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  1. The class names for all the ammo, if you need to script something, are listed on our website
  2. Request for info: As you've no doubt noticed we have put some work into improving the smoke and illumination rounds for our mortars, 40 mm grenades and hand thrown smokes To make it easy for players to distinguish between 3CB and vanilla items we'd like to label ours with their correct L designations. Since release, we have the L designations for the hand throw smokes, but cannot seem to find L designations for either the 40 mm illumination rounds or the different colour 40 mm smokes. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  3. No problem at all, and thanks for identifying the cause
  4. Ammo only appears in the VA if it is loaded into an infantry weapon. We provided ammo crates containing Milan tubes, until we add the infantry portable Milan.
  5. Not sure if it would help, but you can now assign objects a variable name within Achilles. You can then use this name in scripts.
  6. We use ALIVE on the vast majority of our public missions and we have not experienced that issue, although the ALIVE support features are rarely used. I cannot see how ALIVE would conflict with our resupply/logistics modules, as they're essentially passive. They only do something once the the player selects the option from the context menu. If it only happens with our helicopters, then it may well be something that ALIVE is expecting in the config and we're not providing. Does it occur with both the Merlin and Wildcat?
  7. We've done some testing, and can confirm the WP smoke from the mortar is a little too lethal :) We'll fix in the next hotfix
  8. This is correct. It's crucial that the module is before the units in the mission load order. If you forget to place it first, just cut and paste the units back into their original positions (in EDEN) and all will be good.
  9. The units mod, comes with a module to place on the map. This controls the customization of all loadout scripts. You can even use the module to disable all of the scripts. Full details are here
  10. Just post any bugs here. These forums are checked regularly, thanks
  11. Interesting. There is indeed a small initial explosion as the round impacts the ground, but the smoke uses exactly the same tech as the vehicles smoke dischargers. It's simply a collection of particle systems. We'll investigate. But please if you find bugs, don't sit on them. We cannot fix what we're not aware of
  12. @thepiespyNot currently. The Javelin is added via a script, so we do not have to make the vehicles mod dependent on our weapons mod. We'll revisit this in the next patch, as I agree, its would be preferable to be able to disable the Javelin via EDEN.
  13. Issue found, we'll address in the next release
  14. It looks as though BIS are adding more functionality around the turnin / turnout feature, so perhaps we find an improved implementation in the future
  15. We're considering it