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  1. Test https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3esLJfNw3m5VWdFdVVkZFUycUE/view?usp=sharing
  2. Yes, but when player enter building the snow stop falling, so when you enter for example a small hut, snow just dissapear and when go out it will start. That is not realistic. Snow must fall outside, when you are in building, that is "discussion" in this thread.
  3. I dont have any idea what this guy want. Speak up @stormoffires with more detail.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUB9YZHLKDE
  5. Killzone_kid had video with snow NOT falling in buildings. But he did not share. Tho I think his method is heavy on performance so thats why he did not released it.
  6. @nkey When I start using tfar I dont have radio on me yet, so I add there sleep for 5 seconds to wait that tfar is initialized. waitUntill { tfar_radio_init_done }; //do stuff with radio after ... in TFAR_fnc_TaskForceArrowheadRadioInit you used [] spawn TFAR_fnc_ServerInit; and [] spawn TFAR_fnc_ClientInit; How to check if addon is initializated at mission start? Is there any variable to check of maybe function?
  7. In trigger condition set this { !alive soldier_name && { _x distance (getMarkerPos "marker_name") < 20 } } count playableUnits > 0 check if unit dead and if any player 20m from maker then you can end mission
  8. This particular building have empty hidden selections. hiddenSelections[] = {}; So I guess you need to overlay those particular signs with textures. Happy hunting for right angle and coordinates.
  9. For keypad I am using rugged tablet ( Land_Tablet_02_F ). You can use "other devices" as Land_MobilePhone_smart_F, Land_Tablet_02_F, Land_Tablet_01_F. For actual keypad I used custom made RscTitles. All resources are from vanilla as always, so no external sounds, mods, etc ...
  10. We have issue with ZEUS controlled units are not able to speak to players. In many cases when zeus is speaking from controled unit it will just CUT in speech and can't hear him. Any time to fix this problem? We have TFAR v0.9.12
  11. I made little snippet for locking doors and open it with keypad. Here is result. I have in mind some features, but this is basic for now.
  12. in Description.ext set respawnDelay parameter with number of seconds to delay. Description.ext respawnDelay = 10; Source: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Description.ext#respawnDelay
  13. According to Wiki (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#HitPart) hitpart event should have parameters like this: _object addEventHandler [ "HitPart", { params ["_target","_shooter","_bullet","_position","_velocity","_selection","_ammo","_direction","_radius","_surface","_direct"]; //code } ]; Instead of, it returns this: _object addEventHandler [ "HitPart", { (_this select 0) params ["_target","_shooter","_bullet","_position","_velocity","_selection","_ammo","_direction","_radius","_surface","_direct"]; //code } ]; @killzone_kid any confirmation about this ? Testing on version: 1.66.139586
  14. Can we have also UN (white) Huey (UH-1H) texture in next release ?