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  1. can you disarm this "flare mine" ? There should be possibility to spot mine and disarm it.
  2. I had just in my mind, do some "flare tripwire", instead of exploding. Where if you activate mine, some flare above will occur and guards will come to that place. Good for sneaky night missions.
  3. I modified this script little bit and now I am using it for air traffic where plane come to airfield, wait for a bit, than take off to another airfield and so on. Now I have created airlines with scheduled flights on Tanoa! :D
  4. Allright, so this script can handle any number of units! You just need to change sleep between moving. 1. Place down some helpers ( or markers), where you want your units to stand in line. You can even do curve line with this thing. 2. Place same amount of units next to these helpers 3. Define names for each unit and helper 4. Run the script note: if you want to use markers, you will need to tweak script little bit (line #27) _x doMove (getMarkerPos (_helpers select _forEachIndex)); Demo mission https://www.sendspace.com/file/slzegw init.sqf (usage) _units = [unit_1, unit_2, unit_3, unit_4, unit_5]; _helpers = [place_1, place_2, place_3, place_4, place_5]; [_units, _helpers] execVM "queue.sqf"; queue.sqf (script) params [ ["_units", []], ["_helpers", []] ]; if (count _units != count _helpers) exitWith { ["queue.sqf | count of units and positions do not match!"] call BIS_fnc_error; }; while { { alive _x } count _units > 0 } do { { if (_forEachIndex == 0) then { _helpers pushBack (_helpers select 0); _helpers deleteAt 0; }; if (_forEachIndex == count _helpers) then { _helpers = [(_helpers select ((count _helpers) - 1))] + _helpers; _helpers deleteAt ((count _helpers) - 1); }; _x limitSpeed 1; _x doMove (getPos (_helpers select _forEachIndex)); } forEach _units; sleep 15; }; Media
  5. @cubyblue you need to use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_advHint
  6. @complacent_lizard Something like that ? Feel free to add me on steam for code
  7. Probably with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#HandleDamage
  8. I tried once that way, where I replaced mortar shell with "minigrenade" to avoid damage. I need to find that code tho :D
  9. I was talking about that animation is not smooth, as you put victim on your shoulders with "jedi" power levitating him in air, and after that player will start animation of picking up victim already in air. Those 2 animations should go simultaneously, not separated.
  10. I got same problem with animation state when I launched your example mission on steam. Animation is buggy. I was checking this example mission WITHOUT any mod, just with vanilla.
  11. switchMove will not work on server, it has local effect
  12. if ([west] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets) == 0) then { //end mission };
  13. What seems to be problem? Show your errors. quick look: _object spawn bomb_fnc_defuseFail; should be [_object] spawn bomb_fnc_defuseFail; What these commands supposed to do by your definition? detach _object; deleteVehicle _object; attachedObjects _object; This code ... "bomb","bomb2","bomb3","bomb4","bomb5","bomb6","bomb7","bomb8","bomb9","bomb10","bomb11","bomb12","bomb13","bomb14","bomb15" setMarkerAlpha 0; "bomb","bomb2","bomb3","bomb4","bomb5","bomb6","bomb7","bomb8","bomb9","bomb10","bomb11","bomb12","bomb13","bomb14","bomb15" setMarkerText ""; replace with { _x setMarkerAlpha 0; _x setMarkerText ""; } forEach ["bomb","bomb2","bomb3","bomb4","bomb5","bomb6","bomb7","bomb8","bomb9","bomb10","bomb11","bomb12","bomb13","bomb14","bomb15"];
  14. You mean something like this?
  15. Sorry for delay. I was away. Will test shortly, Did you tried script without mods ?