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  1. http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/modeling_subjects/f/16/t/83811.aspx /\ Not sure how extensively reliable but DOES seem to provide some input on the matter stating the Nighthawk & Firefly UH-1s which were D & H variants. Definitely a TONNE of those pics show the 50 cal armed on the D or H variant, including "pictures of them in action" when on mission (Again reliability may come into question but if they are real and period correct you have pictures of both the variant with it and it's use in combat).
  2. Faces of War [WW2]

    Good discussion definitely, but I personally would assume totally up to the mod maker to focus whether or not they like to go for more exact realism or gameplay. You have to remember that with ACE turned on the inventory system is managed with a complete complication in mind. It would be most likely that FOW had built their uniforms and equipment to be true to how many pouches the character is carrying. Although you would have to make sure simple stuff like Airborne uniforms being slightly able to carry more than a standard uniform because of the pockets, and maybe including the bandoleer to an Airborne vest to stick to the principle that the soldier carries the ammo on his webbing, you have to remember that they don't take into account initially then working with an ACE expert to figure out how much the weight since I would assume they make sure it fit an arma 3 medkit or two, like they stated, leaving the backpack for any extra gear. Not sure if they have an ace expert on their team or not, but your arguments seem to be working off the basis like they have one by default when the maybe don't or aren't aware! Not entirely a problem as it's part of the discussion but definitely something to take into consideration.
  3. Faces of War [WW2]

    Yeah you just have to look around for maps whilst I believe most of the community fall back on a mix of the IFA and I44 maps for missions both single player and multiplayer involving WW2 but there should be more I believe like using maps such as Altis, Stratis or Malden for a Greece campaign of sorts? Definitely take a look around there are plenty of maps both out already and still in development for use with WW2, honestly if you look aside the modern buildings which with an eden module that allows you to actually remove, walls, buildings and foliage of any sorts mission makers can actually create any map their way (as long as they have access to the assets to do so).
  4. Faces of War [WW2]

    Great work guys! Amazing visuals and outstanding features! Glad to see some more stuff we sent over in the update. Definitely shows if mods work together like so many mods are doing today content becomes so much increasingly better and achievements like this release can happen! Cheers, a case on me! :)
  5. Best place is in our discord although uploading the photos to steam then putting them in a spoiler by using the "insert other media" on the bottom right of your reply box you can insert image by URL. Just click the steam image to get the URL, or you can upload them to imgur also. Link to discord: https://discord.gg/2RXqmjb < Make an account, it's free and ArmA has one as well: https://discord.gg/KkamNTb On discord feel free to chat to me there about the weapons you still have troubles with if you've had experience or used them in real life but despite that glad you like the sounds anyway and good to hear it's quite compatible with enhanced soundscape :)
  6. Other than the upgrade to APEX foliage eventually for better performance!
  7. Yes Also the new forum post for the release with changes list: Enjoy the update guys! On Steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943001311
  8. Nah, he was just missing the option in the Game Master module "Default Addons" and having "All addons (including unofficial ones)" selected. Once you do that poof it all appears in echo version.
  9. Well the Huey's in Zeus fixed next update, if they're broken in delta that won't matter much. Yes we will be attempting to put it on steam. That AI thing you mentioned, doesn't happen on my machine. Not sure if it's just echo or if it's not visible on any version of the mod, but they walk across the rice paddies just fine giving an order through Zeus. Edit:
  10. Groups were broken in Delta, in Echo they are already fixed. Echo will be released very shortly ;) The transport Huey should be under US Army, UH-1D (Slick). If you don't have Zeus to unofficial mods enabled then you won't be able to see it. Next update there should be both the UH-1D and UH-1H Hueys to place in Zeus, if you enable all addons (including unofficial ones), depending on the time period you are aiming for.
  11. Nope! Cheers for helping out!
  12. Here's an update post we made on steam, feel free to read or enjoy these lovely four pictures to tease you into seeing the rest of the pictures in the update post! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/theunsungvietnamwarmod#announcements/detail/3022339160664230997