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  1. Hello @TogiN2BC, if you reset you skill tree your custom load-outs are also reset: Those are default load-outs that you get when you have no custom load-outs (e.g. after skill tree reset): If I understood it correct, the time above is the time when you noticed the load-outs are missing. Could you also tell us what is your time zone (just your local time is not enough to pinpoint the location in the space-time continuum and so any attempt to time-travel is doomed before it starts)?
  2. Hello, you're a missing a library that is part of Microsoft .NET Framework, please re-install it's latest version
  3. If you open the item's web page in browser and change the visibility there, does the visibility change?
  4. Hello, there's is a visibility option in Publisher, please check that it is set to value you want it to be. I've just uploaded a test item to Workshop using Publisher and it seems to be working correctly for me. You can also change the visibility of the Workshop item on its web page: there is a 'Change visibility' drop down link on the right side of the page.
  5. points!

    Hello, the match or matches where you've cheated and attempted to increase your game score by using a hack or cheat have been reverted.
  6. Hello, I've look into your account and you've been 700.000 AC refunded for 5 vests (2 x 50.000 AC for Tier 1 + 3 x 200.000 AC for Tier 2) . Then you've bought a new Tier 2 vest for 200.000 AC. Based on your other post I'd like to ask you if it's possible that you've simply misread the amount of credits you have (you have 1.000.000 AC instead of 100.000 AC as you mentioned)?
  7. Hi AlenBi, I'm looking into your case. It seems that you bought your vest after the refunds were processed and when the old vests should have unavailable for purchase. We'll fix your credits as soon as possible. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. Hello GhettoGrill, could you please tell me how much credits do you currently see in the game?
  9. Hello John, Arma 3 Launcher can't start because you're missing one of the system files (or that files is corrupted). Try to re-install Microsoft .NET Framework with the latest version or run the system file check
  10. Thank you. The issue is that the signature list is truncated and there was an error in the dialog that caused the notification about it was not visible. The fix will be released with the next update of the dev-branch.
  11. @R3vo could you please PM the files from %localappdata%\Arma 3 Launcher and %localappdata%\Arma 3 Launcher\Logs ?
  12. Hi, could you please open Servers window in your Steam client (View/Servers) and look at Favorites and History tabs and filter them to show Arma 3 servers? Launcher should display the exactly same servers as it uses Steam as the source for the list (with the exception of the servers marked as <not responding> - those are not displayed by Launcher at all).
  13. Hi, try to (re)move the file %localappdata%\Arma 3 Launcher\bisignCache.nson to clear the signatures cache.
  14. Hi, I'm afraid that Launcher logs won't help you here. Steam client uses folder steamapps\workshop\downloads as a temporary download folder while it is downloading the mod (or its update). After it download the mod it moves them to steamapps\workshop\content (with possible intermediate step in steamapps\workshop\temp to merge the update) and then it signals to Launcher that the mods is ready to be used. I'd guess that either you have a download (update) in progress or Steam client lost track of the temporary files for whatever reason. So I'd recommend you to check your Steam client downloads and check the modification date on the folders in Downloads folder (and if you decide to remove those files, remember to delete steamapps\workshop\downloads/state_107410_*.patch files from that folder as well that ends with the same number as the folder you remove).
  15. Hello, do you have sound if you disable BattlEye in Arma 3 Launcher and start it?