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  1. For example, I am able to trigger script from scenario file (TRIGGER_START>>>TRIGGER_LINK>>>EVENT_SCRIPT). Then in that script file, I can use: ​Vehicle_Handler myObject = SpawnVehicle ("objDef.cfg", <playerPos>, false); ​ ​<playerPos> should be "Vector" type, array[3]? ​How to get position of MP (joined) player, and where I can write my script to be triggered by this function? void OnNetPlayerJoin(NetPlayer player) { } I tried this but not success yet: vector mat3[4]; CGame game = GetGame(); NetPlayer localPlayer = game.GetLocalNetPlayer(); GetMatrix4(localPlayer, mat3); ​vector playerPosition = localPlayer.GetPosition();
  2. ​​Hi. ​Few years ago, I had created few complex MP scripted missions for OFP, ARMA, ARMA2 (in SQS later SQF). Now I am trying to start doing something for TKOM. I have basic knowledge of VB, C# and little with C++. ​Questions: ​1) Is there any guide, information, which can help me better understand, how can I create missions (not via editor). Which objects and methods/functions are accessible locally, or which event handlers are used, and where definitions should be written. ​2) Is basic principe same, as it was in ARMA2, that you have LOCAL or GLOBAL "vehicles" and depending on "event", the same script file (or method/function?) is started/called on all machines ... , so you need to check every time, if you are "on server, on client, or serverclient"? just simple example would be nice. For example, how can I in MP game, create something GLOBALY on position of just joined player? ​Something like on "player joined event" to call event/function to get position of that player ...and spawn crate at that position. ​Thanks for any information/guide/example, you can provide.