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  1. Hey, thanks for the offer, if you could send @SGT Fuller a PM with some more details/info that would be much appreciated :D :D
  2. Are you running any other mods, because i have had this happen with other mods as well (while not running USAF mod)
  3. Agreed, if this is what it looks like when it fully releases i'm going to get a refund, this just looks horrible!
  4. i don't believe that
  5. You have had your PaveHawk teasers
  6. It is indeed the GAU-21 (M3M), and it is mounted on the ramp of the CV-22B, more pics somewhere next week!
  7. Anyone who can guess what it is? And which aircraft it is for?
  8. Amazing work Rock!!!
  9. Thanks for the information @Spartan0536, quite an interesting read!
  10. Amazing work Toadie!!
  11. We are going for a complete retexture of the aircraft including the new stuff ofcourse, and thanks for the feedback :)
  12. We would like to give it some new paint if you are alright with that? ;)
  13. From what i've seen, they usually "hang" out the window to assist the pilot when landing (mostly in small area's) while they sit while gunning, i would prefer sitting, and if possible leaning/hanging out in an non gunning role
  14. HH-60G UPDATE Finally finised the gun placement on the HH-60G, both the GAU-21 and GAU-17 are now succesfully mounted on the 60 That's all for now, but stay tuned, (The jets are getting fueled as we speak so expect more news on those soon)