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  1. You might be referring to two different things. At one time the Altis demo mission had a script to disable nav lights around the main airport - those have been disabled from the mod configs since and that script is no longer needed nor present. One of the old updates also introduced a module to dynamically disable light sources and/or replace buildings by their damaged versions on the fly. That specific module was disabled right after (or rather, hidden, the functions are still in the files) : the number of affected objects would crash Arma's saving system. In the end, the only viable way to replace (or disable) objects is to write a replacement config. I was in the process of making one for all CUP objects for the last update - but that feature had to be delayed. :/
  2. That is awesome news, I was actually waiting for such an update before going further with some WWII missions I have in mind. ^^ Good luck guys, and bon courage!
  3. Thanks for the swift feedback guys! I hope everyone is having fun. ;) I'll try to come up soon with a hotfix for the blacklist zones problem, meanwhile, test the shit out of this release : the next update after this will most likely not happen soon, so I might as well fix everything I can with the hotfix.
  4. Hi everyone! It took some time, some work, and some patience, but Ravage 143 is finally here! Thanks go to Evil Organ, Tourist, BB, Cosmic and Roadkill for their help with the testing. Some highlights for this update : - The mod is now fully compatible with dedicated servers : numerous fixes were made, and zeds are now handled by the server if dedicated. - Several optimizations were made to the zed AI and spawn process. - New options to a few modules. - Altered animal behaviour (limited to rabbits for now). - First batch of rusty weapons by Cosmic10R. The original plan was to include a new support file for CUP terrains (the goal being to disable all artificial light sources and fuel feeds), but I had to delay that one due to lack of time... And here's the complete changelog : Have fun guys and gals, and as usual, report any problem you may have on this thread! ;) Download Link : Ravage v0.1.43
  5. @zuzul : Here's a way to retrieve magazines used by a weapon : _magazinearray = getArray (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _weaponClassname >> "magazines") Usually the first element of the array will be the "default" mag. As for loot spawns, it is working as intended : no matter how many survivors in a group, loot is still scarce. There is also the fact that the loot system was made with Altis in mind, where each building is enterable and cities are bigger compared to previous BIS terrains. So yeah, looting in let's say Chernarus is much harder than Altis. What spawn values are you using in your missions? @redarmy : Thanks for the information! Luckily, I never had the 3 FPS thing either (and I have a somewhat modest machine); your suggestion could be a lead. It would be interesting to know if anyone here had that issue with and/or without the Ravage mod active.
  6. Requests on this thread are fine (I don't have time to maintain or read multiple sites/forums anyway), I don't always answer to them but do consider every suggestion. For the bandits matter, one function that will be usefull is rvg_fnc_equip : 0 = [this] call rvg_fnc_equip It will assign a random loadout (after clearing the default one) to any unit based on the modules settings.
  7. Hi Zuzul! Always nice to see people having a blast. :) Some of the issues you had are fixed already on my end: - The loot module currently fails to spawn items from supported mods on MP/dedi servers - known and fixed. - FAK still present in wrecks (something I fixed this morning, actually ^^). Problems with taking loot from containers and vehicles are still being looked on, but I probably won't have time to fix it for Ravage 143, sadly. Respawn tents not working is new though, but not totally unexpected - there were added before the respawn overhaul BIS made recently; I'll have to check this too... I will take a look at your requests and report back, but spawning bandits from Zeus is going to be tricky.
  8. Make sure to take a screenshot of those sky-diving men next time - their loadout should indicate if they were spawned by Ravage or not. ;)
  9. *[insert generic name] is panicked!*
  10. Oversized aliens for an XCOM remake : check.
  11. ACE3 is a complicated beast to handle; it is modular, but you've to work with multiple dependencies between PBO files (and I'm not sure their wiki is up-to-date on this). Plus, some files that would be optionnal in the vanilla game become mandatory when using compatibility patches such as the RHS one... That alone makes it close to impossible to come up with a simple "Ravage-ACE3" patch. As Kodabar said, I've introduced some changes that will enhance compatibility with total modifications like ACE (especially regarding damages dealt by zombies, wich are now more conventional from the engine POV), but Ravage being a semi total modification, some of its features will clash with parts of those mod eventually. That's the way it is. :/ @zuzul : Hand-placed units won't be affected by the routine systems from Ravage, no need to do anything. ;) Enabling that option from the loot module (by setting search values above 0) should be enough. Note that it's broken in MP though, it will be fixed very soon!
  12. Hi Bludski! Are you interested with a wee bit of help on the sound side of things? Visually the map is very immersive and very much playable already; I reckon it shouldn't be too much trouble to import the sound sets from Tanoa. ;)
  13. Oh that's weird; zombie or human bodies?
  14. What happens is unrelated to CUP : BB's Enhanced movements got updated. That laser feature was removed. Just start a new save on whatever scenario you're playing and you'll be fine.
  15. Sort of working as intended : unless you use the variable trick, zombies are auto-assigned a random uniform. Probably not the best design (or let's say, it needs improvements), but at least you don't have to change uniforms on every single zombie you might place in the editor (unless you have a specific mood in mind, that is!). ^^