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  1. No, they don`t exist, they will be spawned via createvehicle. The script that spawns them can not be altered, it has to be another script that makes them run my function..
  2. One more question. How to make all lanterns execute my function ? I need to include all those on the map already as well as those that are created mid mission. I use { [[_x]] call NN_fnc_myfunction;} count allMissionObjects "Land_Camping_Light_F"; but that only seems to affect the ones that are already placed but not the future ones.
  3. Thanks for the solution guys. Sorry you failed to understand what this is for, but it works exactly how I need it to. Thanks again.
  4. The value as a string. For example I get the direction of 180 and I need it to just be a static number, not the dynamic variable. Like I said, place a lantern, e.g set the dir to 130. Store this value. Then rotate this lantern to 220 e.g. Then restore the value e.g. with a hint "previous rotation was 130" Then rotate again to e.g. 300 Then restore the value e.g. with a hint "previous rotation was 220" e.t.c. But I need it to not work with a certain lantern but to all lanterns on the map even those that will be spawned in the future.
  5. The idea is you store objects rotation (position or any other data) then you move object then you restore previous data to see how that object was rotated (positioned or other) before it was moved. Is it possible to store it as a string ?
  6. Will it store many variables for each object ? And if so how to then get those variables and apply them to these objects again ?
  7. Hi I am having a problem with storing object data. I have an object, lets say it is "Land_Camping_Light_F" and it calls a function. Inside a function: getdir this select 0 //gets me the direction of the object this function is executed by all objects of this class. However I need to store this data for every object so that later I can see where this object was pointing although now it`s direction is different. Is that possible in arma ?
  8. Combat Realism Scripts

    Thanks, been playing this game for 13 years just found out about it now lol.
  9. Combat Realism Scripts

  10. Combat Realism Scripts

    hey one more question, how do you actually animate this ? Is it playmove or switchmove or there is another command ?
  11. ACE action to object.

    Ye that is why I got confused too. I do not often script in Arma, but I needed to make a quick addon and got confused by ACE framework, sorted now though, thanks again.
  12. ACE action to object.

    No, I just needed this particular one. Problem solved with the quote marks. thanks a lot. ["Land_Camping_Light_F" , 0, ["ACE_MainActions"], _action] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToClass; <== this is the correct line if you are visiting this thread to find the same answer.
  13. ACE action to object.

    So my line would be like this: [Land_Camping_Light_F , 0, ["ACE_MainActions"], _action] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToClass; ?? For me it just gives undefined variable in expression. What is the correct syntax for it then ?
  14. ACE action to object.

    But what will I input into the first parameter 0: TypeOf of the class <STRING> ?
  15. Combat Realism Scripts

    Great, thanx