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  1. No plans for a MK.7 with UN covers, so have added it to the backlog.
  2. The majority of the textures in our mods use the "hidden texture" functonality, so that people can still customise them and create their own textures.
  3. We have been gifted some source models from 3rd parties (attributed as per Apollo's post), who do not wish their source to be published. We've also made it clear that if you'd like access to some of the material, not so restricted, and you're willing to guarantee the work is attributed and does not conflict with our goals then we may well release the source to you. In short its to protect our partners and us from exploitation.
  4. Apart from fixes, our priority is the Landrovers. Once those our out, then we have some greatly improved models for some of our more widely used small arms. We'll likely rework the arma 2 models in our weapons pack before adding new weapons. The quality is just not where we'd like it on some of our current weapons, especially the L7A2
  5. There seems to have been a change in the way weights are calculated when ammo is equipped. It seems to doubled the weight. We have a similar issue with the L7's ammo. We're not sure if its a bug or a "feature",
  6. There is an optional module in the mod, that you need to move to the addons folder. This gives ACE compatibility for the scopes. It's not there by default, as many people do not use ACE.
  7. I placed this line of code in the init field of the Military Placement (custom objectives) module and it made no different, the debug info was still displayed on the player map. Is there something else that needs to be done to fix the issue? Thanks EDIT: Running the latest version of ALIVE from Armaholic
  8. It's on the backlog, Loopdk
  9. No plans for the L1A1 blank-firing attachment, but I'll add it to the backlog. We have a couple of new scopes finished and ready for the next release, adding to the night fighting capability: KITE and MAXIKITE More images here
  10. If you disable customization on spawn, then you effectively disable the whole of the 3CB loadout scripts for units when they spawn. You'll get no inventory, no randomization, etc. This option is meant for people who want to load the entire equipment loadout from an external database or mission script. If you disable customization on re-spawn, then on a respawn the 3CB loadout scripts do nothing. This option is for people who run ALIVE respawns or ACE respawns, where one of these external modules remembers the units loadout and reapplies it in some way after their death. So if you use ALIVE or ACE respawns then disable the 3CB "customization on re-spawn"
  11. I have a suspicion that we've got crossed wires. Place the module on the map, before any units are placed, and leave the settings as default. Any units now placed via EDEN or Zeus will have ammo and NVGs. This may help
  12. We experienced similar issues. JIP for Zeus appears to have been broken for 6+ months. Also admins logging in caused a dedicated Zeus to be kicked. We get around the issue with this code, which does some housekeeping of the Curators lists. We've been running it on the 3CB servers every since the bug and have had no further issues. Run it on the server in the init.sqf for all clients. Note that it only does anything for a named slot that containing the string "zeus".
  13. Unfortunately that option is not currently available. You either select our load-out, or we leave it to you and you provide the ammo etc. PM me your exact use case, and I'll see what we can do for a future release.
  14. I've checked this with a just the 3CB mods and ACE. Place the unit config module on the map, followed by some units. The module must precede the units in the mission.sqf, so place it first. I disabled the randomization and loadouts, in the config module. On launch, all unit's uniform, vest and backpack inventories are empty and both weapons (L85 and sidearm) have a single mag in the weapons. This is working as intended. Disabling the loadouts, means you get a completely empty loadout. Its the only way we can ensure our loadouts do not conflict with mission designers scripts that add equipment on load. I'm also not seeing the warning message in the bottom left.
  15. Its something we're considering.