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  1. I've seen it work myself and video evidence of it working from 25th ID Members who use it. So I dunno :o
  2. It's not only a circlejerk, but it's also against our license to edit any files or move/remove files from UNSUNG without express permission from the developers ;)
  3. Unfortunately no, as we promise that all work done with the UNSUNG mod doesn't leave it without express permission of the creator of the asset. So we will not be able to split anything up from each other, sorry.
  4. No no, we encourage missions to be shared amongst the steam workshop, but due to conflict between our license and steam's license we will not be uploading our mod or allowing others to do so on the steam workshop until the license is changed basically.
  5. I don't see why not :) ? The only requirements we really have other than things specifically detailed in the license is that it's not to be distributed over steam workshop, so if you're chucking it up on your dedicated to maybe make it an easier download through ArmA 3 sync I believe we give people permission to do that! Unless of course you're specifically asking whether or not you're allowed to chuck it on your server to actually play with, I believe that's why we made the mod for ;) but be warned that using it along side a lot of other mods there is a high chance that some compatibility stuff may go wonky. I don't believe anything serious but I would test it out before committing.
  6. You can find details in our road map in the WIP Thread specifically for enemy air but in short answer: An-2, MiG-15, MiG-21 looking to be for next update with possibly a MiG-17 and MiG-19 to follow. Missions can be found on steam workshop, Eggbeast has a lot of them there in his favourited ( ) but I guarantee there will be more if you search for them. Where you load them depends on whether it's a single player scenario of you host a lan server to play sp/mp missions that aren't in scenarios or are meant to be played COOP.
  7. As an Australian I have a very slight tingling feeling that picture has something suss with it :D
  8. Same with Play withSix! Yeah that's absolutely what I'd recommend since they both allow the files to change rather than downloading the whole thing again. Before you do say it, yes in future we may look into an updater of our own but for now those two services plus the services already in place do work great.
  9. Guessing since he's talking about NBN, he lives in Australia (I can only make an educated guess that is?) but it's a WHOLE different story talking internet down here compared to anywhere else. Maybe it is ISP but NBN is the best connection depending how much you pay. Consider you pay 25 bucks for unlimited broadband where we pay something like in the $75+ depending on ISP for something anywhere similar to that on something that can just reach similar speeds as other countries like the US and UK. I don't have NBN and I have to download the same as every other aussie. Unfortunately you just have to deal with it and download it overnight or something, that's my best recommendation and that's what I do until Australia gets a better internet overall, but that's a whole discussion on both political and economic standpoints I don't want to go into here :P
  10. Thanks for pitching us some pitchers! Still such an amazing map ;)
  11. As arsenal shows the UNSUNG items in the "Other magazines from your current weapons" section I can only see the magazine cargo supposed to be the one working.
  12. If I'm not correct I'm pretty sure the magazine should definitely work since in Arsenal the items seem to count as magazines. As long as you have the write code for adding magazines to crates and vehicles, and the right item classname which I believe you do (And without the use double double quotations obviously even though you didn't do that :D ) then there should honestly be nothing wrong...?
  13. They are simply doing this to what I assume be a great help to the community and make it compatible with the already existing IFA3 mod, which have their units set as Ger = BLUFOR, Rus = OPFOR and Allied Factions = Independent. If they didn't do this they would allow a lot of confusion if people were likely to use both the mods at the same time and units would be shooting at the wrong units if they weren't set up specifically to a faction in the editor. I believe CSA also did this to also just be generally helpful to the community just to have continuity. But hey I might be wrong, as assuming just makes an a** out of you and me :)
  14. Hey! It might sound a bit weird but you need a tripod bag and an m60 bag (essentially 2 people to carry) then one places one piece and the other scroll wheels to the indicator to assemble M60 tripod. Using the ACTUAL M60 does not work... for now at least. It might be a good idea in future to have something set up differently to where you use your actual weapon and mount, but we are still using the old system by combining the two bags. Hope this helps you out :)
  15. I mean sorry for spoiling but the imgur albums for the full scale pictures say "Henderson Airfield" so uh.... <3