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  1. I hoped that this would also fix the MRCO and TWS clipping into the iron sights of the MX rifles ;/ Could you please give this module a little bit more love? It's missing the training mines and it would be nice if it was compatible with the area scaling widget, similar to how the Cover Map modules works.
  2. Would it be possible to get some more conditions for custom entity attributes in Eden? Right now we only have these https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_Editor:_Configuring_Attributes#Condition and it would be nice if we would be able to make attributes only available for UAVs or vehicles that can fly etc., similar to what we have for the context menu. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_Editor:_Entity_Context_Menu
  3. @Devs: Thanks for the doorState attribute in Eden. Very good ;)
  4. Awsome feature. However, I've just noticed that the flag on the HMMT truck is slightly misplaced. Maybe that's something you can tweak a bit.
  5. Please. I've done that with my own mod and folks seemed to like that feature and the campaign actually shows quite clearly that something like that is missing. Moreover, could we get a global Eden attribute to set the range of the mine detector for the specific scenario? That way we would have options and options are good, right? Last but not least I am going to quote myself here for easier visibility: It has nothing to do with balancing but rather with not breaking 2 years old missions for example. It's something the community has been complaining about for years. That BIS breaks old missions and mods by making drastic changes. The approach here is completely reasonable because I'd be pissed off if BIS would break one of my missions by making a change to a system which was established with the first release of A3. However, I've also mentioned a solution (See above) That way I believe, everyone will be happy
  6. Should you try to sneak in one or two more assets after release, please consider a complete EOD suit The suit could prohibit sprinting, have an integrated tookit, weigth so much than one can't carry much more than maybe a handgun and some small items and have excellent explosive shielding.
  7. Function viewer >> A3_Orange >> BIS_fnc_showAANArticle
  8. Any chance to see a drop leaflet waypoint and a leaflet module which allows us to make certain objects "inspectable" ? I feel like it's a great addition to the game but won't be used alot because especially for beginners it's too difficult to implement.
  9. Have played about an hour of the campaign and I really enjoyed it so far. Well done!
  10. Would it be possible to get a leaflet waypoint or module which could be activated by a trigger?
  11. Didn't notice that this wasn't an official thread :D
  12. While I love the changes to the mine detection system, I don't like the way mines can be defused instantly. Would it be possible to defuse mines via a Hold Action? The time it takes to defuse a mine, visual appearance and sound could be defined in (for example) CfgMineDefusion where it could be edited by modders. We could even have different times for different types of mines. That way, you think twice whether you want to defuse a minefield while enemies could come around every second.
  13. Assets looks great so far, one thing I am missing though is a IDAP variant of the Caesar plane. Would be great for dropping leaflets, wouldn't it? ;)
  14. Love the new leaflet function ;) Overall, the DLC looks awesome. That is a bummer. Seemed like a good opportunity to at least make it work with AI =/