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  1. 1. Playing as JTAC in editor, marking target via laser device, make a search and destroy wp for a blackwesp over not moving tanks, - The Blackwesp is not using the bombs, but the cannon, diving very low into the enemy tanks getting shot. Slowers speed for some reason. It should use bombs/rockets and stay in safe height. 2. Sound of the jet in the same test does not feel right. It is very silent for the fact that its flying 150 meters above my head.
  2. When flying one of the Jets fast with many turns (just placed some opfor jets and hunted them with blufor jets) sound is stuttering and fading out complete until there is no more sound. flying slower without turns sound comes back again then.
  3. Love the new jets, but for some reason i cant engage any targets. I i press "T" i cant lock any target. Switched Radar on. Just placed me in a jet and some tanks and AA vehicles, but no luck with locking and engaging them^^=)
  4. As soon as i try to start an MP lobby ingame, i get an Crash to Desktop with the Error: Include file a3/ Functions_F /Params/ paramRevive.hpp not found I did verify the game files via steam, still the same error. help is much appreciated...! thanks in advance.
  5. Recording the movement of the turret is not possible.
  6. I read in some articles in gamer magazines irs scheduled for may 17. Shouldnt it be that month, q3? Any infos about the exact release date?
  7. Like the title says I want to create a cutscene where u look through a UAV with the fitting overlay. I found that one way is to define and use Resource Titles, for example scopes too. Is there a tutorial how to do this? Help would be much appreciated!
  8. Nice...Got everything working what i need. Thank you, very helpfull !
  9. This would be command for task creation. Dont forget that scripting on dedicated servers is very different to SP or client side multiplayer. (not to say complicated) If you want a 100% working Task System use FHQ Tasktracker. It works for dedicated servers but is not fully updated to the task system BIS offers.
  10. Modules for Dedicated Server are problematic. Better script your Tasks with the functions BIS provides if your are on dedicated server. Overall many stuff which works in SP doesnt work in MP. Even less on dedicated servers.
  11. Thanks very much, Jonas. This is allready helping! Still having a damn hard time adjusting the parameters of the function since there are so many. But i want to use that function because you can choose the channels by yourself and disable the radio protocol automaticly.
  12. So i found the entry on the Bis Biki, but still cant get the System to work. My problem is that i dont know how and where i have to define the "container" in the desciption.ext or Cfg Sentences File. /* Description: Plays conversation. Script terminates itself when conversation is finished. Parameter(s): _this select 0: STRING - Topic name _this select 1 (Optional): STRING - container name (default: current mission ID) _this select 2 (Optional): ARRAY - section to be played. Elements can be: * STRING - "variant" - play specific variant * ARRAY * [startingSentence,(endingSentence)] - play al sentences between specific start and end startingSentence can be in format: * STRING - full sentence name (example: 04_intro_team_PLA_0") * ARRAY - [<actorID>(,<sentenceID>)] (example: ["PLA",0] or just ["PLA_0"]) * BOOL - true to play random sentence, false to play first sentence * default - first sentence endingSentence can be in format: * STRING - full sentence name (example: 04_intro_team_PLA_0") * ARRAY - [<actorID>(,<sentenceID>)] (example: ["PLA",0] or just ["PLA_0"]) * BOOL - true to play only one sentence, false if continue to last sentence * default - last sentence * (default: play everything) _this select 3 (Optional): BOOL or STRING or OBJECT or CODE - true to force radio, name of custom radio channel, listener's channel, returned value of code _this select 4 (Optional): CODE - code executed at the start of every sentence (arguments are same as in kbAddTopic event handler) (default: {}) ARRAY - code with arguments in format [code,arguments] _this select 5 (Optional): ARRAY - replacement units for those defined in .bikb file (in chronological order) BOOL - when true, dummy logics will be created for all actor units which doesn't exist (default: false or value of 'bis_fnc_kbTell_createDummy' variable) _this select 6 (Optional): NUMBER - music and sound volumes will be multiplied by this value when conversation starts (default: 0.1) _this select 7 (Optional): BOOL - true to disable radio protocol message while the conversation is playing (default: true) Returns: NOTHING */ //Todo: priority kbTell stppoing current conversation, split into several functions (config loading) How and where do i have to define the Sentences, other then the .bikb file? Maybe someone can post an easy working example or has an idea. Thanks in advance!
  13. I tried three tools now to unpack a mission pbo by a user. Mikeros ExtractPBO tells me that. ///'CTRGMod.pbo' from Mikero's dos tools, dll version 5.66/// Pbo Type is: CWC Unknown pbo type (no config) //////</HEADER>////// Warning: DePbo has residual bytes (possibly a tool signature) Warning: DePbo has residual bytes (possibly a tool signature) Pbo is empty (no files inside) Is the PBO secured and cant be extracted? Just want to see how the Bis_fnc_tell function works, not trying to steal anything...! Thanks in advanced
  14. Works in a loop...Had allready a solution but this is much better. Thanks for your input=)!
  15. Overall the function works great in my little scenario, now i have one problem. As soon as the chopper lands and the first part of the Unitplay Script is done, it is hovering back in the air, instead of waiting there until the condition is over. [x1, CODE FOR LANDING ]spawn BIS_fnc_UnitPlay; waitUntil {! (player in x1)}; [x1, CODE FOR FLYING AWAY] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitPlay; If the code for Landing is played the chopper is hovering back in the air until the player gets out. but it needs to stand on the ground. I tried to disable ALL sections of the pilot AI and the chopper itself. it didnt help. Thanks in advance if you got an idea!