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  1. No need for that kind of language; apparently he removed the illegal items from his mods after they were taken down by BIS.
  2. Jesus, this look gorgeous! And to think it was made with Eden only... You have a lot of patience my friend. A proper terrain version would kick-ass. ;)
  3. Hi guys, Some ninja news about the incoming update! TBR soon hopefully!
  4. Hi, As you guessed, Ravage looks for buildings to spawn zombies; the zed spawn process also looks for trees around you if you spend too much time away from buildings, but that part needs some improvements (or at least some dedicated settings). One solution for you, if you want them hills to be populated for sure, is to place zombie horde modules : you can place as many as you want, each with their own settings. Note that in the current version, zombies spawned this way are persistent and won't despawn. It is something that will change for the next update (the module will have a new option). That's an issue introduced by the last Arma3 update : those objects used to be configured as containers; they seem to have lost that capacity since the jet DLC. Best thing to do is to report this, as it will most likely break a lot of scenarios, wether they're related to Ravage or not. @OscarH. : First time I'm hearing this. :/ Could you post or send me an RPT report next time you try?
  5. I'm pretty sure it's something with the uniform model (a missing proxy or something). Those do appear on vanilla uniforms, but yeah, most modded uniforms don't show them.
  6. I need to have a go at Dying Light mate. ^^
  7. Hi, Sadly nearTargets doesn't work with Agents. Try this (untested) script : _pos = _this select 0; _zed = createAgent [call zedsToSpawn, _pos, [], 0, "NONE"]; _zed setDir random 359; waitUntil {!alive _zed || (!isNil {_zed getVariable "_zTarget"} && {[_zed, _zed getVariable "_zTarget"] call rvg_fnc_zed_inRange})}; _exlode = "bomb" createVehicle (position _zed); _exlode setDamage 1; Ravage has its own functions to determine targets for zombies; said targets are saved in the "_zTarget" variable (one at a time, usually the closest). The inRange function triggers the attack anims whenever a target is close enough, so your zombie should go kaboom as soon as it decides to attack someone or something. ;) EDIT : by the way, the next update is nearing completion.
  8. @Evil Organ : your mod does help a lot (I couldn't even play without it), but modding has its limits. Right now there's no way we could fix the pop-in issue for all (modded) terrains, wether they rely on CUP or vanilla assets, pretty much every map is suffering from this, to some extent. An in-engine solution is very much needed; I really hope BIS reacts on this. Something went wrong during the introduction of Tanoa and the LoD blending tech, I don't remember vegetation to be that painfull to watch before that.
  9. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124606 Still no one assigned to it :( I miss playing Arma3, but this particular issue is really putting me off.
  10. And it's been removed before I had a chance to file a DMCA. ^^ Really glad to see how license enforcement is taken seriously on the SW lately, thanks to BI efforts and all of you guys. ;)
  11. The way health is calculated in Ravage is a bit more complex than using (damage player) : that command can return 0 even if you have a slightly wounded limb. I tried to come up with something a bit more accurate, here's the function that returns the player's health : _ahp = (getAllHitPointsDamage _this) select 2; _count = count _ahp; _total = 0; for "_i" from 0 to (_count - 1) do { _total = _total + (_ahp select _i); }; _total = _total/_count; _highest = ([_ahp,[],{_x},"DESCEND"] call BIS_fnc_sortBy) select 0; _r = (((damage _this) max _total) + _highest)/2; (_r - 1) * -1 It's certainly not perfect nor 100% accurate - my maths kinda suck to be honest. ^^ I'm open to suggestions to improve this. As for the zombie modules, yep, it's best to use one only : they use global variables wich will override themselves when having several of them. The only modules that can be placed several times are the Zed horde placement, the safezone and the zed blacklist. @Doggoh : There are several ways to define your custom loot lists; I could post a template, but the way Ravage handles those lists is not definitive yet so the method could become obsolete eventually. It's something I want to improve and simplify for people without scripting knowledge - one of the goal with the mod is to make easy to use and make it so everyone, including casual players, can tailor their experience. If you're not familiar with scripts, my suggestion is : be patient, and let me figure out something. ;) @Cletus : sounds like the mod isn't loaded. Use the arma3 launcher and make sure it's enabled. @Azola21 : Thanks for the report! Looks like the saving functions are not properly initiated from a dedi then? I'll look into this.
  12. I am totally fine with private addons collections for player groups; as long as access to it is not paid or used as a pretext to collect donations for obscur server costs. ;)
  13. Thanks guys, looks like both have been removed already. Thanks everyone for respecting and enforcing the mod license! ;)
  14. The arrival... Citizens should hide their furniture and stay home. Mod : Lost Dragons