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  1. Copy the content of CP_init into a custom file and search for the part where the factions are defined by config. Replace that part with your own config definitions. I am currently working on that too. I'll provide an example when I find the time.
  2. Can anyone confirm hat the countdown for the location selection is influenced by the timeMultiplier?
  3. I created a quick combat patrol mission. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=953084246 Patrol is not started via a flag post, it features a small base + arsenal. It works in single player and hosted, both with AI. Not tested on dedicated. If you want to see how the modules work, just unpack it.
  4. That's a sweet easteregg to added there! ;) Warning! Spoiler!
  5. Last time I checked I got an error when I was teleportet to the AO with me AI team mates It seems to work now with AI units, don't know what went wrong the last time I tried it. The modules have a ingame description.
  6. Unfortunately, Combat Patrol doesn't support AI squad mates, so it basically not playable in sp.
  7. Played a bit today and noticed a few bugs: - An error message popped up when I used manual respawn - An error message during init. of the mission - Enemies kept shooting at me even after I died after pressing the manual respawn button - When entering the mission, the map wasn't opened by default, I just had a black screen and had to open it manually. (Map should be opened automatically and be forced open as long as location selection is on going) - The log in the diary contains param1 and param2 which are empty or undefined. Suggestions: - Let us choose the enemy's faction (CSAT,AAF or Syndicat) - Give us the option to define how much time players have to vote for a location - More objectives (Secure weapons, destroy weapons, free hostages, destroy convoy, destroy AAA, download intel) - Don't spawn players magically at the selected location, use parachutes or a quick helicopter insertion. - add a mission parameter which allows us to unlock air support, supply drops etc. - arsenal? - mission parameter to fine tune AI skill That's all for now. Errors:
  8. eden

    Since I am kinda on a roll with new, simple UIs I thought "Garrison Buildings" also needs a new one. Gonna look into it.
  9. They were removed for objects which did not benefit from it. A detailed documentation can be found here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Simple_Objects#Performance
  10. The latest launcher version is missing Malden in the "World" startup parameter. ;)
  11. eden

    Sorry, forgot to add the key. The latest version should have it again. Download both versions, make a backup of your mission and test it for yourself.
  12. eden

    I am glad you like it ;)
  13. eden

    Giving units a variable name is sometimes inevitable. But what if you have like 30 units you need to name? Here's the solution: