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  1. Can't wait to test them. Any sneak-preview on what sort of missile variants can we expect to see? :P
  2. Any chance of getting dynamic loadout module for Zeus?
  3. Would it be possible to use tides to seasonally flood Almyra, or is the lake too high ASL for it to make sense?
  4. Is it just the overcast+sun lighting effect, or are you using some sort of post-processing? If so, then what sort of settings do you have on?
  5. Bugs: Shikra's HUD is sorta broken. Display is way off. Suggestions: 1) Make HUD TGP display carry more information. Quick mockup I threw together in Paint: Should look similar for laser and/or radar targets (if introduced). 2) Introduce unwinding CCIP range indicator for rockets, as it is currently implemented for guns. 3) Unwinding CCIP range indicator for guns and rockets should appear significantly earlier than ~3.2-4km away from the target. Currently when the crosshair for CCIP even appears it's usually already unwound, indicating weapon effective range. 4) Add HMD missile sight for off-bore capable missiles (9x and 73). Example 1. Sight. Example 2. Outside missile range. 5) Mark RWR contacts on HUD for SEAD missions. IRL example (SU-25) - radar emissions marked in diamonds
  6. No, as far as I'm aware. I believe I've seen Oukej's post saying they're not planning introducing such feature, unfortunately.
  7. You mean AH-6? Are you sure? AN/APR-39 seems to be the smallest RWR available used by most helicopters (Cobra, Apache, Chinook, Sea Knight, Blackhawk, Sea Stallion, Kiowa), I'm pretty sure they're not fitted on H-6 series. I couldn't find anything about AH-6 utilizing countermeasures or threat detection systems other than LWIRCM, which is a lightweight variant of CIRCM, planned for MELB block upgrades. As far as I'm aware the program had ~$23M funding for fiscal years 14-19 and is still being tested (and possibly fielded), so it's safe to assume this sort of ECM would still be in use in 2035. We don't have working ECM tho. Edit: Apparently the system is supposed to feature an "IR -Guided Missile Detection, Alert, and Countermeasure on the MELB", as mentioned here. So who knows.
  8. R-73 is capable of high-G maneuvers and off-boresight guidance as well. In fact R-73 had these characteristics first, even before 9x was designed, let's not forget about that! :) If off-bore capability won't be introduced initially, is it at least possible to somehow mod it in with current config structure?
  9. Does destroying the gunner optic influence AI targeting ability in any way?
  10. Awesome. I wish we had at least the RWR and lock-on warning sounds. Hopefully someone will mod these in if we don't get them with the official DLC :D You missed "EJECT, EJECT!" at the end.
  11. What do you mean it's not an acceptable level of production? Everything you liked about this DLC will be free and you'll benefit from it in basically every way possible, even if you don't buy it. You're still getting hitpoints, new scripting commands, flight model improvements, HUD improvements, targetting overhaul, sound framework improvements — list goes on and on.
  12. Try placing down some invisible helipads, maybe they'll be able to land on them. Read what's in the DLC once again. Please try and pay attention to these factors: What is paid content? What sort of premium content is introduced with the DLC? What is the free platform update? What sort of features do we get for free? What sort of mechanics are included with the DLC as free platform update? Is there any free content introduced with the DLC as well? Will modders be able to use features introduced by the DLC? Helpful links:
  13. Whoever configures ballistics/armour values in RHS armoured vehicles is a config wizard and deserves some praise. BRDMs are pennetrable from the side with 7.62x54 armour piercing and 5.45x39/7.62x39 EPR rounds as they should be. I always appreciated the way your shit is configured, but honestly I didn't expect this level of depth, I just wanted to take a moment and say this. Thank you guys.