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  1. the points are defined and it did work up to the last time I flew it. I can check what Tetet suggested, only thing I can think of... My points were about 1m to 50cm above ground. I lowered them and now it works again. Thx Tetet. Of course I still get this in the log which I get since day 1: 16:54:42 In Vehicle: sab_robindr400\robindr400.p3d missing driver get in direction point 16:54:42 In Vehicle: sab_robindr400\robindr400.p3d missing driver get in direction point 16:54:42 In Vehicle: sab_robindr400\robindr400.p3d missing driver get in direction point... those updates and changes of rules sure keep us busy
  2. I actually saw one land on an airport I was passing today. It flew directly over me just seconds before touching down. Well not the AEW version but still, what is the chance for that : D I have made the livery in celebration of this event and will add it into my addon sometime, you can have it too of couse. It's flashy green so probably wont fit in here though : ) btw, really liking that livery with the black belly. looks neat.
  3. that is good for fixing the paths : ) - thx, i had the p: in my paths for a few weeks and did not know why. very annoying to remove manually. didn't fix my texture/mat issue though. I will try delete and reinstall the whole thing
  4. aye, mine didn't show rvmats for a while now. I have updated. now textures are gone too : O
  5. I might make some new skins for it actually, not sure about plaaf. you have any examples? feel free to make textures yourself btw, I can add them to the addon,
  6. small update
  7. Looking very good. Really nice work! Love the vehicles
  8. All the points are there and defined in model and in config. You can actually get in and out. Nothing I know of that I can do about those messages
  9. That's good! Thank you
  10. I didn't make the Hellcat, just converted it. All the released models here have been made by Helijah : ) You can see what I am working on in my threads or steam screenshots. nothing else is planned.
  11. Keep getting requests about the C-130/source code. My original packs source code is available (first post of the thread) It is quite large though and maybe complicated to adapt for some people. So I have decided to launch a streamlined version without many confusing features for everyone to use and adapt. APL C-130 by [Dust]Sabre A port of the original Arma 2 C-130 and based on BIS APL Source Files. It is the same as my other C-130 addon, just with less different versions and features. Features: C-130 J C-130 J Cargo Version Credits: Aplion - for Arma2- Arma3 port tutorial BIS for original Model/Textures = APL Sample Files License: APL Arma public license. Don't ask me if you can use it. just go ahead. happy modding. Downloads: Source Files to make addons with Addon to play (Version 1.0)
  12. not on my list. Quite busy with other things
  13. ******************************************************** Sabre's Ultralight ******************************************************** Just a really silly and hopefully fun little addon. Originally made for a tutorial. Expanded due to popular demand. ******************************************************** Requirements: None ******************************************************** This addon for Arma 3 is released under CC-BY-SA The authors of this addon give no warranty ******************************************************** Downloads: ********************************************************
  14. Hansa Brandenburg - the new version is coming along nicely. Time to do the uvmapping and the interior The Brisfits model is nearly finished.