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  1. Help with scripting.

    _pow1heli1pilot = driver pow1heli1; It's a local variable, I was explaining that private should be applied to these local variables.
  2. Help with scripting.

    @GodsFist Quick tip: make sure to private local variables: _local = "Local String"; //versus private _local = "Local String"; //and when passing variables you can use params params["_local"]; //which will already be sent to the most inner scope like private does
  3. Are you sure you weren't looping in unscheduled or something? Plus, BIS hasn't changed anything in regards to how switchMove, playMove, and any of the gesture commands work with units. The rtm animation controls the movement of the head, the body, the everything once played. so if the unit moves their head it's a part of the anim. Do you mind showing us what "worked before" ?
  4. make sure you spawn that, no reason to have this unscheduled. 0 spawn { while {true} do { if (weapons player isEqualTo []) then { hintSilent "Player has no weapon!"; sleep 15; //your wait time here (in seconds) player setCaptive true; }; }; }; (For some reason the code block is refusing to update? Misaligned bracket?)
  5. Zero Divisor in select function

    your formatting is giving me a bit of a headache lol
  6. don't mp event handlers always execute local to the players?
  7. Get scale object

    You should not be using triggerArea for objects
  8. Remove Default city names of map

    it'd be under CfgWorlds.
  9. wind speed

    doesn't wind also change with each weather simulation cycle?
  10. I don't think you should ever limit yourself to the eden editor, you will only limit your knowledge and overall ability to edit your mission to your liking. I recommend you take a look at this: Arma 3 Tasks Overhaul , and combine it with a condition like follows: switch(damage _building) do { case 1 : { _destroyBuildingTask setTaskState "succeeded"; }; }; ultimately you will need to return the building as an object. You can do this with commands like: nearestTerrainObjects or you can give the building a variable name and reference it in script.
  11. Help Needed, New to mission making

    I recommend you describe your issue in the thread title more thoroughly next time instead of a generic "I need help". What loubard01 has posted applies to a mod for the client as well, it can be applied to your description.ext (which exists inside your mission root if you have not already made one) or a config.cpp file for a pbo inside a mod folder. I recommend that if you are a beginner look at the biki and do some research before asking, as it may have already been answered
  12. Nice release! Although I'm confused on line 3 of your code: why the strings for expectedArrayCount? Can't this be just a number and call it quits? Regardless, this'll be useful in the future. Excellent work.
  13. Wow! This looks very neat, I'll give it a go tonight.
  14. Head Mounted Display IE: NVGoggles
  15. Excellent, thanks for the share.