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  1. I mean yeah, but i think this mod is more aimed at being realistic, but its up to Warlord to make that decision ofcourse!
  2. M3M (GAU-21) is not used by the 160th SOAR
  3. Yeah,really looking forward to it!
  4. If it's radar can turn on and off then yes, otherwise it's an EZ target
  5. It's not really hunting for a sub if the sub can't dive But excellent work rock!
  6. How did i miss this, great work!!
  7. Looking amazing Rock!!
  8. RHS has those hand animations for some of their heli's i believe, and so does 3CB on their heli's, maybe you could talk to them and see how they did it.
  9. I suggest you remove the ldl_ac130 file, it is obsolete, without that pbo you should not have any signature issues.
  10. Yep, as soon as you have some Syrian or Afghan maps down with airfields, ill make some SF scenario's (including support assets like AC-130's)
  11. You are aware you can just file a DMCA on Steam right? Usually take about an hour max. before it is taken down. A DMCA is basicly asking steam to remove the file from Steam if someone without permissions uploaded it.
  12. I am NOT having it, and i am running the latest version, i recommend people wipe the mod from their PC and do a fresh download (if not done so already)
  13. Great work!!