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  1. Garbage collector exception

    Sorry, that was my mistake. Yes a bracket was missing and I typed 0 instead of 1.
  2. _vehicle = createVehicle [(_x select 0),_posVehicle,[],50,"NONE"]; You should post the whole code. Because from what you've posted (_x select 0) makes zero sense.
  3. You can already do that as long as you start as commander of the tank. Switch to the gunner position then and you'll be able to drive and shoot.
  4. Garbage collector exception

    _unit spawn {sleep 10; (_this setDamage 0;};
  5. You could google some real life operations, I am sure there's some data out there which could give you an idea how operations work in real life. Another source could be books or films (reportages).
  6. Oh man. I can't stop laughing. BIS is launching tanks into space again :D
  7. 3den Enhanced

    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into it. What exactly should the Export Vehicle loadout function do? Export vehicle loadout, camo and attachments?
  8. Three things about the difficutly menu: Skill and Precision controls are not aligned The new Tactical Ping combobox is empty "Multiple Saves" option is not written in capital letters for some odd reason The wheels of the Hunter a now slightly above surface.
  9. I just noticed that locked building doors do not have a sound when one tries to open them. Is that intended? There should be some rattling.
  10. Wow, the overhaul of the terrain module sounds awesome. Thanks alot!!
  11. Forums Upgrade

    I get the bad gateway error quite often, too. Besides, the Sign In button at the bottom of the page doesn't do anything for me. I am using Firefox Quantum in the latest version. Furthermore, would it be possible to finally set the default syntax of the text editor to C languages instead of HTML?
  12. Was very pleased when I read the Tac Ops will contain 3 SINGLEplayer missions. It felt like the sp community had been quite neglected over the past few years. However, I was kinda disappointed at the same time. I hoped for some new additions to Eden (modules, etc) to make building missions easier.
  13. Found a script error in Eden. Here's the ticket with more details: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126950 Edit: Here's another one https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126951
  14. Exit3DEN scripting ?

    A quick but dirty way of preventing the closing of Eden accidentally would be to remove the functionality of the ESC key completly while display 313 (Eden display) is opened entirely. Like so: (findDisplay 313) displayAddEventHandler [ "keyDown", { if (((_this select 1) == 1)) then { true } } ];
  15. There are actually dramatic differences between the three vanilla tanks. Speed, firepower, armour and manoeuvrability.