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  1. These guys don't even read the OP, do they? Anyway, the upload has been reported, thanks Roadkill!
  2. Hi guys! Ravage has been updated to v 0.1.44! This update is happening a bit sooner than planned, but since I'll be away from my computer for the next 2 weeks, here it is! Here's the complete changelog : See the original post for the download link, and have fun everyone!
  3. @nelo_riot : no problem mate; I'll be glad to see what you come up with. ;)
  4. Hi Karloff, Any news on the clutter pop-in issue? https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124606 Apparently no one is assigned to it yet.
  5. I'm not familiar with Ryan's modules, but it looks like a compilation problem. Try without the quotes maybe.
  6. This is a known issue. I'll tackle it eventually, but until then it's safer to disable briefings.
  7. Right now the module only spawns one horde - it's definitely disabled after that. I've sent a Release Candidate build to my fellow testers already, but I reckon it shouldn't be too much trouble adding that option before release.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! And nice move from Deathlyrage, I wish him and his team good luck with their standalone project. I won't be digging through the BP code right now, but some of their assets could quickly find their use in Ravage. In fact I've already started replacing some of the zed anims with a few ones from BP! ;)
  9. Hi @Hudson's Skull! The safeZone and Zed Blacklist modules are bugged in the current release, they should be fixed with the next update though. Regarding parameters I used in the Altis demo mission, you can copy the modules directly from the template mission and paste them to yours for editing. Inside the "@Ravage" mod folder you'll find a "missions" folder. Just copy the "Ravage.Altis" folder to "Documents>Arma3>missions". You can then load the mission from Eden, edit it or use it as reference. Hope this helps!
  10. Ok, sounds like a new issue indeed. ^^' @DeadMan981 : safe storages would be a nice feature; but I need to work further on persistency and tweak the clean-up routines before. No ETA on that though. :/ Until then, there is a variable that will prevent objects from being deleted by the clean-up routines : this setVariable ["rvg_owned", true, true];
  11. I'll take a look; was this happening on a specific terrain? Some of them use older models with different classnames, wich aren't accounted for in the current release. @Gunter Severloh : Many thanks for your continued work on the youtube channel mate! ;)
  12. That's too bad. :( Anyway thanks for the info KK!
  13. I recently stumbled upon this : It's supposed to be in editor only, the above screen is actually a glitched mission. Question is : anyone knows how to manually do this, so that foliage can be disabled during mission? It looks uber cool, I wants it!
  14. Try 32bits and see how it runs. The 64bits exe is fairly recent and will most likely receive more updates; in any case, it was never meant to be an all-in-one uber FPS miracle.
  15. Are you guys on 64bits? I've noticed weird performance drops I wasn't having on 32bits : like slight stuttering when watching at a town from afar (for instance). I found that setting Arma priority to Low (rather than High, as a lot of people are probably doing) helps mitigating the issue, but not completely. This also happens on old terrains like Chernarus - wich runs butter smooth in 32bits. Weird.