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  1. Restarted work on my Avia 534 Gloster Gladi nearly finished (won't bother animating the gauges for a while though)
  2. A teaser is 2 posts above. Automatic refueling is included since years, as menu item when you fly behind my C-130/737 tankers
  3. I second this, pretty clueless how to update my own aircraft loadouts. I have disabled them and am using others like FIR or vanilla for the time being.
  4. Got a few new toys I am working on, also some of the existing got slight reworking again: Fouga Magister Dassault Mystere I noticed Helijah's Panther model actually had speed brakes.
  5. thank you, I may add them already. As soon as you update your addon they should start working then. I have not yet found any sideeffect of using hardpoint names that are not available
  6. great work Firewill! Thank you very much! What is/are the hardpoint name(s) I have to add to my configs : ) ?
  7. ty, can anyone confirm engine issues on the T28? will i add plane x,y,z? All planes I may add I usually mention or post screenshots of.
  8. I have noticed some random behaviour with rvmats across different addons/pbos: My planes all receive their glass from my aircraft library addon (rvmat and paa). A few updates ago I noticed that the rvmat seems to get stored inside the p3d though when i build the p3d of the plane addon. is this correct? Now whenever I update my aircraft library addon sometimes it works, some other times it seems to magically get an old rvmat stored inside one of the p3ds? I thought that if I put the newest definition / my aircraft library in top of loading order it would help. but it seems it is totally random? any ideas? what I want - and sometimes it works too. what I often get instead, same addons!
  9. they will go in to mil aviation. that is one of the reasons for the split. That one ain't very extensive right now
  10. well easy, I never intended to make a WWII themed addon pack in the first place. Didn't really want to mess with jets either. But here they both are and it does not make sense to bundle them all up together due to size
  11. yea I don't know how to make it animate all 4 necessary animations yet
  12. finished mostly, but the textures and rvmats are pretty simple so it does not look good : / that is why I havn't added it. it won't be part of the WWII addon in any case though, maybe in mil avi
  13. the An-22 is now part of the military aviation. it was in civil aviation before. I managed to fix it's rudder and it is able to turn finally. at a super slow rate though but still : ) I have an Il-76 coming too
  14. 1.28 fixed factions by removing them new canopy glass shiny new canopy glass make sure the aircraft library is at the top of the load order list in you arma 3 launcher. Otherwise the glass will look dull like in the 2nd picture.
  15. Now available again on steam. this is the jet part of the former military aviation. all WWII aircraft have moved into my Secret Weapons addon.