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  1. Hello, I just reinstalled Arma3 and tryed to join a server but the serverlist ingame was empty. So i thought i just use the launcher server browser this one shows me all servers but when i try to join a game i ger stuck with the Arma 3 logo when the game opens ... after that i disabled battleye in the launcher now i can see all servers in game but well who guessed it i cant join without battleye ... iam getting 06.04.2017 09:59:56 - Blocked loading of file 'C:\Windows\System32\LavasoftTcpService64.dll' in the battleye tab on the launcher i checked if the file exist and it does what else i tryed : restarted pc verified the files in steam deleted all battleye files and verified again restarted my router changed ingame name (profile) but still no luck iam running windows 10 64 bit (istalled just 2 weeks ago) intel 6700k geforce gtx 970 i hope someone can help me
  2. Okay after updating to 1.68 now battleye wont work. I already tried reinstalling the game. What else can I do? Can't seem to find any client downloads in Battleye's website.
  3. What is it? BEM is TheMeq's BattlEye Filter Manager for the ArmA series of games (Specifically ArmA 3 at the moment). You can use this tool to modify and maintain your BattlEye filters. You can modify keywords or the filters that that go against them with this software. How to use it? Just drop the EXE file into your BattlEye folder on your server. Then run the EXE file? Really, run the EXE file... Here is the VirusTotal result for this file: Click Me Here is also a forum post from Exile where this file has originally been posted: Click Me And also, my post on Armaholic about this software: Click Me (Waiting for new version to be approved). What can it do? - Import items from your log files, will sort through duplicates and ignore them and only add the ones you don't have. - You can change the log levels, the exception types, and even the entire filter. - Submit your files if something isn't working right so I can try to make this software better. - When you save, your old files are automatically backed up so you don't lose any settings. Latest Version: - Download Here: If you have any issues with this, please respond here or drop me an email (which can be found at the link above). Change Log: [] Fixed an issue where the logging type of keywords was not saved when changed. [] Will no longer launch if the file is not in the correct directory (Needs to be in your BattlEye folder). [] UI fixes where some drop down boxes where editable and should not have been. [] Timer added that will check for updates every 5 minutes for people who keep the application open all the time. [] Added optional email field when submitting scripts incase you want to be contacted back. [] Added ability to submit filters that you are having issues with so I can make BEM even better! [] Fixed a bug where keywords enclosed in quotation marks where not correctly picked up causing a file error. [] Fixed a bug where keywords containing several space characters where not correctly picked up causing a file error. [] Fixed a bug where an error would appear if an exception contained a dash (-). [] Fixed a bug where script.log lines ended with " would not capture entire exception. [] Removed S7Gaming Toolbar as server no longer exists [] Added limit to imported lines on log importer to 50,000 [] Added support for CreateVehicle and SelectPlayer logs for importing. [] Added Select All and Select None buttons to importer. [] Moved most menu buttons to new Options sub menu, which will turn Red when a new version is available to download. [] Fixed error when filter files where saved. //new was added instead of //new2 causing an error. [] You can now import filters directly from your scripts.log [] You will be asked if you want backslashes escaped if you have a filter that contains \n that should be a newline. [] Will now escape backslashes preceding an n so there is no mistake for newlines. [] Will apply quotation marks to new filters if they are not present. [] BattlEye Files are now auto-detected instead of being built from a pre-determined list. [] BattlEye is now grammatically correct, rather then appearing as Battleye (lower case e). [] Rebranded to BEM instead of AABEFM [] Filters will now automatically format when added to a new keyword (all the \n and \" business will now be done for you! (only when adding a filter, not editing)) [] Line numbers now match error's given by Arma3. [] Incorrect message box type has been fixed. [] Application will now tell you if there is an update. [] Initial Release.
  4. ZBot ( An experimental project. ) -> For any BattlEye rcon game supported! Current version: 1.0.2 A Discord bot that can roam your Discord server and function as an RCON client for your BattlEye game servers. Screenshots at the bottom. What can it do? Print all chats in different discord text channels in their respective colours ( Side, Vehicle, Global, ... ). (Tip: Print sidechat in a channel that everyone can read !) Execute RCON & Server commands to your arma server in the assigned Command channel. Protect these commands with an appropriate Discord Role. Reply to user commands when they type ingame. These replies can be printed ingame and in discord. ( eg: !admin -> Admins can be found on discord -> @Admin some asked for an admin ingame. ) Web panel to configure your rcon-game servers. List players, admins & bans trough rcon commands. ( All BattleEye commands supported ). Country flags when using command !rcon players+ Automated messages configured in web panel ( these can contain command which will be ignored by the bot -> No endless loop :p ) Future plans: Support other types or RCON ( steam, minecraft,... ) Open for ideas. How to add it to my server? Follow the flow of the site. It should be straightforward. Always remember to save a page if needed before navigating to another page! Add the bot before or after you filled in all the info. ( The button on top ). Always be sure the chosen roles and channel exist in your discord server! ( channel names are without the # ) Whenever you make changes in the config panel you need to reload the config of your server onto the bot. This can be easily done by just typing in a channel: !zbot reload This commands also refreshes your rcon instance if it would have stopped for some reason. All rcon commands can be viewed in the assigned 'command' discord channel. List these commands by typing !rcon All commands are prefixed with that aswell. 1 example for a global message by the bot: !rcon say all Welcome you our server! All rcon commands: # ZBot BattlEye RCON commands **All commands are prefixed with !rcon** ## Commands players List all players admins List all admins bans List all bans load scripts Reloads al BE scripts load events Reloads al BE events say all [text] Sends text to all users say [playerId] [text] Sends text to specific user id MaxPing [ping] Sets the maxping of the serve. kick [playerId] [reason] Kicks player (eg: kick 32 Language pls.) ban [playerId] [minutes] Bans online player (eg: ban 11 0 Duping) 0 = forever [reason] addBan [GUID|IP] Bans on/off player (eg: addBan 0 Duping) [minutes] [reason] removeBan [banId] Remove bans (eg: ban 11 ) version Display the BattlEye version update Check for a newer BattlEye version loadBans Reload Bans from bans.txt writeBans Rewrite Bans to bans.txt disconnect Disconnects the rcon exit Exits the whole rcon client ## Server Commands **All commands are prefixed with !rcon** #shutdown Shutdown the GAME server #lock Locks the GAME server #unlock Unlocks the GAME server #missions Stops current missions and goes to mission list #reassign Moves all players back into the lobby #userlist Displays the list of users on the server #kick [serverPlayerId] Kicks an online player #exec ban Bans an online player [serverPlayerId] Please provide as much feedback as possible ! 1 mistake by myself can crash the whole bot. So if there are still use cases where it fails we can finetune it! You can join our discord server to discuss or report bugs ( or the topics ). Technical info about the bot. Hosted in france on a good server. Coded in NodeJS ( Ecmascript 6 ). Modular build. Oauth2 authentications. The bot will be hosted by myself until we encounter any problems we can't solve that way. If i ever stop hosting the bot i will release the sourcecode. I might also release the sourcecode earlier. ( If i know you, you can ask me for access to the code). Credits - Testers MGT -> DB Edge of Sanity -> Tobias Solem Screenshots
  5. Hello, I searched through the forums but didn't find anything relating to this so I hope someone can share some info regarding this issue. For the last week or so whenever I try to join a server it can take between 10 seconds and 3 minutes for my BattlEye GUID to verify with the server. I believe its not a server side issue because it happens on more than one dedi and it only happens to me. I have tried reinstalling the battleye files via verify game cache and direct download from the battleye website but still the issue persists. I waited for A3 1.64 to drop and I still have the issue afterwards. Anyone know anything about this?
  6. Hello to BIS and community. I apologize if I has written in incorrect thread of forum, sure this beyond Arma 3. There some questions I'm worried about upcoming 1.64 update introducing VAC flags for accounts which were banned by Battleye. section. First question is it retroactive? So if account was banned before this update is it still going to be flagged by VAC? I'm sure this shouldn't be retroactive, just like real life laws (see ex post facto law). Also these VAC flags can have consequences on certain servers and communities.
  7. BattlEye is not working, says Error 577 whenever I try to start the game with it. Event Viewer says "The BEDaisy service failed to start due to the following error: Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source". I've already tried checking game files, deleting BattlEye folders, downloading the BEService.exe from BattlEye site, deleted the whole game and reinstalled it, restarted the PC several times, ran SFC /scannow, dism restore, chkdsk and anything else trivial, but nothing worked. I'm running Windows 10 Build 14361. If I recall correctly, BattlEye used to work fine when the build was just freshly installed (I've reinstalled several builds through this year), but would throw this error when the build is updated. I'm pretty positive it will work if I reinstall Windows, but I'm not willing to do this in the foreseeable future, as everything else is working correctly, and it will most likely crash again when it updates, so it's better to fix it, rather than nuking it. Any clues, anyone?
  8. for 1.58.135170 and newer builds is needed to support custom BattlEye's RCON port defined in BEserver.cfg as new settings next to "RConPassword" "RConPort" "RConIP" //optional everything else is same RconPort must avoid reserved ARMA3server port range default reserved ports (+0,+1,+2,+3) are 2302 - 2305 to clarify the reserved ports can't be used for BattlEye's RCON you also shall not need to add the RconIP entry as undefined equals to (all IPv4 local IP addresses) setting it to e.g. will prevent it to respond on external IP setting it to e.g. external IP will prevent it to respond on localhost
  9. The BattlEye filter (BEFilter) addWeaponCargo.txt does not log or kick what-so-ever regardless of what keyword is used. No other filter has this issue. From what I have dug-up online this issue has persisted since 8 April 2015 when update 1.42 was released also known as the Marksmen DLC update. There have been other topics posted about this issue - such as [bEFilter] addWeaponCargo.txt not working ? - but as far as I am aware they were never officially acknowledged. I contacted Bastian ($able) from BattlEye and he suggested that I ask Bohemia about this broken filter.
  10. Hello, we have released a major upgrade of our BattlEye integration in a dev branch today. This new version of BattlEye uses a windows service that is started before the game and provides additional security. The service is started and stopped automatically and it's also shared among all our games that support it (currently Arma 3, Operation Arrowhead and DayZ) so the impact on your systems should be minimal. If you want to use BattlEye in an Arma 3 client (there's no change for servers) you have basically three options: Use Arma 3 Launcher Start the launcher, enable BattlEye in the options and start the game -or- If you're using a -noLauncher parameter to skip the Arma 3 Launcher in the game Launch Options, in a shortcut or an URL, you can also add a -useBE parameter. arma3launcher.exe -noLauncher -useBE <params> steam://rungameid/107410// -noLauncher -useBE Let Arma 3 start BE You can simply start the game and join a BE enabled server Arma 3 will show a dialog requesting a game restart If you will confirm it the game will be restarted with BattlEye enabled (restart is required in order to start the BattlEye service) Manual start of BattlEye Start the game by running the BattlEye launcher directly arma3battleye.exe 2 1 <params> The first parameter - 2 means BE should check for updates and then run the game <params> stands for command line parameters that are forwarded to the game Please use this thread to share your feedback and report any issues you may have to our feedback tracker. Thanks! EDIT: A3 launcher option extended with the -useBE parameter EDIT: The first parameter for arma3battleye.exe changed from 0 to 2
  11. CONTENTS Setting up your server What you need how you do it Links Information useful Tools Useful Addons Selecting between Stable & Dev Builds, full or Dedi package installs Port Forwarding Battleye Configuration Location of files Server Admin Commands Running Dedicated Server and client on same machine Running multiple servers on one machine Re-locating MpMissions Bandwidth Optimisation Trouble Shooting & Help Best way to use this thread Live chat help What cannot be done Known Issues Example files CONFIG_Vanilla.cfg Arma3.cfg .Arma3Profile Advanced configuration -profiles AutoServer_Restart.bat File Firedeamon Addons and Mods Basic introduction Installation Miscellaneous Downloading & Addon Management Changelog The tutorial is intended for the lowest level of knowledge and skill, I make no apologies to those who think it is patronising. if you do, why are you reading a tutorial :j: LAST UPDATED: Thursday 21st March 2017 up too and including this post ************************************************************************************ IMPORTANT UPDATE (16th March 2017) arma3server_x64.exe 64 (Released 16th March 2017) 1) Update your firewall rules to include the 64 bit binary 2) BattleEye changes 64 bit binary runs the beserver_x64.dll It also needs a BEServer_x64.cfg (Which is simply a renamed copy of your BEServer.cfg If you run an addon server and are having issues, then try running the 32 bit arma3server.exe until the addon makers have fixed their content ************************************************************************************ SETTING UP YOUR SERVER What you need 1 Standalone Windows server (2008 or later) (Sound and GPU not required) 1 Steam Account Ownership of ArmA3 No longer required if installing the server using the the Dedicated server package. (Required for Headless client or full client install) According to this THIS POST you can run the ArmA3server on Win2003 now This is how you do it. Take note. There are additions within these instructions that you may not need, if you only intend running 1 instance of an Arma3 server on your machine However, adding these superfluous commands and content will not be detrimental to single instance servers Directory paths are all customisable but for the sake of this tutorial, all file examples and command lines used will be consistent with the tutorial instructions Login as Administrator: (You will need to run Arma3server.exe as "Administrator" or "System". Battleye requires it.) Install the latest version of DirectX Recommended to install install the 32 & 64-bit 2013 VC++ redist from Create the following empty directories D:\Apps\Steam D:\Games\ArmA3\A3Master D:\Games\ArmA3\A3Files Download steamcmd.exe unpack it and save it to your targetted Steam install directory (E.g D:\Apps\Steam) Run the steamcmd.exe. (This will download and install the required steam files to your custom steam directory) Create an ArmA3_Steam_updater.cmd file, (Example shown below) and save it to D:\Games\ArmA3\A3Files Run the ArmA3_Steam_updater.cmd file Just after logging into Steam, the console window will hang and ask for a validation key Steam will have automatically sent you an email with this validation code, which you then need to input at the command prompt The Update console window should then continue to run and install ArmA3 ((DEV or STABLE) version to the target directory as defined in the .cmd file) eg (D:\Games\ArmA3\A3Master) Create a shortcut for the ArmA3Server_x64.exe on the server desktop Add the following parameters to the Target Line in the shortcut tab of the newly created desktop shortcut -port=2302 (Required if running multiple server instances) "-profiles=d:\Games\Arma3\A3Master" -config=CONFIG_Vanilla.cfg -world=empty -mod= -mod= (Exaclty as it looks, an empty mod parameter so it looks something similar to the following "D:\Games\Arma3\A3Master\arma3server_x64.exe" "-profiles=d:\Games\Arma3\A3Master" -port=2302 -config=CONFIG_Vanilla.cfg -world=empty -mod= Add firewall rules for the UDP ports (See below for -Port information) Add firewall rule for the arma3server_x64.exe Create a simple Notepad document called "CONFIG_vanilla.cfg" and save it to the root folder of your ArmA3 install on the server D:\Games\ArmA3\A3Master (See below for ".cfg" content) Then start up your shortcut, check the server runs. (You will see a console pop up in your desktop after a few seconds) Close the console window down, then you will need to edit the following files which will have been created D:\Games\Arma3\A3Master\Users\Adminstrator\Administrator.Arma3Profile D:\Games\Arma3\A3Master\Users\Administrator\Arma3.cfg These files contain minimal content, and require a lot of editing, so to make this easier, there are example files listed below which you can copy n paste from Restart the server Start up your client Arma3 (Running the same branch as the server, (eg Stable or DEV) and you should then be able to see your server in the server browser (Filters are available to reduce the server list) Login to your server using the password you defined in CONFIG_Vanilla.cfg by typing "/" to open the chat window and then type (#login ADMINPASSWORD followed by enter Once logged in you will be presented with a mission list, select one of the missions to start the game Prove the stability of your server by running BIS missions initially before you start adding user made content You should now have successfully installed and be running a stable "Vanilla" (Default) server You can then set up Battleye, The ArmA3 anti cheat system (See the Battleye Configuration section below) *** SUPPORTING INFORMATION *** USEFUL LINKS, TOOLS & ADDONS Open the spoiler for more info TICKETS RAISED that need your Vote SELECTING DEVELOPMENT OR STABLE BUILD Open the spoiler for more info PORT FORWARDING (ArmA3) (Firewalls) Open the spoiler for more info BATTLEYE CONFIGURATION Open the spoiler for more info LOCATION OF FILES (When setting parameters) Open the spoiler for more info SERVER ADMIN COMMANDS Open the spoiler for more info RUNNING DEDICATED SERVER & CLIENT ON SAME MACHINE If you have followed these instructions, the only known issue, is to make sure you start the server up before you start the steam client Failing to do this causes steam port issues and your client wont be able to connect to the server RUNNING MULTIPLE SERVERS ON SAME MACHINE Open the spoiler for more info RE-LOCATING MPmIssions (For example to a dropbox) Open the spoiler for more info BANDWIDTH OPTIMISATION Open the spoiler for more info TROUBLE SHOOTING Open the spoiler for more info EXAMPLE FILES Arma3_Steam_Updater.cmd CONFIG_Vanilla.cfg ****.Arma3Profile Important to note, the defaul;t B.I classes, Regular, veteran cannot be edited, so if you want to run an edited version, then edit the custom class and run that The following config is set to do just that Arma3.cfg ADVANCED CONFIGURATION -Profiles Open the spoiler for more info AUTO SERVER RESTART .BAT File Open the spoiler for more info Firedeamon Open the spoiler for more info ADDONS & MODS BASIC EXPLANATION Open the spoiler for more info WHITE-LISTING / BLACK-LISTING (How does it work) Open the spoiler for more info ADDON SIGNING Open the spoiler for more info INSTALLATION Open the spoiler for more info MISCELLANEOUS Open the spoiler for more info DOWNLOADING & ADDON MANAGEMENT Open the spoiler for more info CHANGELOG Open the spoiler for more info