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  1. Really well done mate
  2. I'll drink to that!
  3. Woah woah, calm down. We can debate but lets try to keep it a civil... We also have to take into account that sometimes a weapon can be better if someone specialises in using the weapon despite it being viewed as bad on either side. In terms of holding the magazine or barrel, are you referring to the Sten MkII since I imagine that you were both saying "sten" rather than being specific in which case you can argue that the Sten MkV had the grip which allowed the avoidance of both the problems you just stated, however I am anything but a expert in both weapons or the Sten specifically since I simply don't own any living in Australia (not saying I can't but it's a lot of effort for someone living in a city), so I'm sure the Sten MkV came with it's own problems.
  4. There lies the problem because he has removed all vehicles excluding static weapons and bunkers. I would assume the best thing to say is with 64bit try running without even thouse things (Static and/or Bunkers) and see what result you get :/
  5. No the patch does not fix that. To be fair I've never heard of the problems you were pointing out: "like just going ballistic or unable to leave the ground". The only issue I've seen is relating to both the screens being grey to completely white in the sun glare or the one we talked about with the AI not being able to see out of the windshield and when they fly, they just go straight up (which I believe has already been fixed a few betas ago and will be released next update). Another issue someone might of been having was the helicopters spawning in objects on the ground like helipads causing them to explode if not raised slightly so they don't spawn in them. If it's none of the above then I suggest you report it despite myself never seeing an issue like those.
  6. I'm terribly sorry for stopping this lovely discussion about directly finding the problem, but a while ago someone pointed this out and we found and addressed the problem. Again sorry for trying to ruin your detective skills :( (It's an issue with the AI not being able to see out the windshield of the Huey(s) and therefore are blind and just fly and swirl directly upward). The map maker has already announced this will not be releasing with UNSUNG back in his WIP thread, and most likely his future maps will be completely standalone as well.
  7. Just download UNSUNG 3.1 (The full download) from any one of the sources on the download page, however if you download UNSUNG 3.0, you will need the 3.1 Patch files.
  8. < We are still implementing this one. Also correct < but we are not making that :P
  9. Sorry mate, an announcement was made on the steam group and I guess it didn't get around, my bad! (It's after the M35 stuff)
  10. I would hope those Slouch hats think what those slouch hats really mean! *anzac intensifies* One can dream...
  11. Do you have anything running on Ultra settings? If so try turning them to high or very high.
  12. Yes, you can also put down arsenal and it'll give you all that you need rather than 3 different crates. Just put this into the init field of the box in editor: Then it should become a accessible scroll wheel option when looking at the box. When you look for it in either an explosives box or in the explosive sections of the arsenal, I believe it'll be listed as M18A1. If you want the BEST effect UNSUNG claymores do work but default claymores with ACE might have better effect at current time whilst we're still working on things. Feel free to try it out and let us know the difference though, would be good to see :)
  13. If you are using ACE, you just have to use the ACE Self interaction menu, go to the explosives option and keep following the commands to place it. Once it's placed, use your interact key to interact with it on the ground and set a timer to it. If you get an ACE Clacker (M57 or the other one), not an UNSUNG one, you can assign it to that clacker via interacting with the explosive on the ground also. It will assign it to a number code, and to set it off you open self interaction, explosives, go to the clacker and you can either click the specific code (you have to remember which one is which!) or you can set all to go off.
  14. Hey if you want help you know you can use- I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR I'M NOT SAYING STEAL ASSETS +1 man but looking at real life pictures compared to something like "war thunder" is more reliable seeing as some of those games despite wanting complete realism do get some stuff like placement and proportion wrong (even if it's only very very slightly) on some things, better not to take that chance.
  15. c'mon man it's on the first post :P At least the coming update you won't have to worry about that. (It's only 4 of the overall maps anyway, Da Krong, Duong Island, Song Cu and Khe Sanh so for now if apex is still not owned you can wait until the update comes)