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  1. Tanks - Fire-control system

    I think you are largely undermining what I have to say, regardless. I believe this could put importance towards overall ammunition awareness and logistics handling. So the loader would be in charge of souping up the tank with ammo before taking off. Obviously this would have to be something that is done inside a community, but I think it's definitely more of a concept than push a button every shot.
  2. Yaw, Pitch and Bank

    yes I understand what you mean, what I am saying is that they may not translate the same as if they were in the world.
  3. What Is LOD And How Can I Get Rid Of It?

    LOD is level of detail, move away farther from an object and the object is replaced with a lower resolution variant so you aren't seeing high res objects from 3 km out. What do you mean popping in and out? BTW - Level of detail is there for a reason, and isn't going away
  4. What animation is this?

    probably mods fighting for anim control over the player.
  5. Tanks - Fire-control system

    Doesn't matter if it's boring or not, it'd certainly bring a level of depth into play. You'd have more roles as a crewman, and more responsibilities. Instead of a one man army
  6. Yaw, Pitch and Bank

    Yes, I honestly don't think it's possible to grab eden properties without having the interface present. I guess you are sol
  7. Tanks - Fire-control system

    yeah but why? This would expand on more roles as a crewman squad, and overall put more importance in playing as a team. Something that has been lacking a lot lately throughout the community
  8. Yaw, Pitch and Bank

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/get3DENAttribute Possibly?
  9. Tanks - Fire-control system

    Is there going to be importance to have a loader now? Or are the gunners still loading literally everything on their own still?
  10. United States Air Force( 2015)

    Are there plans for the dashboard indicators to work on all of the planes? Last time I checked there wasn't any working dash gauges or indicators on planes like the C-130.
  11. Yaw, Pitch and Bank

    BIS_fnc_getPitchBank doesn't return anything at all? Sounds like that may be something that needs fixing, should be working regardless.
  12. FPS Drops in Some Servers

    Official servers are okay, some of the invade and annex servers are great. Almost 80 FPS on everything maxed out with like ~50 players. (Tanoa)
  13. initPlayerLocal.sqf works well for this. Pass any object to it and it'll work just the same outside of initPlayerLocal
  14. I need fix lag

  15. Hey Thanks, looks like your addition with the items, and vest, uniform. Doesn't work. Seems to not even work when I use toArray with it to add them all to one array. Here is modified code that works well so far, no support for goggles or anything like that. Just mags, items like FAKS, and weapons, uniforms, vests, and backpacks. /* Author : Midnight Description: moves dead unit's inventory to a box Parameter(s): 0 : OBJECT - Unit to add the killed event handler on Returns: none */ [_this] spawn { params["_unit"]; _unit select 0 addEventHandler["Killed", { params["_unit"]; private _box = "Box_NATO_Wps_F" createVehicle (getposATL _unit); clearWeaponCargo _box; clearMagazineCargo _box; clearItemCargo _box; clearBackpackCargo _box; {_box addWeaponCargo[_x,1];} forEach (weapons _unit); {_box addMagazineCargo[_x,1];} forEach (magazines _unit); {_box addItemCargo[_x,1];} forEach (items _unit); _box addItemCargo[(uniform _unit),1]; _box addItemCargo[(vest _unit),1]; _box addBackpackCargo[(unitBackpack _unit),1]; _box addUniform (uniform _unit); }]; }; Here is a demonstration video: Youtube - Arma 3 to gear box