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  1. Do you have vertical sync enabled? Esc - > Configure - > Video - > Display
  2. orange

    Hell yeah!
  3. Well what comes out of RC or Dev isn't always what actually comes out on stable. *cough* *cough* squad radar.
  4. There is no "I" in team....?
  5. Huh? Are you perhaps mentioning malden dlc? I believe combat patrol is being integrated with malden, but as far as i know nothing more until something like Orange, or Tac Ops.
  6. I'm not sure you even looked at what the biki had to say there before posting, or at least to what the post implies. What I am saying, is your respawnDelay impacts heavily as to how waves or groups are put together. Try changing around the respawnDelay parameter. I have used the wave respawn template but that was way before the new respawn system, and I'm not sure if the same method applies.
  7. Arma_3_Respawn Not sure what else to tell you.
  8. I would have to agree, the diary entry location picking is kind of annoying sometimes. Even voting on the location is neat.
  9. it sort of shocked me that they were using hint messages in the first place. A new notification framework would require more manpower than needed on it for right now though.
  10. EUTW is a joke. It's no less casual than KOTH or Altis Life.
  11. zeus

    Didn't realize there was a forum section for "Zues Editing". I didn't "refuse" anything, I had already implied that I had configured everything in such a way.
  12. Oh the horror. No wonder these zombie missions have such crappy performance.
  13. the wiki is extremely useful and there are a ton of examples to expand upon. The trick is just getting the right combination and learning from it.
  14. splendid camera is my favorite. Really allows for more cinematic shots, and you can adjust the aperture, brightness, saturation, etc for adjustment of the shot. War photography is what they pushed this out with right?
  15. start out with the eden tutorials. It'll show you the little menu in the top right. then go from there (while in the editor)