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  1. Recently started making my own proper aircraft in blender from scratch. This time it may actually work in the long run. Some first impressions: this was the first iteration, at least it flies. 2nd attempt, what a slightly higher detail mesh and a simple standard material can do : ) Still fighting some issues like mesh not being closed or high poly count. UV mapping is not so easy either. A few more weeks and I may have something though : )
  2. it's that new vehicle transport feature from apex.
  3. You're welcome. and glad you found it. ...work continues on the MB 339 and I am thinking of making a 737 tanker version with a boom. Not sure how that is going to turn out. Just needs a little update on the exterior rvmat and the cockpit gauges have to be animated. We well have one version in each faction + civilian aerobatic versions. It will be quite similar to the alpha jet actually if none here has any other good idea : ) Edit: Tanker is a lot easier than I thought it would be : D it will be able to refuel any aircraft, even those without the proper memory LOD points setup E-7 Wedgetail
  4. I am redoing some of the classnames right now and splitting the 2 factions into 2 separate pbos. Don't make any complicated mission s yet : ) Update pending in a few hours. @armyguy277 I thought about it. I plan to add some plasma cannon that can be fired once a minute and remove the small guns from it. @silentghoust I considered shields too at one point, but I don't see a way to make them light up when hit which would be the whole point imho.
  5. Don't panic, version 0.6 is very close. Just a matter of minutes : ) Successful weapon test for the alien tech powered gear (updated on steam to v.0.6)
  6. Something like this : ) ?
  7. you have to set the green faction to enemy in the editor. somewhere under general options/settings
  8. The Kry'Zok are about to make a come back. And now they are really angry for whatever reason. Lots of new equipment, completely redid the whole thing actually. Tanks drive a little better, the drop ship can finally drop something and they actually have learned how to unleash their insane weaponry against unsuspecting players Tripod Invasion in 3..2...1 Dropship turret in action firing animation redone some reinforcements straight from the nightmare dimension Originally I had intended these as adversaries for my UN2030 addon. In recognition of this I will change the name of this addon to UN COM : ) This will of course include some increased firepower for the UN 2030/-COM faction eventually (Gauss A10, Rail Tank, UN-COM Troops etc)
  9. what was it about : ) ? my release notes usually don't mention a few things too (in this case i added a 4wd and the xian vtol as well as some retex weapons as bonus). yea i went for the opfor vtol. maybe the other one will follow sometime. bit messy to get the tanoa textures (projection on a sign in editor, then screencapturing). The C-130 would increase the size by 60mb, the An-12 just by about 15 : ) - I will think about it. maybe there is some way to make it smaller.
  10. v 1.3 fixed some errors added UN An-12 added UN 4WD and UN VTOL added a few small bonus items since the steam workshop seems to be broken right now (not able to update anything) please use this traditional download link : ) (is this really the first update in 2 years? time flies :O ) BTW, the independent plugin is somewhere in the download folder. if you want to use it, move it into the addon folder
  11. there should be a mouse wheel menu option for it. Either as pilot inside or standing near left wing, not sure. Same for the Panther
  12. thanks. maybe i can make something from this. a few cars and trucks stopped working in some of my other addons too : / not quite sure yet why it would affect the helicopters. maybe because of the customizable pods adding class EventHandlers {}; does the trick. thx : )
  13. ty : ) that's strange. the seaplanes used to work on my server. can anyone confirm?
  14. Heya, I recently found out that my old UN mods Taru helicopters are broken. They used to show my UN textures but some update must have changed it. They are back to their vanilla liveries. I wonder if it has to do with randomization or some Eden features. Anyone have an idea how I can prevent this via config? I am at a loss. Anyone have an idea how to help me? Many thanks
  15. v 1.75 added BF-110 fixed some frontal armorsettings