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  1. that sucks really too bad
  2. thanks for the new update
  3. have to try is out
  4. look good cant wait to try it out
  5. nice work so far really like the work you guys did
  6. it is really one of the best missions out there to bad not much servers running it and if so there most likely locked
  7. nice job on this one really cool 10/10
  8. orange

    have to wait and see that it is
  9. would like to see more european tanks like germany, england ,france and so on
  10. never try that good to know
  11. just had an idea about intel so far you get only intel from dead bodys would be nice if you could get intel from guys there alive to like you find a dud that is wounded/unconscious cuff hin brin him back and get more or better intel is there a way to do that ?
  12. what would be nice if you kill them there dont blow up so far is lot of fun
  13. really to bad that you guys dont have the man power. truck is really nice cant wait
  14. bring them to any of the base that will take care of it
  15. nice work guys keep it up. what weapon addons are you guys using in the pix.