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  1. When I place "CUP_O_T72_RU" tank in editor. I can't move it from place. It is possible to rotate the tank, but can't move it once it is placed.
  2. here is some more information about Orange DLC
  3. I created thread a while ago. Seems to be the same problem?
  4. Basically when player take item, it will give him action, for example if he take radio to inventory, he can call air-strike with action menu. I am using eventHandler "Take" to add addAction to player. Question: How to remove added action when user "TakeOut" item from inventory? I did not find magic eventHandler for that. Ideas: - loop to unit and constantly checking if item is in inventory - InventoryClosed eventHandler Edit: I managed with 1st idea (loop), but still searching for optimal solution.
  5. From wiki (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/say3D) syntax: from say3D [sound, maxDistance, pitch] [player, [_SoundName, _distance, _pitch]] remoteExec ["say3D",-2,true];
  6. Pbo Manager by WINSE http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369
  7. I had similair decision. Try using say3D and remoteExec
  8. Got error when launching with addon
  9. class CfgSounds { class mySound { name = "mySound"; sound[] = {"mySound.ogg", 1, 1, 15}; titles[] = {}; duration = 175; }; };
  10. When I use say3D and set maxDistance (15 in example), the value is not relevant. Whatever I set there, I can hear sound far from source. Anybody have the same problem? [_object, [_sound, 15, 1]] remoteExec ["say3D", 0, true]; //_sound defined in Description.ext in CfgSounds class //15 - 15m from object //1 - pitch
  11. If object have hiddenSelections defined in their config, you can set object Texture.
  12. Very nice script. I second madpat3, this needs to be in vanilla Arma 3 as vehicles have always full fuel.
  13. I tryied with loiter WP and Vtol need some time to get in point, when it is actual loiter (circle). Waypoints are tricky when AI is finding right path, that includes flying in circle.
  14. I have object, that is playing sound with 60 seconds repeat. Object is used in multiplayer mission (dedicated server) so I would like to use playSound3D because have global effect . I am open to solutions with say3D, say, ... if it is applicable in multiplayer (e.g. everybody can hear sound in multiplayer). Problem: When object is destroyed, sound is still playing. This is kind of non-realistic. I want to stop sound immediately after object is destroyed. Here is what I got so far: sound.sqf params ["_object"]; _root = str missionConfigFile select [0, count str missionConfigFile - 15]; _object setVariable ["on", true, true]; _object addEventHandler [ "HandleDamage", { (_this select 0) setDammage 1; (_this select 0) setVariable ["on", false, true]; //disable playSound3D here, when object is damaged } ]; while { _object getVariable ["on", false] } do { playSound3D [_root + "sound.ogg", _object, false, getPos _object, 100, 1, 30]; sleep 60; };