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  1. did you try a bigger respawn time?
  2. It was just to.. clean the error!
  3. what do you call video settings. The settings of a video card depends on each PC. The hosted server also. But you can act on some parameters in game, with commands like: setViewDistance , setObjectViewDistance , setTerrainGrid Note: these commands have a local effect. That means you have to run them on each PC if you want something general. on initPlayerLocal.sqf for example.
  4. Just saying, the switch do { case (something still not defined): code } should be replaced by a defined case, true or false, but defined.
  5. So, why did you piss off me with "that's already been suggested "?
  6. You need to play with the setSkill command and the spot distance. No idea how to set it without a bunch of tests.
  7. But not applied in the last script!... and not see a line about the replacement of the "switch do cases".
  8. It seems to me weird to check existence for slick1, slick2... then switch with cases of these variables, even if not defined.... btw: _slkArr = [slick1,slick2,slick3,slick4] select {!isNull "_x"}; // has no sense _x can be null object and "_x" can be a nil variable, do you see the difference? _slkArr = [slick1,slick2,slick3,slick4] select {!isNil "_x"}; seems to me a good filter. (isNull _x can be also. Check for returned error but I guess it's fine) But most of all, work with the returned array! (disregard the whole cases with undefined variables) { switch (_x) do { case slick1: <code>; ..... } } forEach _slkArr; // seems to me an error if slick1 is not defined. { if (isnil "slick1" && {_x == slick1}) exitwith {<code>}; .... } foreach _sllArr; // should work
  9. _wpSlkUn synchronizeWaypoint [_wpChkUn]; and each waypoint must be in waypoint format [group,index] (seems OK in your script).
  10. if (!isNil "_x") then {hint format["slick = %1",_x]};
  11. I saw that recently. Even with a waypoint land "land" and other working scripts. Mine worked fine in previous Arma versions. Now (since 1.74 or 1.72) the troops disembark but the helo takes off / lands several times. Strange.
  12. see this command and the comments.
  13. 0 = [] spawn { private _i =0; while {_i < 6} do { _i = _i + 1; grp = [getmarkerpos "M10", independent, 6] call bis_fnc_spawngroup; [grp, getmarkerpos "M10", 150] call BIS_fnc_taskPatrol; grp setbehaviour "combat"; { _x removeAllEventHandlers "HandleDamage"; _x addEventHandler ["HandleDamage",{ _damage = (_this select 2)*1.5; _damage }]; } forEach units grp; sleep 30; }; };
  14. Artillery computer is something apart. I don't know exactly how it works but it's always better than any manual setting before fire. What I wrote is, in Arma Vanilla, using support modules, for Scorcher or/and MLRS artillery, 2km far for example, so out of sight of the target, the supporting round will strike on an existing object a player is lazing. (tested in SP) No sure you have the same result with a player as gunner. (The setting is on gunner's hand, but the final trajectory?).