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  1. 23-03-2017 EXE rev. 141044 (game) EXE rev. 141044 (launcher) Size: ~74 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Tweaked: The Marid, Panther and Bobcat crew now need to lase targets to get their ranges Tweaked: FCS-lead guns can only lead targets up to 100 kph The East Wind (potential spoilers) ENGINE Added: A new getForcedFlagTexture script command LAUNCHER Fixed: Game version was missing in the Options Menu
  2. 22-03-2017 EXE rev. 140990 (game) EXE rev. 140986 (launcher) Size: ~101 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Added: The Xian now has 'flaps' for manual vectoring control Fixed: The MQ-12 Falcon had very low depression for its camera; now it should be the same as other UAVs ( Tweaked: End Game Balavu, Moddergat, and Zaros now use Dynamic Simulation and Simple Objects Tweaked: The windscreen of the MB 4WD can be now destroyed Fixed: Bipods attached to the AK-12 would clip with hands of characters ( Fixed: When spectating an End Game match, Spectators would not be notified about instant Intel pickups, only download-able ones Tweaked: Turrets of the Blackfish are now stabilized Eden Editor Fixed: Drop-down menus in Eden Editor attributes didn't work in some cases ( Added: AI radar rules (EMCON) are now in Eden Editor attributes ENGINE Added: A new missileKeepLockedCone missile parameter Tweaked: The game will now override incorrectly configured hardware drivers to use the high-performance GPU in hybrid GPU systems (e.g. laptops)
  3. 21-03-2017 EXE rev. 140974 (game) EXE rev. 140977 (launcher) Size: ~107 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Tweaked: The UI gunner aim indicator was removed from the Xian vehicle Added: PNVS (pilotCamera) to the Xian pilots (WIP) Added: 'Suicided' death message to Revive Tweaked: AI units are now denoted by an '(AI)' suffix in the Revive messages Tweaked: All Revive messages other then 'Incapacitated, 'Killed' and 'Executed' are now displayed only to friendlies Tweaked: Respawning from the Pause Menu now triggers a 'Forced respawn' death message Tweaked: It is now possible to revive teammate using their Medikit or First Aid Kit Tweaked: Revive's 3D icon color-coding has changed (orange color = player's resources won't be consumed (Medikit or target's FAK will be used), red = player's FAK will be consumed) Tweaked: Players incapacitated underwater will drown quickly (cca. 10 seconds). The time runs also during the reviving process. Tweaked: End Game Kavala and Feres now use Dynamic Simulation and Simple Objects Tweaked: Increased the passive radar template range to 16 kilometers Fixed: Incorrect shadows being cast on the UAV Terminal Fixed: Visual lighting on the straps of the UAV Backpack was incorrect Fixed: Error in the Respawn Screen when updating the position list Fixed: Faction Showcases were optimized Fixed: The Vehicle Respawn Module would only respawn a vehicle once ( Apex Protocol (potential spoilers) ENGINE Tweaked: Changing the fire mode would not reset locking Tweaked: Passive sensors now do not allow marking by default Added: A new allowsMarking config parameter Added: A new forceFlagTexture script command (these flags are very taxing on performance; use sparingly!) Fixed: Crash connected to weapon ammo recognition LAUNCHER Tweaked: Launcher now has a more robust way to ensure that only one instance of it is running Fixed: Crash when accessing an existing folder that doesn't exist - ""I see dead folders" (
  4. Full SITREP
  5. 20-03-2017 EXE rev. 140950 (game) EXE rev. 140950 (launcher) Size: ~510 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Added: New HMDs for the Kajman, Orca & Xian Added: Maximum lead speed and gun laying delays for FCS Added: FCS to RCWS Added: Impact point prediction to weapons of the Blackfish Tweaked: It is now possible to disable and re-enable Revive on unit during a scenario Tweaked: Revive death messages were extended. If allowed, messages are now 'A incapacitated B', 'A revived B', 'A bled out', 'A force respawned', 'A executed by B' and more. Tweaked: The option to not consume a 'FAK' on revive was removed. If revive requires a 'FAK', it is always removed. Tweaked: Only medics can now use a Medikit for reviving Fixed: The BIS_fnc_initRespawn handle disconnect event was returning true and causing units previously controlled by a disconnected player to be transferred to the server and become AI ( Fixed: The BIS_fnc_inTrigger function returned an incorrect distance to the border when used with ellipse shapes Tweaked: The NLAW & Titan missiles now have animated fins & rocket flame ENGINE Fixed: APCs showed a muzzle flash on coaxial machine guns also when firing from their canon ( Fixed: CallExtensions were not being loaded on Linux Dedicated Servers Fixed: The hintC script command could produce an incorrect layout
  6. 17-03-2017 EXE rev. 140920 (game) EXE rev. 140920 (launcher) Size: ~996 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Fixed: The pilot proxy of the Xian was unaligned in exterior view Fixed: Download lines were connected to players in vehicles even though they could not download in End Game scenarios Tweaked: The audible range of structures being destroyed has been reduced Fixed: Hidden Video Settings could still be adjusted Fixed: The Friendly Fire module was not working correctly after loading a save in SP when applied on a specific entity Fixed: BIS_fnc_inTrigger did not return the distance to the border when an area was passed as an array without a height specified Apex Protocol (potential spoilers) ENGINE Added: Analogue throttle for airplanes Added: A separate airbrake control Tweaked: Animations of ailerons and airbrakes now work even when the airplane is stopped Added: A new "font" MFD parameter Added: New "wppointtoview" MFD source and "laseron" condition Added: A new "throttle" MFD source Added: A new "FCSZeroingDelay" parameter Added: A new "throttleToThrustLogFactor" airplane config parameter
  7. 16-03-2017 No update today due to focus on Main Branch update.
  8. Full changelog and SPOTREP
  9. 15-03-2017 EXE rev. 140875 (game) EXE rev. 140875 (launcher) Size: ~238 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Fixed: It was possible to respawn before the countdown was finished in End Game scenarios Tweaked: All CAS airplane sensors now reflect the targeting pod view Tweaked: Targeting pod modes and zoom have been adjusted Added: A new RscTitles class (RscTitleDisplayEmpty) for scripted UI creation Tweaked: Small visual improvements of the custom info panel backgrounds and the Sensor display Added: UI control for incremental throttle (WIP) Fixed: In the DLC Content Browser, on-hover videos would sometimes be played after opening the DLC preview window and returning back to the list Fixed: Formatting of texts in the DLC preview menu was incorrect (texts ended after the '&' symbol) Tweaked: "Session time" of an asset is no longer shown in the DLC preview menu when the player is currently in no session (e.g. not playing a scenario, instead being in the Main Menu or Editor) ENGINE Added: A new showKillConfirmations parameter for the showHud command Tweaked: The external camera for airplanes and helicopters is now smoother Fixed: The "simulrtd" and "simularma" MFD conditions were incorrect
  10. 14-03-2017 EXE rev. 140857 (game) EXE rev. 140857 (launcher) Size: ~419 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Added: Visual representation of thrust for the Caesar BTT MFD (Plane_Civil_01) Tweaked: Dependence of the 'Incapacitated' hitpoint was adjusted (and added to VR characters) Added: 'Incapacitated' and 'revived' death messages to the Revive system Fixed: The door of Taru's Transport Pod was not working correctly Tweaked: The Wipeout sensors now correspond with its TGP optics Tweaked: The SLAT armor and some other small details on the Kuma vehicle can now be retextured Fixed: The RscFrame, RscLine and RscCheckbox classes were not exported by BIS_fnc_exportGUIBaseClasses ( Tweaked: The SUV and Hatchback vehicles now have proper icons in the Virtual Garage ENGINE Added: A new isDamageAllowed script command
  11. 13-03-2017 EXE rev. 140842 (game) EXE rev. 140842 (launcher) Size: ~793 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Fixed: The FOB could be established even when the area was not secured in the End Game Kavala scenario Fixed: The Kuma and Mora could behave like submarines Fixed: Incorrect placement of two metal boxes in the vehicle obstacle course in the MP Bootcamp scenario Tweaked: Notifications (e.g. a task notification) now appear on the screen for 3 seconds instead of 5 Tweaked: The DLC Content Browser has been redesigned in preparation for 2017 DLCs. Access it by pressing LShift + P anywhere in the game. (WIP) Added: The DLC Content Browser now shows a video preview on hover if the DLC has such video configured Tweaked: The gunners of the Mi-48 Kajman now use dual feed for their 30mm autocannon (making AI effective against both soft & hard targets) Tweaked: The holding animation for the Titan was improved ENGINE Fixed: Armored vehicles would not attack targets properly on Dedicated Servers Fixed: Planes controlled by AI were unable to lock a target Fixed: Framerate drop when opening a map in several mods (
  12. 10-03-2017 EXE rev. 140790 (game) EXE rev. 140790 (launcher) Size: ~66 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Fixed: When watching an End Game scenario as a Spectator and the last phase was reached, the Spectator could see the Intel as a side task until the Schematics were picked up for the first time Fixed: The "FOB" text (used in Spectator's header) was not localized Fixed: Players could disappear from a Spectator's list of entities while dead in some cases Fixed: Spectators could see invisible entities in their map view in some cases Added: New icon for the PDW 2000 9mm ENGINE Added: A new "refreshRate" MFD parameter (with range from 0 to 1s) Fixed: Crash connected to weapon resting ( Tweaked: The diag_mergeConfigFile command now resets magazines and types
  13. 09-03-2017 EXE rev. 140761 (game) EXE rev. 140761 (launcher) Size: ~100 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Tweaked: The digital clock on the SUV & Truck now display the correct time Tweaked: The GUI gunner aim point indication in the Kajman helicopter is now part of the HUD Fixed: Script error when in the Respawn Screen and one of the loadouts / roles was removed Tweaked: Weapons of CAS airplanes no longer have an UI crosshair in the first person view Tweaked: User Texture objects are now using a super shader instead of a normal one, so they can be customized easier ENGINE Fixed: Save & Load was not working correctly with the Datalink feature
  14. Full SITREP
  15. 08-03-2017 EXE rev. 140753 (game) EXE rev. 140753 (launcher) Size: ~267 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Fixed: Trying to adjust stance while being unarmed had unexpected results (mainly because there are no adjusted stances when being unarmed) Fixed: Players could not respawn into a specific type of vehicle when one of its kind was destroyed Tweaked: AI pilots in CAS jets should now prefer attacking targets to just lasing them Fixed: Corrected scenario endings for Seize Edoris and Seize Feres when time runs out ENGINE Fixed: Crash connected to broken animations Fixed: AI drivers would move to the corner of the VR terrain on their own Fixed: Potential crash when deleting characters Added: New "thrusttime", "inittime", "rudder", and "elevator" animation sources for flying missiles LAUNCHER Fixed: Crash when repairing mods while Steam is offline