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  1. I'm running Arma 3 with SLI on my gaming laptop (2x GeForce 955M), game runs w/o problems but PIP support is still very bad (flickering mirrors etc.) No suggested tweaks are working so far.
  2. Hello, and welcome to the forums! I will suggest starting with watching various YouTube tutorials, you can find them by simply searching Google. Good luck!
  3. Sorry, you are right, I have corrected my post. This is it! Thanks to you and @Grumpy Old Man for your help!
  4. Hello, in the new mini-campaign Remnants of War, Any idea how BI acomplished that? Normally I would see for myself how things work, but campaign files are *.ebo. Thanks in advance for any help, I see endless possibilities here.
  5. Discarding my last post in this thread, I also went with "everyone is at fault" option, although I was really tempted to choose "NATO" instead. Because But, nobody can be sure!
  6. While I don't completely disagree with you, you have to take into account that players of ArmA series are... people. People with different hobbies, jobs, religion, and seriously, who thought about collateral damage until playing this DLC? I, myself, have not. But now, while replaying the East Wind campaign from the beginning, I've actually stopped for a moment before placing that mine in the downed chopper mission. I personally think that BI achieved a great thing in this DLC.
  7. Hey! Yesterday I was browsing the forums on my phone and found a very interesting info, sadly, I can't remember where exactly it was.
  8. Hi, today I've started my Arma 3, and to my great shock I found that every setting is set to default, I don't have my saves, resolution is set to default, and the game behaves like it has been run for the first time. After checking my Documents folder, I found that I have "Arma 3" and "Arma 3 - Other Profiles" folders intact. Could this be somehow related to my recent uninstallation of MS OneDrive? How can I tell the game the correct path to my folders? Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. eden

    Hey @R3vo, I have revised and updated Czech translation for 3den Enhanced.
  10. Well lexx, I think your campaign isn't THAT MUCH hard. It is challenging, of course, but it isn't unplayable (playing on Adept settings).
  11. Since no one answered this recent question yet, I will contribute with my humble opinion. I won't comment from the perspective of a mission maker, since my own campaign is currently due to RL issues on hold, but from the perspective of a player. I think that the experience from playing a mission differs from player to player. Some players will take the tactical approach, literally sneaking through the whole mission carefully. It was even mentioned by BI when they were making the Apex campaign, more specifically, when people were asking how long each mission in the campaign last. Yes, you could be done with it in let's say 30 minutes, but then they had some military guy to play it, he took careful approach and was able to play it for about 90-120 minutes. Then, you have players who undertake each mission "Stalingrad style" storming the enemy with yelling "Uraaaaa!" frantically. Approach goes hand to hand with difficulty. Playing only SP missions, actually, I've never turned on MP in Arma, being the "more-careful-type-of-a-player", I was able to observe that even when my difficulty setting is still the same, there are "easier and harder" campaigns & missions. In my opinion, difficulty also depends on the type of units used. For example, in IndeedPete's M.E.R.C.S. campaign, there was this mission where you were attacking a compound in search of kidnapped girl. Enemies were "pirates", so mostly only armed peasants w/o any armor. Really easy to kill them, too. Then, if I remember correctly, in another mission, you were defending a power plant against paradropping CSAT SF. Those were armored, and "better trained" - meaning - with higher AI skill, thus, harder to kill. What I want to say is, that mission makers should not tailor the difficulty to "specific" players. They should create it as they want it to be, and let the players accomodate.
  12. That is weird, could you post your syntax here? It should work.
  13. If you by "on the same Internet" mean on the same LAN (Local Area Network), e.g. in your home on same Wi-Fi, it's a router-specific problem. If your computers are connected by UTP cable, it's another specific case. You need to be more concrete on what type of connection are you using.
  14. For both cases it was the "Mission Completed" screen, not fade to black.
  15. Hey @lexx, I've got another issue to report. Again, it's nothing gamebreaking, really, but in the second mission, where you Anyway, great campaign, will continue playing and report anything unusual here. It seems that a lot of missions / campaigns broke with recent updates.,haven't played A3 for a while.