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  1. Model by: Hack-er Edited by me Looking for someone to help me texture and write this thing into the game. Message me if you are interested I'll continue working on it. This is my first real mod for this game.
  2. TotesGotes' Weapons and Gear by: totesgotes Download: This is an addon I decided to create on my free time upon realising my disappointment in the lack of vanilla gear and weapons colour schemes. This addon offers various simple colour schemes for weapons and uniforms, as well as my own two rendition of my take on digital terrain patterns that matches the vanilla environment on ArmA 3. All Uniforms textures look new, no time to retexture them to look rugged. Will do it some time when I can. This is an open source addon. Feel free to change anything you would like to. No need to contact, no need to credit. Updated to V1.4 MTP Rig set, Helmets, and Vest added. Khaki Tactical Vest added. Khaki Tactical Vest to Coyote Tactical Vest. Worn Combat Fatigues, Shirt, added. Red Beret added. New "Combat Sweater" in Olive and Khaki. Colour fixes with INDEP uniforms. Added Mk.1 EMR in Olive, fixed unnecessary shine. Zafir Olive colour fix. Plain Shemag colour improvement.
  3. Why is it sometimes I can use my own weapon loadouts in patrol but most of the time, it will not list it, and I am forced to use what the game has picked for me? And even if I do get my own loadout, 50% of the time, if I respawn, my loadout options are removed and Im forced to the 1 weapon the game picked for me. Is this a bug or by design? The following I do think is a bug: At the map respawn screen, there has been a few times that I can pick from my own loadout, but it is not shown in the list. I can select a invisible item (in the location where it would be listed at), click details and there is nothing displayed (no weapons, no attachments, etc) but then when I spawn, I will have one of my own loadouts.
  4. Hi guys, Is there a chart somewhere that converts KG or Lbs in "arma mass/weight"? we are trying to make are weapons realistic... but... cant figure out what do enter. Cheers
  5. Hey there guys! After a fairly lengthy hiatus I'm back to working on my mods pretty regularly again. With that a few things have switched focus for me. Instead of big blankets of general gear the way VSM has been up till now, a million camos of every variety, I'll be focusing more on making unique gear that is more about making your character one of a kind, instead of a face in an army. That being said I will have a handful of camos in this pack, just not the insanity VSM became. I am also working on a more character driven story that i may or may not release, but part of that story is following a unique group of tactical operator dudes, Project Zenith, in this case. So I needed some original camos. I took inspiration from what originally got me started in modding, the project honor camo pattern, and tweaked it/recolored it into 4 (so far) patters. A m81 themed woodland (pictured at the top), a more green themed jungle variant, an altis/malden based arid pattern, and an arctic pattern. I'll be basing this project on my Crye Gen 2 uniforms that i started on before my hiatus. As well as a handful of new vests, helmets, gloves, weapons, and any other gear that may come up as i work on this project. But, not only for western themed units! I will also be putting a rebel faction, and an Opfor faction together. 99% original new models to arma, some small things ill reuse, but i want to focus on new content here instead of reskins. I want this mod to make arma feel sorta Tom Clancy themed. Anyhow, heres some pics. Arid Jungle Woodland Multicam Bonus round kitbashes
  6. Weapons can be found anyway pretty much. But by look in these places the chance is higher. Military Check Points: On all islands, found on cross sections (4 roads cross) tents will house anything from Ammo to a Glock. If your lucky 'a commander' will be there, they have a Red Hat and shoot at you so you know when you see them. On island one they will have the basic FNX pistol (45 ACP) On island 2/3 they will more than likely have a Glock (9 mm) For the very lucky you may find a elite soldiers 'rare' they will have a AK-74 or M4 Carbine. (The best weapons) PLEASE NOTE: Radios can give you the locations. Found at radio towers. Random spawn. (Battery) On island one there is normally "1" crash site normally a tan coloured jeep (for some reasons the developers haven't got the 'art' for the truck facing side ways so it will be on road going along the Y-axis (Up) On island 2/3: more jeeps and Humvees, found in military bases and fire stations only. Helecopter crashes anyway around the map 'LUCK' Around crashes: military gear and weapons. Island 2 and above! Military bases. Icon on map Have you guessed it Guns CAR BOOTS; SUV may sometimes have shotguns in. Misc location for guns (be anywhere on map) Bunkers Watch towers Building (rare) Guns/Ammo *= I don't know name FNX pistol - 45 ACP clip(15) Colt 911 - 45 ACP clip(7) Glock - 9mn clip(18) GOOD Magnum - 317' clip(6) (good) Remington (shotg) - 10 cal clip (12) //another shotgun very bad clip 2 :( Reapeater - 7.62 clip(7) Glospi rifle* - 7.62 clip(7) Sniper Very Rare 7.62x32 (VPD)* MP5k - 9mm clip(30) AK-74u - 5.56x32 clip(30) ^F-rate AKM -7.62x32 clip(30) ^F- damage AK-74 - 5.56x32 clip(30) GOD M4 Carbine - 5.56x42 GODS GOD L82 RARE - 5.56x42 M4 basically If you see the super 22 or the ampotations pistol don't pick them up, pea shooters basically. Your fis is better promise.
  7. Hi, Currently I am trying to finalize a weapon pack of about 16 new weapons for a Mod I am developing. All the weapons are working almost as intended, except two issues which I cannot find any understandable info on. 1. I cannot figure out how to add the full auto firing mode to my weapon. 2. I cannot seem to get the attachments to work as intended. Here is my Config: class CfgWeapons { class myGUN_base { access = 3; afmax = 0; aidispersioncoefx = 4; aidispersioncoefy = 5; airateoffire = 0.5; airateoffiredistance = 500; ammo = ""; autofire = 1; autoreload = 0; backgroundreload = 0; ballisticscomputer = 0; bullet1[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\shells\7_62\metal_762_01.wav", 0.1, 1, 15}; bullet10[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\shells\7_62\grass_762_02.wav", 0.01, 1, 15}; bullet11[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\shells\7_62\grass_762_03.wav", 0.01, 1, 15}; bullet12[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\shells\7_62\grass_762_04.wav", 0.01, 1, 15}; bullet2[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\shells\7_62\metal_762_02.wav", 0.1, 1, 15}; bullet3[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\shells\7_62\metal_762_03.wav", 0.177828, 1, 15}; bullet4[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\shells\7_62\metal_762_04.wav", 0.177828, 1, 15}; bullet5[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\shells\7_62\dirt_762_01.wav", 0.1, 1, 15}; bullet6[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\shells\7_62\dirt_762_02.wav", 0.1, 1, 15}; bullet7[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\shells\7_62\dirt_762_03.wav", 0.1, 1, 15}; bullet8[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\shells\7_62\dirt_762_04.wav", 0.1, 1, 15}; bullet9[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\shells\7_62\grass_762_01.wav", 0.01, 1, 15}; candrop = 1; canlock = 0; canshootinwater = 0; cartridgepos = "nabojnicestart"; cartridgevel = "nabojniceend"; count = 0; cursor = "arifle"; cursoraim = "CursorAim"; cursoraimon = ""; cursorsize = 1; cmimmunity = 1; descriptionshort = "Assault Rifle <br />Caliber: 5.56mm"; detectrange = 0; dexterity = 1.64; discretedistance[] = {100, 300, 400, 600, 800}; discretedistanceinitindex = 1; dispersion = 0.0001; displayname = "myGUN"; disposableweapon = 0; distancezoommax = 300; distancezoommin = 300; drysound[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\other\dry7.wav", 0.01, 1}; emptysound[] = {"", 1, 1}; enableattack = 1; ffcount = 3; fffrequency = 11; ffmagnitude = 0.5; fireanims[] = {}; firelightduration = 0.05; firelightintensity = 0.012; firespreadangle = "3.0f"; flash = "gunfire"; flashsize = 0.5; forceoptics = 0; handanim[] = {"OFP2_ManSkeleton","\A3\Weapons_F\Rifles\MX\data\Anim\mx_cqc.rtm"}; //hand animation lcation hiddenselections[] = {}; hiddenselectionstextures[] = {}; hiddenunderwaterselections[] = {}; hiddenunderwaterselectionstextures[] = {}; htmax = 600; htmin = 1; initspeed = 0; irdistance = 0; irdotintensity = 0.001; irlaserend = "laser dir"; irlaserpos = "laser pos"; laser = 0; lockacquire = 1; lockedtargetsound[] = {"\A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 0.000316228, 6}; lockingtargetsound[] = {"\A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 0.000316228, 2}; magazinereloadtime = 0; magazines[] = {"myGUN_30Rnd_556x45_B_Stanag", "myGUN_30Rnd_556x45_T_Stanag"}; //magazines used maxleadspeed = 23; maxrange = 500; maxrangeprobab = 0.04; maxrecoilsway = 0.008; memorypointcamera = "eye"; mfact = 1; mfmax = 0; midrange = 150; midrangeprobab = 0.58; minrange = 1; minrangeprobab = 0.3; model = "EC_Weapons\myGUN"; modelmagazine = ""; modeloptics = "-"; modelspecial = ""; modes[] = {"Single", "Burst"}; multiplier = 1; muzzleend = "konec hlavne"; muzzlepos = "usti hlavne"; muzzles[] = {"this"}; namesound = "rifle"; optics = 0; opticsdisableperipherialvision = 0.67; opticsflare = 0; opticsid = 0; opticsppeffects[] = {}; opticszoominit = 0.75; opticszoommax = 1.1; opticszoommin = 0.375; picture = "\EC_Weapons\UI\gear_myGUN_x_ca"; primary = 10; recoil = "assaultRifleBase"; recoilprone = "assaultRifleBase"; reloadaction = "GestureReloadMX"; //reload gesture reloadmagazinesound[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\reloads\new_trg.wav", 0.1, 1, 30}; reloadsound[] = {"", 1, 1}; reloadtime = 0.15; scope = 0; selectionfireanim = "zasleh"; showaimcursorinternal = 1; showempty = 1; shownunderwaterselections[] = {}; showswitchaction = 0; showtoplayer = 1; simulation = "Weapon"; sound[] = {"\EC_Weapons\sound\myGUN", 4,4}; soundbegin[] = {"sound", 1}; soundbeginwater[] = {"sound", 1}; soundbullet[] = {"bullet1", 0.083, "bullet2", 0.083, "bullet3", 0.083, "bullet4", 0.083, "bullet5", 0.083, "bullet6", 0.083, "bullet7", 0.083, "bullet8", 0.083, "bullet9", 0.083, "bullet10", 0.083, "bullet11", 0.083, "bullet12", 0.083}; soundburst = 1; soundclosure[] = {"sound", 1}; soundcontinuous = 0; soundend[] = {"sound", 1}; soundloop[] = {"sound", 1}; swaydecayspeed = 2; tbody = 100; texturetype = "default"; type = 1; uipicture = "\A3\weapons_f\data\UI\icon_regular_CA.paa"; useaction = 0; useactiontitle = ""; useasbinocular = 0; usemodeloptics = 1; value = 4; weaponinfotype = "RscWeaponZeroing"; weaponlockdelay = 0; weaponlocksystem = 0; weaponpoolavailable = 1; weaponsoundeffect = ""; weight = 0; class Library { libtextdesc = "myGUN"; }; class GunClouds { access = 0; cloudletaccy = 0; cloudletalpha = 0.3; cloudletanimperiod = 1; cloudletcolor[] = {1, 1, 1, 0}; cloudletduration = 0.05; cloudletfadein = 0; cloudletfadeout = 0.1; cloudletgrowup = 0.05; cloudletmaxyspeed = 100; cloudletminyspeed = -100; cloudletshape = "cloudletClouds"; cloudletsize = 1; deltat = 0; initt = 0; interval = -0.02; size = 0.3; sourcesize = 0.02; timetolive = 0; class Table { class T0 { color[] = {1, 1, 1, 0}; maxt = 0; }; }; }; class WeaponSlotsInfo { allowedslots[] = {901}; mass = 4; class MuzzleSlot { access = 1; compatibleitems[] = {"muzzle_snds_M"}; displayname = "Muzzle Slot"; linkproxy = "\A3\data_f\proxies\weapon_slots\MUZZLE"; scope = 0; }; class CowsSlot { access = 1; compatibleitems[] = {"optic_Arco", "optic_aco", "optic_ACO_grn", "optic_hamr", "optic_Holosight"}; displayname = "Optics Slot"; linkproxy = "\A3\data_f\proxies\weapon_slots\TOP"; scope = 2; }; class PointerSlot { access = 1; compatibleitems[] = {"acc_pointer_IR", "acc_flashlight"}; displayname = "Side Slot"; linkproxy = "\A3\data_f\proxies\weapon_slots\SIDE"; scope = 0; }; }; class ItemInfo { priority = 1; RMBhint = "XMX"; onHoverText = "TODO XMX DSS"; }; class GunParticles { class FirstEffect { directionname = "Konec hlavne"; effectname = "RifleAssaultCloud"; positionname = "Usti hlavne"; }; }; class Single: Mode_SemiAuto { sounds[] = {StandardSound, SilencedSound}; class BaseSoundModeType { weaponSoundEffect = "DefaultRifle"; closure1[]={"A3\sounds_f\weapons\closure\closure_rifle_2", db-12, 1,10}; closure2[]={"A3\sounds_f\weapons\closure\closure_rifle_3", db-12, 1,10}; soundClosure[]={closure1,0.5, closure2,0.5}; }; class StandardSound: BaseSoundModeType /// Sounds inside this class are used when soundTypeIndex = 0, according to sounds[] { begin1[]={"EC_Weapons\sound\myGUN.wav", db0, 1,500}; begin2[]={"EC_Weapons\sound\myGUN.wav", db0, 1,500}; begin3[]={"EC_Weapons\sound\myGUN.wav", db0, 1,500}; soundBegin[]={begin1,0.33, begin2,0.33, begin3,0.34}; }; class SilencedSound: BaseSoundModeType /// Sounds inside this class are used when soundTypeIndex = 1, according to sounds[] { begin1[]={"EC_Weapons\sound\myGUN.wav", db-1, 1,200}; begin2[]={"EC_Weapons\sound\myGUN.wav", db-1, 1,200}; soundBegin[]={begin1,0.5, begin2,0.5}; }; aidispersioncoefx = 1.4; aidispersioncoefy = 1.7; airateoffire = 2; airateoffiredistance = 500; artillerycharge = 1; artillerydispersion = 1; autofire = 0; burst = 1; canshootinwater = 0; dispersion = 0.00093; displayname = "Semi"; ffcount = 1; fffrequency = 11; ffmagnitude = 0.5; flash = "gunfire"; flashsize = 0.1; maxrange = 500; maxrangeprobab = 0.2; midrange = 250; midrangeprobab = 0.7; minrange = 2; minrangeprobab = 0.3; multiplier = 1; recoil = "recoil_single_mk20"; recoilProne = "recoil_single_prone_mk20"; reloadtime = 0.065; requiredoptictype = -1; showtoplayer = 1; soundbeginwater[] = {"sound", 1}; soundburst = 0; soundcontinuous = 0; soundend[] = {}; soundloop[] = {}; texturetype = "semi"; useaction = 0; useactiontitle = ""; }; class Burst: Mode_Burst { sounds[] = {StandardSound, SilencedSound}; class BaseSoundModeType { weaponSoundEffect = "DefaultRifle"; closure1[]={"A3\sounds_f\weapons\closure\closure_rifle_2", db-12, 1,10}; closure2[]={"A3\sounds_f\weapons\closure\closure_rifle_3", db-12, 1,10}; soundClosure[]={closure1,0.5, closure2,0.5}; }; class StandardSound: BaseSoundModeType /// Sounds inside this class are used when soundTypeIndex = 0, according to sounds[] { begin1[]={"EC_Weapons\sound\myGUN.wav", db0, 1,500}; begin2[]={"EC_Weapons\sound\myGUN.wav", db0, 1,500}; begin3[]={"EC_Weapons\sound\myGUN.wav", db0, 1,500}; soundBegin[]={begin1,0.33, begin2,0.33, begin3,0.34}; }; class SilencedSound: BaseSoundModeType /// Sounds inside this class are used when soundTypeIndex = 1, according to sounds[] { begin1[]={"EC_Weapons\sound\myGUN.wav", db-1, 1,200}; begin2[]={"EC_Weapons\sound\myGUN.wav", db-1, 1,200}; soundBegin[]={begin1,0.5, begin2,0.5}; }; aidispersioncoefx = 2; aidispersioncoefy = 3; airateoffire = "1e-006"; airateoffiredistance = 500; artillerycharge = 1; artillerydispersion = 1; autofire = 0; burst = 3; canshootinwater = 0; dispersion = 0.00093; displayname = "Burst"; ffcount = 1; fffrequency = 11; ffmagnitude = 0.5; flash = "gunfire"; flashsize = 0.1; maxrange = 30; maxrangeprobab = 0.05; midrange = 15; midrangeprobab = 0.7; minrange = 0; minrangeprobab = 0.9; multiplier = 1; recoil = "recoil_auto_trg"; recoilprone = "recoil_auto_prone_trg"; reloadtime = 0.07; requiredoptictype = -1; showtoplayer = 1; soundbeginwater[] = {"sound", 1}; soundburst = 0; soundcontinuous = 0; soundend[] = {"sound", 1}; soundloop[] = {}; texturetype = "burst"; useaction = 0; useactiontitle = ""; }; }; class myGUN : myGUN_base { scope = 2; }; }; Here a some screenshots for the attachment proxies on my model: Proxie Placements Proxie Selections Any Help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hello everyone, I have just experienced this for the first time tonight and even though it was quite funny it remains very problematic, havn't managed finding a thread already speaking about it so here i will explain it. What happens : You will randomly loose all your inventory during a round, everything, even your clothes, basically ending up in underwear. This can happen to a single person just like it can happen to the whole both teams ! Pictures for proof : ; ;
  9. This is my first post and my first play through of he campaign. I played non stop before the release but have been out of the country ever since. I noticed the weapon pool works like absolutle hell. Only SOME items from the scouting missions are saved. The crated get maxxxed out quick and your pretty much screwed. My question is about personal. I soent hours doing 100% side missions before the first adapt base. Then again 100% scouting (this is when I noticed the weapon, gear pool was shit) before the breaking even mission I was wondering hell do j even care if my squad mates die.? Will I have x less if I have x die the mission before?
  10. Hi I was playing pilgrimage now for about 2 hours. Everything was perfect. Until my guns simply stopped shooting. Its weird because I can use primary mouse button for everything in game except for shooting. So, when I press left mouse button the game simply doesnt react. It is not a problem of one gun, but all the guns and you can propably imagine what is Arma without guns... At first I was suspicious of addons - I use CBA_A3, Bloodlust, JSRS SOUNDMOD, Ace 3. Then I checked if some wierd weapon jamming is in place or I had a safety on but alas I did not. To end this topic, guns simply doesnt shoot even after re-maping the keys and trying a restart of the game. Happened suddenly. That's all I guess. Thank you beforehand for any answer.
  11. I'm writing this short blog because of what I saw last night while going through Military/Science/Technology News. However before I get to that let me talk about something else really quickly. From the little knowledge we have about Arma III's lore and what I know (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) on Russia we know that Russia is not directly in CSAT Organization. CSAT is mainly made up of the Middle Eastern Countries and China with Iran leading the Middle Eastern countries. Whether or not that could really happen is beyond anyone's guess really, we could sit here and speculate and moan and argue that Iran could never form a collation of Middle Eastern Countries and reestablish peace in the middle east with Saudi Arabia and Israel plus the United States there, or blah blah blah Iran is a state sponsor of terror, etc etc etc. No one knows what the future holds and we will just have to see what happens in the middle east. However our main focus is Russia or the Russian Federation if you prefer, Russia to my knowledge funds and supports CSAT but is not directly in CSAT, which sounds like Russians Foreign policy, they usually stay within their own borders and never join any fights unless asked like in Syira's case or they need too. Russia has some pretty impressive technology for the Third or Fourth Highest Defense Budget in the world, it makes me jealous I will admit. So when I saw this stuff last night I almost died of excitement, because of how awesome and cool this is. Russian Combat Suit Reveal This Russian Combat Suit was unveiled at the National University of Science and Technology (MISIS) in Moscow. Now I KNOW that Combat suits are not surprising or something new. We know that the United States and Russia have been designing and planning to build and produce them for our soldiers. Which even if you know we have its still F***KING Awesome to see an actual prototype from the Russians and it just looks so cool. Its one of those "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY" Moments. So Now that we put that out of the way I defiantly think it would be cool to see Combat Suits with HUDS and Maximum Ballistic Armor for the Russians and Americans, like these in Arma III or Arma 4 (You don't want to admit it Bohemia but we all know you're eventually going to move on to Arma 4 so you can use you're new engine, unless you pull a Half Life 3 on us.) Now hold on before you say this would be way too powerful! (Well first off that's kinda the point of these suits so our soldiers don't get killed.) I do think we should defiantly see these in limited use in Arma III not give every soldier a Combat suit and a pat on the back and say go at them boy. They should be restricted to Special Forces on the Russians and United States Side. I do however think these should not be a vehicle because these are uniforms and body armor not vehicles. This is the Year 2035 and even though some in the community dread futuristic stuff like the Blackfoot Attack Helicopter, the Ghost Hawk Helicopter, (Yes I know that the Blackfoot is a cancelled project and I know the Ghost Hawk is a prototype) The drones, The MX Series, (Yes I know the MX Rifle is not a real rifle it is a combination of the SCAR and ACR) and the Fancy Gear that CSAT Has. Me Personally I love using the Blackfoot and the MX is my favorite Assault Rifle in the game. Most of these are all real Vehicles, Guns, Helicopters, Jets, and Armor that will be used in future warfare. The Battlefield is constantly evolving and so is the technology and since Arma III is set in 2035 I do think Bohemia should use the 2035 setting and give us futuristic gear and weapons. I also like the fact that Bohemia lets us use vehicles or prototypes that never got to see the day of light in combat like the XM8 and the Blackfoot Attack Helicopter. These were really cool projects and it was a shame they never replaced our old helicopters and assault rifles, but I'm glad I got to use them in Arma, cause where else am I going to use them? Arma III Simulates how war will be like in 2035, and to quote a Russian General from the article on Russian Combat Suits. So I would like to see Combat Suits for the American Special forces and maybe see some Spetnaz Russian Soldiers Bohemia? This Prototype is in 2017 so surely there will be some working models in 2035 for limited use in the American Special forces and Russian Special Forces. It would be nice to see in the Orange DLC, but me personally I believe you should dedicate this Armor and Gear to an entire DLC Based on Infantry Weapons and Armor. We could use a lot more Assault Rifles, LMGs, Pistols, and Rifles. Plus some shotguns would never hurt Bohemia? The KSG-12 Remember? KSG-12 I know a lot of you don't like Future stuff, however this is in 2035 so Bohemia should make the most out of it. Just be glad this isn't Black Ops II, III or Infinite Warfare type Future. I defiantly believe Bohemia does a better job at simulating Future Warfare than those games. And with that said this is what I would like to see as a DLC Bohemia.
  12. I'm working on a project and one of the things I want to implement is removing the ability to change the attachments that are on a weapon. For instance if you pick up an MX that has an ACO and a flashlight and then pickup an MX that has a suppressor I don't want players to be able to take the suppressor off the second one and transfer it to the first one. Does anyone know if this is possible and if it is could you provide an example of how it is done or at least point towards the information I need to make this work. If this is not possible is there at least a way to limit what attachments can go on what weapons. I realize this sounds like a step backwards and in all honesty it is but for what i have in mind certain weapon/attachment combinations would break the balance i am trying to achieve. Thank you in advance for any assistance anyone is willing to provide.
  13. Is there a mod or cheat for the singleplayer where I can choose every weapon / equipment i want? I Already asked the question in the Steam forums and someone suggested a mod called "Personal Arsenal", but this mod does not work with savegames. Further it seems like you can get a ban in multiplayer if you have this installed. I just want the possibility to choose any weapon or equipment I want in singleplayer only. Is there any safe way / mod for this that works with savegames too and does not affect the multiplayer? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi guys, I am trying to find an exemple, a guide or etc on how to upgrade our weapons config with the new sound shaders. I am not very good with configs. Also, i heard there was a skype channel for community devs where you can ask questions. Thx
  15. I_Plane_Fighter_04_F A-149 Gryphon ["weapon_Fighter_Gun20mm_AA",[-1]]; ["Laserdesignator_pilotCamera",[-1]]; ["weapon_BIM9xLauncher",[-1]]; ["weapon_AGM_65Launcher",[-1]]; ["weapon_AMRAAMLauncher",[-1]]; ["CMFlareLauncher_Singles",[-1]]; B_Plane_Fighter_01_Stealth_F F/A-181 Black Wasp II (Stealth) ["weapon_Fighter_Gun20mm_AA",[-1]]; ["Laserdesignator_pilotCamera",[-1]]; ["weapon_BIM9xLauncher",[-1]]; ["weapon_GBU12Launcher",[-1]]; ["weapon_AMRAAMLauncher",[-1]]; ["CMFlareLauncher_Singles",[-1]]; B_Plane_Fighter_01_F F/A-181 Black Wasp II ["weapon_Fighter_Gun20mm_AA",[-1]]; ["Laserdesignator_pilotCamera",[-1]]; ["weapon_BIM9xLauncher",[-1]]; ["weapon_GBU12Launcher",[-1]]; ["weapon_AMRAAMLauncher",[-1]]; ["weapon_AGM_65Launcher",[-1]]; ["CMFlareLauncher_Singles",[-1]]; O_Plane_Fighter_02_F To-201 Shikra ["weapon_Fighter_Gun_30mm",[-1]]; ["Laserdesignator_pilotCamera",[-1]]; ["weapon_R73Launcher",[-1]]; ["weapon_R77Launcher",[-1]]; ["weapon_KAB250Launcher",[-1]]; ["CMFlareLauncher",[-1]]; O_Plane_Fighter_02_Stealth_F To-201 Shikra (Stealth) ["weapon_Fighter_Gun_30mm",[-1]]; ["Laserdesignator_pilotCamera",[-1]]; ["weapon_R73Launcher",[-1]]; ["weapon_R77Launcher",[-1]]; ["weapon_KAB250Launcher",[-1]]; ["CMFlareLauncher",[-1]];
  16. Hello BIS Community, I am trying to make a sound mod, script is right, works with some files but for some reason my own audio export is wrong possibly. My current process is exporting the file as a WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM file as a mono file, then do the .wss conversion, (my friend says to do that and works), Just when i do a closure sound, It doesn't seem to load at all, the code is correct, just when I put my specific audio file in it doesn't seem to sound at all. classified as a closure sound. Is there a kind of format or things I need? Any help at all or software plugin to do this will do, thanks if anyone can help.
  17. I have made a retextured version of a weapon, the KAC PDW by Robert Hammer. I want to make this into its own mod, or at least make it so that both my retextured version and the original version can be added into the game at the same time. Currently, when I add the original and the retextured version, the retextured version "overrides" the original, and it also does not let me add attachments or change the fire rate. I would be very grateful if someone knew how to fix this.
  18. How can I make an AI hold a non-primary weapon (launchers or pistols) in his hand while in an animation? They will only equip their primary weapon while playing the animation. If I take away their primary and just give them, for example, a launcher, they will not equip it and it will remain on their back.
  19. As of currently i am wondering how to place down single weapons in the arma 2 AO editor, i looked up a guide on youtube, and it did not work. the weapon im attempting to place is a makarov, yet when i type in the code the video is asking me to type, it doesnt work, if anyone knows a solution to this please let me know alongside where i can go to find other weapons and ammo. The map im working on is a attack where you are a civilian who is frantically searching for weapons to defend themselves against enemys who are attacking their neighborhoods
  20. DESCRIPTION: This addon will add 13 World War 2 weapons to your IFA3 LITE: - FG42 (including bayonet, adjustable sight and deployable bipod) - M12 shotgun (including M1912 bayonet) - M3a1 "Grease Gun" submachine gun - PPS-43 submachine gun - Pistole 640(b) "Browning Hi Power" with German Markings - Radom VIS P35 pistol - Walther PPK pistol - SMLE No.4 Mk I rifle (including spike bayonet) - SMLE No.4 Mk I (T) sniper rifle - Sten Mk.II submachine gun - Sten Mk.II silenced - Sten Mk.V - Welrod Mk.II silenced pistol - PU Scope for SVT-40 (IFA3) All weapons can also be found in a Ammobox in the form of a German Fallschirmjäger Drop Canister. You will need IFA3 LITE for this addon to run. RELEASE DATE: 25-Dec-16 LATEST VERSION: v1.0 AUTHOR: Lennard ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCREENSHOTS: - Mods used in screenshots: IFA3 LITE, Faces of War & Direone's static anims. CHANGELOG: v1,0 - Initial release KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES: None known at the moment. CLASSNAMES: CREDITS: STEN MkII - Seph & BuLL5H1T STEN MkV - Synths M3a1 - RedRogueXIII & Teh Snake PPK - RedRogueXIII Welrod - RedRogueXIII M1912 - KnechtRuprecht ( M1917 Bayonet - Divesh Deusion Jagger FG42 - Lap Lam Chan SMLE scope - Vilas PPS-43 - Vilas P-35 - Lukelcc & Megamawman Browning Hi Power - Mr. Rifleman PU scope - Mr. Rifleman & BuLL5H1T FJ Drop Canister - Lennard Config help - El Tyranos & Kju EULA: By downloading this content you agree with the following: - The addon shall in no way be modified or repackaged, unless permission is given by the original author. - This addon may under no circumstance be used in any monetized server. - No responsibility can be claimed on the original author for (im)possible damage to your system/game that may be caused by installation of this addon. - You may not use this addon for any commercial or military training purposes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REQUIREMENTS: Arma 3 Iron Front in Arma 3 LITE DOWNLOADS: LEN_IFA3_WP_V1.0 (Mediafire) Steam workshop Mirrors are welcome! Have fun!
  21. There is pkm removed but I do not know how to make a bipod:. I want to know if you can share a bipod file with me about this. I really need your help. PKM Model: PKM in game:
  22. COVERT OPS CENTER, RESOURCES, and EQUIPMENT by R. Von Quest VERSION: v0.2.3 Beta UPDATED: 23 September 2017 INTRODUCTION: Work-In-Progress. This is the Stand-Alone Module of my Custom Starting Options and Ops-Center from my SpookWarCom Project. It was the "core" or heart of my projects. This will add numerous player options that you can set easily for those of you who are new or the non-computery types. It also adds an off-site Operations Center which you can operate from that's isolated from the actual map allowing for better behind-the-lines feel before you are boots-on-the-ground. The Tactical Operations Center is a command post that you can role-play as starting in another nearby country. Anyone ever watch "Strike Back"? The Section 20-style Ops Center ties ALL my Projects together (see signature), and acts as a Home Base of sorts. There are so many people that love this hobby but are too intimidated to wade into the technical and modding-side, or just don't have the time. Let me know what Player & Starting Options you would like to see, and I'll attempt to design or script it for the this Addon. Feel free to post requests in this Forum. "The Only Easy Day, Was Yesterday" FEATURES: Tactical Operations Centers (compositions) Heli Support, Transport, Rearm, Infil/Exfil, etc Starting Time Options - Random w/ Full Moon Randomized Starting Weapon Option Starting Camp Site - Random Locations Covert & Unarmed System (Black-Ops) Holster Weapon - Start & Menu Option Weapon Sway Aim CoEfficient Player Fatigue On/Off Option Starting Info Text - 3 Lines to Customize Custom Weapons, Gear, Equipment Movie-Style Silencers, Ballistics, etc Remove Reload Icon .pbo file option Remove Ammo Count .pbo file option ...And many more coming SOON!!! NOTES: More Info coming soon. This was just an upgrade into a Stand-alone Project. Many more cool options are right around the corner. REQUIRED: 1. CBA A3 - Community Based Addons A3 2. Eden Objects (TOC2 - Advanced Ops Center) DOWNLOAD =VQI= CORE OPTIONS & OPS CENTER Von Quest Industries
  23. The weapon is visible when you bring it over from Weapon list to the 3D editor environment, but when you start to add attachments like a scope and more ammo to it- it disappears but the tag and box remains in view. In-game the weapon isn't there either. I thought maybe it sunk down into the ground out of sight and tried to use the altitude adjustment to get it back but that didn't work. Why is this happening and is there a way to prevent it? apart from using a script to force the weapon to remain on an object and alter the weapons properties etc. I noticed this also if you try to copy an object and paste with the hotkeys sometimes the copied object is not visible. I think its neat you can change load out and attributes for weapons on the fly but this isn't working at all- aside from ammo crates or vehicles adding stuff into their inventory this way works ok.
  24. Old Thread wouldn't let me edit anymore Releases To reduce link clutter- further details, media and downloads(and mirrors) are on pages through linked images Changelog Changelog Changelog Changelog Changelog Changelog Changelog Changelog Changelog Changelog Changelog Changelog Changelog Changelog Changelog Changelog Changelog Development Resources 3Ds Max CAT Rig and Tutorials M60E4 Sources and Animation Sources M60E4 Animation RTM Sequences AK Animation sources, sequences and samples FAL Animation sources, sequences and samples G3 Animation sources, sequences and samples M14 Animation sources, sequences and samples AWM Source Material Additional Errata Found a bug? Report it here - [Via GitHub] As of 2015, HLCmods/NIArms has been supported by the generosity and benevolence of the Arma community by donations through Patreon. This generosity has allowed the mods to cut dependence on outside content sources, deliver hIgh-grade Arma-tailored content consistently throughout the year(and provide the entire result open-source), of which the overall direction is driven by donator demand. If you would like to show your support, help fuel the fires- Consider chipping in a few bucks %5BPatreon%5D Current Work Schedule Current Voting Results Licensing Terms
  25. INTEGER DEVOURER PRESENTS VERSION: 0.10 – WHAT TOOK SO LONG EDITION OVERVIEW BATTLE CARS is a 16 player Deathmatch that focuses on vehicular combat with unarmed vehicles. Players choose one of several spawn points, jump into a car and find a weapon. Weapons are randomly acquired by driving over floating orbs scattered around the playing area. Perfect for people yearning for some less than serious fun in the spirit of Twisted Metal/Interstate 76/Vigilante 8. Get it now on: STEAM WORKSHOP ARMAHOLIC FEATURES VEHICULAR COMBAT with your favorite Sport Vehicles! TURBO BOOST your way around the battlefield!*Special thanks to ProGamer:*We are not responsible for any deaths caused by flying cars 11 RANDOMIZED WEAPONS of varying degrees of usefulness!Titans/Mortars will probably kill you more than your enemies. SPECIAL POWERS New power: UAV Bomber VEHICLE SPAWNER at the central spawn point!Special thanks to Tonic: PROTECTED SPAWNS to save you from dying immediately!Protected from shots/explosions, but not being run over VEHICLE HOP/FLIP ​Base flip script is in; only works on totally flipped cars. Special thanks to Iceman77: MISSION PARAMETERS to customize your experience!WOW! BUGS, ERRORS, AND MORE! Experience the pains and struggles of a novice mission maker! COMING SOON ADJUSTABLE VEHICLE TURRETSOnce I figure out how to edit that IMPROVED VEHICLE HEALTH/ARMORSee Above VISIBLE WEAPONS ON VEHICLESee above MORE LOCATIONS!Kavala? Who knows! A HUD NON-COPYRIGHT SOUND EFFECTSPlaceholder sound effectsWeapon Pickups: Metal Slug series Invulnerability Powerup: Super Mario Brothers Nothing Powerup: Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory KABOOM! Powerup: The Price is Right Lightning Storm Powerup: Dragonforce - Fury of the Storm Time Freeze Powerup: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure BALANCING! PROPER SCORING SYSTEM TEAMS BETTER CLEAN UP SCRIPT MORE RAMPS CURRENTLY KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES Driving over the BONUS ORBS sometimes does not trigger the script.Depends on speed and position of vehicle. May have to extend the size of the trigger Hints show for all players Possible mismatch between sound played and item received for other players? Random inconsistent local variable errors!