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  1. 2 things i noticed in ALiVE SP save , 1 when i store backpacks in armmo boxes or anywhere else and save game , after loading the backpacks disappear from that ammo box ( vests still there but empty ) 2nd is that ALiVE don't save ZEUS placed objects&units or anything by ZEUS , will we get a fix for those?
  2. saving and loading works fine in MP local with everything set to persistence and ProfileNameSpace and enabled save mission time.
  3. you saved me life captain :D thanks a heap
  4. it's really not there this is my mission https://ufile.io/9warq
  5. ok disabled all saves and played the mission but i couldn't find the "server save and exit" in alive menu!
  6. will try it now and report back :)
  7. no, ALiVE + CBA + 20 more mods :D will post mission in few minutes
  8. don't know if it is the right time or not but i still get the out of memory block CTD when trying to load my SP test mission i used the ProfileNamespace and everything set on presistance + 2 civplacment modules and 1 milplacement controlled by 1 ai commander module (occupation) each placement module set to 100 force size ( all blu_f ) vs 1 player (me) on altis map
  9. This site can’t be reached github.com took too long to respond. not working here
  10. YAY!!! please upload it to another website as github seems to be out of service now :(
  11. is this mean we can save SP mission now and load it without warroom?
  12. nice , will try 1.2 and report here as for point 1. i understand ARMA engine and its limitations and i think if you work with fabrizio ( Bcombat ) you guys can make something the arma fans will never forget :) wish you good luck