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  1. Nice one Gunter, sounds like a lot of cool features incoming! Thanks for your continuous support, it's really something to see a WarMod for Ravage! It's not due. :P
  2. Hell yeah, this sounds epic! (And feel free to give a me shout if you run into any issue or weird stuff - I'll be happy to help!)
  3. I made meself an totally empty loadout template and saved it in VA. Just load the preset on your units, it works fine for me. EDIT : I might have misread your question, actually... You want to empty containers (uniform, vest) only?
  4. Hard to say without seeing the script, but what's wrong with running it from the mission?
  5. Not a problem on my end. Playing along with english speaking units is more practical anyway : I don't need to constantly look at the tiny subtitles. ;)
  6. Thanks man, that helped me to pinpoint the issue - it should be fixed in the next update. ;)
  7. Oh, didn't know that. :/ Thanks Greenfist! @Drift_91 : you need to create an account on MediaWiki I think : https://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Special:CreateAccount&returnto=Help%3ALogging+in Scratch that, I can't log in either. :(
  8. Another solution : make the hostile jets & helos join the civilian group while your units are on the ground. They won't attack (but nobody will attack them either...), and hostile infantry will still be able to engage your units (wich is what you want to achieve if I read correctly). Make them join back their previous group/side once your units are in the air again.
  9. The next CUP terrains update isn't far around the corner now, there's a good chance it will fix the particle effects on Taunus. It will also add geometric occluders, that will most likely make a noticeable difference regarding performances.
  10. Load everything server-side (not only client-side), make sure everyone has the exact same mod set, try again.
  11. You guys even made a video for us to watch during the download... Now that's premium quality service!^^ Congratulations guys, enjoy a good rest! ;)
  12. Never ever download any .exe guys! Certainly not for installing a mod. If that website contains malicious softwares, please refrain from giving a link and look for mirrors or ask the devs to have it uploaded on multiple repositories (Armaholic).
  13. Thanks Gunter! We're not far from 200 videos on Ravage by the looks of it - that's quite impressive... Awesome news for the RavWarMod, I'm looking forward to see it grow! ;)
  14. That's not how I understand the wiki description : the shooter has to be local, in other words the addEventHandler must have been run on his machine. So you do need to remoteExec the EH addition on all clients - but yeah now that I think of it, the function called by the EH might need to be broadcasted too, depends on what it actually does I guess...