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  1. yea I am really not in the mood to fix it to be honest since I kind of expect the next update to break a lot more. I might wait for that and then try to fix it all in one go instead of slaving away on problems after each consecutive update.
  2. that would be awesome. with the number of planes I have to maintain this would make it a lot easier : D many thanks for considering it!
  3. I forgot to add: you can change the Brisfits liveries in eden editor: I will adapt this feature for most of my planes to reduce some editor clutter. Probably once we have that new jet dlc loadout thing
  4. wow, this is jaw dropping - respect!
  5. V 1.3 added Brisfit added Hansa Brandenburg W.29 Both are work in progress of course
  6. update 0.7 - fixed the 0.68 arsenal issue - added some liveries - messed with tripod geo lod - optional units (c-130, su-34, an-12)
  7. Hi Lesh, what is the simplest way I can make my aircraft compatible? Can I add a point in my memory LOD instead of measuring offsets : ) ?
  8. A few more textures going to be updated in a while. added vtol function to the jets : )
  9. forgot to add. i can only launch buldozer from the install directory. if I use the default setup it won't launch
  10. the points are defined and it did work up to the last time I flew it. I can check what Tetet suggested, only thing I can think of... My points were about 1m to 50cm above ground. I lowered them and now it works again. Thx Tetet. Of course I still get this in the log which I get since day 1: 16:54:42 In Vehicle: sab_robindr400\robindr400.p3d missing driver get in direction point 16:54:42 In Vehicle: sab_robindr400\robindr400.p3d missing driver get in direction point 16:54:42 In Vehicle: sab_robindr400\robindr400.p3d missing driver get in direction point... those updates and changes of rules sure keep us busy
  11. I actually saw one land on an airport I was passing today. It flew directly over me just seconds before touching down. Well not the AEW version but still, what is the chance for that : D I have made the livery in celebration of this event and will add it into my addon sometime, you can have it too of couse. It's flashy green so probably wont fit in here though : ) btw, really liking that livery with the black belly. looks neat.
  12. that is good for fixing the paths : ) - thx, i had the p: in my paths for a few weeks and did not know why. very annoying to remove manually. didn't fix my texture/mat issue though. I will try delete and reinstall the whole thing
  13. I do, thx for sharing : )
  14. aye, mine didn't show rvmats for a while now. I have updated. now textures are gone too : O
  15. I might make some new skins for it actually, not sure about plaaf. you have any examples? feel free to make textures yourself btw, I can add them to the addon,