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  1. Thanks for pitching us some pitchers! Still such an amazing map ;)
  2. As arsenal shows the UNSUNG items in the "Other magazines from your current weapons" section I can only see the magazine cargo supposed to be the one working.
  3. If I'm not correct I'm pretty sure the magazine should definitely work since in Arsenal the items seem to count as magazines. As long as you have the write code for adding magazines to crates and vehicles, and the right item classname which I believe you do (And without the use double double quotations obviously even though you didn't do that :D ) then there should honestly be nothing wrong...?
  4. They are simply doing this to what I assume be a great help to the community and make it compatible with the already existing IFA3 mod, which have their units set as Ger = BLUFOR, Rus = OPFOR and Allied Factions = Independent. If they didn't do this they would allow a lot of confusion if people were likely to use both the mods at the same time and units would be shooting at the wrong units if they weren't set up specifically to a faction in the editor. I believe CSA also did this to also just be generally helpful to the community just to have continuity. But hey I might be wrong, as assuming just makes an a** out of you and me :)
  5. Hey! It might sound a bit weird but you need a tripod bag and an m60 bag (essentially 2 people to carry) then one places one piece and the other scroll wheels to the indicator to assemble M60 tripod. Using the ACTUAL M60 does not work... for now at least. It might be a good idea in future to have something set up differently to where you use your actual weapon and mount, but we are still using the old system by combining the two bags. Hope this helps you out :)
  6. I mean sorry for spoiling but the imgur albums for the full scale pictures say "Henderson Airfield" so uh.... <3
  7. It's known mate but thanks for reporting! Please though next time reporting an issue please use our forums and report the bug/issue. It is the best way for us to keep track of said bug/issue like this and keeps the workload directed rather than getting bombarded with stuff all around ;)
  8. Egg said the support module is untested at the moment, but the Heli door gunner sits great now and I think we are still unaware about the chopper flying straight up. Depends on how we go mate!
  9. I think so with the dirt and rust, looks surprisingly good in the desert despite being in Vietnam camo :P
  10. Hey Delta Hawk! One of our fans thought to combine your mod with our latest update we put out which brought our tanks back and it came out with a cool result!
  11. Hello all! Welcome back! Quick get your socks on and buckle up as DELTA Release is coming THIS WEEK. New Mk 82 Snakeyes from Howells Fowler made us a new Khe Sanh trailer! Also we have the tanks working with their shells and hit points, here as an example is the M551 Sheridan in a steam post we made:
  12. We haven't done a taxi way specifically, but you read our minds! Razor has already joined the little river next to the air strip with that little island in order to give space for a massive heli landing area. Plenty of space to move around now ;)
  13. All these amazing pictures and I just see the smallest unsung texture artist logo in your signature, feels bad man :(