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  1. The missing smoke is confirmed as a bug. It's been fixed in dev, so will be in the next update.
  2. This may be a known issue, we're experiencing script errors since the last update: 20:05:53 Error in expression < (alive _projectile) then {_projectile say3d [(selectRandom _sound), ((position> 20:05:53 Error position: <say3d [(selectRandom _sound), ((position> 20:05:53 Error Type Any, expected String 20:05:53 File LAxemann\DynaSound\addons\DS_sys\scripts\Rocket\RocketEngine.sqf, line 20
  3. @Royal Eagles Yes, that is fixed in the latest dev build Also Zeus can use their original LR radios when remoting a unit
  4. We've never experienced any key mismatch across our mods. If you're downloading from Steam its worth checking you have only one copy of each mod installed. I'd suggest adding just a few mods to your server and checking it works, then add more in small batches.
  5. @BlueNexus there are no plans to at present. We focus on BAF mods that would be most useful to small scale infantry combat.
  6. That's a shame, but thanks for the info
  7. Ok, thanks. So the obvious next question: Are there any plans to integrate it into existing game mechanics, to make it a little less gamey ? ie be able to detect it using a device of some sort?
  8. Hmm ... so is detection just a case of looking for the disarm logo ?
  9. @CreepPork Having played around a little more with the IED module and ACE. I can indeed disarm using the vanilla disarm functionality, but the actual IED is not detectable with a Vallon, etc. Is this intentional. If so what detection device do you assume we use ?
  10. Understood. We fix ours using the server framework, so should not experience that issue.
  11. @CreepPork Thanks for the info on the GitHub, that makes a lot more sense now. Could you clarify what you mean by "If the Curator has ACE 3 Explosives loaded" ? I was under the impression that the ACE Explosives module was defined at the mission level.
  12. @Night515 added to our bug list, thanks
  13. @halifax007 We have seen this occasionally in MP, but its seems to have become more frequent, recently. We're currently investigating it. Thanks
  14. @sabre_3para_gu unfortunately camp assets fall so far down our priority list that they're unlikely to see the light of day. Although I appreciate they add to immersion, our priority is on weapons, vehicles and equipment that we're currently missing. There is a huge list.
  15. @gunny24 I've added that to our backlog, thanks