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  1. The 'M16A1E2' looks awesome! :D I was wondering, do you have any plans to implement chocolate-chip camo versions of the BDUs/PASGT gear?
  2. Ah! Didn't see that. Couldn't find it on Workshop. Thanks
  3. These are awesome man, any chance of a Steam Workshop version?
  4. Looks like it took a ride through the set of Dirty Jobs, looks good.
  5. Maybe Desert Force Recon stuff?
  6. I don't think I've ever utilized the patches myself, so I wouldn't mind it. However, the problem is that the other shoulder is generally used for unit patches (via XML), so that may be a problem. Something to consider.
  7. Or better yet.... :P Don't see why headgear wouldn't be able to utilize 'hiddenSelection'.
  8. "You Delta boys are a bunch of undisciplined cowboys." RHS's new Protecs help to make some pretty decent Delta guys. The RBA/ALICE fits in well for PT/BUAV. Can't wait for the next update. :D
  9. Not sure if it's been reported yet, but vest shadows don't seem to appear.
  10. Does anybody have a script where you can "hide" your primary weapon? Ideally, it'd be something that turns your rifle invisible when you put it on your back with ACE3, similar to how pistols work if you have one in your inventory, but don't have a vest with a holster modeled on it. addactions of "Holster Weapon"/"Draw Weapon" would be fine too, but it'd need to be configurable to be able to designate which side the script affects. I plan on using this in an insurgency-style PvP mission. Any ideas?
  11. Balaclavas for sure. Also, do you think you'll be able to get your hands on an M939 truck?
  12. The UGL on the Spar-16 is named "GLM" instead of "EGLM".
  13. RHS is only working on weapons from the US Military and Russian Armed Forces of the mid 2000s-today (mostly). Not including Green Forces, that is.