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  1. Me neither in a way : ) I saw it a few times while scrolling through Helijah's aircraft and it didn't really click. Then a few days ago I suddenly found myself in the middle of it.
  2. v 1.7 added Ryan PT added Yak 23 moved C2a here
  3. v 1.4 added S6B added M.C.72 moved C2a to mil avi 655,8 km/h (1931) 709,2 km/h (1934) - record still stands today (for propeller driven seaplanes) Reduce the WAVES on the map to 0 when attempting to take off from water. With the high speeds involved you won't make it if there are any waves at all.
  4. v 1.21 added yak23 support
  5. Bf 110 still in the works, meanwhile I started with the Yak 23 : )
  6. it has an invisible engine, no sailing simulation you can put a texture on the sails with setobjecttexture I will try to add an action to unfurl/furl the sails, good idea.
  7. A little side project that I have been playing around for a while http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=829294252 Credits/Thanks to: Sergei for the Sailboat 3D model and textures
  8. V 1.6 added IL-2 added Fiat G.55 some small tweaks and some simple damage effects (thanks to Nightintruder)
  9. v 1.2 added a few more factions (not historically accurate, wip) a few small tweaks
  10. Thanks for the inspiration Nightintruder. I never bothered working with damage effects other than materials - but hiding parts of the gear is super easy and quite effective: )
  11. I have noticed that AI can not take off from Altis Aero Club Airfield anymore. They will go in circles on the runway
  12. All my aircraft with radarType = 0; now have a radar. Is there any way I can disable it?
  13. Is there a wip documentation how to use this? I would like to play around with this features / start updating since i have >50 aircraft to update : )
  14. I convert the planes I like, which can change daily. I have a sort of list but it is nothing I really stick too started yesterday and nearly finished already is this here: next maybe the BF 110 or IL 2 actually. I like the out of the ordinary planes like the P-26 or D510 a lot too though a little later today: ... looks like it will be the IL 2 : )
  15. I guess I could have a look if we have the permissions and sources . Can't promise anything though. Porting from A2 is a little tougher than starting with a clean model like here : )