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  1. In agreement with about sector control probably being the closest to the old BF2 conquest play. You can however still play BF2 via the Revive Launcher over at
  2. @autigergrad If you have ever been searching a town when they start shelling it... whoooo what a rush that is.
  3. I use TexView 2 fine on Windows 10. I believe mine was installed with Arma3 Tools from Steam.
  4. There are multiple tools to do the job. I use Mikeros Tools I hear PBO Manager works but I do not use it.
  5. Most of what you want can be found in ui_f_data.pbo . Simply depbo it and you can use the paths for your needs.
  6. This is a long overdue visual upgrade needed for the airports. Air only units will appreciate it I'm sure. No if we can just get the planes to fly like real planes! :P
  7. Try changing your chat channel to SideChat while in game.
  8. @lugiahua 1. I can no longer find the barrel in the arsenal either. 2. Remake your serverconfig.hpp file. My old one caused massive desync issues. Making a new one fixed it.
  9. Glad to see this come back. It was one of my favorite parts of SpookWar.
  10. Showcasing cheaters is all leaderboards have ever been good for.
  11. I remember helping ya test some of those older missions. Good times man. I'm sure this one is a masterpiece.
  12. @Bamse I would assume the wiki has been updated to the latest types. ALIVE_autoGeneratedTasks = ["MilAssault","MilDefence","CivAssault","Assassination","TransportInsertion","DestroyVehicles","DestroyInfantry","SabotageBuilding","InsurgencyPatrol","InsurgencyDestroyAssets"]; Found at the bottom of this page
  13. There is a game similar to this concept on Steam called The Isle. Didn't hear nice things about the devs so I left it alone. Saurian looks great though.
  14. You can get by with weapons and vehicles. Map objects such as the screen, wooden foot bridge, etc will kick non apex owners.
  15. Unless it is included in the mission itself it doesnt work. Change missions or have enough self control not to use it. It should be limited to one person who can use it anyway.