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  1. yea and some other people like the guy up here would flame the hell out of me if i released an unfinished not 100% historical accurate zero....so who knows, i might just do it
  2. I just wrote a complicated answer ...but really, just leave my thread. If you are unhappy with the proportions go to wikipedia and tell them or make your own. wikipedia wikipedia
  3. thanks for the kind words, this shitty model is still wip
  4. it's on steam ws already from my side and what the playwithsix people do is up to them. I have nothing to do with it. -btw, it seems it is already on six.
  5. Some progress: It will stay pretty basic but it is fun to fly already. Low poly Zero. Mainly for my own pleasure as ai target drone. Avia B.534 somewhere above an ifa3 map this is how the avia and p-51 look rendered with sketchfab:
  6. if anyone is using this, there is a rather large revamp coming. I am setting everything up for the new pylon system and doing a few other changes as well. Let me know and you can have a preview version to adjust your stuff.
  7. they work just like bombs. So not really, which is quite realistic actually - depending on which time and faction you look at.
  8. A few more teasers: Avenger Val, Kate, Ki 61, forgot to add the M6a to the pic Kate Carrier project
  9. Got bored and moved on to a somewhat similar aircraft: SWS C-1 Finally my blender skills are sufficient enough to attempt the Felixstowe F2a
  10. My Avia is going along well. Accidently fused the canopy to the fuselage but managed to fix it again. The model is pretty much an example how not to do it, but it doesn't really show so I am going along with it (too high poly, bad corners etc). Helijah's Texan T6:
  11. That is exactly what I have done all the time up to now, most are from flight gear. What is keeping you from using the C-2, apart from it being in another addon?
  12. Got bored with all the tiny parts inside the P-51s cockpit and started another project: Also updating the Avia B.534 (redid the UV mapping, new liveries and some small changes, mainly cockpit)
  13. My newest project for this addon: Hannover CL.II
  14. Really glad you released it : ) thank you!
  15. thank you. getting there : ) This is how it looks like in sketchfab. Wish I could make it look like this ingame.