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  1. @Facel really did an awesome job... Addon : MGSR
  2. It could be done, even with the current engine limitations. The biggest problem, in my opnion, is that we don't have proper models for animals like deers or wolves. Shooting cows and goats is fine and dandy, but those animals don't fear men - the way it was called "hunting" in DayZ mod felt weird for me. Besides, those species would probably be the very first to be decimated in an apocalyptic event. The thing is, you don't need complex behaviours to make something convincing, look at The Long Dark : the deers in this game have super basic routines, and yet it works pretty well. The day someone releases fully animated wild life like deers or boars, I'm sure a lot of scripters would give a try at it (I know I would)!
  3. Nope, it's one of the optional "sub-mods" included with Ravage (@rvg_apex and @rvg_CUP) - they should appear in the launcher. Those files disable most ambiant lights and fuel stations.
  4. Okay here goes : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8J1S463UMFqVW45VmZZMDNzOVE/view?usp=sharing You'll need RHS, Frith's Ruin and IFA3 (with or without Len's weapons pack). I advice loading Pond Remover and Ravage CUP as well. The vehicles module is not present, but feel free to add it, I'd suggest using a "low" presence setting though, unless your PC is a beast. The mission is meant to be as FPS-friendly as possible while offering good NPC and zombie populations; no random player (re)spawn or fancy script. Have fun!
  5. That's a tough choice to make : as far as I know, their goal is to bring Arma2 content on the same foot as Arma3 in terms of quality and functionnality. Taking a different approach on the lighting would be a step away from that. Then again, the lack of documentation isn't helping... That's actually a cool feature I could add to Ravage though. ;)
  6. Are you looking for one still? I have a nice little one, very simple, I use to explore Chernaredux and test the next Ravage update.
  7. The Very Last Of Us Addons : Chernarus Redux CUP units MGSR and Iron Front for that watch.
  8. Taking a stroll in Chernarus Redux... No splendid camera, no editing. Addons : Chernarus Redux + dependencies Deadfast's 3rd Person View Ravage Iron Front Frith's Ruin Custom vegetation Patch for Chernarus Redux (private)
  9. What BIS did with the new leaflets could be super usefull for this. When trying their IDAP showcase mission, I was brainstorming how I could use this for something like the competence books in Fallout, haha. ^^ Or plain story-telling - this is one of the best additions of the LoW DLC.
  10. By the way, I've been toying around with the HoldAddAction introduced with the Apex update : Searching for loot is now much more fluid, with less clunky animations and, more importantly, you can interrupt the action at any time. This should be a big improvement in tense situations, like looting right next to a horde. ;) I'll probably extend this to a few other actions like refueling and syphoning : the new system allows for all kind of cool stuff, like adding a chance to spill fuel when interrupted... That stuff is going to be very usefull for a future update on the survival mechanics. \o/
  11. It's a script that has to be launched from somewhere, chances are that TPW dogs won't be affected by it at all.
  12. A combination of that and some other subtleties, yes... No matter how many times I read the documentation, I always get it wrong. ^^'
  13. Yeah, for now I am using the Pond Remover mod, but maybe one day... Going to send you guys a PM about the clutter thing.
  14. Hi guys! Super tiny patch coming soon : I finally found out why so many of the spawned vehicles were exploding...
  15. Several hours in, and I'm loving it more and more. It's a real pleasure to rediscover Chernarus; the post-apo feeling, both in urban and rural areas, is spot-on - sometimes it reminded me of The Last of Us. I cooked myself a couple missions with Ravage to explore, and I'm having a blast. And to think the map is only 30% finished... There's only one thing that disturbed me a bit, but it is hardly your fault : I couldn't help but notice that a few of the clutter models were affected by the vegetation "pop-in" issue. Although BIS has started a new investigation on the matter, I don't expect a fix soon... So I took a couple hours to search and replace a few grass clutter models with ones from Tanoa (oddly enough, those don't seem to be affected). It was quick and dirty, but those new models do suit european terrains rather nicely (I only replaced grass models, bushes and trees were left intact). On the downside, vegetation has a bit less variety, as I couldn't find proper replacements for all of them so far, but the map still has the same feeling and, as far as I can tell, I managed to completely eliminate the pop-in problem. Anyhow, are you guys interested with the config changes I made, is it something you would consider tweaking in the future? If not, would you mind if I released it as a separate mod for those who suffer from this problem?