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  1. jaghiti ,you make my day! Thank you so much
  2. I was make 50-60 test and 100% sure max lock on range is 20 km. Make changes in both missile and jet sensors for personal usage . It works perfect with FIR F16 ...but sadly , no matter if you set sensor range 120km . Game set lock on range max 20 km if you try set something more than 20 000m
  3. can you make it 20 km for WIP ? 20 km is maximum range for arma 3 jets sensors
  4. Hi zooloo75. what setting and value I must set on for ONLY One large puddle of blood per dead unit. I don`t want any other effect like bleeding e.t.c ONLY One large puddle of blood per dead unit. Is it possible ?
  5. Don`t use this script with ACE
  6. thank you mate
  7. great mission. Please port this mission to one of the PMC real terrain maps and add jets dlc support
  8. simple amazing
  9. every unit in game become specops member. Even a poor rebel with AK 74 from project opfor spam 2-3 smoke granade
  10. A lot of addon maker say - Control btn is very bugy-hardcoded in arma 3 engine. Better don`t use this btn for custom addon keybind
  11. I'm so tired of AI Smoke granade spaming
  12. can`t get it work properly. F or example - I want to place 10 heli and 5 jets -and make them patroling area. I try a lot and every time module spawn air HQ and only one heli with pilots , but heli don`t fly can someone help me to configure 10 heli and 5 jets for MACC? placed empty air assets and sync it to opcom doesn`t work with MACC for me