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  1. Hey guys I just saw that image of this (I think a US?) radio that you guys had modeled, wondering if you guys had any plans for ACRE features with that stuff? That would be pretty cool.
  2. Yeah I noticed the square thing on the helmets on the pictures, great models by the way. :) If you were to make an optional PBO, would that kind of thing affect multiplayer compatibility (ie: add diff items) or just replace the textures? Im not quite sure how that would work in the arma engine, Thanks.
  3. Cool pictures of the mines and other stuff. IFA3 is a very popular WW2 mod right now and that mod/game isn't censored. Yeah I also don't think it should be censored but either way still a cool mod definitely looking forward to it, Im curious to see how you guys implement new mine systems.
  4. The new version that I just got on steam workshop seems to work fine , I just updated to 3.1.1 and I had no problems.
  5. Use the manual bolting feature in RHS options, You just click again to rack it once you've seen whether you hit the target or whatever. I like it, if your used to playing Red Orchestra it should be familiar.
  6. Nice job on the release guys, the serbian stuff is really cool and i love the new US atv. Happy its on the workshop now too :)
  7. Is IFA 3 lite a requirement to play the map or is the stuff gonna be part of the map files? Map looks good man
  8. Are those houses from Iron Front in that screen shot or something else?
  9. @bek Wow nice work on the wood textures man, those AKS-74 look great. Are you guys putting similar textures on the AK74SU as well?
  10. Nice Pantera magazine on the table :)
  11. That looks really great, the quality looks just as good as BI models. ( and its probably more detailed :) )
  12. Great work on the map icebreakr :)
  13. Opteryx do you model all this in sketchup? Just curious how you export it, ive tried modeling buildings in sketchup before and was able to export as some formats but im assuming you cant generate a uv map from the texturing your able to do in sketchup right? Thanks man, great work on those models.
  14. PuFu, I wanted to make a Olive Drab LBV Harness skin and send it to you guys hopefully so you could add it to GREF, but I cant find the PBO for the V_HarnessO_brn texture:(
  15. Maybe you could make RHS mod a requirement and then also re-texture some of their stuff, they imo offer the most consistent high quality stuff as far as uniforms and weapons go, and GREF has alot of stuff like Khaki Russian vests that are perfect for soviet soldiers ( and for instance something like east german i presume), but their Russian vests are only really compatible (without ugly clipping) with their own Russian uniforms.