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  1. Takistan Life Rise of South Dear ArmA 2 Community, today I officially release this Takistan Life mission to any community and player out there. This mission builds up on Takistan Life: Revolution but has been futher developed for the last 3.5 years by me. A few of you may know this mission from British Borders, those who don't know it can test it by searching for "" in the server filter. No clientside mods, only a 3k KB(!) missionfile with tons of features, and lot of space to extend such. A server-side mod which your clients will never notice is also included together with an included debug mode for modders and scripters. The Network It doesn't matter if you only want to play a few hours with your friends, or setup an own community. All Servers are connected to a network, this way we can grant you a fast setup with management tools and own saving system. Some stats are saved forever and shared between all servers. Others, such as faction, rank, nation, admin powers and vip status are dependend and manageable by the different server owners. The ArmA 3 reward system rewards you for not giving up the ArmA 2 servers by rewarding you in ArmA 3 once you get there! Account suspensions are managed by each community via BattlEye. Yet I provide some optional AC detections, within the mission and within the network, which can add specific players to an optional shared banlist which adds bans to either arma 2, arma 3 or both servers. Gameplay TKL:RoS allows you to the same things as in any other ArmA 2 Life server. The map is divided by 2 nations: North (lead by elected PM) and South (lead by the strongest group) with own modifiable laws each. There are 3 main factions: Law Enforcement, United Nations and Civilians - the network allows you to add up to 252 more factions with own ranks. There are 4 additional featured professions (Judge, Lawyer, PMC and Medic) and all the rest (Miner, Trader, Factory, Transport, etc.) Permissions Mission Files (.pbo): ANY COMMUNITY IS HEREBY ALLOWED TO USE THIS MISSION FOR IT'S SERVER. ALSO, YOU ARE HEREBY ALLOWED TO FULLY MODIFY AND RE-DISTRIBUTE ANY FORKED[!] VERSION OF THIS REPOSITORY BY GIVING CREDITS TO TONIC AND ARMITXES. @ArmiNET (Server-Sided-Mod): I hereby grant you to extend(!) any of the existent .sqf(!) files given in the @ArmiNET folder. You may add, modify and re-distribute files created by yourself. By using the files you agree to not decompile, replace, distribute or modify the ArmiNET.dll file contained in this folder in any way. Official Site, Installation Guide, Download & Serverlist Source Code If you got any questions: ask. Big thanks to Tonic for all his initial work with the life missions, always list him in the credits! Cheers, Armitxes
  2. Hey! Quick question. I'm trying to set up a mission that uses ALICE 2 to spawn civs and traffic, but I don't want the player to be able to hitch a free ride off of them, as all the vehicles spawned are unlocked. How can I change this so they're all locked at spawn? Thanks!
  3. DOWNLOAD Arma 2's Operation Arrowhead, mission 2 - Good Morning T-stan remade for arma 3. The invasion has just begun... THIS IS A WIP Features Original voice acting Four player COOP - play as a Pilot, Commander of a Bradley, Delta team leader and Grenedier. Each role can be played without the others Hostile battle cries Civilian help and interaction Each role has unique tasks Atmospheric Weapons in UH-60M Original music and effects MODS REQUIRED CUP PAGE - CUP Terrains Core CUP Terrains CUP Vehicles CUP Units CUP Weapons CBA A3 Known Bugs If the Heli pilot dies right at the start of the mission, respawns WON'T be available until the first insertion team touches down. Basically you'll keep respawning in a helicopter every 30 seconds then explode until the respawn is enabled. Currently if you kill the civilians (rebels), Citizen won't get mad at you. When playing in SP, an error will occur when you kill an OPFOR unit which is about to say a warcry - this DOESN'T affect the script or mission at all. Because units have disabled FSM, they take longer to react to combat. When clear the leader will stop and do nothing, continuing the mission allows the squad leader to continue. Thanks to... CUP TEAM CBA TEAM Bohemia Interactive BI Forums Please report any bugs with COOP and SP.
  4. Greetings everyone! :) Just a friendly announcement here to let you all know about our gaming group and servers. Our group, Anzu's War Games (AWG or AWGames for short), has been around for several years now, and still going strong. We started out on the ArmA series but we also run many other games as well. We're a public group and anyone is welcome to join! We are not crazy about rules and regulations like some groups are, and we won't kick you out for being a part of another gaming community. Our main objective, as it's always been, is to provide a fun, exciting gaming environment for ALL to enjoy. We have fast servers, awesome admins, and a friendly community so stop by our servers or our forums sometime and check it out! Teamspeak Server We've recently setup a new ArmA 3 server running Exile Mod on the new Tanoa map! We've also added Ryan's Zombies and Demons mod, and a spawner so that zombies spawn across the map. -- ArmA 3 ExileMod -- AWG Xi Server (ArmA 3 Exile Tanoa) Hostname: Port: 2382 Server name: -=[AWG Xi]=- Tanau Exile 1.0.0 ZOMBIES|Missions|Bounties|Tow/SlingLoad/Rappel|APEX | | Use the Steam URL below to join the server! steam://connect/ The only 2 mods required to join are ExileMod and Ryan's Zombies and Demons mod, both of which can be obtained through the ArmA 3 Launcher Mods page or A3Launcher. You'll also need the ArmA 3 Apex expansion to play on the Tanoa map. Here's where you can download the mods needed to join our Exile Tanoa server: Mod Downloads: Download from ExileMod's official website: Download via A3Launcher's Mods tab: (Once installed, click Mods and search for Exile and Ryan's Zombies, subscribe to both) Download from our website: We've added lots of custom scripts to change it up and keep the game interesting and fun. See below for some of the customizations our Exile Tanoa server has: Zombies and demons (they spawn most places, except trader zones!) Most Wanted Bounty system (Set a bounty on an enemy player!) Advanced Towing, Slingloading, and Rappelling (realistic physics, very cool) All weapons and gear available (Including DLC and Apex gear) Modified loot spawns (more loot spawns in more places, but not too much) Custom missions and side objectives (Bandit heists, underwater raids, and more!) Extra vehicle spawns (More vehicles will spawn in more places, you won't have to walk far unless you want to) More custom scripts and mods to come! (We try to keep client-side mods to a minimum, but we're always looking for new stuff to add to make the game more enjoyable!) -- ArmA 3 Wasteland -- We've also got 2 A3Wasteland servers that are up and open to the public. One is running the Altis map, and the other is running Tanoa. No mods are required to join these, just load up ArmA 3 and join up! (Again, Apex is required for Tanoa) AWG Nu Server (ArmA 3 Wasteland Altis) Hostname: Port: 2352 Server name: -=[AWG Nu]=- Wasteland - A3Wasteland | $10k START | MORE LOOT | PERSISTENT SAVE | | Use the Steam URL below to join the server! steam://connect/ AWG Alpha Server (ArmA 3 Wasteland Tanoa) Hostname: Port: 2392 Server name: -=[AWG Alpha]=- Tanau Wasteland | $10k START | MORE LOOT | CUSTOM | FULL SAVE | | Use the Steam URL below to join the server! steam://connect/ Our Wasteland servers also have custom scripts and tweaked configurations to make them as fun and exciting as possible. We are always adding new content and improving them as well, so let us know if there's something you'd like to see on our servers! -- ArmA 2 -- Of course, we still run our original ArmA 2 servers on coop missions for all to join as well. Both our ArmA 2 servers have been long-running and remain some of the most popular servers online today. Feel free to hop on and check them out! Our regular ArmA 2 servers are free-to-play compatible! We have active admins on everyday along with custom anti-cheat scripts so any problems get taken care of right away. AWG Eagle Server (ArmA 2) Hostname: Port: 2302 Server name: -={Anzu's War Games}=-[Eagle 2][ArmA 2 Free][AWG] AWG Foxtrot Server (ArmA 2) Hostname: Port: 2322 Server name: -={Anzu's War Games}=-[Foxtrot][Evo Red][ArmA 2 Free][AWG] We've been developing ArmA missions and scripts for a long time, and we've made some pretty awesome missions and servers over the years. That said, we are always open to player feedback and we want to hear your suggestions on how we can make our servers and community better! We pride ourselves in being an open community that listens to our players. If you see something you don't like, tell us and we'll take care of it. Hope to see you in game! :)
  5. Runs great! here are my specs: iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014) 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB Bohemia! I used to run Arma 3 on bootcamp. I was an avid player! ever since the arma 2 days. and before that flashpoint. I am so happy you guys released this for Mac. I am an Artist and pretty much have to use a Mac for my work. Having Arma 3 ported to Mac is absolutely amazing! please continue to develop it. I already got apex and have played it through bootcamp, It is awesome! please bring it to Mac. I don't use bootcamp anymore so this port is a dream come true. with my computer I run it at 1080p with all the settings maxed out. getting an average of 50fps in the open areas of Altis and around 32fps in Kavala. I am sure with some optimization it could be way better. although the fps doesn't go above 50 it feels way smoother than on bootcamp. boot camp with ultra settings I was getting around 50fps as well but it would stutter between 80fps down to 40fps which would cause screen tearing. please make the graphics fully accessible. I want to see what happens when things are bumped up some more. all and all Bohemia this is awesome! love you guys
  6. I found many other topic and guide to porting Arma2 content to Arma3, but all these about units or maps, not MISSIONs. So I start this topic to discuss how to convert missions from Arma2. First thing first, I'm a beginner in this and I have more questions than advises. Don't start to porting missions if you are not familiar with Arma2 mission making and Arma3 mission making process! 0. I used CUP units for Arma2 and AiA maps. 1. I copied the arma2 mission's folder into arma3 missions folder. 2. I open the mission.sqm in an editor and change version=11 to version=12 3. I replace the old unit names to CUP classnames. Eg. USMC_Soldier_SL to CUP_B_USMC_Soldier_SL 4. I replace these classnames in the sqs and sqf scripts too. 5. I try to open the mission in Arma3 editor. If it complains to missing classnames, I find it in mission.sqm file and replace it to a CUP classname, or - if it's not exists - I try to find something similar. Maybe a classname from vanilla Arma3 ? I do it until editor can open the mission without warnings. 6. I try to preview the mission (play the mission) in mode where I can see the script errors on the screen. If any script drop an error message, I find it in the script file and try to solve it with googling for solution. Eg. like no more commands setVehicleInit or processInitCommands, so need solution to make the script working without these. It's a good start to looking for a newer version of that script. Eg there is an Arma3 version of good old UPSMON script. 7. Change to old briefing and tasking system to new one. 8. Remove the A2 healing system. I know it's too brief and there is a lot of specific questions. I guess this topic is a good tart. I got questions, so I start a FAQ here: Q: Do the scripts from A2 still work? A: Some of them yes, others not. Actually most of them will work under A3, than from A1. There are a few script command what is removed (it mentioned above). So you have to check all the script you used in a mission manually and one by one. If you used in A2 a third party script (eg UPSMON), the best solution to ask the original author and maybe there is an A3 version. But if the script was created by you, you have to check it line by line. What will not work in A2 scripts in A3: the A2 animations, some of the A2 classnames (you have to replace the CUP classnames), the A2 first aid module, most of the A2 other modules...etc
  7. We are a new Invasion 1944 division for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and currently looking for new members, our missions consist of a PvE AI Campaign which is currently in production, and PvP missions against other divisions in our new community. Go ahead and add this account on Steam if you are interested, and talk with the commanding officer: Teamspeak 3 Server:
  8. This is one of my first scripts I ever made and I have spent no time to make it more condenced but it works and it's beautifal :D ! In this script it will spawn a US Destroyer (big boat), then attach an Apache to it along with a few other decorative props, and lastly a red, white, and blue smoke trail for your skywritting needs. This was originally in my admin menu I made so Its designed to be in a menu tree on my Action menu. I've removed what I could of that aspect so all you have to do is pick a way to execute this command however I will supply one way for you if you do not know how. This script has no real purpose other than something fun to show your friends. Originall inspiration was from the PapuWarfare test server, I saw Viba spawn in huge boat and fly it around, I was forever inspired to one day get that to work and I have surely built apawn it. <3 Viba and Papu, RIP Server. I also had an automatic cleanup feature in this scrip which you may not like since for testing reasons I had spam my hint box and you may just want to look at this work of art and it automatically removes it shortly afer you exit the vehicle. So here it is! STEPS: 1) Create a text document and save it as "flyingDestroyerT1.sqf" in the MP mission (or SP) folder that you will use in step 2 Example Directory: C:\Users\Joey\Documents\ArmA 2\MPMissions\ReWind%20ExampleMissionName.Chernarus 2) In your mission editor, add a playable unit. Under its initialization field paste this into it: family1 = _unit addAction ["<t color='#9A2EFE'>- </t><t color='#FF0000'>M</t><t color='#FFFFFF'>u</t><t color='#0000FF'>r</t><t color='#FF0000'>i</t><t color='#FFFFFF'>c</t><t color='#0000FF'>a</t> <t color='#FF0000'>A</t><t color='#FFFFFF'>i</t><t color='#0000FF'>r</t><t color='#FF0000'>l</t><t color='#FFFFFF'>i</t><t color='#0000FF'>n</t><t color='#FF0000'>e</t><t color='#FFFFFF'>s</t>", "flyingDestroyerT1.sqf"]; 3) In "flyingDestroyerT1.sqf" copy and paste The code below into the file and save it. ////////////////////////////////////// // // // The Real American Destroyer // // By: ReWind // // Steam: // ////////////////////////////////////// //Identifing Player //Spawning the Apache on players position //Moving player in driver seat of Apache //Spawning Destroyer on players position //Attaching Destroyer to Apache //Getting player Direction before spawn //Telling player the direction they faced //Setting Apache and player direction where player looked _unit = _this select 0; _position = getPos _unit; // you can spawn this anywhere since your player is automatically moved to driver _vehicle = "BAF_Apache_AH1_D" createVehicle (_position); // You may change "BAF_Apache_AH1_D" to any vehicle classname you want and it will function the same _vehicle engineOn true; // False to spawn the vehicle off _unit moveInDriver _vehicle; // !!You NEED this otherwise there is no way to get into the driver seat!! _vehicle allowDamage true; // Set False to make the chopper indestructable (if you crash a heli while invincable it still often times explodes) _vehicle0 = "Land_Destroyer" createVehicle (_position); // There is also another boat I think it is called "Land_Fragetta" not sure but you can interchange them however the props will not allign properly _vehicle0 attachTo [_vehicle,[ 0, 0, 4.5]]; _vehicle0 setVectorDir[0,0,180]; _vehicle0 setDir 180; _direction = getDir _unit; hintSilent format["Based on the direction you were looking, the Object will spawn facing: %1 degrees",_direction]; _vehicle setDir (_direction); _unit setDir (_direction); //Adding other props to give detail _vehicleProp13 = "C130J_static_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp13 attachTo [_vehicle,[7,0,11.5]]; _vehicleProp14 = "C130J_static_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp14 attachTo [_vehicle,[-7,0,11.5]]; _vehicleProp13 setVectorDir[0,0,180]; _vehicleProp14 setVectorDir[0,0,180]; _vehicleProp13 setDir 180; _vehicleProp14 setDir 180; _vehicleProp1 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp1 attachTo [_vehicle,[ 7.65, -25.22, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp2 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp2 attachTo [_vehicle,[ -7.65, -25.22, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp3 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp3 attachTo [_vehicle,[ 7.6, -27.82, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp4 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp4 attachTo [_vehicle,[ -7.6, -27.82, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp5 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp5 attachTo [_vehicle,[ 7.5, -31.3, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp6 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp6 attachTo [_vehicle,[ -7.5, -31.3, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp7 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp7 attachTo [_vehicle,[ 7.5, -33.9, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp8 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp8 attachTo [_vehicle,[ -7.5, -33.9, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp9 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp9 attachTo [_vehicle,[ 7.39, -37.38, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp10 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp10 attachTo [_vehicle,[ -7.39, -37.38, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp11 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp11 attachTo [_vehicle,[ 7.34, -39.28, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp12 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp12 attachTo [_vehicle,[ -7.34, -39.28, 16.5]]; //Maintaining smokes when player is alive //Spawning Blue Smokes //Attaching Blue smokes to Apache even with back of destroyer //Starting cleanup, when vehicle is not active, smokes stop, props are then removed. Also deletes props if the vehicle explodes while {alive _vehicle} do { if (vehicle player == _vehicle) then { hint "Vehicle Active: True"; _vehicle1b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle1b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,4.5]]; _vehicle2b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle2b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,4.7]]; _vehicle3b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle3b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,4.9]]; _vehicle4b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle4b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,5.1]]; _vehicle5b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle5b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,5.3]]; _vehicle6b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle6b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,5.5]]; _vehicle7b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle7b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,5.7]]; _vehicle8b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle8b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,5.9]]; _vehicle9b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle9b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,6.1]]; //Spawning Red Smokes //Attaching Red smokes to Apache even with back of destroyer _vehicle1r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle1r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,6.3]]; _vehicle2r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle2r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,6.5]]; _vehicle3r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle3r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,6.7]]; _vehicle4r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle4r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,6.9]]; _vehicle5r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle5r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,7.1]]; _vehicle6r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle6r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,7.3]]; _vehicle7r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle7r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,7.5]]; _vehicle8r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle8r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,7.7]]; _vehicle9r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle9r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,7.9]]; //Spawning White Smokes //Attaching White smokes to Apache even with back of destroyer _vehicle1w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle1w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,4.3]]; _vehicle2w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle2w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,4.1]]; _vehicle3w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle3w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,3.9]]; _vehicle4w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle4w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,3.7]]; _vehicle5w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle5w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,3.5]]; _vehicle6w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle6w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,3.3]]; _vehicle7w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle7w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,3.1]]; _vehicle8w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle8w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,2.9]]; _vehicle9w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle9w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,2.7]]; sleep 15; } else { hint "Vehicle Active: False"; sleep 1; hint "Removing inactive spawns and ending script"; deleteVehicle _vehicle; deleteVehicle _vehicle0; deleteVehicle _vehicle1b; deleteVehicle _vehicle2b; deleteVehicle _vehicle3b; deleteVehicle _vehicle4b; deleteVehicle _vehicle5b; deleteVehicle _vehicle6b; deleteVehicle _vehicle7b; deleteVehicle _vehicle8b; deleteVehicle _vehicle9b; deleteVehicle _vehicle1r; deleteVehicle _vehicle2r; deleteVehicle _vehicle3r; deleteVehicle _vehicle4r; deleteVehicle _vehicle5r; deleteVehicle _vehicle6r; deleteVehicle _vehicle7r; deleteVehicle _vehicle8r; deleteVehicle _vehicle9r; deleteVehicle _vehicle1w; deleteVehicle _vehicle2w; deleteVehicle _vehicle3w; deleteVehicle _vehicle4w; deleteVehicle _vehicle5w; deleteVehicle _vehicle6w; deleteVehicle _vehicle7w; deleteVehicle _vehicle8w; deleteVehicle _vehicle9w; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp1; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp2; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp3; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp4; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp5; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp6; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp7; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp8; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp9; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp10; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp11; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp12; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp13; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp14; }; sleep 3; hint "script cycled"; sleep 1} THE REST IS OPTIONAL from this point on 4) IF you want to remove the auto-clean-up feature, simply replace lines 150 all the way to the end of the script seen below else { hint "Vehicle Active: False"; sleep 1; hint "Removing inactive spawns and ending script"; deleteVehicle _vehicle; deleteVehicle _vehicle0; All the way to the last line with this: else { hint "Vehicle Active: False"; sleep 1; hint "Autocleanup: Dissabled"; }; sleep 3; hint "script cycled"; sleep 1} Thats all, if you like this hit me up on steam, I have loads of nutty admin tools I have created, I'd be glad to share some.
  9. Hi, I have looked and looked for a solution and I had to try this myself to save downloading around 15GB, my brother had Arma 2 Combined Operation on a Retail copy of the game and you can Install Arma 2 & Operation Arrowhead on steam with the disk. all you have to do is just make a few alterations when installing the disk, make sure that you start autorun and put in your steam that you own it on, or the CD key inside your case just install it to your steam common directory just keep the file name the same and take out where it say's BohemiaInteractive and install, now all you have to do now is to press the install button in steam and it will detect that there is Arma 2 in your steam game you just have to download an extra 2-3GB of the game to work on steam, then you can play.
  10. nevermind this answered, uh everything. no wonder i never post lol
  11. Hello, I have noticed Arma 2/OA ALT-TABBING slowly/with a delay and black screen in the process ever since i switched from Windows 7 to 10. A2/OA would ALWAYS alt-tab instantly while my PC was on Win7 and ever since switching to 10 these problems have started, this bothers me a lot as i like to be able to switch between things quickly. :( I have talked to a friend running Win10 and he is able to confirm A2 + some other games that he used to be able to alt-tab in/out of instantly on 7 being slow and delayed on Win10. I presume this is a microsoft issue, and it seems like there are some other people also experiencing similar issues with several games. Feel free to post in this steam discussion: I guess it's windowed mode for the time being, anyone else noticed this problem since switching to Windows 10?
  12. NOTE: This is for the STEAM EDITION. After playing Arma 3 for a while (quite long), i wanted to go back to Arma 2 and also I44 for a while, but I was having problems getting the DLCs to show properly, and a few error messages to go away. After trial and error, I manage to find the problems. Problem that I got and was solved(Can't remembered the exact message but the gist of it): Application Load error 5:00000065434 (If I remembered the error properly) MISSING STRING!!! Application/Game cannot be found. You installed the DLC, but it shows the LITE version of the DLC in your expansions menu. (This is actually due to though you installed the game in Steam, the content itself has not been integrated in Arma 2 directory which is why you need to run the DLC itself from Steam) Here Goes: 01. Install Arma 2 02. Run Game 03. Install Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead 04. Run Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead 05. Army of Czech Republic should start installing to A2OA. 06. Install Arma 2 British Armed Forces 07. Run Arma 2 British Armed Forces 08. British Armed Forces should start installing to A2OA. 09. Run Arma 2 Private Military Company 10. Private Military Company should start installing to A2OA. 11. Game should run with all DLCs properly. (Sequence of DLCs no longer matters after OA installation; Just make sure that you run the DLC from Steam first before running with other lanuchers or even OA itself. That means running the game British Armed Forces on Steam and not the Arma 2 or Arma 2 OA from Steam, for e.g.) For me, I use withSix to run my mods after that. Running the game first is just a way to initialize the running of some of the required installations. Hope this is useful to anyone having any problems on Arma 2 Steam. PS: If you manage to solve your problem from my instructions, do drop a reply so I can see that this topic is being useful. Thanks! :D
  13. Hello people of Arma 2. Are you still around? If so, then feel free to continue reading. I'm going to be nice and try to get personal in this message, so don't laugh. :P I was just wondering if anyone wanted to play on an extreme roleplaying Island Life Server? Then this is for you! We are currently looking for officers, civilians, gangs, etc. The TS is if you want to check us out. is the Arma 2 server. You do need Island Life Mod, but if you join the TS, we will run you through on how to download it! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon! -Captain Leucifer (Emita Police Department)
  14. We would like to introduce a new initiative aimed at improving Arma 2 Experience. In a nutshell, result of this initiative should be small addon with various fixes and tweaks in existing game configuration files that can become part of the official distribution of the game. There are few key things necessary in order to make this initiative succesful and possible so if you are interested in participating please make sure to read more detailed overview below. Few key points: * only fixes of obvious bugs or missing definitions are within the scope of this initiative * all submitted changes must be under a license that allows Bohemia Interactive to freely include and distribute it * changes must not break any of the existing official missions and campaigns * kju is going to coordinate and submit resulting addon to Bohemia Interactive for final review
  15. Dear community, Steam is becoming very significant part of today's PC Gaming as well as it was crucial part of the success of Arma 2 / Operation Arrowhead. There are already many games that are simply Steam only but Bohemia Interactive so far tried to stay service agnostic as we did not like concept of enforcing our users in any direction. What is your opinion, should we make our games Steam only or provide Steam specific enhancements or not?
  16. IS there a way to make the civillians spawn as enemy to opfor units? Like, if I set an Ambient civi mod and eachtime they spawn near an opfor unit the opfor unit attacks the civi? Kinda wanna make a libya scenario, big guy held up in his mansion, protestors outside and in town, big guys has enough, sends troops to do some clean up, starts killing any and all civis they see, good guys come in, kill big guy and his minions, wear burkas and party like its 1999.... Just dont know how to get the module working the way I want. I know if I place a group of civi's and group them to a bluefor they are automaticaly opfor enemy but not really how I wanna do it....any ideas?
  17. Patch details : Full version history : 'Huge' List of Mirrors for download: download page 1.00 to 1.07:〈=en
  18. Arma 2 Update 1.07 is coming today. Please note that Linux server 1.07 is going to be released later, more likely on Monday but we decided to release the update now to move ahead towards release of Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. I would like to thank everyone for their support over the past few months with testing and improving this update.
  19. An updated version of Linux beta server build 61018 is available now for download. Most important change is added support for anticheat system. We are pleased to announce that Arma II Linux Server 1.04 Public Beta is available now for download. We believe all major performance and stability problems are fixed now. Please post your feedback to this thread. Thank you again for your help with the testing of the Linux server platform for Arma II.
  20. 1. When I have an AI squad inside a vehicle, and dismiss one of them while they are mounted, they suicide bomb the vehicle, killing me and any passengers. 2. Just like in ArmA, there will be times that my status as leader is rescinded, and when I select 1, 1 (fall back into formation), it tells the squad to follow another member (5 for example), and it won't fix unless I completely log off and log back in. These issues could possibly happen in other multiplayer game types, but I've been addicted to Warfare since I bought the game a week ago, so I'm not sure.