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  1. One can already get the position and classname of an object. So I am not sure if it's worth to add another tool just to retrieve the direction.
  2. Took me a moment, but that made me smile :D
  3. If a GPS is dropped on the ground, the item has an incorrect vector and clips into the surface.
  4. //_note1 = [noteP1];//can't work, function needs an object not an array //_note2 = [noteP2]; //_note3 = [noteP3]; //private _notepad = [Revo_notepad_1, Revo_notepad_2, Revo_notepad_3]; //selectRandom _notepad;//Returned array entry needs to be stored in a variable private _notepad = selectRandom [Revo_notepad_1, Revo_notepad_2, Revo_notepad_3]; [ _notepad,//Contained and array of objects, see explaining for select random above "Pegar o código", "imagem\note.paa", "imagem\cod.paa", "_this distance _target < 2", //Use _this for the object instead of _x, see the documentation on the wiki "_this distance _target < 2", //Use _this for the object instead of _x, see the documentation on the wiki {hint "Pegando o código"}, {},{execVM "arquivo.sqf"} ,{}, [], 15, nil, true, false ] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd; I fixed some mistakes and explained what was wrong.
  5. I believe that's not a bug, how much VRAM do you have ?
  6. Many of those animations don't work properly in Eden, e.g., snapping to chairs. That's why they were removed. As long as BIS doesn't invest some time in the functions and adds more animations, from APEX for example, and makes some of the parameters (Snapping) optional, there is no way I am going to invest more time in that feature.
  7. I used CBA, which seems to add attachments for the Rahim. My bad.
  8. In the difficulty menu, everthing is writting in captial letters except the option "Mutliple Saves", is that intended? Moreover, could you please take another look at the Rahim. The way it's held looks very weird.
  9. You need to use the 3den commands if you want to create objects inside Eden. Check the wiki for more information.
  10. Looks splendid really. Thanks for updating the game constantly with nice things like that ;)
  11. To add some constructive feedback. Has anyone else got problems with selecting the combo boxes of the new weapon selection attribute for the wipeout properly? As soon as the lowest combobox extends out of the attribute window I can't select anything with the cursor, only arrow up and down works. I can record a video if necessary.
  12. Is it just me or is the new Wipeout's sound too quiet?
  13. Looks splendid. Though I hope we will also be able to change the number of rounds for the main cannon. Also, I guess having that feature for jets could mean we get something similar for tanks.
  14. Thanks, much appreciated!