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  1. The mission is back to Tonoa, and VAS is now accessed rather than the original weapons store. This allows you to save multiple templates and also add them to your quick pick menu.
  2. Custom Loadouts are in. But I may go back to vanilla units as there are no players on the server. This means that you can change your soldier class in real time, and use custom loadouts to make your own classes.
  3. - Currently adding custom templates to be available for both player and player's AI soldiers.
  4. I've got a server up with no-one on it. It is still WIP, so not all features are done but it's completely playable. Short answer absolutely. Send me the mods you want, and you can even admin it. Feel free to PM etc. I am keeping server code under wraps for now during development. I may look for a little help to convert store inventories etc. I was actually thinking about a WW2 port myself. It's a great way to honor that generation of veterans. Also I can give you access to edit if you want a place to post for your mod. PS - Can I get a list of all small arms, gear etc. Right now Russia vs Germany Version already up as - several units have no pistol ammo
  5. Changed to Altis Vanilla, Additional RPG features added.
  6. Bump: Database updated to 64 Bit - Server running APEX Vanilla at this time.
  7. The test server is running with an alpha version, VET-CTI RHS OpenAlpha (PersistentData) This is a full dedicated server, so it can handle production versions also. I also have domain name,, if you goto the site you will see nothing is done with it. I'm interested in getting help setting up a community, however I just like coding, and playing. If any of you social types want to run a community, I am open to you doing it with my server assets.
  8. Short answer yes. The mission uses a procedural method to map the island, part of a significant rework of Squeeze's Hex Warfare I am making it to be easily modular and developing more scripts to make the process of changing it painless. I could have it on any island, easily, porting it takes under 5 min. During alpha testing the server will likely just host Altis as not everyone has the APEX expansion. I am open to changing that island, or running a server rotation of all CUP islands for example. PS, I have the server down at the moment as I am dealing with an issue.
  9. A Question to the community, what mod set would be best? Wishing this had polling, or if it does, that I knew how..
  10. Public Server IP: Website: Map: Zargabad,Tanoa,Altis More on request, porting is procedural. So maps can be made in < 5min Game Type: VET-CTI (Mix of CTI and Wasteland) High Traffic Time: 8:00pm-12:00am Central US time Server side mods (Required): APEX Server and mission Explained. SO I've been piecing together a mission using a lot of community content as well as a ton of my own script to get it all together. It features procedural map objective generation, efficient scripting and a powerful database. It does borrow from wasteland and CTI, but I looked for solutions everywhere. While not everything is perfect yet, it is very playable and will save your levels etc indefinitely. It's got a ton of scripts running server side while keeping the FPS high, so it's smart and ready to keep you going. It's got drop in/drop out saving that will enable you to play a few minutes at a time, but contribute to the big offensive. There is a full economy, and you can also level your AI. You have a choice of 12 persistent AI as you level up who you can recruit at ease and who are saved with my drop in feature, as well as vehicles etc. The mission is town focused, but every part of the map can be captured for income. Please try it out, and comment to steer it's development. Oh and you wont's starve and dehydrate with wasteland water, but it will boost your health. Server keeps good frame rate in spite of producing up to 200 AI in individual cities. I call it VETCTI, as I try to include some of my experience in shaping it, while keeping fun in mind. I also make it with fellow veterans in mind. As an external influence I reference 'Jagged Alliance'. VETCTI = "CTI with a small unit, co-op focus" 1. Towns will be connected in territorial mode 2. Every town will have same items available for purchase 3. Each captured town unlocks extra units and gear in all towns. 4. Fast travel will be available between towns 5. Winning condition: Capture all towns. 6. Database deals with per session and infinite saving. 7. Procedural Map with fog of war 8. Player Economy 9. In depth squad management and persistence 10. You can recolor and uniforms, see photos below 11. Pick your role any time you rearm, including medic and engineer. (Thanks to bis) GUI's - Simple yet powerful Manage your squad, customize your team (Player and AI level saved in DB) Procedural Map - works on any island (No major editing) Deep customization, and more to come
  11. I've stopped developing for the Arma series as there is marginal support for any cost recovery in time or server fees.
  12. rgr that, the vehicles are being currently being cached based on player proximity, but i may implement a system similar to the 'wrecked' mission and set players up with group vehicles that are stored to the group with improved customization. I do need help working on this as I am full time military and my time is not always my own.
  13. If your a mission maker and want to take advantage of my system please pm and we can work together.
  14. This project is still ongoing, I am an infantry soldier, so sometimes i get a little too busy to work on updates. I will do my best to keep up.