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  1. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Here's some detailed feedback. As I said earlier, the interiors looks splendid already. AVM-Marshall Driver: - Decrease or remove scratches from windshield - Add headlight indicator - Animate switching handle Commander: - Display is flickering - Default position of camera should be adjusted so one can see the full LCD screen (Should be moved down a bit) - Add manual fire indicator Gunner: - Add laser ready indicator. - Move default camera position so that the azimuth can be seen - The right hand of the gunner should be placed next to the display instead of the lap. (Not important) Marid Driver: - Add headlight indicator Commander: - Why are there two indicators for turret direction? I’d prefer a GPS instead on the right side Gorgon Driver: - Headlight indicator Gunner: - Looks fine! Commander: - The azimuth indicator seems to show the direction of the main cannon, not actually the direction the commander is looking
  2. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    They look awesome. Much more than I would have dreamed of.
  3. Any chance to see this fixed? (Shell extraction)
  4. This has been adressed on dev branch.
  5. There seems to be a but with straight lines drawn on the map. They disappear once a savegame was loaded. Kinda annoying.
  6. Anyone else wasn't able to finish the "Final Strike" mission? Found a bug in the first operation, the intro text is overlapping.
  7. Keyframe animation system in DEV.

    The module "camera_F" has two typos in the tooltips of "Show HUD" and "Show Cinema Borders"
  8. For tank DLC. Would it be possible to get a command to retrieve the commander's turret direction? From what I've tried that's not possible with weaponDirection https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/weaponDirection
  9. What the....alright, enough internet for today.
  10. Not sure if that helps. It's not very good to see in the picture. Anyway, it's an incredible improvement, well done!
  11. Is there a way to find out which plant I am looking at, so I can check whether it's one of those?
  12. Looks like 90% of the issues were fixed. I only found 1 or 2 grass types which still pop in. Performance seems to be fine to me.
  13. I didn't even think about the reloaded EH. Good idea!
  14. [] spawn { while {alive unit} do { if ((count magazines unit) < 5) then { unit addMagzine "xxxx"; }; sleep 5; }; }; Maybe like so?