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  1. Is this an addon form ? Or does it do something with arma files ? Is this solution compatible with servers that do not support mods and batlle eye enabled ?
  2. 1)This is true, in new Jets I have several stuff in the action menu like: engine off, inventory, landing autopilot, gear down, flaps down, lights on, collision lights on, eject Half of it is bound to a keyboard by default. The action menu should look like this instead: engine off (and even that to disappear if key is assigned), landing autopilot, collision lights on. Inventory action in vehicles - not necessary, everyone has the key assigned and uses it frequently because there is no other way to look into your inventory when you are infantry. Maybe it is possible to add an option in controls (a tickbox) that will remove stuff from the action menu ? 2) Another thing that could be streamlined is to be able to select the underbarrel grenade launcher with a separate key instead of scrolling through semi/auto. It is not much about the underbarrel, but to avoid scrolling through it if you just want to change the fire mode.
  3. The brothers are easy to identify, one has the hat and the other does not. It is the problem with arma players, through the years arma has been so versatile and complicated that people are trying come up with some crazy variants of what you need to do to complete the mission, when you need to play as if you have never played before, as if this is cod or bf.
  4. In the airstrike mission where you (read spoiler)
  5. @moricky Found a trivial bug. Whn loading Altis in the editor or mission it sais at the bottom screen:"Village of Oreokastro was abandoned after the civil war". Correct me of I am wrong, but that civil war happened before the events of the East Wind, that war was the reason why NATO was peacekeeping on Altis(Adams and Lacey talk about it on the helo flight to Rogain). But in Laws of War mini campaign Oreokastro is still populated almost up to the very end of the East Wind.
  6. I have completed the campaign and it went very good, never had a single issue. .
  7. Perhaps animations can be tweaked a bit. 1) Mine diffusing to take a bit longer (would be nice if you could add an animation that looked like an eod man screwing out a detonator, tripwire can remain asis because it is just a wire cut) 2) When operating a drone, the character does same animation as when accessing inventory, although the model of the uav terminal is ingame and it would be much more immersive for the character to hold it with both hands in front of self.
  8. Hi. I just noticed something while flying the new jets on Malden. When lookin through thermals I saw smoke, and it occurred to me that smoke does not emit any heat radiation and is not seen on thermals. Perhaps it is possible not to render smoke particles when the thermals are on ? Or render them with like an alpha instead of its texture ?
  9. AI when using Mk82 unguided bombs tend to release them too early, which makes the bombs fall about 200-250m short of target.
  10. What has one ?
  11. If possible maybe an invisible landing strip can be added ? This object , just like the invisible airfield, needed for AI to land the plane anywhere. And maybe it would be a good time to fix the airfields on Altis as AI do not recognize them as such. The airfields in question are: 1) Military base near Selekano. 2) Small airstrip north of Abdera, east of Aristi (that one is too short for even the Caesar BTT to take off although new jets can still do it, perhaps the terrain can be altered a bit to extend it).
  12. It can be anything. That is why I ask. No explanation given by the BIS usually there is a link to forums or something.
  13. Hi all. In spotrep 00064 changelog, I saw the following: Added: It is now possible to transport non-vehicle objects in vehicles (via scripting only) There are no explanations or further mentions of this. Does anyone know what it is and how it is supposed to work ?