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  1. No matter how hard you try to command your own AI, they are just not reliable and not usefull in many situations. I tested easy situations without much complexity again, to see if i just need some training on commanding the AI, but thats not the issue. When was the command menue overhauled last time? (Overall its still the OFP system!) Supressive Fire command was added, was exited for that, but i never use it since the AI fails on easy things, like taking usefull cover and advancing like a team in urban environment. I hate when team members die and i wouldnt hate it if i failed as Squad Leader. Lets see, what did i do wrong, learn from the situation. But in 90% of the cases the AI just fails to do easy things. Urban Environment is one huge problem. There are no real commands which make your team stick together, checking corner for corner, throwing smoke, automatic supression of the enemy. They dont work as team together. In urban environment they take different routes, splitting up and one of my squad members is rushing through a different road into the enemys. They dont lean properbly around corners, better rushing around. They do fire on obstacles direct in front of them, even teammates get shot;-( They should choose a dead corner by themself, facing the direction where a thread is possible. Instead of that you have to assign them to watch a direction (which does not work) they allways look +75 degree of the assigned direction. Commanding the AI is just not intuitive, its hard work. But real soldiers are trained for perfect communication to make sure they work together as a perfect team. I cant feel that when im part of a squad or the commander of it. I just think that the whole command menue really needs some love and its time to include some new routines. AI is for example still taking cover behind roadsigns !?! Infantry combat is the core of the game and the Infantry AI and command menu is just receiving some new fixes from time to time. This is no rent thread, but i want to have some more control over my team and the battles i fight, without failing because of mistakes the AI does so often. Its sad to see (even with all the great updates, fixes and new content) how the AI which is core of a game is left behind so much.
  2. 3.2 Gigabyte DevBranch today, wonder whtas in it, no changelog so far=)^^
  3. in the XIANG VTOL the Lasermarker cant be activated. tested in the editor.
  4. Really like the new VTOL scenario, finally i can fly that thing, its cool that you really need skill for the landing, engagment of enemys ect. Had three CTD´s while playing the scenario. Think its connected to change the vector of VTOL. Here´s the Crash Report stuff;
  5. 1. Playing as JTAC in editor, marking target via laser device, make a search and destroy wp for a blackwesp over not moving tanks, - The Blackwesp is not using the bombs, but the cannon, diving very low into the enemy tanks getting shot. Slowers speed for some reason. It should use bombs/rockets and stay in safe height. 2. Sound of the jet in the same test does not feel right. It is very silent for the fact that its flying 150 meters above my head.
  6. When flying one of the Jets fast with many turns (just placed some opfor jets and hunted them with blufor jets) sound is stuttering and fading out complete until there is no more sound. flying slower without turns sound comes back again then.
  7. Love the new jets, but for some reason i cant engage any targets. I i press "T" i cant lock any target. Switched Radar on. Just placed me in a jet and some tanks and AA vehicles, but no luck with locking and engaging them^^=)
  8. As soon as i try to start an MP lobby ingame, i get an Crash to Desktop with the Error: Include file a3/ Functions_F /Params/ paramRevive.hpp not found I did verify the game files via steam, still the same error. help is much appreciated...! thanks in advance.
  9. Recording the movement of the turret is not possible.
  10. I read in some articles in gamer magazines irs scheduled for may 17. Shouldnt it be that month, q3? Any infos about the exact release date?
  11. Like the title says I want to create a cutscene where u look through a UAV with the fitting overlay. I found that one way is to define and use Resource Titles, for example scopes too. Is there a tutorial how to do this? Help would be much appreciated!
  12. Nice...Got everything working what i need. Thank you, very helpfull !
  13. This would be command for task creation. Dont forget that scripting on dedicated servers is very different to SP or client side multiplayer. (not to say complicated) If you want a 100% working Task System use FHQ Tasktracker. It works for dedicated servers but is not fully updated to the task system BIS offers.
  14. Modules for Dedicated Server are problematic. Better script your Tasks with the functions BIS provides if your are on dedicated server. Overall many stuff which works in SP doesnt work in MP. Even less on dedicated servers.
  15. Thanks very much, Jonas. This is allready helping! Still having a damn hard time adjusting the parameters of the function since there are so many. But i want to use that function because you can choose the channels by yourself and disable the radio protocol automaticly.