trying to confirm my thinking. I am editing a mission which I want to run on a dedicated server (on the same machine). I need to test it quite a lot but am finding that you have to shut down the dedicated server each time you make an edit in the editor, then 'export to multiplayer' then restart then server, which all takes so much time. So I am doing this: 1. Open up eden editor. 2. load the mission. 3. make my change. it. 5 'export to multiplayer' 6. start dedi server (takes time) 7. log into server 8. test mission. 9. exit server 10. shut down server 11. go back to eden editor 12 make change etc etc what I want to do is 9. log out of server but keep it open and Open up mission in eden again 10. stuff.. 11 export to MP.... WHILE THE DEDI SERVER IS STILL RUNNING... 12 reconnect to server and play update... It seems to me that the server locks the pbo and despite the fact that if you 'export to multiplayer' the editor squeaks a confirmatory message that it has been successfully exported (which it hasn't). The file timestamp remains the same. I've tried #restart and #restartserver (doesn't seem to do anything). Would anyone know of a way to getting the server to 'release' the pbo file so that I can update it? I presume I am just being thick. Thanks in advance, Atmo
  22. Hello everyone. Every time i'm trying to launch my server, i'm getting an error saying "Out of memory (requested 0 KB). footprint 3750240256 KB. pages 32768 KB." So what i did was i tried to remove all the PBO files, and i found out that it was "Task Force Radio" that made that error occurred. But i don't know what i should do to get it to work. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS.
  23. I'm working on a mission that doesn't have re-spawns and designed for quick firefights. My intention is to design a mission for a dedicated server with the following: If all Blufor (players) are killed, failure If time runs out, failure If all Opfor units are killed, victory Notify all players (even dead) when there is one player remaining Notify all players (even dead) when there is one enemy remaining have the same number of units and type of unit on the enemy side, i.e. 1 autorifleman blufor and 1 autorifleman opfor (shown in the initServer.sqf is already working) My experience with multiplayer scripting is limited and I'm struggling to understand why it works in local hosted multiplayer (as the host alone) but not on dedicated servers, issues include: After starting the operation using the action (see flowgraph) the LastMan.sqf will start running immediately, even with 2 blufor players Server, after starting the operation using the action, will stop updating unit positions and AI will not react. All players except yourself are running in place, coupled with sudden spikes in framerate loss when initially activated and unable to kill enemies. Enemies don't react to being shot or standing directly in front of them even. this problem isn't present on the locally hosted Possibly an issue of the server ending the mission locally but not for clients (just a guess)? Mission must still be working enough to continue the countdown timer, mission fails properly when timer reaches zero Maybe I should be getting rid of triggers entirely? But it always seemed like they synced across multiplayer better Using the trigger and (count Thislist < 2) is that when all remaining players enter one vehicle, it counts as one unit and starts the trigger Tried using setting the triggers to server only and using Bis_fnc_MP but led to the mission immediately ending upon starting the operation action Code Flowgraph Mission Source Thanks for the help on this issue
  24. Hi everyone, Here is the code i use to create task -childtask here for meeting point- for the dedicated server: [[west, ["Task1A","Task1"], [" <br /> Sub-Task Description Here. <br /> ", "Sub-Task Title", ""], (getMarkerPos "Task1MeetingPoint"), true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskCreate] call BIS_fnc_MP; I guess Arma 3 Tasks Overhaul somehow are used for notification icons. I wonder if i could use image below with the above code and how? Thank you for your help in advance.
  25. Hi, I am looking for a hosting company (dedicated or not) for a vanilla Arma3 server for 100-120 slots. This server will be used for a massive clan, with members from all over Europe, so a centralized server would be preferable (France, Germany etc). I've had a dedicated server before, running Dayz Epoch, with, but although the machine was a Xeon, there was some 'rubbering' ingame so i am having some seconds thoughts about dedicated servers. I have no idea how the server specs have changed during this last year that i went MIA from Arma, so i guess i am wondering if its worth the trouble to even bother with a full dedicated server instead of a web-panel based one. Any input would be highly appreciated.