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  1. Hi guys! Regarding the aiming going off-center, I will add more failsafes to the mod - I found another potential cause for that problem. But after that, I don't see what more I could do to prevent this from happening; hopefully the additional fix will be enough. That annoying behaviour has been there since OFP it seems... https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setDamage It happens with other script commands too; if BIS was to fix the old thing, it would make everyone's life easier! ^^
  2. How difficult would it be to make an addon that does the same for CUP terrains? I studied their configs once and tried to remove those ponds (since the visual glitches can be really annoying on some maps), without luck sadly... :/
  3. Not at the moment, that AI module doesn't involve any kind of persistency. Dynamic Simulation will mostly benefit "non-dynamic" scenarios : missions that involves a lot of pre-placed and persistent units. Some of the demo missions might be updated but that's about it. That being said, I was waiting for DS to hit the stable branch to go further with some projects Ravage-related. ;)
  4. Hey guys! I didn't have much time to work on Ravage lately, but a small patch is coming soon. So far, the following issues have been adressed : I am also tweaking a couple of things regarding rabbits and their behaviour. I'll investigate a few more issues that have been reported and prep a test build soon! I hope you guys are still having fun besides those hiccups. ;)
  5. I would focus exclusively on clutter objects like rocks, and maybe weeds, at first. It is something I still love about Bush's strange new worlds : on one hand, you have to place structures yourself (Eden is making that easier than it used to be), but on the other you are free to experiment and set any mood you would imagine. ;)
  6. Oh boy, that looks uber cool! Is that CG's High Grass? ^^
  7. Same here - either that or maybe ticking the large page memory option gave a more stable framerate.
  8. I could be wrong, but I think those folders in the !workshop folder actually are shortcuts directing to those in steamapps/workshop.
  9. I am so hyped for the next update of this mod. :D Arma has tremendous potential for sci-fi stuff, I feel like we are barely touching that surface with OPTRE or the Exomod. ^^
  10. @Tachyon : It is an editor-ready folder, for those who would like to edit the "official" demo missions - although those mission folders might be slightly out-of-date. Move them to "my documents > Arma3 > missions" if you want to open those in Eden.
  11. That weird error again... T_T I'll take a look! I'm slowly coming back from a wee break from Arma, and resumed work on the next update. ;)
  12. Arma in a nutshell!
  13. There are multiple ways to loop a script; this one would spawn an object on each segment around the player : _pos = position player; _roads = _pos nearRoads 500; if !(_roads isEqualTo []) then { { _roadPos = getPosATL _x; //spawn some stuff } forEach _roads; }; And this one would spawn stuff on 10 random segments : _maxSegments = 10; _pos = position player; _roads = _pos nearRoads 500; if !(_roads isEqualTo []) then { for "_i" from 1 to _maxSegments do { _road = _roads call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _roadPos = getPosATL _road; //spawn some stuff }; }; More informations on KillzoneKid's blog : http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-loops/ As for the other questions: - setObjectMaterialGlobal is indeed what I use for the rusty look. I use specific materials for each model, but technically you can apply the same, no matter the vehicle - it will look convincing enough. - Ravage doesn't have any function to cache alive entities at the moment : the mission system simply despawns and respawns units on the fly, there is no NPC persistency. Only solution is to look for a third party script. - Those functions are part of the "mission system", wich spawns survivors on various locations. There are of no use by themselves, as they need a few arguments passed by the module settings. And lastly, a word of warning about the setDamage function I wrote : it is designed to prevent players from limping. In other words, it limits the damages applied to one's legs. ;) And thanks for your support by the way! It is very much appreciated. ;) @CrossGTX : I will take another look at traders; meanwhile if your mission is more or less vanilla, feel free to send me a copy.
  14. Here's a small code snippet showing how to detect roads and select one random segment : _pos = position player; _roads = _pos nearRoads 500; if !(_roads isEqualTo []) then { _road = _roads call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _roadPos = getPosATL _road; //spawn some stuff }; That's pretty much how I spawn vehicles and wrecks in Ravage - but it needs serious improvements. That code only looks for road segments and then pick up their position; but segments can be quite long, meaning that the above isn't enough to create a line of cars (for instance), as each car will be separated from the next by a good distance... I began writing an improved method for detecting multiple positions along road segments - but I'm pretty sure I deleted/lost what I had. :/
  15. What did I say? Less than a week indeed! \o/ Thanks guys!