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  1. I agree. You can think Malden + CP and much more sample stuffs are for free. Then, as johnnyboy said, it's just some extra pleasure. That's right. On the other hand, I guess it was not so difficult to make this CP compatible with several groups, more reliable for comms (so often experienced destroyed at start, I had to find a workaround), compatible with other factions (by clicking on init module options and browsing the loaded ones), and add some parameters like number of tasks before end mission. I hope we will see something like that in future? At this time, I'm doing my poor own scripts (and it's also a pleasure!).
  2. You don't need any link. The only mandatory module is the init one. Then, on your map places some player(s) and, preview to check if the positions are suitable. For example, on Takistan, i decided to let all the locations as is. But you can remove, add, move them with the modules. Nothing to link. For custom units, you can follow this topic or apply the bastaard module (not tested). So far, you can do custom units, start at base, custom HVT or trucks... time multiplier and more with little codes.
  3. I placed in init field of players: if (isServer) then { this setVariable ["initPos",getpos this]; 0 = this spawn { waitUntil {visibleMap}; waitUntil {!visibleMap}; uiSleep 10; waitUntil {(_this getVariable "initPos") distanceSqr (getpos _this) > 10000}; uisleep 2; _this setPos (_this getVariable "initPos") } };
  4. Yes, you must wait before accelerate the time,in initServer.sqf: [] spawn { waitUntil {time > 10}; waituntil {!visibleMap}; MGISTART = true; if (isServer && isMultiplayer) then { _timeaccelerator = "Time_accelerator" call BIS_fnc_getParamValue; setTimeMultiplier _timeaccelerator }; if (!isMultiplayer) then { setTimeMultiplier 12 }; }; BIS_finalInsertionPosArr is an array of all positions for playable units..Your script works because BIs_finalInsertionArr = _this is useless. You may experience some failure because the Sleep 5 is sometimes too short. I set to 10 in my init field for units.
  5. As R3vo said, just replaced the variables BIS_CP_enemyGrp_sentry, BIS_CP_enemyGrp_rifleSquad, BIS_CP_enemyVeh_UAV_big ... from CP_init. You need also to change the officer + 2 sentry units, and also the trucks in the objectives files (see functions_f_patrol.pbo). The bad thing for such map comes from some immediate destruction of laptop (mission frequently completed at once) and some reinforcements searching for roads segments with difficulty (error message).
  6. Hi all, Here is a little COMBAT PATROL mission in Takistan. CUP mods mandatory! All units are CUP, even target officer. I added some personal stuff like HALO jump in group (AIs), tasking markers, blue kill penalty... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=954897695 Still in progress...
  7. Good question. I re-teleport, so far!
  8. Personally I'm using: vehicle this in such case...
  9. Yes. And any timer like duration before your mission fails (officer's escape)
  10. Same for me today. No reason, except a hard shut down of the PC due to loss of elec power. Not sure to understand if there is a link...
  11. Don't link to the move waypoint but the load one. The move waypoint if for landing helo engine on (use land "land" instead of land "get in" if you want it to stop engines), GETIN (units) and LOAD (helo) waypoints must be linked.
  12. Switching makes sense on SP. You have a Mission Event Handler working for that: TeamSwitch. You could need it for support but also tasks... unit trat, addactions... all these tools you applied to player, and often missed for switchable AIs (in my case at least). So, for example: addMissionEventHandler ["teamSwitch", { params ["_ancient","_newbie"]; _tasks = simpleTasks _ancient; { _task = _tasks select _foreachindex; _taskdest = taskDestination _task; _taskdescr = taskDescription _task; _tasktype = taskType _task; _taskState = taskState _task; _newTask = _newbie createSimpleTask ["newbieTask"+str(_foreachindex)]; _newTask setSimpleTaskDescription _taskdescr; _newTask setSimpleTaskDestination _taskdest; _newTask setSimpleTaskType _tasktype; _newTask setTaskState _taskState; } forEach _tasks; [req,_ancient] call BIS_fnc_removeSupportLink; _newbie spawn MGI_fnc_radioSupport; BIS_requesterFSM = nil; [req] execVM "A3\modules_f\supports\init_requester.sqf"; [drop_veh] execVM "A3\modules_f\supports\init_provider_virtual.sqf"; [cas1] execVM "A3\modules_f\supports\init_provider_virtual.sqf"; [arty1] execVM "A3\modules_f\supports\init_provider_virtual.sqf"; call BIS_SUPP_refreshMainWindow; _newbie setUnitTrait ["medic",true]; _newbie setUnitTrait ["engineer",true]; _newbie setUnitTrait ["explosiveSpecialist",true]; }]; NOTE: Sorry, my code above, for support link is a bit complicated. I had to make it work for a conditional radio backpack. See the f2kSel links instead.
  13. For the close waypoint prior to load one: - Simple move waypoint + completion (expression) code: vehicle this land "GET IN"; >> the helo will wait near to the ground, engine on even if the boarding units are rather far. - Land waypoint >> the helo will land, then take off and hover as dumb ass waiting for the troup then land to pick up them and take off again.
  14. Just 2 examples. I'm not in front your scenario. I imagined you placed two units, first stand, second sat.... Do what you want with one of the 2 functions. Don't mix them.