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  1. The new 3den Attribute "DLC" and "Required DLC" is splendid, almost. What if a scenario requires multiple DLCs?
  2. I don't see why we can't have 3 view distance settings: on foot, vehicle and air, it's 2017 afterall. I find myself changing the view distance constantly depending on the type of mission I play. The suggestion someone had with different presets could be added too. Yes, please.
  3. Well let's hope they configure it for all the vehicles eventually.
  4. Hunter: /* INCLUDE INHERITED ENTRIES: false SHOW CLASSES ONLY: false CONFIG PATH: bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/B_MRAP_01_F/SimpleObject SOURCE ADD-ON(S): A3_Soft_F_MRAP_01 */ class SimpleObject { eden = 1; animate[] = {{"damagehide",0},{"damagehidevez",0},{"damagehidehlaven",0},{"wheel_1_1_destruct",0},{"wheel_1_2_destruct",0},{"wheel_1_3_destruct",0},{"wheel_1_4_destruct",0},{"wheel_2_1_destruct",0},{"wheel_2_2_destruct",0},{"wheel_2_3_destruct",0},{"wheel_2_4_destruct",0},{"wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide",0},{"wheel_1_2_destruct_unhide",0},{"wheel_1_3_destruct_unhide",0},{"wheel_1_4_destruct_unhide",0},{"wheel_2_1_destruct_unhide",0},{"wheel_2_2_destruct_unhide",0},{"wheel_2_3_destruct_unhide",0},{"wheel_2_4_destruct_unhide",0},{"wheel_1_3_damage",0},{"wheel_1_4_damage",0},{"wheel_2_3_damage",0},{"wheel_2_4_damage",0},{"wheel_1_3_damper_damage_backanim",0},{"wheel_1_4_damper_damage_backanim",0},{"wheel_2_3_damper_damage_backanim",0},{"wheel_2_4_damper_damage_backanim",0},{"glass1_destruct",0},{"glass2_destruct",0},{"glass3_destruct",0},{"glass4_destruct",0},{"glass5_destruct",0},{"glass6_destruct",0},{"fuel",1},{"wheel_1_1",0},{"wheel_2_1",1},{"wheel_1_2",1},{"wheel_2_2",1},{"wheel_1_1_damper",0.5},{"wheel_2_1_damper",0.53},{"wheel_1_2_damper",0.56},{"wheel_2_2_damper",0.55},{"daylights",0},{"pedal_thrust",0},{"pedal_brake",1},{"wheel_1_1_damage",0},{"wheel_1_2_damage",0},{"wheel_2_1_damage",0},{"wheel_2_2_damage",0},{"wheel_1_1_damper_damage_backanim",0},{"wheel_1_2_damper_damage_backanim",0},{"wheel_2_1_damper_damage_backanim",0},{"wheel_2_2_damper_damage_backanim",0},{"drivingwheel",0},{"steering_1_1",0},{"steering_2_1",0},{"indicatorspeed",0},{"indicatorfuel",1},{"indicatorrpm",0},{"indicatortemp",0},{"indicatortemp_move",0},{"indicatortemp2",0},{"indicatortemp2_move",0},{"reverse_light",0},{"door_lf",0},{"door_rf",0},{"door_lb",0},{"door_rb",0}}; hide[] = {"clan","zasleh","light_l","light_r","light_r2","light_l2","zadni svetlo","brzdove svetlo","podsvit pristroju","poskozeni"}; verticalOffset = 2.051; verticalOffsetWorld = -0.145; }; Pawnee /* INCLUDE INHERITED ENTRIES: false SHOW CLASSES ONLY: false CONFIG PATH: bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/All/SimpleObject SOURCE ADD-ON(S): A3_Data_F */ class SimpleObject { eden = 0; animate[] = {}; hide[] = {}; verticalOffset = 0; verticalOffsetWorld = 0; }; The simple object attribute should automatically hide those selections. They are defined for the hunter, but not for the Pawne.
  5. Is that intended? Muzzle flash, BIS logo & that weird artifact behind the wind shield? Also, could anyone rename this thread so it's easier relatable to the simpleObject command?
  6. The new jet DLC functions have quite a few typos in their description. Would be nice if someone could correct those.
  7. Here's a list of issues I noticed in today's dev branch: 1. The Wipeout's DynL GUI is cut off at the bottom. 2. O_UAV_02_DynamicLoadout_F can only have weapons underneath on of the wings 3. ("O_T_VTOL_02_infantry_dynamicloadout_F" has got the same problem as in the video) 4. The Neophron's GUI is also cut off. 5. Neophron is missing presets 6. M12 - Falcon GUI is cut off at the bottom. 7. Mirroring doesn't work properly for the M12 - Falcon Looking forward to the final result ;)
  8. That gave me a good laugh, please more
  9. Thanks warkonaut for the explanation, much appreciated!
  10. Any chance the size of the HUDs of all the aircrafts could have the same size? The Wipeout's for example is very hard to read compared to the ones of the new jets.
  11. Is it just me or are many object in Eden missing the "Simple Object" attribute? Was this change intended?
  12. Would love that. Need to search for that voice informer mod again.
  13. It's faster, that's all.