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  1. Yep, I don't know why that was there and I totally thought I removed that. Thanks for this though, I see now this checks to see if the variable exists previous to any connection. the mines need to be recreated upon login if anything else. I'm unsure what this does though: (profileNamespace getVariable[_uid,"noEntry"]); What is no entry for? And yes, definitely being tested on a dedicated server.
  2. Yep, I will post a revised version of the script. Changed some things post this version of the script. something like this: _x setUnitTrait["Medic",(_variable select 4)];}
  3. the UID returns correctly, just not sure about that UID on the onConnect handler. Seems like it has returned the same so far though.
  4. Hello all. I had made a script for saving player information on the server's profile. if (isServer) then { addMissionEventHandler["HandleDisconnect",{ //params ["_unit", "_id", "_uid", "_name"]; _unit = _this select 0; _uid = _this select 2; diag_log format["%1 %2 %3",_name, _unit, _uid]; profileNamespace setVariable[_uid,[(getPosATL _unit),(getDammage _unit),(getFatigue _unit),(getStamina _unit),(_unit getUnitTrait "Medic"),(_unit getUnitTrait "Engineer"),(getAllOwnedMines _unit)]]; saveProfileNamespace; diag_log (profileNamespace getVariable _uid); }]; ["CH","onPlayerConnected",{ //params ["_id", "_uid", "_name", "_jip", "_owner"]; _uid = _this select 1; diag_log format["%1 has connected",_uid]; { if( (getPlayerUID _x) == _uid ) exitWith { diag_log 'OK'; private _variable = (profileNamespace getVariable _uid); _x setPos (_variable select 0); _x setDamage (_variable select 1); _x setFatigue (_variable select 2); _x setStamina (_variable select 3); if(_variable select 4) then {_x setUnitTrait["Medic",true];}; if(_variable select 5) then {_x setUnitTrait["Engineer",true];}; }; } forEach allPlayers; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; }; currently the only thing that works is the save whilst the server has not restarted. once the server restarts, then it's irretrievable. Even though the variable is still stored in the server profile vars. here is the rpt: Dropbox - Rpt File Any help on this?
  5. Yep, I modified the code above to do exactly what you did here. Thanks for both of your help.
  6. Aye, I'll take a look at trying to use this method. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to select the player object that is associated with a player's UID. What I am trying to achieve is a player save on the server profile.
  8. how much memory is allocated to arma 3? Keep V-Sync off it creates input lag in some situations
  9. Do you have vertical sync enabled? Esc - > Configure - > Video - > Display
  10. orange

    Hell yeah!
  11. Well what comes out of RC or Dev isn't always what actually comes out on stable. *cough* *cough* squad radar.
  12. There is no "I" in team....?
  13. Huh? Are you perhaps mentioning malden dlc? I believe combat patrol is being integrated with malden, but as far as i know nothing more until something like Orange, or Tac Ops.
  14. I'm not sure you even looked at what the biki had to say there before posting, or at least to what the post implies. What I am saying, is your respawnDelay impacts heavily as to how waves or groups are put together. Try changing around the respawnDelay parameter. I have used the wave respawn template but that was way before the new respawn system, and I'm not sure if the same method applies.
  15. Arma_3_Respawn Not sure what else to tell you.