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  1. Only 406 hours on record, but actually spent in-game. But I have also noticed if you leave the launcher open, and then don't launch the game and just close it, recorded hours disappear.
  2. Hey @Undeceived, your campaigns are great inspiration to me! In fact, I've finished playing Black Lands in A2 just a moment ago! :-)
  3. Thanks for the detailed tutorial! As I said, me just being dumb. I was aware of Arma 3 Tools but not of Arma 3 Samples.
  4. @Mokka I'm pretty sure it's just me being dumb, but there is no Arma 3 Samples directory in my Arma 3 main folder, or in Documents folder, screen included below. But I'm certain that this was mentioned by someone in other thread, I was just unable to find it.
  5. Thanks Mokka, this is exactly what is was looking for!
  6. Hello, my apologies if this question was answered previously, I tried to search for it on forums and on Armaholic, but is there any template ready to use for campaign in A3? Thanks in advance!
  7. It is horrible. My heart goes with all the British people. At one in my life I was living in the UK, I have many friends in there, and I can't see or find any reason why the Brits deserved such a horrible act of terror. I know, there is a war in Syria, but many refugees who come to Germany, France and UK are young males with good health. Why don't they stand up and defend their country? Instead they come to foreign country, form rape gangs, trying to bring their "normal" culture to Europe. If something of this should happen to my girlfriend or family, I would grab my gun and shoot the bastards on sight. Sue me.
  8. Please, forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere, or if it's just a problem on my side, but - does CUP Terrains alter in some way original A3 islands Altis and Stratis? Because, when I try to load Altis/Stratis in the editor, the CUP icon is shown next to them, which - if I understand this correctly - basically means that they are part of a mod. This doesn't concern me at all, but, if I release a mission which is made using A3 editor, wouldn't it be dependent on CUP mod, then? Or do I get this completely wrong?
  9. What I mean that me and my brother were both playing Arma 3 on 'dev' branch, but with the latest update, game started crashing hard, with memory-regarded errors. So I've tried downgrading my brother's game back to 'stable' branch, it downloaded around 10GB of gamedata and no crash since then. I also hadn't any problems with Alive both on 'dev' and 'stable'.
  10. Why you can't play online? If you want to play game, being on 'stable' branch should help, it solved the issue for my brother's game without problems.
  11. Okay, are you on 'dev' branch?
  12. If you want to play the game, reverting back to 'stable' branch should help.
  13. sahrani

    Okay, I've found the problem, and it was completely unrelated to your mission, Undeceived. I've reverted back to the 'stable' branch, and problem no longer occurs. My bad, then. Thanks again for a perfect mission!
  14. https://dev.arma3.com/ You know, it would help not to be rude at BI developers, they are constantly working to make the game better. Instead of crying here on the forums you could've posted your rpt file here on the forums to help resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Don't get me wrong, it's okay to report bugs and crashes, just not to be too rude about it.
  15. Hello, I've been experiencing multiple memory crashes since the last update, which makes game unplayable. I'm on latest dev branch. I know that I'm not alone, there are multiple topics from other users that are experiencing the same issue, so I'm sending error I'm getting and a copy of my rpt file, to help solve this issue as quickly as possible! I think most important here is the memory addresses, because they are always the same. Game crashes at the same place in various missions. Memory cannot perform operation: written. My RPT file is included below: arma3_x64_2017-01-08_16-40-40.rpt