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  1. I started reading your post but because of how obnoxious it was i switched back to the previous post and authors update video... Great job @sic-disaster
  2. Ravage Mod

    @haleks Thanks man :) i had one more question you answered earlier regarding traders,but could you clarify... if i place lets say,one trader via editor,in a safe location,go trade with him...will "his" inventory resupply and change to new items after a set time? or is it just spawned roaming traders that get this effect/benefit? and if so,what time frame/how often does their inventory change?
  3. Ravage Mod

    I believe Iron front and RHS cause this issue when used togather,did for me in past. do you use Iron front or Iron front lite?
  4. Ravage Mod

    @haleks is there a code i can put into a pre placed editor AI unit to make him a survivor? (ie recruitable) in the same way you can have an init line to make someone a trader? I havent seen it written here before and cant find anything on the wiki. Im gona need my recruitable AI "playable units" for a script to function on them in a future mission.
  5. @tpw awesome mate,thanks for the update,appreciate that change.
  6. great f**king job man! This is such a nice feature. I felt back when hearing those guys crying out. Sickening....in a good way
  7. @tpw Hi man hope alls well... I just updated to the latest update,loving the features,feels more refined than ever. I was wondering if TPW fall,you might add an optional parameter in the config. Specifically "tpw_fall_falltime =" which sets a MAXIMUM time on ground after bullet hit. Is there any chance of adding a Minimum time on ground parameter? The reason i ask is because im using psychs ais wounding revive system,which actually works very well with TPW fall( it didnt in the past but does now) with the exception of units standing back up while still in a "need to be revived" state . its small issue but breaks immersion.I understand TPW mods will often not play well with others as theres alot of tweaks,and you cant make this compatible with everything,but if you could add this feature it would be nice,with or without the revive script i use,it would be a nice parameter to change if one simply wanted shot AI to be disabled for longer amounts of time.
  8. Ravage Mod

    Im not sure thats possible rite now.. zeds will attack anything,including animals
  9. Project Infinite v0.8

    @Bnae loving the mod thus far mate. By far my favourate weaons pack to use. I had a quick question,is there any differences between the SPG double barrel and the SPG sawed off version?
  10. Ravage Mod

    I have an idea if your interested... perhaps add a different PPE effect for each thirst/hunger/fatigue... every time you drop down by 20% with increasing levels of PPE at each stage if he is looking for status knowledge without opening inventory
  11. Ravage Mod

    Welcome back man
  12. Ravage Mod

    Those houses are DS houses,they have positions inside. I didnt yet test with ravage loot spawn but other loot spawns scripts work fine here,i think Ravage should be working ok too
  13. Ravage Mod

    http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31990 try this mate...its a chemlight/flare script that does the trick very nicely @haleks awesome update changelog,especially like the wrecks as simple objects that may really help performance with choosing to have so many